How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: The Beta Lieutenant Colonel Who Died For His Country (7)

Translated by: Niladri

Edited by: celes


Lu Heng, who returned to the starship, forgot to give Xiu Yi Te a brain checkup. He was anxious to repair his own light brain. The problem of Xiu Yi Te’s brain was left behind. Anyway, Xiu Yi Te generally relies on instinct to act. His brain problem isn’t that important.


“Adjutant Reiner, this light brain chip has been completely scrapped.” The communications personnel put down the tools in their hands.


“Can’t you fix it?”


The communications officer shook his head: “I immediately applied for a new adjutant-level light brain. During this period, I can only replace it with a standard light brain.”


“How long does it take to get a new light brain?” Lu Heng frowned.


“It takes at least one month to complete the process. The efficiency of the logistics department is too low. I have complained several times…” The communications officer was usually quite loquacious. Lu Heng asked a few words, and he tried to assuage him. He didn’t stop complaining until someone kicked him from under the table.


Suddenly appearing in front of him was a strict and severe Adjutant Reiner. The communications soldier emitted cold sweat: “Yes, sorry, Adjutant Reiner. Are you in a hurry, I can, I can…”


Lu Heng stared at his eyes for a long time and watched the big man stutter for half a day. He didn’t stare anymore: “You will inform me immediately after the new light brain arrives.”


After solving the problem of the light brain, the next step was to fulfill the previous promise. In just a few days since their return, Xiu Yi Te has sent dozens of newsletters, all about when the practice was. Lu Heng didn’t want to be killed by CALL again. He just invited him to practice today.


When Lu Heng arrived at the training room, Xiu Yi Te was already waiting inside. Outside the training room, there was also a group of people who were excited and looking forward to the match.


“Can you open the field projection to project [our fight]?” Lu Heng walked in, and the door of the training room slowly closed behind him.


“Those who are ignorant, have no need to spectate.” Xiu Yi Te was sullen because he rarely practiced with Lu Heng. He didn’t want too many unrelated gentlemen to watch.


Lu Heng did not mind whether there were people watching: “The people in the team are so motivated, you should feel happy. What kind of practice do you want, mechs or close combat?”


“Close combat first and then mech?” Xiu Yi Te became somewhat greedy.


“I don’t have that much time.” Lu Heng ruthlessly refused.


“Little Nana, you rejected me again.” Xiu Yi Te was frustrated. “There are no tasks recently, nothing to do.”


“If our commander did not detest desk work so much, I wouldn’t have been so busy.” Lu Heng took a look at Xiu Yi Te.


Hearing that, Xiu Yi Te did not dare to say anything else. He really wasn’t good at handling paperwork, and some of the paperwork that should have been handled by the commander fell onto Lu Heng’s shoulders. However, he had no other way. The paperwork involves a lot of meticulous things. Apart from Lu Heng, he didn’t trust anyone else.


Xiu Yi Te smiled: “Close combat it is then.”


Lu Heng nodded and threw his military uniform to the side, loosened two shirt buttons, and pulled the sleeves up to his elbows. Despite Xiu Yi Te’s unwillingness to open the field projections, while teaching physical training [to observers], they began the fight unceremoniously.


The indoor training was intense, and the mood outside was very high.


“Wow, some people can play with the commander for so long without falling into the wind! The last time Commander gave me pointers, he took me down in ten minutes.”


“I really didn’t expect that Adjutant Reiner who usually looks gentle can hit like this.”


“Maybe the commander is letting him…”


“That is Adjutant Reiner, a logistical personnel. If he accidentally smothered him, the high-level military officers might interfere, and no one in Thunder Gale would be able to shoulder the blame.” A malicious voice sounded.


There was a burst of laughter in the crowd.


The two people in the training room couldn’t hear the outside discussion. Lu Heng and Xiu Yi Te knew each other very well and all the other’s strengths.


Avoiding Xiu Yi Te’s side kick, Lu Heng took advantage of the ground to leave a deep footprint. He soared and bent his knees to Xiu Yi Te’s face. Xiu Yi Te raised his hand very quickly, and his arm was held in front of his face. He took a great blow from this force, and the whole person was pushed forward by a huge thrust for a long distance.


In just a few minutes, the two exchanged moves with each other a hundred times. The people watching outside were shocked and stunned. Those who were even weaker could only see afterimages. They had a clearer understanding of Lu Heng’s strength.


“Adjutant Reiner is so strong, he really seems to be the commander’s equal…”


“That time he even left a footprint on the ground. This is the highest rank training room, and even I can’t leave a trace with a full force attack.”


As time went by, the high-intensity battle made both Lu Heng and Xiu Yi Te start to have ragged breaths. A drop of sweat dripped down Lu Heng’s forehead, and a few strands of hair blocked his eyes. After getting a break, Lu Heng single-handedly flipped his hair back, and his neatly-combed hairstyle became messy. Even his two ice-cold eyes were sparkling a little.


Lu Heng looked at Xiu Yi Te and saw that he seemed to be in a daze. He reminded him: “Don’t be distracted, you actually made this kind of low-level mistake.”


When Xiu Yi Te recovered, he pressed the button and closed the field projection: “Today was really fun, I haven’t played so hard in such a long time. Little Nana, then you have to be careful.”


From Xiu Yi Te’s gesture, Lu Heng knew his next move, which was a very familiar trick. When they were at the military academy, they had practiced like this thousands of times. Lu Heng’s body moved forward as if it had its own memory. Realizing they were touching, Xiu Yi Te raised his eyebrows and smiled: “It’s awkward.”


This pairing practice ended with Lu Heng and Xiu Yi Te on the ground. Lu Heng’s chest was violently heaving up and down with the long fingers of Xiu Yi Te pressed on it, and the two men were quietly facing each other. This strange atmosphere was broken by a drop of sweat. The naughty sweat-drop dripped along the lines of Xiu Yi Te’s well-defined chin and fell on Lu Heng’s lips. Xiu Yi Te raised his hand subconsciously, trying to erase the sweat with some inexplicable embarrassment.


Lu Heng turned his head and avoided Xiu Yi Te’s rough fingers on his cheeks and said, “You can get up.”


Xiu Yi Te turned over and laid with his back on the ground. Lu Heng didn’t want to move, and he was almost worthy of training with Xiu Yi Te, who was the first in the league. He had consumed too much mental and physical strength. He rarely indulged himself to let go of his image, lying on the ground.


“The last time I was interrupted by Carlo in the shelter. You’ve been busy since you came back. Can you answer that question now?” asked Xiu Yi Te.


Lu Heng thought about it but didn’t know where to start. Xiu Yi Te did not interrupt his thoughts, quietly waiting for him to speak. In fact, Lu Heng was thinking, is this a good time? The client asked to clear the misunderstanding between him and Xiu Yi Te, and the reason for the alienation of Reiner and Xiu Yi Te needs to be made known to Xiu Yi Te. But revealing it, should be done by grasping an excellent opportunity. Lu Heng always felt that the time wasn’t suitable yet.


An emergency communication saved the entangled Lu Heng. After Xiu Yi Te finished reading, he said to Lu Heng: “After an hour, come to the combat command room. The analysis of the star road map has important findings.”


[He] took a shower in the cabin and rested a little. Lu Heng walked out of the hatch and prepared to go to the combat command room but saw an uninvited guest sitting at the door of the cabin. Lu Heng felt that his temple had some faint pain.


“Adjutant Reiner.”


Carlo, who was only 28 years old, was young and has always been as vibrant as the morning sun. He liked to laugh, his smile was very infectious, and the air around him was light and sweet. There were plenty of his admirers in Thunder Gale.


But this Carlo in front of him, his face pale and almost translucent like a little deer. He had two large dark circles under his clear eyes, and his lips were blanched almost like a dead person. If he was seen by his admirers, they would be too busy accepting all of his requests, just to make him smile again.


Unfortunately, Lu Heng was not an admirer of Carlo, he only felt he was a little troublesome.


Seeing Lu Heng, Carlo was happy to stand up, but because he had maintained the same posture for too long, his legs crumbled and he almost fell to the ground again.


Lu Heng stepped forward to support Carlo’s arm, but he took advantage of Lu Heng’s hand: “Adjutant Reiner, I beg you…”


“Sorry, Carlo, I am in a hurry.” Lu Heng interrupted Carlo’s next long story. If he let him go on, he wouldn’t be able to get away for a few hours. Lu Heng used his power to get rid of him.


Unexpectedly, Carlo suddenly became emotionally excited. He even landed on his knees and hugged Lu Heng’s leg: “Adjutant Reiner, if you don’t agree to my request, I won’t get up!”


Lu Heng felt that his temple was about to explode. He was really not good at dealing with this personality. No matter what you were talking about or whether you were listening or not, you were always immersed in your own world and logic. However, in terms of Reiner’s character, it was easy to solve the situation at hand.


Lu Heng looked awkward and shouted: “Second-Class Private Carlo Meg! Your current behavior is simply besmirching the honour of Alliance soldiers!”


Carlo, who had never heard such a strong voice, was rooted in place.


“Stand up! This is an order!” Seeing  Carlo standing up, Lu Heng did not want to say anything to him and turned and left.


Looking at the back of Lu Heng, Carlo felt very wronged. Adjutant Reiner was too inhuman. Although he was an Omega, his ability wasn’t worse than a Beta’s, as long as he gave him a chance to prove himself.


“Carlo, what’s wrong with you?” The sound of the spring breeze sounded behind Carlo.


Carlo turned and saw the handsome man with brown hair, “Andrew…”


His words hadn’t finished when the tears in Carlo’s eyes finally fell. Not weak, but Andrew has always been very gentle to him. When he saw Andrew that instance, he felt like he saw an older brother. If he had an older brother, at this time, he definitely would have comforted him.


“Cute little Carlo, may I have the honor of inviting you to the cafeteria?” Bending his waist, the gentlemanly Andrew exhorted. “I heard that today’s dessert is good.”


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