How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (6)

Translated by: Niladri


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Goblins, like dragons, haven’t been seen on the mainland for a long time. If it hadn’t been for the dwarf miners insisting that they had seen goblins, the people on the mainland would have thought that these little green-skinned monsters were extinct.


But this was not a surprise. Goblins ceased to associate with other races since the age of Gods. It was said that they had built a huge underground kingdom under the Stonehenge Mountains, but these were all legends and no one had ever seen them.


‘Goblins have disappeared for a long time. How can there be goblin products in Ionas’ collection?’ If Lu Heng had not seen the goblin’s emblem in the Pope’s records, he would not have recognized that the strange thing came from the hands of those little green-skinned monsters.


If you want an answer to this question, you can only ask the owner of this thing. Lu Heng stepped out of the temple and saw a golden hill lying at the gate of the temple. The back of the hill continued to rise and fall periodically.


As soon as Lu Heng saw this, he knew that the golden dragon was asleep again. Lu Heng took out a purple-red fruit and crushed it near the nostrils of the dragon. This was what Ionas had given him. He said that the dragon people hated the taste of the fruit very much. If they could smell it, they would wake up even from their deepest sleep.


Seeing the dragon’s nostrils move, Lu Heng retreated to the side. A huge sneeze blew away several leaves on one side. The effect of the fruit was immediate, and the sleeping dragon opened its eyes after sneezing. He looked at Lu Heng and turned into a human figure.


“Have you finished praying? Great. I can finally go back to sleep.”


So what did you do just now? Lu Heng spit in his heart. The dragon is really lazy. He seemed to have nothing else to do except sleep all day. He collected treasures was just to make a comfortable bed. But looking at Ionas rubbing his nose non-stop, he asked, “Are you sick?”


“Well,” Ionas rubbed his nose red, “the smell of that fruit is a little too stimulating for us Dragon race.”


“Then why give me this fruit?” Lu Heng could not help asking him this question when he saw his uncomfortable appearance.


“I’m worried about the kind of accident that happened a few days ago. You know, it’s hard to wake up when the Dragons fall asleep.”


“I can use Holy Light as I did last time.” Lu Heng said.


“Esmond is dead, and your power of light should be carefully conserved. Is there anything else you want to do? If not, let’s go back to sleep. Ionas didn’t care about the pungent smell of his nose pouring into his eyes. He just wanted to go back to his treasure pile and sleep with his treasure in his arms.


Lu Heng’s heart was moved. He preferred to be hurt or be uncomfortable rather than let him suffer even a bit. He was very familiar with this.


“I’m sorry, but I have something else I need your help with.” Seeing Ionas’s eyes being a little red, Lu Heng’s fingers gave off white luminescence, and he gently touched Ionas’nose.


Immediately Ionas felt the pain disappear. “You’re really troublesome. But it doesn’t matter. The Great Dragon Lord doesn’t mind this little trouble.”


Having been accustomed to the dragon’s manner of speech, Lu Heng knew that he had agreed, and took out the goblin product there: “Where did this box come from, please tell me?”


Ionas took it over for a long time. He thought it was strange how he could collect this kind of thing. It was black and not shining at all. This was not at all something worthy to catch the dragon lord’s eyes. He might have casually put it in his treasure house without carefully examining it. It was probably hidden in that pile of things.


“It was found in the ruins,” Ionas said. “At that time, several dragons found the ruins together on Dragon Island and started a bloodbath in order to compete for this pile of things. For the sake of maintaining peace among Dragons, I beat them all up, and then kept the pile of things in my treasure house.”


Lu Heng was shocked by the uncanny and crude way in which the Lord of dragons handled the dispute. He was silent for a moment. Then he said, “I want to see the relics.”


At the very edge of Dragon Island, the ruins of a temple stood on it. When Dragon Island was separated from the mainland, the temple was just on the demarcation line. So, only half of the temple was raised up with Dragon Island. The other half remained on the ground.


Over the past ten thousand years, under the erosion of time, this half of the temple has been occupied by plants. However, the temple was constructed with the strongest stone. The half temple hasn’t collapsed and the structure was quite stable. Only the beautiful sculptures on the pillars described the splendor of the temple.


A giant Golden Dragon flew from the distance and then landed in the open space in front of the temple. As soon as it landed on the ground, the dragon’s claws, carefully curled up on its chest, opened and from it jumped down a figure in a priest’s robe.


This person and dragon, of course were Lu Heng and Ionas.


Seeing Lu Heng’s attentive gaze towards the temple, Ionas suddenly realized that this man was the Pope of Light. This temple was the property of the Papacy of Light, but he had destroyed half the property of the other person.


“When Dragon Island was raised, the temple was abandoned. I’m sorry to have ruined your property.” Ionas explained slightly distracted. After that, he felt that an apology was sincere only when he looked into the other person’s eyes. He bent down and stared at Lu Heng’s eyes with a golden vertical pupil.


Lu Heng gently patted Ionas, saying that he did not mind: “I want to go in and have a look.”


“I’ll go with you.” Ionas turned into a human figure, and unless necessary, he did not want to leave his treasure for a single step.


Most of the steps in front of the temple had collapsed, and the rest of them had been occupied by dense wild plants, and there was no way to enter. Lu Heng had to use floatation magic to enter the half temple.


As soon as he entered the temple, Lu Heng identified the age of the temple from the techniques used in painting in the dome above. This is a temple built at the end of the age of Gods. The temples built in that period and the scrolls painted- all had scenes of gods leading the various races to participate in the war.


Yes, in the first battle against the undead, the divine realm did not exist. The gods of the bright camp all lived on the mountain in the center of the mainland, and the gods controlled the mainland. Later, the gods of the dark camp invaded the mainland with the armies of the dead, and the God of light marched down the mountain with the other gods to lead the various races of the mainland to resist the armies of the undead.


With the joint efforts of Gods and the mainland creatures, the armies of the undead were exiled to the land of the dead. But the mainland was too badly damaged to withstand such a strong force. In order to prevent the collapse of the mainland, the gods jointly opened up the divine realm and reached an agreement that the body of a God should not appear on the mainland. At this point, the figures of gods disappeared from the mainland, and the end of the era of gods was painted where the mainland races became the masters of the mainland.


“Io, do you know anything about the age of Gods?” The Dragon lord behind him should have gone through that period according to his age, but he did not understand the reason for him not following the gods to the divine realm, and instead remaining on the mainland as a demigod.


“Ah?” Ionas was staring at Lu Heng’s attentive profile in a daze, and heard Lu Heng’s voice before recovering his bearing, “It’s like this, when the army of the dead invaded, I was sleeping. Later, when Esmond and others were leaving, they came to the territory to look for me, and I woke up.”


Lu Heng knew why the most powerful dragon race did not join the war when the undead invaded. Because most of their elders slept ignorantly, and without the command of their leaders, the Dragons were indifferent to the affairs of other races. The undead army failed to invade the territory of the Dragon race, so there were no Dragons in the war.


Seeing Lu Heng’s expression, Ionas felt that his words just now had really tarnished the name of the Dragon lord. He didn’t want to lose face in front of his treasure anymore, so he decided to tell Lu Heng a secret: “This Lord of Dragons never feared fighting, but… ”


“Well?” Lu Heng saw Ionas being silent for a moment.


Ionas had a momentary trance, and revealed something which he had never told anyone: “This Lord of the Dragons came to this world to wait for something, and from the time I was still a dragon egg, my instinct told me so. But the waiting time was too long. I could only pass the time by sleeping.”


“As the God of the Dragon race, how can you stay on this continent?” As soon as Lu Heng heard that, he understood everything in his heart. He was worried that the Dragon God was in fact the God of the Dragon race, but he was able to stay on the mainland with a demigod body, which must be the price he had paid.


“This is too small a matter to have posed any difficulty to the mighty Dragon Lord. All that was needed was the self destruction of my godhead.” 1 Ionas showed a triumphant expression, but he did not find worship in Lu Heng’s eyes. Instead, he saw the other person’s pupils shrink and an anxious hand grasp his hand.


“Allow me to check for you.” Lu Heng hurriedly gathered his power of light and penetrated Ionas’ body. Sure enough, it was just as he said. Fortunately, the Dragon race people were born strong the aftermath of the self destruction left no hidden danger within Ionas.


Although the speed of flow of time between different planes was different, Lu Heng did not expect that Shi Kong would arrive at this plane so early this time. Tens of thousands of years of waiting, and not knowing what he was waiting for. With no direction or no destination in sight, it would drive almost any soul mad. Even so, he managed to bear with it.


“Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter. I’m glad to have waited for my most precious treasure. Fortunately, I wasn’t deceived by Esmond into the divine realm. “When Ionas saw Lu Heng’s both sad and relieved expression on his face, he felt that he should say something to make Lu Heng happy. After all, a treasure looks best when it shines.


Lu Heng looked at Ionas’ satisfied face. He smiled gently and touched the other person’s face.


This was the first time that Ionas had been touched by Lu Heng on his own initiative. It was as if his entire being lit up, and he took Lu Heng into his embrace. Well, it felt better to hold him as a human. Ionas decided to sleep with his treasure in his human form.


Lu Heng also returned and held the other person tightly, and they both enjoyed this warm time.


Ten minutes passed and an hour passed.


Ionas didn’t let go. There was still work to be done. Lu Heng tried to say something, but he heard an even breathing in his ear.


The Lord of the dragons, actually could fall asleep standing?


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