How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 69

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Chapter 69

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (12)

Translated by: Niladri


Seeing that the dwarf in front of him was swinging his proud dark red beard 1, Lu Heng thought it would be better to deal with the dwarf by speaking frankly: “Dear dwarf friend, we have received the instructions of the forging God and are sincerely looking for our green skinned friends.”


“God’s instructions?” Brian finally calmed down a little.


“Yes, the forging God gave us an oracle, and here is the Lord’s token.” Lu Heng took out the Thunder’s Wrath.


“Oh, my God! It’s the Thunder’s Wrath!” Brian widened his eyes in disbelief. Although half of his face was hidden under his beard, Lu Heng could discern the excitement of the dwarf from the trembling beard on his lips.


“Thunder’s Wrath, the sacred relic of dwarves, this has the spirit of countless ancestors of us dwarves and guides us…” Brian’s hands trembled when he took the Thunder’s Wrath, and he was so excited that his words became incoherent. He knelt on one knee, raised the Thunder’s Wrath over his head with both hands, and began to read names from the long list of ancestors in dwarf language.


Lu Heng and Ionas stood quietly by, waiting for the ecstatic copper-bearded dwarf to process his emotions.

[T/N: if you are reading this chapter outside isohungrytls, it is stolen. Kindly read this at isohungrytls only.] “My most loyal friend, I would like to propose the convening of the Assembly to award you the ‘Honorary Member of Dwarven Assembly’ badge. From then on, we dwarves will be your eternal loyal companions.”


The dwarves were currently being governed by the dwarf council, and the leaders of the clans of each branch were members of the council. Every member had the right to propose a meeting on important matters. It’s natural that the Thunder’s Wrath’s return to the dwarves needed to be reported in the Assembly. 2


“It will be my pleasure.” Lu Heng bowed slightly. The Honorary Member of Dwarven Assembly badge proves that the whole Dwarf race recognizes the holder of the badge. The dwarf people think simply and straightforwardly. If anyone shows them the badge of honor, all dwarves will regard its holder as a friend and dwarves will do everything they can to help their friends.


Now that Brian has recognized that Lu Heng is his most loyal friend, he no longer hid anything: “I would like to introduce you to my green skin goblin friends, but I think you also know the situation of the goblins, so I hope you can keep this a secret for the time being.”


Lu Heng nodded and put his right hand in his heart: “In the name of the Holy Light, I promise to keep this secret.”


Brian nodded, took Lu Heng and his companion into their own exclusive forging room. Brian never allowed anyone to enter the forging room, even his own son.


Now there were two new guests in the forging room, which no one but Brian had set foot on. Brian asked the two guests to wait for a moment, and then flipped a switch on the side of the forge, and the flame within the furnace slowly died out. He sprinkled a basin of water on it again, so that the forge stove quickly cooled down. After that, Brian moved his thick beard, pulled a copper key from his neck, and then slammed it into the forge and pounded it.


After Bryan stopped, a clacking of gears was heard in the forging room. A trapdoor was opened on the ground beneath the forging furnace.


“Come with me, my friends.” After that, he crawled into the trapdoor.


“…” Lu Heng looked at the ashes of the forging furnace, and then at his white priest’s robe. He gathered up his long robe and fastened it with his waistband. Lowering his head, he was ready to crawl into the forge.


“Wait a minute.”


Lu Heng felt that his belt was pulled back by Ionas. He looked back doubtfully and said, “What’s wrong?”


“The stove is so dirty. How can I let you crawl through this dusty place?” Ionas frowned and expressed his disdain towards the huge black forge.


“There’s no other way than to do that.” Lu Heng laughed and held his hands for fear that he would pull his belt.


But Ionas released Lu Heng’s belt and went to the huge forging stove. He pushed the edge of the forge with one hand, and then the heavy forge made of black iron changed its position. 3


“…” Seeing Ionas looking at him with bright eyes, Lu Heng said, “Thank you so much. I was just worried about my robe being dirtied by the soot.”


Ionas proudly took the lead in entering the tunnel, put his right hand behind him, and stretched out his palm: “It’s too dark in the tunnel, only the eyes of the dragon can see the road clearly.”


Lu Heng gave a low laugh and put his hand into the other person’s. As for the forge that has been moved, it would definitely reset in a while. For the dwarves, their trust in their friends was not a small matter.


Moving down the long tunnel, the light inside the tunnel was really dim. Lu Heng wanted to light a small cluster of holy lights orbs at his fingertips for illumination. But he was decisively rejected by Ionas: “You just have to follow me without worries; the precious power of the Holy Light should be conserved.”


At the end of the tunnel was a narrow cast iron door, and Brian was waiting in front of it.


“The lighting in the tunnel was too dim so it took you more time. I forgot that human eyes are not like us dwarves’ which have adapted to the dark tunnels. I’m sorry, my friends.” Brian scratched his head and his hair was messy as he crawled in and out of the forge. But dwarves have always been like this. Their beards were neatly combed and carefully braided, but their hair was never cared for.


When he saw that Lu Heng was not bothered, Brian fished out another key and opened the iron door.


“My dear goblin friends, I have brought two new friends!” Brian’s loud voice sounded in conjunction with the knock of the iron door on the stone wall.


“Ah! God, it’s human! ”


“Brian, you fool! See what you’ve done!”


Lu Heng saw those tiny green skin goblins jumping into a four wheeled device with agile movements. He didn’t know what he had done since they disappeared into the deep tunnel in an instant.


Is that? Magical version of the car? Lu Heng could not believe his eyes. Although there was only a simple rough steel skeleton, but Lu Heng could confirm that the thing was a car!


At an instant, the scene was extremely chaotic. A few minutes later, in the busy underground workshop, only Lu Heng’s trio was left.


Brian felt a little embarrassed and scratched his messy hair again: “They’re very alert, but it doesn’t matter.”


The copper-bearded dwarf went to another door on one side and knocked, “Kukuwei! Kukuwei”


“Brian, I said not to disturb me while I’m working.” A sharp voice came from within the room.


“No, Kukuwei, these two men, I’m sure you will be interested in seeing them. They’re messengers who brought the Thunder’s Wrath.”


No sooner had Brian’s voice fallen, when Lu Heng heard a somewhat faint noise from within, as if someone had stumbled over something.


After a moment, the door finally opened. Only then did Lu Heng see the goblin’s shape clearly. He was thin and small, but his head was somewhat disproportionately large, with long ears and green skin. The goblin also wore a pair of goggles and had a wrench in his hand. The room was very messy, full of spare parts and sheepskin scrolls.


“Brian, the messengers you were talking about are these two?” The goblin spoke very fast, and when Brian gave a positive answer, he turned to Lu Heng and said, “Hello, human, I am Kukuwei Gears, the most outstanding engineer of the goblin clan.”


“Hello, I am Joseph. This is Ionas.” Lu Heng said.


“Time is precious. Let’s get down to business. Where’s the Thunder’s Wrath? Show it to me quickly.” Kukuwei said in a rapid voice.


Seeing Brian pulling the Thunder’s Wrath with his body, one would be worried of him collapsing into the ground. Kukuwei pointed to the workbench next to him and said, “Brian, put Thunder’s Wrath on that.”


Brian put it down carefully. “You have to be careful, Kukuwei.”


Kukuwei’s impatient hand pushed him aside: “Come on, even if you smash down the Thunder’s Wrath, there won’t be a scratch.”


“Hey, this perfect ratio of metals, it is indeed the most perfect alloy developed by our goblins, having the same degree of hardness as the dragon’s teeth, but also solving the weight problem.”


The green-skinned Kukuwei stood at the workbench, his left hand kept turning the dial on the goggles, and his right hand frenziedly kept a record of his observations.


Brian saw that Kukuwei was completely in a state of feverish research, but he interrupted him by choosing a gap: “Kukuwei, I promise to lend you the Thunder’s Wrath for a few days to study, but our friends are still waiting for you.”


“What do you mean by lending me for study? This Thunder’s Wrath is also the work of our goblin ancestors, and we have a share of it.” Kukuwei retorted, but stopped.


“Two human friends, come here.” Having confirmed that this was indeed the real Thunder’s Wrath, Kukuwei’s appellation for Lu Heng changed.


On one side (of the room) was Kukuwei’s lounge, where several people sat down on the sofa in front of the small fireplace.


“Time is precious, if you have anything else to say, speak.” Kukuwei said in a row.


The “Time is precious” seemed to be Kukuwei’s oral Zen. Seeing that he was eager to study the Thunder’s Wrath, Lu Heng directly took out the small black box he had found in the ruins of the Dragon Island Temple.


“What is this I see? This is the work of Master Locke!” At the sight of the small black box, Kukuwei stared wide-eyed, which were not small to begin with. “I, can I see it?”


Kukuwei’s seemed to be even more excited than when he saw the Thunder’s Wrath just now. This black box seemed to be more meaningful to the goblins. Lu Heng nodded: “Please, this is what belongs to you originally.”


Kukuwei could not wait to open the box and was stunned when he saw the strange steel figure inside. It took Kukuwei a long time to pick up the figure carefully. “What the records said, it seems to be true. Master Locke really succeeded in his research…”


NILADRI: I was planning on starting my translation after a mini-hiatus, but then someone supported me on ko-fi and I decided to check if I can squeeze a chapter out. Turns out, I can. I am better now, thank you everyone for your kind wishes.

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