How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 84

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Chapter 84

The cross-dressing Mr. Cult Leader (1)

Translated by: Niladri



The minister was in a daze.


On the desk in front of him, there was the case report of no. 666 squarely placed.


The minister didn’t want to have tea or read the report. Every time he saw 666’s report, he felt himself going bald sooner or later. The special situation report submitted last time had not yet been resolved. He didn’t know whether it was suppressed by the people above or whether it was put into the agenda of the executive meeting of the relevant department for deliberation.


In short, the current situation was that the previous order had not been completed, and new troubles would pile on. Even without opening the closed report, the minister could feel the ominous atmosphere pervading it.


However, what is supposed to happen will happen. Finally, the minister strengthened his heart and turned over to the last page of the closing report. Yes, the minister had always been straightforward. What’s the use of looking at the beginning? Anyway, the completion and stability of the planes for 666 were always 100%. Bond of love or whatever, he had long learned his lesson and specially selected for him- a son of fate without any bond of love. For example, in this world, the son of destiny was an ambitious person with only power and his younger sister in mind, and thus, there would be no problem such as breaking the bond of love.


{Special situation: Transformation of the plane, from the fantasy plane to the scientific plane.}


The minister’s eyes darkened, what kind of change is this? How could a person who believes in God and actually knew of the divine realm’s existence adapt to a scientific and technological plane where knowledge is power and everyone pursues freedom and equality? How godly is this number 666? How can he complete the task in such a strange way and yet ensure the stable operation of the task completion plane every time?


The minister tried to write the (evaluation) report again and again. One should know that he hadn’t written so much since he was promoted. However, in the process of writing the report, the minister was suddenly enlightened, and a new idea popped in his head. He remembered that the maintenance department was worried about the parallel plane in this task.


Because of the fall of the gods, the origin of the mainland exhausted itself during the war in order to support the development of arcane magic and battle spirit. The maintenance department kept convening day and night to discuss how to stabilize that plane, but the basic idea was to repair the source and cultivate a new God. 666 seemed to have provided a new idea instead, “Industrial revolution” ah!


Things reaching their limit should be replaced, replacement will bring forth continuity. 1


The minister put the last sentence on the statement with gusto, and then he looked at his handiwork with satisfaction. Well, even if the thought was a bit old-fashioned, the logic was clear and reasonable. Some extra points could be rewarded in this time’s performance evaluation. It’s just that since it was 666’s closing report, he didn’t dare to make decisions without permission.


But it’s not always possible to hold 666 back. After all, he is someone who has to be given special care. So the minister opened the list of tasks and decided to use his rich working experience to select a mission for No. 666 that could not create any problems.


Special commission? The minister carefully looked at the Commission three times and mapped out all possible situations in his mind. He didn’t think there could be any special situation such as plane upgrading and plane transformation in this world. OK, this will be the mission.


“…” Lu Heng.


“…” Little assistant.


They looked at the bright red “pending” characters.


“What to do?” Lu Heng asked.


“What can I do! I’m desperate, too! ” The little assistant exploded into a huge furry ball.


“What did I do wrong? The minister didn’t tell me anything and gave me the “pending” evaluation.” Lu Heng, who couldn’t guess his boss’ intention, was very distressed.


“Don’t mention it. I’ve already secretly contacted the minister’s assistant. That guy just replied me with three words: can’t say anything. ”


The despairing duo desperately waited for a new client.


The client had just sat down. Lu Heng said apologetically, “I am sorry, the system allocation seems to be wrong. You should be assigned to female employees.”


Because sitting in front of Lu Heng was a gorgeous and bewitching beauty. She was wearing a dark blue blouse, a pair of wide legged trousers embroidered with complicated patterns of flowers and birds, and an embroidered silver chain hung from her waistband. The most eye-catching thing was that she was wearing various kinds of complicated silver ornaments. The exquisite and intricate silver collar covered her neck and chest tightly.


The beauty’s frowning eyebrows were almost covered by the shadow of the towering silver crown: “Who told you I was a woman?”.


The voice was low and magnetic, so to speak, could be either male or female. But since the client said such a thing, it was evident that the current client was male.


The client’s name was Gouma 2, from an ancient plane. Different from the history of the ancient plane where Lu Heng was before, this plane was more similar to those Wuxia 3 films and novels that Lu Heng had seen before. This was a Wuxia world in which the imperial court was weak and the powerful swordsmen almost didn’t put the government Yamen in their eyes.4


The climate at the southern end of the continent was hot and humid, with thick miasma in the mountains and poisonous insects everywhere. This area was called Miao Border. Although the Miao Border area was a part of the kingdom, the imperial court almost never intervened in their business. The Miao 5  people who lived here for generations did not even know that this was a part of the kingdom, but only that the five immortals Cult ruled over the Miao people.


Miao people were good at using Gu 6. Five immortals cult was a sect that utilized five poisonous species-  snakes, scorpions, centipedes, toads and spiders. In fact, among the Wulin people 7 in the Central Plains, the five immortals cult was better known as the five poisons cult.


There was something special about Gouma’s identity. He was the leader of the five immortals cult. According to the tradition of Miao people, the ultimate technique was passed down to women and not men. Gouma’s mother, the former five immortals cult leader, had only one child. The former leader was a very ambitious woman. She didn’t want to pass on her painstakingly cultivated skills and Gu to others who were not her own blood, so she dressed him up as a girl since he was a child.


Gouma did not resent hiding his gender because of the fact that the mother had brought him up as a man in private. After the death of his mother, he took over as the Leader. Regarding the need to always appear in front of the people in the guise of a woman, Gouma was never conflicted. He knew the weight of the responsibility he bore.


Until one day when he was out looking for poisonous insects, he accidentally saved a Han 8 woman. The story that followed was a bit of a cliché. By revealing his identity as a male to the Han woman, Gouma gave up the position of religious Lord and accompanied her back to the Central Plains. He helped the woman get her revenge. He also listened to the woman, as she shyly told him about how the master she had always been in love with finally accepted her proposal.


Miao people were extremely devoted, and even though his heart was wrenched with grief, Gouma still acted as the elder brother and delivered his beloved girl into the hands of the man who would bring her happiness.


“I don’t blame her because I’ve never told her my feelings”, Gouma said. “It was my own choice to give up the position of Cult Leader for her. I’ve never regretted it. What I regret is that I failed to protect my people. ”


Towards the end of the story, the barbarians in the North rode through the mountains and rivers of the Song Kingdom. The Jianghu people 9 rose up to resist and sniped at the barbarian army at the Yanhui Mountain Pass. The barbarians, who could not draw out the attack, took a detour to the western regions, and then went straight to the heart of Song Kingdom through the land of Miao, and then tried to conquer the Central Plains, thus starting the chaos.


In Miao area, the five immortals cult fell into turmoil over succession rights for a period of time. The Miao people, who had no leader, were almost incapable of resistance under the iron hoof of barbarians. However, the Miao people were fierce in nature, were unwilling to surrender even if they were hitting the stone with an egg. The entire Miao Border area was slaughtered.


“All of this was my sin. After entering this prefecture, I volunteered myself to stay in the mountain of swords and sea of fires 10for a hundred years. The magistrate’s office assured that my sin had been cleared and I could reincarnate. However, the regret in my heart couldn’t be eliminated, and Mengpo soup can’t let me forget the guilt in my heart. ”


“And what is your commission?” Lu Heng asked.


“If I had not rashly restored my identity as a man and removed myself from the position of cult leader, I might not have been able to resist the attack of barbarians with the skills and poison of the Miao people.” His hands on the table were clenched into fists. “My commission is to not be discovered as a man by the clansmen, and to develop a more powerful technique of poisoning for the clansmen to learn and protect the clansmen’s lives under the butcher’s knife of barbarians.”


“Because you’re not used to pretending to be a woman, I’m afraid that you will inadvertently show a man’s attitude. I made a special request when I put forward the entrustment. ”


The assistant immediately searched for the special request about this Commission. The solution proposed above is: sealing the memory and deploying it on the plane further along in the timeline. After getting familiar with the plane, when the key events start in the plane, the little assistant will unseal the memory.


Lu Heng hesitated. If the sealed memory is put further along on the plane, what should he do regarding Shi Kong? However, the assistant discreetly told Lu Heng in his mind that if the task was successfully completed, due to the additional request he could get three times the points of ordinary tasks.


Lu Heng decided to fight for promotion and authority. Anyway, even if he loses his memory, he believed that he and Shi Kong could identify each other at one glance.


Before being deployed in the plane, there was still the time for little assistants to show their skills. First of all, it is about the children of fate of the world. In Lu Heng’s conjecture, the children of fate should be the Han woman and her senior brother. However, the information found by the little assistant actually opened Lu Heng’s eyes.


The elder martial brother was indeed the son of fate, but the Han woman was not. She was not even the only partner of the elder martial brother. Finally, the elder martial brother became the leader of the Wulin alliance. He led the Jianghu people to help the imperial court drive the barbarians out of the pass. Then he took seven beautiful flower-like wives to live in seclusion in the mountains and lead a life like a fairy family.




Lu Heng was silent for a long time, thinking of something he had seen in his own world before. This was simply a living stallion. Lu Heng’s perception of this unknown son of fate was extremely poor.


NILADRI: New Arc!!! So, what do y’all think?

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