How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (15)

Translated by: Niladri


The first sheepskin scroll was left by the ancestor of the Steelhammer family, contained a paragraph about the past.


This ancestor was the dwarf craftsman who had informed the goblins about the plan of the black bearded dwarves and helped them escape. He survived the slaughter of the black-bearded dwarfs because he had a magic scroll, which was given by a mage friend. When his life was in danger, he used it to be teleported directly out of the Stonehenge Mountains to the tower of that Mage on the other side of the continent.


However, the dwarf was so badly injured that even though his mage friend tried his best, he could only slow down his death. Before dying, the dwarf wrote everything he knew in a sheepskin scroll and gave it to his mage friend, along with the evidence which he had stolen from the black bearded dwarves at his own risk.


Fearing that the sheepskin scroll carrying the fate of the goblins would fall into the hands of the black-bearded dwarves who had embarked on a mission of slaughter, the dwarves begged their mage friend to set up a formation on the box where the evidence was sealed. Only the combination of bloods from a goblin and a dwarf that they had willingly offered would open the box. If anyone tried to open it forcibly, the formation will start spatial magic and send the box back to the mage’s tower.


At the end of the sheepskin scroll, it was written that the Steelhammer family should regard the human mage who had lent the scroll as their most loyal friend and thank him for his selfless help to the dwarves.


Seeing this, people present understood that the box should have been given to the Steelhammer family by the human mage.


“When the goblins were wrongly blamed for leading to the deaths of the dwarves who had stayed behind, why didn’t the human mage who know the truth stand up?” Lu Heng asked.


“Speaking of this matter,” Brian scratched his head, “it is recorded in family history that the Steelhammer warrior who came back from the battlefield was found by a seriously injured human mage at his home. He had been holding the relic of his ancestor in his hand, leaving only one sentence – Find goblin friends and treat them kindly – and then died.


The story was clear. The Human Mage died unexpectedly, and the last person who knew the truth of the matter was submerged in the long history. The Steelhammer soldier who got the message could not find any trace of the goblins, could not open the box, and did not know the truth. Under the various twists and turns of fate, the goblins had been forced to live in the underground kingdom until now. Fortunately, the copper-bearded dwarfs of the Steel hammer family have always been intimate with their goblin friends, abiding by the words of their ancestor conveyed by the human mage. “Find goblin friends and treat them kindly” has been passed down from generation to generation as a family motto of the Steelhammer family.


That’s why Brian had tried his best to help the goblins when he met them. It was just that Brian, who knew little about the past, completely forgot the little box until he remembered it today.


The second sheepskin scroll, of course, was the key evidence that could wash away the reputation of the goblins. Lu Heng carefully opened the scroll.


An edict. This was the decree issued by the head of the black bearded dwarf clan. It contained his seal and the signature of the elders of all the black bearded dwarves of that time.


The black-bearded dwarf clan leader was an arrogant man who initially claimed to be king of the dwarf kingdom. He started a great feat to capture all the goblins and mark them as slaves, and issued the first edict of his imaginary dwarf kingdom. At the end of the decree, it was also clearly written that if the dwarves did not obey the orders of the Black Bearded Dwarf King and tried to help the slaves escape, they would have them embrace the God of death as traitors to his majesty, the black bearded dwarf king.


“This is iron clad evidence!” Kukuwei cried out, “If you take this edict to the dwarf council, the whole truth will be revealed to the world!”


“On behalf of the copper-beard Dwarfs, I will immediately call for the Dwarf Council!” Brian nodded and stood up.


“Two friends, please don’t be impulsive,” Lu Heng stopped them. “As far as I know, the dwarf council is now dominated by the black bearded dwarves and their loyal allies, the iron pickaxe dwarves, the steel dwarves and the spear dwarves, isn’t it?”


Brian, who was reminded by Lu Heng about how things were like, sat back on the sofa, frustrated: “Even if I submitted the evidence, it would be judged as forgery by the black bearded dwarfs.”


“Are we doomed to survive in the underground kingdom? We don’t mind. We can study machinery anywhere,” Kukuwei was frustrated. “But without human help, I’m afraid time is running out and the workload is too heavy.”


“Just swallow those black bearded dwarfs!” Ionas interrupted suddenly, and the dragon’s mind was somewhat incomprehensible. What’s the point? Whose teeth are sharp like that? Why is he so troublesome?


“Io, don’t talk nonsense.” Lu Heng whispered a rebuke. To swallow a whole dwarf clan in front of the dwarf race, the dragon was too simple and crude. But at the same time, Lu Heng gently squeezed Ionas’ hand to comfort him in an angle that the dwarf and the goblin could not see.


Sure enough, the fierce-tempered dragon, after originally being scolded by Lu Heng, raised its eyebrows, but immediately raised the corners of its mouth. He turned his gaze to the side and stared at the flames dancing in the fireplace. He did not open his mouth any more.


“The key to this is in Maple Leaf College.” Lu Heng said.


Maple Leaf College, in addition to warriors and mages, was also a paradise for all kinds of manufacturing professions and theorists. The history department of Maple Leaf College was headed by the most famous historians in the mainland. Historians of all races were gathered in the research institutes of the history department. The history books of the mainland were compiled and studied by these historians.


“Of course, you can’t simply send in the sheepskin scrolls. Those scholars are rigorous and skeptical about everything. They have to go through a variety of textual research before revising the events that have appeared in the history books.” Lu Heng said.


“The mainland will be submerged in the sea of bones of the army of the dead long before they have finished their textual research, and the time will never come.” Kukuwei said.


“Well,” Lu Heng nodded. “In the library of Maple Leaf College, there is a precious library, which collects a large amount of information from various sites on the mainland, and its massive volume slows their pace of research. Those historians regularly have to go inside to look for lost historical materials.”


After several discussions, the course of action was somewhat finalized. Lu Heng and Ionas set off for Maple Leaf College to find a way to put the box containing the testimony of the steel hammer dwarf ancestors and the black bearded dwarves’ edict in the precious library, and then guide historians to find it. Kukuwei naturally left behind all the goblin engineers of the Underground Kingdom who were to dismantle the mechanical puppet test body No. 1 and try their best to unearth its secrets. Brian stayed in the Dwarf Territory, trying to form alliances with the Burner Dwarfs, Spirit Dwarfs and other clans in preparation for the fight against the Black Beard Dwarfs.


“Time is precious, my friends, let’s do it now!” Kukuwei was eager to study the test item No. 1 left by Master Locke.


Bidding farewell to the copper-bearded Dwarf Brian and Goblin Engineer Kukuwei, Lu Heng and Ionas embarked on a journey to Maple Leaf College.


The sub-dragon, who was summoned by the contract ring, looked like he had just woken up from his deep sleep. The sub-dragon, who has not yet adapted to his mount status, raised his head and wanted to roar to vent his dissatisfaction for having his sleep disturbed.


Ionas immediately changed his pupil back to golden colour and stared at the sub-dragon. The poor Sub-dragon’s roar was stuck in his throat. It was quite frightened and crawled on the ground with its forepaws, waiting for a man and a dragon to ride on its back.


Lu Heng was trying to float up on it, but he was caught by Ionas.


“You promised me.” Ionas’s tone was somewhat dissatisfied.


“What?” There were so many things that had happened during this period that Lu Heng could not recall what he had said for a while.


“You promised me that I would be the only one.” Ionas said rightly, “There would be no other mounts!”


Well, Lu Heng actually totally forgot about it. In fact, he just wanted to appease the Golden Dragon and say something afterwards. Unexpectedly, Ionas remembered so well.


“…” Lu Heng was hesitant. He felt too ashamed to sit on the other’s lap. Although he was now wearing a common white priest’s robe, as the ruler of the Papacy of Light, His Majesty, the noble and dignified Pope, won’t his reputation fall apart, if noticed?


{Little assistant? }


{Don’t ask me, your talk makes me feel like sit down and cry!}


{I just want to ask you whether the plot will collapse if I do that. I don’t want you to jump out and give OOC warning later. It’s really harsh}


The assistant really wanted to go offline, but as a dedicated system, it couldn’t do that.


{If no one from this plane sees it sees this, the plot will not collapse. This dragon is not an original inhabitant of this plane anyway.}


After that, the assistant disappeared angrily. The assistant refused anything even if his mouth was pried open.


As Lu Heng thought, the sub-dragon as a mount was still excellent, fast, smooth, and all demonic beasts along the way are were repelled.


Lu Heng satisfactorily patted Sub-dragon: “Yes, it’s not good to always call you Sub-dragon. I shall give you a name.”


“Lun Lun Zuo Keharu, the Dragon Language’s words for Glory is bestowed on you by the Dragon Lord.” Ionas showed a magnanimous expression of bestowing a great honor to Sub-dragon.




In fact, the Pope had a rough knowledge of dragon language, so Lu Heng knew that Lun Lun Zuo Keharu, in Dragon language, meant ants on waste. This golden dragon, it seems, still harbored a grudge about taking this sub-dragon as a mount, even though he was almost completely sitting in his arms now. Sure enough, the heart of a dragon, as legend has it, was smaller than the tip of a needle.


Lu Heng thought about it, but he did not puncture Ionas: “You are really a giant dragon with a generous mind. You are willing to give Sub-dragon an honorable name of Dragon Language.”


“Of course, the Dragon Lord never cares about small creatures.” Ionas was even more proud, and even thought that the disgusting sub-dragon seemed to be a little more pleasant.


NILADRI: Sorry if things have gotten a bit boring. Still, if possible tell me if the translation is fine or not. I am sure it will get interesting later on- coz we are only halfway through the arc.

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