How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 78

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Chapter 78

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (21)

Translated by: Niladri



The fleet of griffins that took off from the ground in maple leaf city, soared across the skies, taking the students to the venue of Dabi in the silver moon college of Moonlight City. Ionas and Lu Heng were in an awkward position. The demonic beasts’ sensitivity were much greater that of human beings. No matter how much (Ionas) restrained his aura, he could at most get close to the Griffin. If he were to ride the Griffin, the poor Griffin would definitely be mortified.


Seeing fewer and fewer people, the accompanying teacher began to urge Lu Heng’s team to hurry up.


“Can’t we go to silver moon college by ourselves?” Lu Heng asked Edie in a low voice.


“There is no such precedent.” Edie shook his head. “Why, do you have something on the way?”


Fortunately, Saint Hugh came to Lu Heng’s aid. He said to the guide teacher, “I have to speak with Edie regarding some important matters. Their team will arrive with me later.”


In the end, Lu Heng and his party arrived at a mage’s Tower on the outskirts of Moonlight City directly through the transmission array of the crimson tower. Edie thought it was disconcerting. Saint Hugh didn’t say anything important to him at all. Was it just to send him by the teleportation array? It was unlikely. One ought to know, using a teleportation array cost several advanced demonic beast crystal cores. Without any emergency, even Saint Hugh would not use the transmission array.


However, Edie’s doubts went unanswered. Saint Hugh didn’t elaborate, and he dared not ask more. Anyway, my grandfather always does what he wants.


Moonlight City had a completely different style from a human city. The city, built entirely by elves, couldn’t be described with words. Every stone pillar was engraved with exquisite patterns. Every building was adorned with colorful glass. In every corner of the city, there were water fountains and small gardens with myriad patterns. Next to the fountains, one could often see the white elves playing the harp. If the white elves were not in a hurry, they would stop to listen for a while. If they were interested, they would often sing along with the music.


The whole Moonlight City was an epitome the elves’ sense of beauty.


The moonlight city was not open to human beings on normal days. It was such a gorgeous scene that Rhett, who was visiting for the first time, stood stunned.


“It’s a city built by elves and craftsmen. It’s too……” Rhett couldn’t find a word to describe the scene.


Before he had finished speaking, Rhett heard Edie sneer beside him. Although knowing that it wasn’t Eddie’s first time in this Moonlight City, Rhett was still puzzled: “Edie, don’t you like it? This moonlight city should be very in line with your aesthetic. ”


“I just don’t like white elves. Naturally, I find everything of them unpleasant.” Edie sneered.


Rhett enquired further, but Edie didn’t explain anymore. But they soon knew the reason.


“I feel today even the songs of birds and children are not as beautiful as they used to be. It turns out that people who are more disgusting than dragons have come to our Moonlight City.” A voice more beautiful than a lark’s song could be heard, but the disdain in that voice was not so beautiful. This gorgeous singing tone was sung in the common language in the mainland. It was clear that the owner of the voice was an elf.


“Clarice.” Edie barely got the name out of his gritted teeth.


A white elf with sharp ears jumped down from the tree beside the road. The appearance of the person, even among the elves who were famous for their looks, was very outstanding. He was slim and slender, and seemed to have been favored by the heavens.


“Why are you in this competition? Are there no outstanding talents in Maple Leaf College? I will send you as back as a defeated general again. ” Clarice raised his chin slightly and glanced at Edie from the corner of his eye.


In normal times, Eddie, who was always sharp tongued, would never be willing to suffer losses, but now instead of replying, the former pulled Rhett around and left with a look of disgust on his face.


It wasn’t until they reached hotel where Maple Leaf College was stationed that Edie let go of Rhett’s right arm.


“Who was that elf?” Rhett, who had been holding back all this time, could not help but ask about Edie’s passivity.


“A nuisance.” Edie dropped the sentence and the receptionist handed over the room key and he went straight upstairs.


“Hey, Edie!” Rhett ran after Edie’s back anxiously.


Silver Moon College was not big enough to receive so many teachers and students. Even the hotels in Moonlight City were not enough. So, every two students from Maple Leaf College had to share one room. In this way, Rhett and Edie were sharing one room.


After entering the room and cleaning it, Ionas grabbed Lu Heng and fell on the bed. 1The other bed was empty as it was before. Tomorrow, of course, there is important business, and the bedtime ritual of deepening feelings was changed to chatting.


Thinking of what happened just now; Lu Heng didn’t care about the dispute between Edie and the white elf. He was more curious about what the white elf had said, “why do the elves hate dragons so much?”


Ionas’s voice was already a little sleepy, but he still struggled to answer: “probably because the dragon people liked to force them to do something that didn’t conform to the elves’ sense of aesthetics.”


“You were not angry when that elf said “more disgusting than dragons”?” Lu Heng felt it was strange.


“Why be angry? Anyway, I don’t like elves. It doesn’t matter if they hate dragons. ” Ionas took the matter lightly.


Well, this kind of thinking suited the dragon lord.


The next day.


Eternal forest. This vast forest was located near the Cote mountains. By passing through this forest and then over the Cote mountains, one would reach the legendary elven forest. However, it is said that it has now become the territory of the evil camp’s dark elves. People who break into it without permission will be pierced by sharp arrows from nowhere.


As a result, the Cote Mountains became somewhat of a boundary structure. At this end of the mountain range, there is was the eternal forest with abundant materials, demonic beasts running rampant, and adventurers’ favorite exploration. At the other end of the mountain is the elven forest that no other race has ever set foot on except the white elves who were its ex-masters.


Dabi, where the final round of the college’s fighting competition would take place was in the eternal forest. The assessment method of the fighting competition was very simple. Hunting a demonic beast and taking its crystal core. The one having highest level core would be the winner.


Before entering the forest, the great magician who was proficient in space magic will supervise from one side, and ask the team to hand over all the space storage accessories, and then only take a space ring with necessary materials prepared by the organizer to enter the competition area. The competition area has been cleaned up in advance, so there will not be overly dangerous demonic beasts, and the possibility of someone hiding the crystal core in it in advance is also eliminated.


“Three days. After three days, the team that does not hand over the crystal nucleus at the entrance shall be deemed as abstaining. ” Said the tall elf mage. The college was held in Moonlight City, and the guiding staff of these organizers were naturally elves. After leaving the forest of elves, the legendary elves who advocated the power of nature also began to study the power of arcane art. It was no surprise to see the mage here.


“Life is more precious than anything else. In case of crisis, please decisively tear the magic scroll given to you. The scroll will take you to the entrance, but in contrast, the team teleported out by the scroll will be disqualified. ” The mage looked serious, without any smile. “Let’s start.”


As the mage’s voice fell, the giant timing hourglass began to count.


“It’s strange.” Rhett squatted next to a big tree and studied the marks carefully. “There should be gale leopard around here. The claw marks on it are stacked one by one. A gale leopard coming to grind its claws regularly would cause such an effect. Then its nest should be nearby. How come we haven’t seen even a hair of the leopard for so long? ”


“Did it go searching for food?” Edie asked. Rhett had always been much more proficient in hunting prey than him.


“No way. The leopard is a nocturnal animal. It sleeps in a cave during the day.” A few people just went through all the caves nearby, but they couldn’t find it anywhere. Rhett almost started doubting his tracking skills. “Did other teams get it? No, we are the first to arrive here. It’s not normal. ”


“Something’s wrong. With the vigilance of the gale leopard, as soon as we step into its territory, it should appear.” Edie said.


Lu Heng looked at the culprit of the abnormal situation and whispered in Ionas’s ear, “can’t your aura be more restrained? All the demonic beasts around here are gone. ”


“The eternal forest is too close to the elven forest. The aura of life from ancient trees affects this forest. The demonic beats in this forest are more sensitive than the that of other places, so I can’t help it.” Feeling Lu Heng’s breath in his ear, the tips of Ionas’s ears were a little red.


“It’s a bit troublesome. We can’t even find demonic beats now. Where can we find the crystal core from demonic beasts?” Lu Heng frowned.


“If we bring out Lunlun Zuokeharu, we can take first place in the crystal core.” Ionas handed over a contract ring.


Contracting advanced demonic beats was a matter of requiring luck and opportunity. No one will be stupid to kill their own contracted demonic beast for a college contest. Moreover, there is also a branch specialized in beast training in the warrior branch, and since contracted demonic beasts were also included as a student’s own combat power, so the contract rings were allowed to be brought into the arena.


“…” Maybe the organizer didn’t think that someone would really want to kill the contractual demonic beast to get the crystal core. Is this cheating? No, how can I be misled by this golden dragon? I am actually thinking about the possibility of killing that sub-dragon.


Across the contract ring, Lu Heng seemed to feel that the poor sub-dragon was creeping on the ground shivering.


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