How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (19)

Translated by: Niladri



The mysterious cloaked man cloak went into the living room and took off his cloak to reveal his ordinary, yet wisdom-filled face.


Saint Hugh. Lu Heng was not surprised by the visitor’s identity. Someone having the ability to change the memory of so many students without attracting the institute’s attention, and someone who was a friend to them- in Maple Leaf College, the only person who fit these conditions was Holy Saint Hugh.


“His Excellency Ionas, the Lord of the Dragons.” Hugh saluted him devotedly.


Ionas stood up and assumed his adult appearance. He pointed to Lu Heng and said, “My companion, Joseph is the Dragon Empress who stands beside me.”


“Your Excellency Joseph the Dragon Empress.” Saint Hugh also saluted Lu Heng. The Holy saint, with his immense knowledge, did not find anything wrong with a man being the dragon lord’s companion. Since the other person’s race was different, gender was no issue at all.


When Lu Heng heard this, he could hardly keep his mouth from twitching. At last, he could understand the feeling of Shi Kong at that time. Is this a reversal of roles? However, his identity could not be exposed now. To have a dialogue between peers with Hugh, who was a Holy Saint; Lu Heng could only assume the identity of the Dragon Empress.


“Say what you want to my companion.” When Ionas finished, he fell back and sat idly on the sofa.


The giant dragons have always been arrogant, not to mention the demigod of the Dragon race, the lord of dragons, who disdains wasting words. Saint Hugh nodded to Lu Heng.


Lu Heng asked Saint Hugh to sit down, and he himself sat beside him while being stared at by the searing gaze of Ionas. Lu Heng did not say any more polite words, but spoke directly to Saint Hugh about the follow-up of those events a few days ago.


Originally, Saint Hugh happened to be nearby that day, and felt abnormal energy fluctuations on the side of the Warrior Department. He remembered that War Saint Luke had not been staying in the area of the Warrior Department recently. To avoid any accidents, he came to investigate the situation. When Saint Hugh arrived, Ionas had just left with Lu Heng, leaving behind a group of students who had been frightened and were unable to recover for a long time.


Several students were questioned and it was found that these people were still in shock, and the introduction was inconsistent with the conclusion. Saint Hugh immediately used a time reversal technique to see what had happened in the small garden not long ago. At first glance, Saint Hugh had almost lost his grip on his favorite cane. The Ionas who he had introduced to Saint Luke was a golden dragon.


From what Saint Hugh could infer from his repertoire of knowledge, this continent had only one golden dragon, and that was, the owner of Dragon Island, the sole demigod left in the plane. Saint Hugh decisively used psychic magic to seal the memory of the students present and fabricated a memory of ordinary conflict to bridge the old and the new memories.


Out of his responsibility to the students of the college, despite the risk of angering the dragon lord, Saint Hugh chose to visit the two men immediately after they returned to the college.


“Thank you, Lord Saint, for your help regarding the trouble caused by Io.” Lu Heng thanked him.


“You two have saved Eddie’s life. This was nothing. However, as one of the department heads of Maple Leaf College, in order to ensure the safety of the students, can I have the privilege of asking the purpose of the two students for coming to Maple Leaf College?”


Since Ionas was a golden dragon, the reasons that Lu Heng said before about studying must be just a cover.


Lu Heng was wondering whether he could tell Holy Saint Hugh about the goblins. In the Pope’s memory, there were many secrets that were not publicly known. Among them, there were tales about Saint Hugh. His life story was indeed that of a legend.


When Saint Hugh was young, he was gifted, but because of his inexperience, he had offended a mighty wizard and was chased by his followers for a long time. Eventually, they pushed him to the northern border, where a swordsman pierced his heart with a sword. They thought he was dead and left the body and went back to their lives. Unexpectedly, Saint Hugh’s innate heart grew on the right side, which left him with a single breath. It was just that in such a cruel environment, if no one came to his rescue, he would have surely died.


Finally, it was an orc who saved Saint Hugh.


So, this Saint Hugh was actually benevolent to the so-called evil camp races. Over the years, he had a lot of private contact with the orcs in the north, helping them in many places.


Explaining the story of the goblins to this holy saint might be quite fruitful. Even if there was any problem, Lu Heng could make him forget their recent dialogue.


“We came to Maple Leaf College for a secret quest from the goblins.” Lu Heng didn’t talk much nonsense either. He took out the small box from the space ring and displayed it in his palms.


Unexpectedly, Saint Hugh was stunned at the sight of the small box and then asked, “Where did you find this box? Was it from a mage’s tower next to Lake Limei?”


Lake Limei… Lu Heng was stunned for a moment, but he couldn’t remember what the steel hammer’s ancestors said about the location of the mage’s tower: “You’d better see what’s inside first.”


After reading it, Saint Hugh fell into a long silence: “The Human Mage mentioned here should be my teacher.”


Lu Heng was somewhat puzzled. The human mage mentioned in this sheepskin scroll died at the end of the Era of Gods. How could Holy Saint Hugh, being merely around 500 years old have him as a teacher?


“Do you humans also have inherited memories?” Asked Ionas with a strange expression.


Seeing what he said caused misunderstanding, Saint Hugh explained: “When I was young, I offended a great wizard and was badly injured by his followers. Although the help I had received from my friends saved my life, my inner arcane cycle was destroyed. I thought I could never practice magic again and that I would only spend the rest of my life in an ordinary manner.”


“Later, when I was looking for herbs, I unexpectedly found an abandoned mage tower near Lake Limei, and relying on the information left behind, I rebuilt my arcane cycle. I have always regarded the owner of the Mage’s Tower as a teacher. Saint Hugh sighed, “I didn’t expect to meet someone who has a connection with teacher.”


“Are you sure the box came from your teacher’s hand?” Lu Heng asked.


“This matrix has teacher’s handwriting. No other person on the mainland has such a special drawing method.” Holy Saint Hugh sealed the envelope from one end to another completely with an array. “And this old sheepskin scroll, which has teacher’s handwriting, should be read by the dwarf, since teacher recorded exclusively for him.” 1


“We came to Maple Leaf College to wash away the stigma on the goblins.” Lu Heng said.


“Why don’t you hand these things directly to the people in the History Department? ”


“It will be too late if we hand it directly to the History Department. They will doubt the authenticity of the evidence.” Lu Heng thought about it and took out the mural of the prophecy in the space ring.


At one glance, Holy Saint Hugh felt more frightened than he had been in the past five hundred years combined: “The army of the dead is going to tear open the portal and invade the mainland again?”


“Yes, this is the prophecy left by the gods before they departed.” Lu Heng nodded.

The divine power surrounding this mural was impossible to forge artificially, and Holy Saint Hugh did not doubt the authenticity of this prophecy. Lu Heng had given it some deep thought before revealing these things to Saint Hugh. After washing away the crime of goblins, it would be necessary to set up the Department of Nuclear Science and Technology at Maple Leaf College. If Holy Saint Hugh, lent his help as the dean of the college, the progress will be much faster. What’s more, Holy Saint Hugh and War Saint Luke have a good relationship with each other, and the Warriors division and Mage’s division account for almost half of the Maple Leaf College’s power.


After Lu Heng explained his ideas and plans to Hugh, Saint Hugh nodded softly: “This is indeed the fastest and safest way. Although, there is no need for my help, since with the ability of the Dragon Lord, victory is already in our grasp. Now, I’m going to make preparations for the establishment of the Nuclear Science and Technology Department.”


The night was getting late, and Lu Heng got ready to bid Saint Hugh farewell. In the end, he said, “Saint Hugh, about the prophecy, I hope you can keep it secret. If the prophecy leaks out, I’m afraid the mainland will fall into chaos.”


Saint Hugh, however, simply took out a scroll and then dripped blood on it, explaining, “This is a contract magic.”


When the scroll absorbed the blood, it sizzled and burned into ashes. A magic circle was formed in mid-air and then divided into two halves, one going into Lu Heng’s chest and the other into Holy Saint Hugh’s chest. Lu Heng knew the content of the magic circle at this moment. If Saint Hugh had the intention of leaking the information, the Magic circle would automatically stop and would also let Lu Heng know.


After Saint Hugh left, Lu Heng turned to Ionas and said, “I didn’t expect this Holy Saint Hugh to be so cooperative.”


Ionas stepped forward and put his arm around Lu Heng’s waist from behind. “That’s because of this Dragon Lord’s power. I’m sleepy. Let’s go to bed.”


Although the matter of Saint Hugh’s origins played a role in his contributions to the plan, it was not completely unrelated to Ionas’ crushing power which caused even Holy Saint Hugh, who was one of the most powerful people in the continent, to lower his face 2 and make that confidentiality contract. Lu Heng thought about things and let himself be led by Ionas to the bedroom on the second floor.


The bedroom door closed.


“Io, didn’t you say you were sleepy?”


“Well, a ritual is needed before going to bed. This is a tradition of the dragon race people.”


Lu Heng felt that the Dragon Lord seemed to have been turned on a switch and become something extraordinary.


With Holy Saint Hugh’s help, the college life of Lu Heng and Ionas went smoothly. Soon, it was time for the internal preliminary competition of Maple Leaf College.


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