How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (14)

Translated by: Niladri


“After we escaped into the Underground Kingdom, we received a message from Master Locke through the God of Forging. He informed us about the prophecy of Gods. Following the joint research of the goblin engineers at that time, it became clear that the key to victory lay in the theory of nuclear technology left behind by Master Locke.” Kukuwei said.


“Theory of nuclear technology?”


“Master Locke left behind only preliminary theoretical assumptions. Using the demonic beast crystal Nucleus as the core, and converting it into energy through special devices,” Kukuwei explained, “it’s something like your divine power, or the mage’s magic power. However, these things are more universal, and with the help of these devices, ordinary people can do all of those things that a mage can do. Us goblin gave these devices a name, called Machines!“ [T/N: yeah]


Lu Heng, from modern society, naturally knows what Kukuwei was talking about, but as a person living in this world, he certainly shouldn’t understand it. So Lu Heng asked doubtfully, “Giving ordinary people such power, only Gods can do it.”


Kukuwei patted his forehead: “Oh, my friend, the theories of science and technology are too profound for you. I’ll have you see for yourselves the magic of machines!”


The green-skinned goblin disappeared again in the door leading to the workshop. When he reappeared, Kukuwei was carrying a strange little box on his back.


“Generous human friends, then give this green skin friend of yours a crystal nucleus, and after that, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth.” Kukuwei opened his hand towards Lu Heng.


“Wait, let me check.” Lu Heng put the crystal nucleus on it. Kukuwei did not hesitate to put the nucleus into the small box.


All that could be heard was the whirring of the gears, and the strange little box opened and a propeller rose from it. Of course, only Lu Heng knew it was a propeller. Following that Kukuwei started to fly up into the air.


“Look, as long as there is this machine, anyone can step into the domain of air that giant dragons can enter. This great invention, we call it the aircraft.” Kukuwei proudly opened his hands in the air.


“This is a miracle!” Brian on one side could hardly close his mouth.


Although Lu Heng had guessed the use of the small box when he saw the propeller, he was full of admiration when he saw the scene. It’s really amazing that the goblins managed to develop this nuclear technology.


Ionas also felt that the green-skinned goblin, though not worth mentioning, made something that looked interesting. But he saw Lu Heng looking intently at the goblin in front of him, not even giving him a trace of attention. Ionas did not like the feeling of being overlooked by his treasure.


“The dragon can take you to the clouds.” Ionas whispered to Lu Heng, “This tattered little device can’t do it.”


Lu Heng hasn’t had time to say anything yet. Unexpectedly, the goblin’s hearing was so sensitive that his long ears weren’t wasted at all.


“Flying up to the clouds, that’s in our plan! But that also requires the development of devices with higher energy conversion efficiency. When the aircraft becomes larger in scale, travelling on the mainland will be much more convenient! ” As soon as it came to professional matters, Kukuwei began to talk a lot, and he even proudly began to demonstrate the versatility of the aircraft on his back.


However, the aircraft on his back did not seem to fare well.


“Oh! Damn! Someone help me stop! ”


The room echoed with Kukuwei’s screams. The aircraft seemed to have gone out of control, emitting smoke and zooming around like a headless fly with the poor little goblin.


Lu Heng was afraid that the goblin would hit his precious brain and become a fool, but as a priest, he could not stop the crazy aircraft: “Io.”


Seeing Lu Heng’s pleading eyes, Ionas was strongly hit, and raised his chin somewhat proudly: “It’s still the wings of the dragon that are more reliable.”


At that moment, Ionas’ thinking was like this: This little green-skinned goblin could build a manned aircraft, and being a dragon, I need to recharge my energy through prolonged sleep. If my family’s treasure rides in that kind of aircraft, he would no longer be willing to sit on the broad and reliable back of this dragon lord. My status is not guaranteed ah!


Lu Heng naturally could not have imagined that in such a short period of time, the thought of the Dragon had spread to such a distant place. But he has been habitually following Ionas, and said: “The Dragon Lord is naturally the most reliable.”


Ionas was satisfied and leaped from the ground just as the aircraft flew over their heads dragging the poor goblin with it. When he landed on the ground again, Kukuwei was carrying a small box in his hand.


“My God, I’ve returned alive at last. Thank you so much.” After being released, Kukuwei spoke wearing the expression of someone who had just escaped with his life “You have saved my brain which is the thing us goblins treasure the most. I thank you on behalf of my race.”


Kukuwei was not embarrassed because of the aircraft going out of control. Mechanical devices always needed to go through numerous trial and errors to be optimized. During the process of testing, accidents were a normal thing. In the history of the goblin race, numerous goblin engineers lost their lives in accidents while experimenting with new inventions.


“The machine is like that. As for the little accident just happened, please don’t take it seriously. This is only a test product. The finished products produced by the goblins will not have this problem. I assure you on the honor of the goblins.” Kukuwei said.


“So will it be a replica of that thing?” Lu Heng pointed to the mechanical puppet on the table.


“No, that’s more advanced. These machines we have developed so far needs to be operated directly. This will not play a very big role in the battle against the undead army. In Master Locke’s records, there are a set of theories involving long-range control of machines. He went to war with the dwarf God of forging in order to study the way mages and priests convert their energies from up close, and tried to find a method of applying long-distance controlling to physical objects.” Kukuwei said.


Unfortunately, the situation of the Goblins changed and the underground kingdom was locked down. They almost completely lost contact with Master Locke.


“Unexpectedly, Master Locke seems to have made a test item. Now, as long as the test item no. 1 is disassembled, sooner or later we will be able to decode the process. But time is running out. It takes time to improve the efficiency of energy conversion devices to make combat puppets larger. God, time is so precious. We need help. We need the help of our human friends.” Kukuwei’s speech kept getting faster .


Lu Heng probably guessed Kukuwei’s idea. The human race might not be as gifted in body and magic as the beloved dragon, nor could it make use of natural power like the elves, nor were they skilled as the dwarf craftsmen or as intelligent as the goblins. However, human beings had terrifying learning power that none of the other races had. Human beings could always absorb any knowledge and after learning what other races were good at, they tried to combine and assimilate it. This was why human beings became the dominant race on the mainland.


“We can find a way to open the Department of Nuclear Science and Technology in Maple Leaf College. We can also hire a goblin engineer as a teacher. Lu Heng said, “But the first thing to do is to clarify the facts of that year, so that the goblins can live under the sunlight again.”


Located in the neutral Principality of Kesen, Maple Leaf College was the holy land for all the brightest young people in the mainland to study in. The masters from all walks of life taught at Maple Leaf College or served as honorary teachers. The most appropriate way to promote nuclear technology was indeed through Maple Leaf College.


“Did the goblins retain any evidence of what happened that year?” Lu Heng asked.


Lu Heng had a preliminary idea about how to wash the reputation of the goblins, but it’s just that at least some key evidence was needed.


Kukuwei shook his head. “If we had that kind of thing, we goblins would have never hidden in the ground for so long. If it weren’t for protecting their lives, no living creature would prefer the underground over the sunlight.”


This made things a bit difficult, Lu Heng fell into contemplation. Is it necessary to forge a false oracle? This was not impossible, but the cost would be a little high.


“Evidence?” Brian suddenly said, “Wait a minute!”


After a long time, Brian came back breathlessly with an ancient box. He put the box on the table and said to Kukuwei, “This is from the ancestors of the Steelhammer family. There is a powerful magical formation on it. It can only be opened by dropping the blood of dwarves and goblins on it. This may be related to that matter.”


Seeing the other three looking at him, Brian scratched his head somewhat embarrassed. “After listening to what you said, I just remembered the box. You know, dwarfs have poor memories.”


According to Brian, although the dwarves have hated the goblins for thousands of years since the age of Gods, the Steelhammer family has not. Every dwarf who inherits the hammer family is instructed that if he meets the goblins, he must do his best to help them and regard them as his most reliable friend.


So when Brian unexpectedly discovered the Underground Kingdom, instead of telling anyone about the goblins, he chose to keep it secret for the safety of the goblins and provided various research materials to the goblin engineers for a long time. As exchanging mutual benefits between friends, goblins also provided Brian with a lot of advanced technology.


Well, in this box, it’s likely that there’s something very crucial in it. Brian and Kukuwei dropped their bloods on it. The magical formation shone brightly, and the mysterious box slowly opened.


The light dissipated, and in the open box there were two scrolls of sheepskin.



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