How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (23)

Translated by: Niladri



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“Clarice, used to be a student of my grandfather. At that time, I was also studying arcane arts in the crimson tower”, said Eddie with a somewhat hesitant expression. “I have to admit that this white elf’s arcane talent was undeniably excellent. He was the only apprentice in the same period of apprenticeship who could keep up with me in the advanced level of arcane arts.”


“Our views on arcane art were somewhat aligned. At first when we were in crimson tower, it was common to find him and me discussing difficult magic till dawn. He used to be my best friend. But now I don’t know why our relationship has turned hostile.”


According to Eddie, it was like this. When Eddie was drawing a difficult array, he suddenly found that there was a lack of some key materials. He could not leave the array in the middle of drawing; otherwise the whole array would become useless. So Eddie gave Clarice the insignia of Saint Hugh and asked him to go to the research room of Hugh to get some materials.


But that time, Clarice didn’t come back and Eddie’s array failed. It wasn’t until the next day that Clarice appeared in front of Eddie. It’s just that the one who appeared was not the best friend Eddie knew.


“When he saw me, he severely reprimanded my grandfather and me and let himself go 1. I asked him if something had happened. He didn’t explain himself, but he said that it was more disgusting to see me than to see the rats in the gutter. After that, he left with all the elf mages studying in the dark red tower. ”


“Then I saw him again, that is, after I entered Maple Leaf College. Every time we met in the college, it was as rivals. But he always seemed to be harboring some deep hatred with me. He always targeted me in the inter-college competitions. ” Eddie shrugged. “I’m not the kind of person who lets himself be beaten. I naturally fight back. After a few fights, our relationship has deteriorated to what it is now.”


With that, Eddie added, “I don’t know if it’s out of revenge or for any other reason. Anyway, when I see Clarice now, I want to make him unhappy. When I see him gnashing his teeth, I feel much more comfortable.”


“That Clarice, took all elves and left the crimson tower.” Rhett enquired, “didn’t Saint Hugh get involved?”


The conditions for Hugh’s apprenticeship were very strict. His number of students was very small, but once one became a student, he would be taught and cultivated by the crimson tower. And this Clarice, not only betrayed his teacher directly, but also left with all the elf mages. How could Saint Hugh let it go?


“Grandpa’s attitude on this matter was really very strange. I asked him at the beginning, but he just said they could leave. The crimson tower doesn’t welcome white elves from now on. No matter how many times I asked, grandpa wouldn’t say anything.” Eddie explained.


Hearing this, Lu Heng, who knew the past of Saint Hugh, easily guessed the reason behind it. White elves had always hated the races of evil camp. Judging from Clarice’s attitude towards the Campbell just now, the elves have become even more extreme.


At the beginning, in the research room of the crimson tower, Clarice may have found evidence of the interaction between Hugh and the orcs, but it was found out by Hugh. Under no circumstances, could he disclose that Hugh had been communicating with the orcs in private. Saint Hugh would have certainly taken some measures to prevent Clarice from leaking the secret.


Generally speaking, the simplest course of action would be to use a mind control magic to make him forget this. But Clarice was an elf. Elves were different from humans. This race was immune to mind control magic. Then, the next choice was forbidding him.


That made sense. Clarice’s attitude changed dramatically, but he didn’t tell Eddie the reason and Saint Hugh’s attitude on this matter. Lu Heng knew the reasoning behind these things, but he couldn’t tell Eddie.


However, it seemed that Eddie found it to be a little hard to let go. Lu Heng suggested, “I think you can go and ask Saint Hugh about the history of that event.”


“Grandpa didn’t tell me why. It’s even more impossible now.”


“No, you were not mature at that time. Now you have been practicing outside for a long time. You are an independent mage. The attitude of Saint Hugh may be different from that of that year. ”


Seeing Eddie’s thoughtful appearance, Lu Heng knew that he must have resolved himself.


The injured elf finally woke up after the four people had finished eating something to replenish their energy. In fact, because of Lu Heng’s holy light magic, the elf should have been awake a long time ago. Until now, it’s because he forcibly released natural magic beyond his abilities, that his mind was adversely affected.


As soon as Campbell opened his eyes, he immediately jumped up and took a defensive position. However, he found that in front of him were not teammates who had turned their backs, but a few strangers.


“Clarice and others are gone.” Eddie said directly to him.


When Campbell saw that there was a light priest in white robes in front of him, and then he examined his recovered body, he immediately put away his weapons: “human friend, thank you for saving me. Campbell Dawn, the night elf, will remember your kindness.”


Lu Heng noticed that this elf called himself night elf and added the suffix of dawn after his name. This was the way of elves naming themselves in the age of gods. After the white elves built the Moonlight City, it seemed that such suffix had never appeared again. And this self proclaimed night elf, Campbell, was supposed to be a white elf born in Moonlight City, but in this way, he introduced his name.


It seems that the division in the elves was not as simple as it was passed down in the world.


“It’s Joseph who saved your life,” said Eddie bluntly. “I just can’t stand Clarice and fought him off.”


Campbell bowed to Lu Heng and said, “Sir Joseph, what can I do for you?”


Lu Heng thought for a moment and asked, “Can you tell me the reason why you and Clarice are in conflict? Of course, it doesn’t matter if it involves the secret affairs of your race. ”


Campbell stood still for a moment, and then raised his head: “The mother tree said that you are sincere friends of night elves, and I can tell you.”


The night elves can communicate with the ancient trees at such a long distance?


“I believe you have heard about the division of elves. The white elves built the Moonlight City, and some of the fallen dark elves stayed in the Elven forest. This is what the elders of the white elves have been telling the newborn elves, and I believed it all the time. Until since some time ago, every night, I could hear a voice calling for me. ”


“Finally, I chose to listen to the call from within my heart, returned to the hometown of the elves, and saw the mother tree and the night elves left behind, following which, I chose to return to the mother tree. The situation of the mother tree was very bad, and I needed the help of the white elves. Then I came back to Moonlight City, slowly trying to persuade my friends to go back to see the mother tree. I didn’t expect that to be exposed in the accident, or that they would be so resistant to the idea of returning to the mother tree.” Campbell’s face was full of loss.


After a while, he got up a little bit: “more than this, I can’t say. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but…”


Suddenly, a leaf appeared in Campbell’s hand. It seemed that it would never wither. He handed the leaf to Lu Heng: “the mother tree invites you to come to the elven forest. The mother tree asked me to tell you two words, GOD’S PROPHECY. This is the leaf of the mother tree. Take it and you will be the most honorable guest of the night elves.”


After that, Campbell bid goodbye to Lu Heng and the elf disappeared into the forest.


The ancient trees of elves were conscious, which was not a secret matter. But how could this ancient tree of life know about the God’s prophecy. It seems that the matters in Maple Leaf College need to take a backseat. It was necessary to go to the elven forest, Lu Heng thought.


However, the most important thing at the moment was to find a superior demonic beast to win the inter college competition. This time, however, the goddess of fortune finally paid them a visit. Before they had gone far, Rhett found the trail of the fleeing lightning lizard. Following the trace, they found the dying lightning lizard in a cave. It was easy to get the crystal nucleus. Unexpectedly, this lizard was a mutated lightning lizard. The crystal nucleus of mutated demonic beast was generally rarer. 2


With the crystal core of the mutant lightning lizard, Lu Heng and his team won the competition, which was a matter of course. Successfully achieving their goal, after returning to Maple Leaf College, the four people bid farewell in front of the dormitory area’s door. It seemed that Edie was in a hurry. He should be going to Saint Hugh to ask about that matter.


“Io, tomorrow you will go to the library and put those two scrolls of sheepskin in this area.” Lu Heng wanted to take out the drawing of the library’s layout obtained from Saint Hugh, but found that he was embraced to death by Ionas and could not move at all.


“I’ve won the inter college competition. Shouldn’t you reward your partner so that I would be motivated to do the next thing? ” As soon as Ionas entered the room, he completely fell into Lu Heng’s body.


Lu Heng thought this matter through. In the final stage of the inter college match, there was no contribution from the Golden Dragon except preventing the high level demonic beasts from approaching them. Is it right to ask for rewards?


“What kind of reward do you think I should give you for your performance?” Lu Heng was helpless.


“The reward to the dragon lord must be the most precious treasure in the world.” However, Ionas was not polite. He directly told Lu Heng what kind of reward he wanted with his actions.


Lu Heng looked at the ceiling above his head and put his back on the shoulder of the person lying on his back. ‘I thought in my heart that I haven’t had a good rest in these days, so I’ll have a good night’s sleep after a bedtime ceremony.’


As for other things, at this moment, it would be tragic to mention them again


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