Hundred Flowers Slaughter: Subduing a Gentleman’s Heart Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Nightmare

A misty sky, of chaotic clouds, loomed overhead, Baili Nian felt that her entire body is soft and listless, as though she had just been baptized by a brutal war.

Her breath was a little weak as she stood opposite a man. She clearly saw that the man was the current left protector of the Nanrong family, Chen Haunyu, the man who had brought her back to life in the Baili mountain Villa.

However, Chen Huanyu’s eyes are not correct. There is suspicion; there is panic; there is sadness… and love! His blade pointed at Baili Nian, asking her a very difficult question: “Tell me, who are you?”

Baili Nian saw the blade that was straight to her and smiled: “I was as angry and as sad as you were. I wouldn’t be able to vent my hatred if I didn’t kill that person.”

Baili Nian looked at Chen Huanyu: “You ask me who I am? Actually, you have already defined who I am in your heart, right?”

The blade in Chen Huanyu’s hand was trembling a little: “No, I don’t believe it. I want you to tell me personally, what they said… is not true, right? Yun’er was not killed by you right, Tianye was also not killed by you, right?”

Baili Nian gently, slowly approached the tip of the blade: “They are right, Yun’er was killed by me, brother Chu was also killed by me. For revenge, I would be willing to do anything.”

“Why, why? Could it be you are really…”

“Yes, I am.” She said. At that, Baili Nian suddenly rushed up, allowing her heart to be pierced by Chen Huanyu’s blade. ——

Blood ran down the blade. Chen Huanyu was so alarmed that he couldn’t speak, and Baili Nian’s eyes flashed with tears: “This is what I owe you.” As she said that, her consciousness slipped away.

Chen Huanyu didn’t have much time to think about it and hugged her: “Why? Why has this happened? Tell me, what happened to us? How did we get to this moment in time, why?”

Baili Nian’s face showed a smile, her hand reached out, she wanted to touch Chen Huanyu’s face again. That year Zhan Ling had died in her arms. This day, she could die in Chen Huanyu’s arms, she is satisfied, very satisfied.

But, her hand has not reached Chen Huanyu’s face, when Baili Nian wakes up from her dream——

Time and space seemed to have converged, in the Nanrong mountain villa, Chen Huanyu also awoke with a cold sweat. He looked out the window at the scenery below. Only did he realize that it was a dream.

The villa owner has ordered right protector Chu Tianye to issue a heroic order and prepare to hold a family meeting to clarify the misunderstanding. Originally, Chen Huanyu should be full of thoughts in the preparations for the family conference, but he ended up having this strange dream.

“That lady…who is she?” Although the person in the dream was not clear, Chen Huanyu clearly felt that he has seen her, she felt so familiar.

Bailli Nian sat down at the table and drank a few mouthfuls of water, and her mood slowly calmed down: How can I make such a strange dream? “Baili Nian is eager to meet Chen Huanyu but is also afraid to meet him. She does not know what kind of mentality she should use to face a person who looks so much like Zhan Ling.

Perhaps this is Zhan Ling’s warning! If this dream is her ending with Chen Huanyu, she would rather not meet him. The pain of a hundred years ago is enough for her to bear.

Although her sleepiness is gone, yet Baili Nian still barely slept. The next morning, she woke up, the old demon had already come over and labored in her yard.

The air in the morning is very clean and crisp, especially in this place, the birds flying among the fragrant blossoms.

“Old demon, you’re early.” Baili Nian went to him.

The old demon laughed and put down the object he was working on, he pulled a sachet from his clothes and handed it to Baili Nian: “These days I have been studying the situation of your body, second young lady, I studied for a night, but unfortunately, I can’t get rid of that kind of thing. After all, it is not a disease. If second young lady was not frozen by the thousand year ice, you should have died a hundred years ago, so… this condition of your body is also a manifestation of the balance of all things in the world.”

It seems that the only way to live is to rely on the essence of humans.”

The old demon sighs: “This sachet can be taken out when you feel weak, but it is only a temporary cure. This is all I can do right now. But I will continue to study your condition, maybe one day I can truly give second young lady a new life.”

Baili Nian smiled and looked at the old demon, thinking of the dream last night, so what if she has been reborn? If it was not for revenge, then she has no motivation to live. She sighed: “These doesn’t matter if I can destroy the Nanrong family to avenge my family, I will have no regrets to live once again.”

“Second young lady wants to kill Nanrong, this old demon can understand, just… I have always suspected that there are descendants of the Baili family in the Nanrong family. If second young lady truly wants to do this, not to mention you are not the opponent of the Nanrong villa owner, I’m afraid second young lady would regret it.”

“Descendents?” Baili Nian looked at him with incomprehensibility, then she suddenly remembered a hundred years ago, before she committed suicide, she heard her brother saying a child was to be born. If this is the case, then would the Nanrong family not be the benefactor of her Baili family?

“I don’t know, but the rumors of jianghu all say that the Baili family are all dead. After I found this question, I have dissected the corpse for your sister in law. The result is that there is no baby in her womb, but I have searched the Baili family. The cemetery does not have the gravestone of the child.”

Baili Nian was sitting on the flowers and plants. Somehow, when she knew that there might be future generations, she began to have a fire in her eyes: “I must find out if this is true, my brother’s descendants. Are the descendants of the Baili family really in Nanrong Mountain Villa? Old demon do you know who they are?”

The old demon shakes his head: “My informant has not helped me now, and I can’t find a clue in the Nanrong family. There is no way to find out.”

Baili Nian disappointingly lowered her head, it seems that she really can’t kill the Nanrong villa owner now, not to mention that she may not be his opponent, that is, he can’t die now. Before she can figures out who this is, who is in what place, what she will be doing… and so on, she hopes that the Nanrong villa owner can live better than anyone else.

“The left and right protectors of the Nanrong Family are the villa owner’s closest confidants, and you have seen the left protector.” The old demon analyzed, “I think these two people are also possible because Nanrong Qingyuan places importance to them. Next is a son and a daughter of Nanrong Qingyuan. It is said that Nanrong Qingyuan dotes the most, not on son, but his little daughter, so this little daughter is also possible. Of course, if Nanrong Qingyuan does not like the descendants of the Baili family, then his son is also possible.”

Once finished: Everyone in the Nanrong family is possible, except Nanrong Qingyuan!

Baili Nian stood up, calming down she said: “The left protector is absolutely impossible, he can be ruled out.” Baili Nian understands that the left protector is related to that year and may not be her family’s descendent. Is it possible that he… is the descendant of Zhan Ling? Baili’s heart was filled with pain. “I am going to Nanrong family villa. I must find out all this, no matter the costs, no matter how many people will be killed.”

Baili Nian’s eyes are full of blood, for the sake of the Baili Family, for the possible descendants, she will do whatever she has to be a demon, she will live until the truth is uncovered!

Just as she finished saying that, there was a hole that appeared in the cave wall, and a group of black dressed people, actually all women, all eyes exposed to fierce light, their hands holding jade swords. The person’s voice said: “Old demon, how have you been.”

When the woman came down from the steps and Baili Nian saw the face of the woman, she found that she was a very beautifully dressed beauty, her face was carefully crafted and her dress was beautiful, simple and elegant. This must be a woman who enjoys the luxurious life of a woman!

“Muzun Palace’s Palace Lord, Ming Yueyao.” The old demon whispered in Baili Nian’s ear, “In order for me to combine efforts with her to storm Nanrong villa, she has sent so many people, it seems that they didn’t hear from me, and now she shows up in person.”

Ming Yueyao saw a strange woman standing next to him and wondered “This is?”

“I am the old demon’s disciple.” Baili Nian said in an unhurried manner, she has clearly perceived the murderous aura coming from Mingyue Yao’s body. This person’s skill is superb and is comparable to Baili Nian, but Baili Nian dare not use the Flower Gu to deal with her, it seems that only the six deadly styles can be used when necessary.

Do not assume that the Baili family was only well versed in the famous Flower Gu.

BLOSSOM: Foreshadowing, I presume.

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