How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 79

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Chapter 79

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (22)

Translated by: Niladri


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A roar from far away, like the heaven-bestowed rain, rescued the poor sub-dragon.


“It’s the lightning lizard.” Rhett’s spirit was rekindled from the sound. “There should be a team intruding into the territory of the lightning lizard. Let’s go and have a look. If that little team cannot keep up with it, we will take over.”


The lightning lizard had thick skin and dense flesh. It had high magic resistance. It could also use lightning magic, which made it more difficult to deal with than the gale leopard. Ordinary adventurer teams chose to avoid the lightning lizard whenever they accidentally stepped into its territory. After all, the lightning lizard was not very fast. Even if they retreat, they can basically ensure their safety.


The four men rushed in that direction at once. Just when they set off, Lu Heng seemed to hear a sigh of regret breathed out by the person behind. He seemed to be quite disappointed. As the lord of the dragons, the only thought he had for this whole time was killing another dragon. I’m afraid he is the only one in the dragon race who thinks like this.


After climbing a gentle hillside, Lu Heng was able to see a giant lightning lizard just below the hillside in front of him. The Silver moon college team, who had besieged the lizard, cooperated with tacit understanding and skillfully handled it. The ranger drew the attention of slow-moving lizard. The archer from time to time found gaps in between and shot sharp arrows from a distance. In the direction blocked by the lizard, there should be another mage using ice magic to reduce its speed (from behind).


“Looks like we’re late.” Rhett shrugged and turned to leave, but Eddie grabbed him.


When Eddie’s wand moved, he cast a stealth magic. Then he grabbed Rhett’s head and crouched down, camouflaging their bodies within the thick grass.


Lu Heng thought Eddie must have had some important reason behind his actions, and immediately he crouched in the grass dragging down Ionas.


“Eddie?” Rhett asked in a low voice.


“Let’s observe the situation.” Eddie’s face was indifferent, but his eyes betrayed the turmoil within.


Lu Heng looked down and saw a white elf wielding a magic wand emerging from the direction that was just blocked by the giant lizard’s body. Lu Heng immediately understood the reason why Eddie showed this expression. It was the white elf named Clarice that they had met in Moonlight City. It seemed as if there existed some dispute between the two people, since Eddie couldn’t control his emotions the moment he saw them.


Under the tacit cooperation of the elf team, the speed of the lightning magic from the lizard’s mouth got getting slower and slower. It seemed that the lizard had consumed too much magic stored within its body. It’s much easier to hunt a lightning lizard once its magic is exhausted. When the elves saw the dawn of victory, they all accelerated the attack frequency.


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Unexpectedly, the lizard suddenly stopped attacking, raised his head high, and swung back and forth in the air, looking alert. After a while, he was a little impatient, totally ignoring those who besieged it, and turned around intending to leave. How could the elf team let go of the prey they had taken so long to wear down? As soon as Clarice raised his staff, frost spread along the lizard’s limbs, freezing it in place.


Evidently the lizard which had remained calm all this time while being besieged broke into a fury from being blocked. It growled in a low voice. It yanked out its forelimbs from the ice, raised them high, and then smashed down. All the frost was shattered. The lizard’s eyes started glowing red. It opened its mouth and chomped down towards the Ranger. These attacks were several times faster than before.


“Why is this lightning lizard berserk all of a sudden?” Rhett was a little surprised. “This team is still using its magic in a gentle way, so it won’t feel such a threat.”


Although the power of high level demonic beasts can be multiplied several times in a flash, it is at the cost of burning the energy of its own crystal core. After the berserk state passes, the demonic beast will suffer self-inflicted injuries. So unless it faces a life-or-death situation, the demonic will not choose to be berserk.


Lu Heng gave a silent look towards the dangerous source that lead to the demonic beast being berserk. 1 He decided to help the elves if their lives were in danger. After all, they were responsible for this.


The battle situation below grew more and more fierce. It seemed that the Elven Ranger had not yet adapted to the sudden increase in the lizard’s speed. In panic, he stumbled over the grass. By the time he adjusted his pace, the lizard’s sharp teeth were bearing down on him. However, Clarice over there was in a weak period of mana recharge due to the powerful ice magic, and was unable to rescue.


Seeing that the slender elf was about to be ripped into two, Lu Heng was about to send out his holy light, but the grass on the ground suddenly grew rapidly and it bound the lizard’s bloody mouth tightly. The lizard’s assault was blocked for a while. The Ranger took advantage of this gap, rolled on the spot and hid far away. The lizard shook his head and broke away from the weeds entwined around him. It didn’t want to fight, so it fled into the forest.


It was the archer not far away who had saved the Ranger’s life. One could see that the long bow in his hand had changed into a short wooden staff. On the short staff, there was still a little green light around.


Lu Heng, who has received his holiness’s powerful knowledge base, knew at first glance that this was natural magic, which was quite different from arcane magic. Another set of energy system that could only be used by elves who believed in the power of nature. However, it was a long time ago. The white elves who left the Elven forest never used natural magic for any reason.


The elves below, after being saved, seemed to be engrossed in internal conflict. Clarice, the Ranger, and an Elf Priest who came from its hiding place, aimed their weapons at the archer.


Lu Heng thought a spell and used a mental sight. The dispute over there clearly reached his ears.


“Campbell! You went to the territory of the dark elves, and accepted accept the call from the source of evil? ” Clarice’s voice was cold and harsh, and his face was very ugly.


“Clarice, that’s our mother tree. The mother tree is in a bad condition now, and needs our help. ” The archer, Campbell, put away his weapon and raised his hands to show that he was not hostile.


“The mother tree has been polluted for a long time. It is no longer the mother tree of our elves. Do you want to collude with those dark elves?” Clarice was still wary.


“I don’t believe that I am the only one who hears the call of the mother tree. You know that…”


Campbell’s words were not finished, but were cut off by Clarice.


“If you are willing to degenerate, you are no longer our companion!”


“Clarice, you can see it.” Campbell took out his staff, and the green light was shining, as if using natural magic. However, Lu Heng felt keenly that there was a trace of ominous aura in the faint green light.


“Disgusting evil aura, you have indeed degenerated.” Clarice’s eyebrows were raised, his eyes were cold, and his hand conjured an ice arrow.


It seems that Campbell didn’t think his companion would attack him at all. He was suddenly pierced by the ice arrow. He reflexively covered the wound, knelt on one knee, and exclaimed, “you…”


Clarice’s face was disgusted, and he raised his hand to create another ice arrow: “go to hell, evil dark elf.”


That deadly ice arrow, in the middle of its flight was intercepted by a few fireballs flying rapidly, and they vanished into fireworks of ice and fire in the air.


“Clarice, you’re still the same old, boring tyrant.” Eddie, who was still on the side just now, moved directly to the bottom of the valley and saved the elf Archer from Clarice’s hands.


Rhett rushed down as soon as he saw Eddie joining the fray. Since his teammates have been involved in the internal disputes of the elven team, Lu Heng couldn’t hide any longer, and went down with Ionas.


Knowing that Eddie was willing to save the elf Archer, Lu Heng raised his hand directly to cover Campbell who had already fainted because of his injury with holy light.


“This is a matter within our elves. Please don’t interfere.” Clarice frowned.


But Eddie didn’t back down at all: “I don’t find attacking your teammate pleasing to the eye.”


“It’s all rats in the gutter, colluding.” When Clarice saw Eddie’s attitude, he knew that he would be dragged into a bitter struggle, and he didn’t want to get involved. He dropped the sentence and led the remaining two teammates away.


As soon as Clarice left, Eddie put away the look of the ‘itching for a fight’ and sat down with an expression of dismay on his face. Although the wound of the elf named Campbell has healed, he remained unconscious. Their team decided to stay there for a while, waiting for the elf to wake up.


Rhett saw the rare look of dejection on Eddie, and his forehead was sweating. He stared at Eddie for a long time. Seeing that Eddie still didn’t pay attention to him, he finally couldn’t hold back: “Eddie, what’s the matter with this Clarice?”


“It’s none of your business.” Eddie didn’t seem to want to say much.


“It’s nothing to do with me. What can you not you tell me? You look like you’ve been robbed of your beloved lady!” But Rhett kept pushing. He knew that Eddie, though never minced his words at ordinary times, was very emotional in his heart and attached great importance to his friends. If he doesn’t take this opportunity to let Eddie talk out and help him out, the matter with Clarice will remain a thorn in Eddie’s heart.


Edie looked into Rhett’s eyes and saw that it was full of worry about him. At last, he looked relaxed and sighed: “OK. It’s not something that can’t be said. It all started before I entered Maple Leaf College.”


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