How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (3)

Translated by: Niladri


Surrey’s face changed dramatically as soon as he heard of the Dragon’s arrival.


The dragon race was not very friendly to humans.


The natures of dragons were such that they were attracted to gorgeous things. Almost every dragon had a huge and incomparable treasure house, which were full of valuable treasures. Initially, Dragon Island was not the only place where dragons lived. The dragon island was not enough for these huge guys. Every dragon had a strong sense of territorial boundaries. The stronger the dragon, the more territorial they were.


When the Giant Dragons first used to live on the mainland, there would be no wild animals in the entirety of the mountain range where the Giant Dragon lived. If they were too close to each other, they would keep tormenting each other. But the Giant dragon race eventually disappeared from this continent.


The reason was simple. The Giant dragon race had a big problem. They liked to sleep. It was normal for them to sleep for hundreds of years. And a sleeping dragon was hard to wake up. It’s obvious what would happen to the sleeping dragon and the rich treasury when faced with an enemy.


As a result, many dragons woke up and found that their treasure house being emptied by half. The enraged dragon could not find the shameful thieves even if it wanted to retaliate. In addition, there were those hot-blooded teenagers who were addicted to legends involving dragon slaying and often challenged dragons despite failure.


Although the dragons could kill these ants with one foot, it was not pleasant to have one’s sleep disturbed frequently. After a long period of such disturbances, the remaining dragons on the mainland moved back to Dragon Island and hardly appeared again.


With this, the rumors of Dragon Gods, dragon slaying or dragon knights, gradually faded away into the songs of the bards. Some of the dragons that had their treasures stolen destroyed several towns in retaliation when they had left. If it hadn’t been for the dragons nearly vanishing, they would have surely been put in the evil camp.


On the coronation day of the new emperor of the Bega Empire, what exactly was the origin of the sudden appearance of the dragon?

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“Your Majesty, it is unknown whether this dragon is an enemy or a friend. There are many ordinary people here who don’t practice battle spirit or magic. I fear that they cannot be protected by the palace escort alone.” Surrey said to Lu Heng.


“I’ll go with you.” Lu Heng nodded.


“You return to your room.” Princess Windsor, who was opposite to Surrey, hurried out of the banquet hall with Lu Heng.


In the garden, the Royal Guard guards the nobles attending the banquet stood in concentric circles, with swords in hand facing the air.


Mid-air, a huge shadow was flying. The shadow slowly descended, and the Griffin Knights mounted on their Griffins on one side flew up mid-air and stood guard far away.


This was a gold dragon.

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As soon as Lu Heng came out, he recognized the dragon in the air. There were different branches in the dragon race, each being good at their respective Dragon magic. Blue Dragons were good at ice magic, Red Dragons were good at fire magic, Bronze Dragons were very strong, Jade Dragons controlled the power of space and so on.


The Gold Dragon was proficient in Dragon magic, had magic immunity, and enhanced physical attack.


“I am the guardian of time, the weaver, the Lord of the earth, the space manager, the storm lord, the Dragon lord, Ionas.” The dragon language with complex syllables sounded in the air, and no one could understand it, but the meaning of the language went directly into everyone’s brain.


Sure enough, he was the only gold dragon on the mainland, demigod Ionas. If he came with hostility, no one could survive in his presence.


Lu Heng covertly grasped the scepter in his hand. Fortunately, today’s evening prayers supplemented a lot of his power of faith. If he needed to protect some people from this gold dragon’s claw, he could still barely try it. At least, no accident should befall the seven cardinals behind him. They were the cornerstones of the Papacy of Light.




Lu Heng heard a slight whisper from his side. It was Princess Windsor who did not go back to her room and stayed with him.


The slight sound attracted the attention of the dragon in the air, and his golden vertical pupils immediately swept over.


After all, Princess Windsor was only a teenage girl, and had hardly ever left the capital. Being scrutinized by the eyes of the golden dragon, she was stunned by the momentum and took a step backward. Where she stood, behind her was the pool. This retreat tripped her over the edge of the pool.


“Royal Highness Princess!” With a cry of surprise, the maid next to her reached out and tried to pull her.


It turned out that when Princess Windsor tripped on the edge of the pool, her body lost balance and leaning backwards, she was about to fall into the pool. Although the maid grabbed her sleeve in time, she was dragged into the pond.


Lu Heng couldn’t help but watch the two girls fall into the pool. He stepped forward and held Princess Windsor’s left hand waving wildly in the air to help her up.


“Thank you.” When Princess Windsor’s posture became steady, she quickly thanked Lu Heng.


“Is this your human princess?” Before Lu Heng could say anything, he heard the sound coming from the air.


“Protect her royal highness princess!” Then there was Surrey’s panicky shout.


Lu Heng turned back and saw the dragon in the air flying towards Princess Windsor behind him. When Lu Heng’s scepter moved, the bright stone at the top of the scepter magnificently shone, forming a shield to protect Princess Windsor behind him.


The reason for Ionas being here happened a few days ago. As the most powerful gold dragon of the Dragon race, Ionas had the largest territory, the most treasures, and the longest sleep duration.


This was the first time that Ionas had woken up after thousands of years and happened to come across a meeting of the Dragon Race. This exchange was usually held when most of the dragons were awake. The content of the exchange was very simple, which was to show off the treasures one had obtained during that period.


The lives of dragons were so boring that they had nothing to do but sleep. After all, the strength of the Dragon came from their innate gifts and inherited memories. They generally grew stronger with age, and they did not need to work as hard as human beings in order to obtain strength. Many dragons wake up to find their strength having increased by a lot.


A green dragon named Lishcus recently acquired a new treasure. Lishcus was merely over two thousand years old. He was still a reckless young dragon. He had been exploring the mainland in the guise of a man for a long time. After getting the new treasure, he came back with great interest to attend the exchange meeting which was last held a long time ago.


Lishcus’s treasure was a man, a bard. This bard, if viewed from a human perspective, was indeed remarkable. In the eyes of the dragon, it was also passable. After all, he had blonde hair more brilliant than gold, and eyes more dazzling than sapphire.


Nevertheless, a lot of gold coins and treasures piled together would have been more attractive than this man.


Seeing the lack of interest of the dragons, Lishcus was dissatisfied. His treasure, however, had the most beautiful voice, which was better than the nightingale’s.


“Lance, you can play them a song.” Lishcus said sullenly.


“Yes, my dear little Green Dragon.” The bard Lance bowed slightly and took out the lute.


The bard’s song was really like celestial music. It was more beautiful and moving than the white elves. It made the dragons drowsy. Well, this was the highest praise among the Dragons towards good things.


For example, ‘I slept soundly on my pillow because of all the treasures I got today.’ This was a dragon’s highest praise for his treasure. 1


However, Ionas was not happy. Because he heard his name in this epic.


In the epic, Ionas, despite being a demigod, did not go to the divine realm, and instead chose to stay on the mainland for the most beautiful human, Princess Rose.


When the Dragon saw Princess Rose’s dazzling smile more brilliant than any treasure, he kidnapped the princess back to the cave and held all the treasures in front of the princess. But no amount of treasure could bring about the princess’s smile, and the dragon was unwilling to give up the princess. Eventually the princess died of heartbreak, because she missed her homeland and relatives. In order to punish himself, the regretful dragon gave up going to the divine realm, but remained in the native land of the Rose Princess forever.


Ionas was angry.


He was a giant dragon with a good taste. The treasures in his cave were all one in a thousand. Such a human princess was not qualified to enter his cave as a treasure at all. How dare these stupid humans fabricate a legend involving such a noble dragon lord?


The tempers of Giant dragons were not very good. It was no mistake to say that he too had a bad temper. What’s more, it was slandering the dragon’s name. The furious Ionas decided to go and see the most beautiful princess in the human race. If she really was more beautiful than his collection, he would snatch it and bring it back as one of his collections. 2


In this way, the long poem will not slander the name of the magnificent dragon, and he could barely forgive the human race itself. If the princess could not match the ugliest of his collection, Ionas, the leader of the dragon, would have mankind pay the price.


Princess Windsor was the most beautiful human princess now- as sung in the mouth of a bard.


As soon as Ionas heard a voice calling for a princess over there, he immediately looked over. At first glance, the noble Dragon Lord was stunned. It had light golden hair warmer than the early morning sunshine, green eyes more clear than the oldest leaf of the ancient tree of life, and soft lips more attractive than the eternal flower of the divine realm.


Ionas felt that he had found the most precious treasure.


Seeing the Golden Dragon swooping down, the Griffin Knight tried to come forward to stop it, but when he commanded his mount, it completely ignored the command and descended to the ground, crouching and trembling. Even the powerful Griffin was vulnerable to the Dragon race’s attack.


Surrey pulled out his sword and blocked the way of the Golden Dragon, trying to protect his sister, but the Dragon brushed him aside. He could see the Dragon getting closer and closer to Princess Windsor.


Some cowardly nobles even covered their faces and dared not see the beautiful scene of Princess Windsor being taken away by the dragon.


The flapping of the dragon’s broad wings created a strong gale, and even the people on the ground could not open their eyes. It was not until the Dragon had left that the scene returned to calm.


Surrey jumped up from the ground and said in a hurry, “Griffin Knights! The entire team must immediately set out to rescue the princess… Windsor? Why are you still here?”


The holy and beautiful princess Windsor snatched Surrey’s broad sword and ran in a direction lifting her skirt: “You Dragon! Put down His Majesty the Pope!”

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