How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 81

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Chapter 81

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (24)

Translated by: Niladri



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Oak village.


The golden sunset gently caressed this picturesque village. Over the golden oval roofs, short and fat chimneys could be seen. It was near dinner time, smoke curled out from the chimneys in twists, radiating warmth.


Inside the white temple on the edge of the village, the priest, who was supposed to be praying, stood beneath the long stone steps with his sleeves dangling.


Once again, he was rendered speechless lookking up at the sleeping man leaning on the stone pillar at the entrance of the temple..


The priest thought that dozing off at the door of the temple was a bit blasphemous, but he recalled the feeling while he had just been stared at by the golden eyes. In front of those golden eyes, the priest shrunk his neck and decided not to count even a grain of dust. He couldn’t understand seeing the gentle looking bishop on the side, how could he follow such a person. Even if his appearance was too good to pick out a flaw, his arrogant attitude made him unapproachable.


Inside the temple. The priest in white stood behind the statue, holding a small statue in his hand and touching his forehead with it. His spirit then teleported into the distant Vatican.


“Windsor, long time no see.” Lu Heng looked at the young girl with a smile and a degree of firmness.


“Good day, Your holiness father Pope.” When Windsor finished the ceremony, she asked eagerly, “what you gave me last time was divine power?”


Divine power? Lu Heng recalled how the holy light power he gave Windsor was the power of faith.


“It’s just the power of the light.” Lu Heng said.


“No, it’s not. I know it’s not the same as the power of the light that I used to pray for. It’s more pure and powerful.” Windsor’s beautiful eyes sparkled and her face had a fanatical expression.


Lu Heng couldn’t understand what this situation was. Maybe it’s because Windsor had never received such a large amount of holy light at once, she was probably misunderstanding.


Lu Heng explained to Windsor about the goblin family, and asked Windsor to find a way to guide her friend from history department to the library.


“Windsor, did you have an answer to that question from last time?” At the time of leaving, Lu Heng asked again.


Windsor pondered for a moment, and then said, “I’ve learned about the goblin clan from your holiness. Even if one is in the dark, as long as one’s heart is steady and one strives towards their goal, they would still be in the light. ”


Lu Heng nodded slightly: “what can we do?”


“Using the Lord’s blessing, we can bring light to all beings.”


This time, Lu Heng shook his head slightly: “Windsor, next time we meet, let me know your answer.”


After the revoking the divine descension, Lu Heng walked out of the temple and saw that the man who was dozing off by the stone pillar jump up and approach him.


“I fell asleep waiting.” Ionas couldn’t wait to pull Lu Heng out of the temple.


“Then why do you still insist on not going in? You know that the God of light has fallen, and this temple is no different from other buildings. ” Lu Heng said.


Ionas stopped and looked back at the temple. His nose twitched a little: “no, there are signs of divine power in the temple.”


Didn’t the God of light fall? The words of Ionas surprised Lu Heng, and with the words just spoken by Princess Windsor, things seemed to be more and more complicated. I’d better go to the Elven forest as soon as possible. Lu Heng had a strange feeling. Many questions should be answered in the elven forest.


Maple Leaf College recently made a big discovery that shocked the entire continent. It was a history that had been covered up and distorted. Regarding the time when goblins refused to help their allies, the dwarves, and all the dwarven craftsmen left behind were slaughtered by the undead army.


In fact, the truth was completely contrary to what is recorded in historical books.


Goblins had never betrayed their dwarven allies. Instead, they were persecuted. The dwarven craftsmen who died miserably obviously fell under the butcher’s knife of their own people. All evils were due to the ambition of the black bearded dwarfs. And the black bearded dwarfs had even tried to cover up their crimes.


During the years when the goblin race was forced to hide in the underground kingdom due to the stigma, the black bearded dwarves always advocated in the dwarven Council to find out the goblin race and completely exterminate these sinister green skin monsters. After the truth came to light, the bronze bearded dwarves, together with other dwarven clans, expelled the black bearded dwarves from the dwarven Council.


These conspirators were all assigned by the dwarven Council to work in the mine for life, and could not take even half a step outside. On the other hand, the goblin race, then returned to the ground to settle down again, saw the long lost light.


When the entire continent was in turmoil because of the news regarding the goblin race, Lu Heng had left Maple Leaf College and went to the mysterious elven forest with Ionas.


The establishment of nuclear power technology branch of Maple Leaf College had been proposed by Holy Saint Hugh and his good friend War Saint Luke in the conference hall of the college. Kukuwei also took some elite goblin engineers to Maple Leaf College to publish their research results in the next demonstration meeting. With the wisdom of goblin and the help of Holy Saint Hugh and War Saint Luke, it was only a matter of time before the management of Maple Leaf College was be persuaded to pass the proposal of setting up nuclear technology department.


Beyond the Cote Mountains, the mysterious elven forest lay before them. It’s just that how could they find the settlement of the elves within this vast sea of forest? Lu Heng thought of what Campbell had said when he left that day, and took out the leaf of that ancient tree.


The sub-dragon was sent back by Ionas through the contract ring, because according to him, the elves and the dragons both equally detested this creature. The giant dragon’s disdain stemmed from their noble race being associated with such lowly creatures. The elves on the other hand thought that this ugly creature was too hideous to meet their aesthetic standards.


And of course Ionas disliked it because this sub-dragon threatened his position as a mount. As the Demigod of dragons, he had never concealed the thought of becoming the exclusive mount of Lu Heng. If it wasn’t for the shortage of divine power and its excessive consumption while maintaining the dragon form for a long time, how could he let any other creature come even close.


They went all the way into the depths of the forest, but no one had set foot in the forest for a long time. There were tall bushes half a man’s length and brambles, and even crisscrossing vines. This slowed down Lu Heng’s duo considerably.


“When you were in the age of gods, did you often interact with the elves?” Lu Heng suddenly remembered that this man beside him was a giant dragon tens of thousands of years old. He should have some understanding of the ancient tree of life and the elven forest.


“No. At that time, the Elves were dressed in rattan branches and vines. They usually lived in the trees. They didn’t touch gold and gems or anything like that. They couldn’t make anything in line with the dragon’s aesthetics.” Ionas answered, “It was only after the white elves built moonlight city that the dragon race began to entrust them with building things”.


It’s not called entrustment. It should be called coercion- Lu Heng heart secretly spat in his heart. As they chatted, they inched closer to the center of the forest. The leaf on Lu Heng’s collar suddenly gave out a light green light.


After a while, a crow flew through the trees and approached Lu Heng’s duo. When the black bird reached in front of Lu Heng, it transformed into a tall female elf and landed on the ground.


Lu Heng recognized at one glance that this was the metamorphosis of a Druid. Druid was the Elven profession that only existed in the legends from the age of gods. After the white elves had left the Elven forest, nobody ever saw Druids walking on the mainland again. According to the white elf’s explanation, it was said that human development was too fast, which affected the natural power of the mainland. They were unable to perceive the natural power.


The appearance of the female elf in front of them was very different from that of the white elves, though the long, sharp ears and an attractive face still existed, but her skin was dark, and her figure was quite taller than that of the white elves. Her figure didn’t have the thin and delicate appearance of the white elves, but was brimming with wild beauty.


“Night elf Annelin · Nightwind, here to welcome the guests invited by the mother tree.” The female elf made a gesture, “Dear guests, please come with me.”


Annelin walked ahead with a brisk pace. The brambles and bushes along the way automatically separated from each other in front of her. This difficult to traverse path was easily overcome by the legendary elves who were loved by nature.


With the guidance of Druid, Lu Heng ‘s duo’s travelling speed increased by more than two times. Within a short time, they arrived at the night elves’ native land.


The land of night elves was totally different from Moonlight City. There were no traces of artificial buildings here, only towering trees and small tree houses hidden in leaves. The elves moving in and out were tall and strong like Annelin, wearing simple rattan attire instead of exquisite fabrics like the white elves in Moonlight City.


These night elves were just like the elves in the age of gods as Ionas said.


Under a big tree, Lu Heng met a familiar man, the white elf Campbell. It’s not appropriate to say that he was a white spirit. Now he did not have the appearance of a white elf at all, but instead he looked like these night elves, with dark skin and tall and strong body.


When he saw Lu Heng’s duo coming, Campbell went forward to met them.


“Campbell, I’m going to inform the mother tree about this. Distinguished guests and you know each other; you first give them a tour of the native land. ”


“Yes, Lord Nightwind.”


From the introduction by Campbell, Lu Heng knew that the leader of the night elves, great Druid Anelin · Nightwind, had just come to meet them.


Seeing Lu Heng looking at him curiously, Campbell smiled: “when I returned to my hometown, my appearance changed. In other words, except for the dark skin, it should be the original appearance of our elves. I simply found my true self. ”


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