How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (10)

Translated by: Niladri


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The half of the temple on Lalan Heights was not as well preserved as the half on the Dragon Island, and there were almost only ruins left. But the long wall painted with the prophetic murals was still well preserved under the effects of divine power. The vivid painting was exactly like the previous part.


Only the dragon God whose strength was comparable to the other Gods could divide the mural into two halves, one half of which was lifted up into the air, leaving the other half on the ground. This was why the ruins of this temple have remained here for tens of thousands of years, and the prophecy of the God of light has not been heard of in the mainland.


In the upper part of the earth, only the last scene of the prophetic mural was left.


On the one hand, endless armies of the undead were present. On the other hand, in front of the allied army of living creatures, there stood a small figure, green skin, long ears, slightly ugly face, was a goblin.


It was a goblin who had ignited the fire and sounded the horn of living beings’ counter-attack. The prophecy stopped abruptly here. What was the secret behind it? It could only be explored by Lu Heng himself. It’s just that in today’s mainland, there’s even less information about the goblin race than about the dragons, who were a regular subject of the bards at least. The goblins, besides the fact that they had ugly green skin, and once lived beneath Stonehenge Mountains, left behind no other information.


It seemed that a trip to the Stonehenge Mountains was in order. The Stonehenge Mountains were not too far from the Lalan Heights, and there was a shortcut from the bottom of the Lalan depression to the boundary of the Stonehenge Mountains through the abandoned Lalan mine.


Although there was still nearly twenty years before Pope Joseph’s death, Lu Heng still had an inexplicable sense of urgency. The main reason was that the Dragon behind him was not very reliable and it was unknown if he would go off sleeping for several years or decades. With the lesson from last time, Lu Heng dared not leave the other’s side while he was sleeping. Qin Yi was just an ordinary person, and had little destructive power. This time Ionas was a demigod of the most powerful dragon clan. His destructive power was incalculable. It was estimated that if he went crazy, the mainland would collapse without even waiting for the undead to invade.


If he led to the collapse of a plane he would be sent to spend hundreds of years in the deep frying section of the eighteenth layer. Lu Heng was startled by the scene he himself had imagined.


Absolutely uninterested in murals, Ionas, who had gone deep into the ruins, came out at this moment with a vigorous stride: “Come and see what I’ve found!”


Lu Heng followed him into the depths of the temple and found that there was a well-preserved side hall inside. Judging from the traces in front of the stone steps, the sub-dragon should have regarded this place as a nest. So there had been no news about these ruins. The people who had found these ruins probably became tasty food for the sub-dragon.


In sub-dragon’s name, there is a ‘dragon’ word, and naturally there are some dragon-like habits. For example, collecting treasure.


As soon as Lu Heng entered the hall, he saw a scene that was quite in line with the aesthetics of the Dragon race. The ground was littered with all kinds of gold coins, jewelry, and even weapons and armor. Looking at their style, they were all things of the age of Gods, from which one could see the handwriting of craftsmen of all races. It’s not surprising that the army of the dead invaded after the Age of Gods had ended and that the temple of the God of Light had always been a refuge for all races.


“Look at this.” Ionas took out a suit of armor from it. “It was made for a dragon to wear.”


Lu Heng took a look and his eyes started hurting. The armor that Ionas held in his hand was too much in line with the unfathomable aesthetics of the Dragons. Probably because the user was supposed to be a dragon, the armor did not take weight into account at all. It was made of thin sheets of gold, and was covered with all kinds of gemstones. The cut surfaces of every gemstone were polished perfectly. Even if the light in the hall was not too good, the golden armor was shining brightly.


On the shoulder portion, Lu Heng saw the symbol of the Dragon race and the seal of the dwarf craftsmen. This was indeed tailored for the dragon race by the dwarf craftsmen. Had it been elves, they would have never made such aesthetic compromise.


Seeing Ionas eagerly trying to wear the gold armor on his body, Lu Heng felt he had to stop him for his own eyes’ sake. “Io, do you like this armor very much?”


Ionas nodded repeatedly. From the speed of his nod, Lu Heng knew that to persuade him, he had to bring out his special skills: “Do you remember the soldier named Rhett?”


Ionas thought, “The one that couldn’t even find a Dragon Eagle? He doesn’t even have a decent space ring. Why do you remember his name? ”


“…” Not too familiar with the logic of the dragons, Lu Heng decided to follow his own planned route. “The armor on Rhett was similar to this type. I remember that the magician named Eddie was embraced by him and his nose started to bleed.”


Ionas thought about it, and with his eagerness was instantly doused. He threw the gold armor aside and complained: “This rough armor is not worthy of the Great Dragon Lord at all.”


The heavy armor smashed down and as a result, the treasure-pile collapsed and a hammer rolled down to Lu Heng’s feet. Lu Heng was surprised when he looked at it. The style of the battle hammer and the subtle divine power surrounding it was that of the holy relic lost by the dwarves after the Armageddon, Thunder’s Wrath. In this legend, the best forging masters of the dwarf race were assembled, and the forging God, who was the main God of the dwarves, infused his divine powers into the sacred relic.


In the Armageddon, the forging God wielded the hammer and led the dwarf fighters to send countless undead armies back to the land of the dead. The forging God along with the Thunder’s Wrath still stands at the entrance of the Stonehenge Mountains.


Lu Heng picked up the Thunder’s Wrath and found the dwarven emblem at the bottom of the hammer’s handle. It’s just that there seemed to be some difference between this crest and the current dwarf crest.


It was a surprise to find the lost relic of the dwarves here. There are two races known for their stubbornness. One were the dragons, the other were the dwarves. Originally, Lu Heng was still worrying about how to obtain information from the stubborn dwarf race about the goblins they regarded as enemies.


With the Thunder’s wrath, as long as the sacred relic was returned to the dwarves, then despite their stubborn ways, the dwarves would certainly regard Lu Heng as their most sincere friend. It should not be difficult to inquire about goblins at that time.


“Ionas, I think we’ll be going to the Stonehenge Mountains.” Lu Heng said.


About God of light’s prophecy, Lu Heng had told Ionas everything, but he was not very interested in it. Following that he said, “You just need to tell me where to go.”


At the time of departure, in order to prevent accidents, Lu Heng put the half-wall that had the mural of prophecy into the space ring, while Ionas enriched his collection with satisfaction.


In the abandoned Lalan mine, there were many powerful demonic beasts. Generally, there was no adventurer who would risk their life just to take a shorter route.


These Demonic beasts were not a problem for Ionas at all. No matter how powerful a demonic beast was, he only needed to turn his golden vertical pupil into a stare, and the demonic beast would prostrate on the ground and let him slaughter it. The biggest problem was that the Lalan mine was too complex, full of forks and crosses. Even if Lu Heng was no longer directionally challenged as the previous plane, he could not find the right path in this spider-web like crisscrossing pathway.


“I’m afraid the little dwarves have hollowed out the entire Lalan Heights.” With an unhappy face, Ionas stepped out from a mine road at the side and dragged behind him a huge demonic beast. “If I hadn’t been wise and marked your body with magic, I would have been unable to find my way back to you. Eat this today.”


Lu Heng nodded and sat quietly beside the campfire and watched Ionas effortlessly tear apart the thin skin of the Demonic beasts and separate out the most delicious pieces of meat. It was the third day since they had entered the Lalan mine. A sub-dragon was too big to enter the mine. Lu Heng and his companion had to rely on their legs to find their way out.


Lu Heng opened the parchment roll in his hand in which he had drawn more than a dozen tunnels that they had explored in the past three days. If they couldn’t find the right way, they would have to go back. With the sub-dragon’s speed, it wouldn’t be too slow to take a detour to the Stonehenge Mountains.


“Help! Help me!”


Emitting a scream, a small figure rolled out of a mine tunnel. Closely following him from behind was a demonic beast. Lu Heng looked at Ionas. Ionas threw the bone-knife in his hand, which penetrated the beast’s eyes with unrivalled momentum.


The demonic beast crashed into rolling and it could not be any more dead .


The figure on the ground turned over and sat on the ground, grasping his chest desperately, revealing the expression of having his life saved: “Dear friends, the God of forging must have brought you to my side.”


This sturdy but short figure and the strange pronunciation of the common language, all displayed this person’s race. This was a dwarf. But he had not yet put on a beard to hide his face. It could be seen that the dwarf was still young and inexperienced.


“My dear friends, I am a bronze-bearded dwarf, Swori Steelhammer.” 1 The dwarf teenager settled down and got up quickly. He hammered his left chest with his strong fist. This was dwarf greeting for friendship.


“Hello, my dwarf friend, Mr. Swori Steelhammer,” Lu Heng returned a priest’s ceremonial greeting and pointed towards the other person, “I’m Joseph, over there is my friend Ionas.”


On the mainland, it was common to name one’s children in the name of the pope. Because many religious families believed that the use of the pope’s name could bring the holy light to their children. Just by saying the name Joseph, no one would suspect anything.


Sure enough, Swori only smiled brightly and exclaimed, “You saved me. From today on, you are the most sincere friends of the bronze-beard Dwarves! On behalf of the Bronze-beard Dwarves, I invite you to the Stonehenge Mountains to taste our most delicious spirits! ”



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