How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (4)

Translated by: Niladri


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The claws of a giant dragon carefully wrapped their treasures inside them, and Ionas also used dragon magic to make a barrier, in case the wind ruined the neatly combed light golden hair of the person in his palm.


Lu Heng’s magical attack was once again in vain. The golden dragon, originally having rough and thick skin, was immune to magic attacks. Lu Heng had assumed that the magic attacks should be able to deal a little damage, but he did not expect that more than a dozen magical attacks would sink into the sea without stirring up even the tiniest ripple.


He may have angered the dragon, or else he would not suddenly be trapped inside a protective shield. Lu Heng gave up. In order to tear the shield apart, he estimated that he would have to completely exhaust the power of the Holy Light in his body. He was currently unable to supplement his power of light with prayers and he had already used up a considerable amount of the power of light.


Even if the shield could be torn apart, Lu Heng could not escape alive without the power of the Holy Light to float through the clouds beneath him.


Feeling that the human princess in her palm was quiet, Ionas thought she might be tired and resting, and tightened his paws so that the light would not disturb her sleep.


Perhaps the dragon was afraid to reveal the secrets of Island, since the fist was so tight that it blocked its view. Lu Heng guessed in his mind that the golden dragon was a demigod and somehow remained on the mainland. The Armageddon did not affect the Dragon race, but as a demigod, the Dragon must know a lot about the secrets of the divine realm.


He had hidden himself, but was eventually found out. Lu Heng sat in the darkness, feeling a little nervous. His secret actions might have been exposed by now. Once exposed, Pope Joseph’s grim fate would surely befall him. 1


After all, in this theocratic world, he was defrauding the name of God and deceiving believers of faith and once the fanatics discovered the truth involving their devotion, how angry will they be.


Lu Heng felt that the speed of the Dragon seemed to slow down, and then he was let out from the claw prison and saw the light again before his eyes. As soon as his vision cleared, Lu Heng saw the huge golden pupils almost sticking to his face.


Even if his Majesty the Pope was calm and elegant normally, he was startled and subconsciously stepped back. While stepping backward, Lu Heng felt a strange sensation through his feet, and he looked down.


He found himself standing on a huge mountain of gold coins. The gold coins were exquisitely made. The carved patterns on each coin were unique. The exquisite beauty could only come from the hands of the white elves.


Elves did not like gold, and gold products produced by them were naturally scarce. Ordinary aristocrats, who could get one or two gold coins from the hands of white elves, treated them as supreme treasures and stored them well in crystal boxes. And here, they were casually strewn across the ground, piled up into a high hill.


‘My treasure is indeed the most dazzling in the world. Even on top of my most proud collection, it remains dazzling.’ Ionas stared at the person in front of him and praised his eyes for being able to find the most beautiful human princess praised in the minstrel’s song at a single glance.


‘As such, I reluctantly forgive them for offending the great dragon lord. After all, they did their part in giving me my most precious treasure. However, is her royal highness not satisfied with my collection of treasures?’ Seeing Lu Heng staring at the gold coins by his feet, Ionas felt a little worried.

Image result for gold dragon
I imagine his collection to be like this. Found this image online.

“You…” Ionas was trying to ask her when he realized just how small her royal highness was when the air that he blew out of his mouth scattered her neat long hair into disorder.


Lu Heng put a few strands of blonde hair in front of him behind his head and found that the dragon in front of him had disappeared. Instead, there was a tall figure standing on the open ground below. Lu Heng made a leap to the next step, applying a floating magic and landing slowly.


Only then did Lu Heng see the human form of this demigod Ionas, which was somewhat unexpected. Dragon people were usually tall, and Ionas was no exception. He was very tall, but his face was that of a teenager.


A Gold Dragon in human form, with short black hair and golden eyes- the whole face was as perfect as the proudest works of art by the white elf craftsmen. Just, it was unexpectedly young.

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The juvenile Dragon Lord raised his chin slightly: “I am the guardian of time, Creator, Lord of the earth, manager of space, lord of storms, dragon lord, Ionas.” 2


“Your Excellency Ionas, Dragon Lord.” Lu Heng put his hand in the elaborate robe of the priests and made a ceremonial greeting.


“Princess of Mankind, I allow you to call me Io.” Ionas looked nonchalant, but Lu Heng felt that his eyes were full of expectation.


“Io, I’m a man.” The Pope was known for his gentle and amicable bearing.


“What!” Ionas’s face cracked. “I merely slept a bit. Has the human kingdom changed so much that a man can be a princess? The bard spoke differently. These bards are liars. But that’s okay. I don’t mind.”


“I’m not Princess Windsor. You have probably found the wrong person.” How did this golden dragon’s world outlook come into being? Lu Heng silently sighed.


“The Great Dragon Lord never makes mistakes. I’m looking for my treasure, not Princess Windsor.” Ionas looked at the long hair that was more dazzling than his own, and finally reached out and touched it. For the first time, the leader of the Dragon felt that it was a good decision to adopt a human form.


Yes, Ionas didn’t like to be human. Because whenever people saw his human form previously, they always showed a surprised expression. It felt like they were sighing that even though it was a giant dragon tens of thousands of years old, the human figure was so young. These silly humans were unaware of the fact that the people of dragon race did not grow old without a mate.


In front of his own race, Ionas never became human. He did not want to be laughed at by his peers. The great dragon lord, the demigod Ionas, was an old dragon tens of thousands of years old.


Nevertheless, from the moment his finger touched the long hair in front of him, Ionas felt that the human form was much better than the Dragon form. If you keep your Dragon form, how can you touch your most precious treasure up so close? Thinking of it this way, even if he was to be ridiculed by his peers, Ionas did not care.


The first thing to do for the dragons who had obtained their treasure was naturally to have a good sleep and celebrate it. This was the nature of all dragons, and Ionas was no exception.


{Little assistant, can you help me find out how to awaken a sleeping dragon? }


Lu Heng could not help it. On that day, Ionas had suddenly changed back into his dragon form. Then he pulled him into the palm of his paw, closed it tightly, and fell asleep. Now, two days later, there was no sign of him waking up.


Even if the Pope was powerful, he couldn’t get rid of the basic human needs. Lu Heng was very hungry. Although he had managed for two days with the power of the Holy Light, he felt a little dizzy and dazed now. 3


{Don’t worry, I’ll make a post on the System Exchange Forum for help, and you’ll get a reply later.}




{Yes, it’s the newly developed function of the main system- we systems can exchange information and help each other on it, which is quite practical. See what a good title I have chosen: trapped in the arms of a sleeping dragon, now about to starve to death. What to do? Waiting for help online, urgent.}


{I just want to ask you if this forum is anonymous.} If he didn’t post anonymously, Lu Heng felt that he would be laughed at by his colleagues for a hundred years after returning this time.


{Response received. Dragons are also aware of environmental changes in their sleep, but in order to sleep, they usually neglect trivial changes that do not pose a threat. Therefore, one needed to make dramatic changes to their surroundings in an instant.}


Holy Light! Enlightened, Lu Heng immediately came up with a solution to the current predicament.


The Pope’s Holy Light acted like a sun, turning the dark cave bright as the day in an instant. The gold dragon finally lifted its eyelids and opened them slightly.


“I wanted to sleep a little longer.” The giant dragon that had its sleep disturbed usually falls into a state of rage. Ionas was no exception, but in the peak of his anger, he smelled the pleasant scent in his arms. Before the flames of enormous rage could burn, they were slammed down and extinguished.


“Io, I’m sorry to disturb your sleep, but as a human being, I need to eat.” Lu Heng’s tone was gentle and he was not angry for two days of hunger.


Remembering the fact that his treasure was not a dragon that could sleep for hundreds of years after a meal, Ionas quickly took Lu Heng out to look for food.


“Shall I go down and grab some dragon Eagles for you to roast and eat? A Dragon Eagle’s wings are very tender when roasted! “Ionas was enjoying sharing his recipes.


Lu Heng shook his head with some laughter. “Don’t trouble yourself so much. Is there any berry or other food on Dragon Island?”


Ionas nodded, transformed into a dragon and disappeared into the distance. It wasn’t long before the Gold Dragon came back. From within his dragon claws fell a mountain of fruits.


“Is it not enough, do you need me to find some more?” Ionas felt that even his teeth will not be filled with this meager amount of fruit.


“That’s enough. Thank you very much.”


Only then did Ionas return to his human form and watched Lu Heng eat with interest.


“Io, I need to practice.” Lu Heng did not ask the dragon to let him go. He tried it two days ago. But besides being short-tempered, the most prominent feature of the giant dragon race was probably their stubbornness, which would not change even when the world collapses. Ionas identified him as his treasure. No matter what Lu Heng said, he insisted that Lu Heng must stay with him.


“Practice? Well, let’s go back to bed.” Ionas’s eyes lit up.


“The way of human practice is different from that of your Dragons. I can’t practice in sleep. I have to find a temple to pray in order to get the power of the Holy Light.” Lu Heng’s idea was that for this reason, Ionas had to bring him away from Dragon Island. “If the power of the Holy Light is exhausted, I will weaken and die.”


Lu Heng added another fire.


As soon as Ionas heard that, he became nervous: “Isn’t it just a temple? The Great Dragon Lord will satisfy every demand of his treasure. ”

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