How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 82

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Chapter 82

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (25)

Translated by: Niladri



Perhaps it was because Lu Heng was wearing the leaf from the ancient tree of life, every night elf who met him gave him a friendly smile. Seeing the attitude of these night elves, Lu Heng asked, “why is it said that night elves never let any other races enter the spirit forest?”


This was a pretty significant matter. Many adventurers had been driven away by sharp arrows when they had tried to step into the elven forest.


“Foreign race adventurers come to the Elven forest to look for rare herbs and other resources,” Campbell explained. The mother tree is too fragile now. It’s already difficult to maintain the forest as it is, we can’t afford outsiders plundering us on top of it. In order to protect the mother tree, we expel all those who try to take away something from the Elven forest. ”


“Is that why the white elves can’t use the power of nature?” Lu Heng kept feeling like there should be some other hidden reason why the white elves had abandoned the forest.


“No”. Campbell shook his head. “The white elves can no longer use the force of nature because they cut off their connection with the mother tree.”


Campbell paused and continued, “I was born in Moonlight City. There the newborn elves are taught about the mother tree with the phrase that the mother tree has been polluted and has become the source of evil. In order to avoid being tainted, the white elves had left the elven forest and established the moonlight city. I didn’t know that the white elves were cowards who had abandoned the mother tree until I listened to her call and renewed my connection with the mother tree. ”


Lu Heng wanted to dig for further information about the division of the elves from Campbell’s mouth, but he was interrupted by Annelin.


“Dear guests, please follow me to meet the mother tree.”


Lu Heng felt flummoxed from the sight that awaited him, because standing in the middle of the night elf land was a humongous tree that acted as a bridge between sky and the earth, which should be the ancient tree of life. He was curious about what the night elves meant by meeting the mother tree.


Soon, Lu Heng’s doubts were answered. Annelin led Lu Heng’s duo directly through the outer layer of the ancient tree. The trunk of the ancient tree was hollow, and it was like a totally different world. At the core, there was a clear spring. On top of the spring, there was an illusory image of a small green tree.


“Mother tree, the guests have arrived.” Annelin greeted the tree and then walked back down the road.


“Ionas, long time no see.” A soft voice sounded.


“Who are you?” Ionas frowned, feeling that the voice was familiar.


The gentle voice seemed to smile softly: “Ionas, you are still the same as before. You don’t care about anything except sleeping. I was surprised that you would come out of your lair. I’m Cecilia. ”


Cecilia, the goddess of life. In addition to the Dragon God Ionas, there seemed to be other gods on this continent. It’s just how did the goddess of life come out here and continue to exist in this form? Lu Heng’s mind was full of questions.


“The dragon will not leave his mate.” Ionas pulled Lu Heng’s hand.


“Ah.” The voice sounded a little surprised. “You have my blessing.”


“Thank you.” Ionas raised his head and nodded, “if you permit me to compose a hymn about you with him every day that would be better.”


“Huh?” Cecilia didn’t understand what he was talking about.


Lu Heng was embarrassed. How could this dragon still remember the long poem about ‘composing the hymn of life’ sung by the minstrel at the beginning, despite knowing the real meaning of it. 1


“IO!” Lu Heng chided the unreliable dragon with a whisper.


“Cecilia, didn’t you also depart to the divine realm? How can you be here?” Ionas knew what Lu Heng wanted to know, so he asked her to please his mate.


From the mouth of the goddess of life, Lu Heng learned the truth of the collapse of the divine realm. It was still about the eternal fight between the light and darkness, but the battlefield had shifted from the mainland to the divine realm. The two sides at war were the gods. In this war of gods, the gods of the light camp and the dark camp fell one after another, and finally the light camp won a miserable victory. But no one expected that the fall of so many gods would lead to the God of Death absorbing a great amount of power.


For a while, there was no God in the divine realm who could suppress the God of death. He tried to summon the army of the dead to the mainland and make the whole continent a new place for the dead.


Finally, the God of light used his godhead, and tore open a portal. By sacrificing his divine body, he sent the God of death into the realm of the dead, and sealed the open portal beneath the most powerful ancient tree of life in the mainland.


“At that time, while helping Esmond seal the God of death, my divine body had dissipated, and only half of my godhead was left. In order to completely seal the portal, and prevent the formation of a new portal of death, I chose to integrate with the ancient tree of life. After all, only the power of life can resist the power of death. It’s just that it’s affecting my children. ”


However, as long living beings in the mainland kept dying, the power of the God of death would continue to grow. Even the ancient tree of life, which had integrated with the goddess of life, would gradually be unable to resist. The force of death had been slowly seeping out of the portal. The first to perceive this change were the elves living near the ancient tree of life.


This was the truth of the division of the elves.


Exposure to the power of death had led to some changes in the elves. Their skin began to turn into the color of dark night, no longer as white as snow. Some elves thought that such a change was evil, which made the elves no longer pure and flawless. Finally, these frightened elves cut off the connection with the “polluted” mother tree, left the Elven forest, establishing the moonlight city. The other part stayed with the mother tree and continued to guard her, becoming night elves.


“I sensed the aura of a new god from the child named Campbell, and asked the child to invite you here.” Cecilia continued, “The world should not be able to give birth to gods. I’m curious.”


“He’s my mate. The dragons can transform their mate’s physique,” said Ionas.


“A new god?” Lu Heng finally asked.


Following the explanation of the goddess of life, Lu Heng soon found that he was already a God.


Most of this was due to the golden dragon around him. Although Ionas no longer had his godhead, his body was that of a real God. After a dragon recognized someone as mate, they will gradually change their mate’s physique and make them gradually comparable with their own. Ionas had a divine body, and Lu Heng’s body was transformed into a divine body by him. And Lu Heng had been drawing on the power of faith using a God’s name for a long time, and has gradually formed a preliminary godhead in his body. With a godhead and a divine body, Lu Heng had become a new God.


“A new god, this was not mentioned in that prophecy. This is a turning point. With the direction things are moving in we may not have to wait for the living beings in mainland to pay a painful price according to the prophecy before the dead can be expelled. ” Cecilia continued, “Joseph, I will ask the night elves do their best to help you.” 2


“Isn’t this continent no longer able to bear the power of a God?” Lu Heng asked uneasily before leaving. He was afraid that he would cause the mainland to collapse. 3


“Your godhead is not yet fully formed, so you don’t have to worry about the collapse of the continent due to too much power.” Cecilia explained.


It seemed that Cecilia expended too much energy while speaking with Lu Heng and Ionas. She said she was a little tired, apologized, and then asked Annelin to bring them out.


Annelin brought Lu Heng’s duo to a tree house and said, “Distinguished guests please have a good rest here tonight.”


“Thank you.” After the long journey to the elven forest, Lu Heng felt that he really was tired.


Annelin had just walked to the door, but suddenly turned around and asked Lu Heng, “I heard that the influence of the Pope of light with the white elves is quite deep. I can feel the enormous power of the holy light within you, and your position in the Papacy of light should not be low?”


Annelin waited till Lu Heng gave her a nod of confirmation, and then continued, “Can you please persuade the white elves in Moonlight City to come back to see the mother tree and share a portion of the power of death within her. Greater the number of elves connected with the mother tree, the more power they can provide to her. If the white elves are willing to return, the situation of the mother tree should be improved a lot. ”


Lu Heng heard the words of Annelin, and recalled the appearance of the ancient tree of life, in which the leaves on the top were already yellow. This was clearly a sign that the power of death was spreading. This seal should not last long. Why did the portal of death only open after a few decades?


{Little assistant, what kind of role does this Annelin Nightwind and night elves play in the original plane?}


{Annelin nightwind, a key figure in the original plane. Conditions for query have been met. Please receive the information. }


Lu Heng felt a bit strange after quickly reading the information the little assistant poured the information into his brain. The night elves carry such a bad name, but they were just following their heart and were giving everything to their mother tree. When the ancient tree of life could no longer resist the power of death and the door of the dead would have opened in advance. Annelin night wind, with all her people chose to return to the mother tree, using their own lives to supplement the vitality of the ancient tree of life.


That’s why Pope Joseph got time to find the goblin race and had left the seed of hope for the mainland creatures for decades. However, the night elves were portrayed as the ones that opened the portal of death in the Elven forest. In the later history, they were referred to as the evil race that colluded with Pope Joseph and deliberately opened the door of death, inviting in the undead army.


Niladri: I feel sad about the fate of night elves in the original plane. I hope Lu Heng clears their name.

Also, Celes has started editing arc 2. I’ll let you guys know when she is done with the entire arc.

Next chapter is the arc finale and it is moderately long. Also, my mother has surgery on december end. So I’ll try to get the chapter out before that, but otherwise, it will be in 2020.

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