How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: The Beta Lieutenant Colonel Who Died For His Country (6)

Translated by: Niladri

Edited by: celes


Xiu Yi Te licked his nose and was a little surprised: “This, Omega’s pheromone?”


The chemistry between Carlo and Xiu Yi Te, who were the sons of fate, was naturally extremely high, which led to his pheromone’s effect being doubled and redoubled on Xiu Yi Te. Even with his resistance to pheromones, he was still highly affected by it.


Lu Heng couldn’t smell the pheromone, but when he saw that Xiu Yi Te had glazed eyes, he quickly flew to Carlo’s side. As someone who hid his identity, an Omega would definitely carry an inhibitor with them.


Sure enough, Lu Heng found an inhibitor in an inner pocket of Carlo’s close-fitting clothing. As the inhibitors came into effect, Carlo’s breathing returned to being steady, and Xiu Yi Te managed to come over and examine the situation.


“Carlo is an Omega?” Xiu Yi Te looked a little confused. Although he often laughed and said that Carlo was as beautiful as an Omega, he didn’t expect his words to hit the mark.


“It seems like this. This is not a trivial matter. We have to report it to the military.”


“No…” Carlo just woke up. “Don’t report it to the military. Xiu Yi Te, hear out my explanation.”


Carlo’s story was very moving. He had never seen his father. When his mother was pregnant in March, his father went to the battlefield then sacrificed himself when he was ten years old. Since then, he had decided to inherit his father’s wishes and become a soldier, and he did not hesitate to change his physique.


“I have never seen my father, but on the battlefield, that was when I was closest to my father…”


Xiu Yi Te’s expression relaxed a little. He was a character with a strong sense of righteousness. Carlo’s narrative reminded him of Sergeant Meg.


Meg was a very qualified soldier, determined to be heroic and dauntless, and very caring for the members of his team. The newly graduated Xiu Yi Te followed him step by step. Meg was his sergeant, mentor, comrade-in-arms, and savior.


In an investigation mission, Xiu Yi Te’s combat squad accidentally encountered a large group of Zergs, and the large disparity in combat power caused them to be almost completely annihilated, leaving only Meg and Xiu Yi Te. Finally, Meg stunned him and put him in the escape cabin, and he used himself as the bait to lead the Zerg away.


Therefore, when he found out that this graduate who volunteered to join Thunder Gale was Meg’s child, although he didn’t meet the requirements, Xiu Yi Te ignored Reiner’s counterarguments and hired Carlo.


Looking at Carlo, who was in front of his eyes, he remembered the conversation between him and Sergeant Meg before the mission.


Sergeant Meg told him that after the end of the mission, he had applied for retirement to raise his underage child. But in order to save him, that man stayed behind forever.


Xiu Yi Te has been looking for the child of Sergeant Meg and wanted to replace Meg to take care of his child until adulthood. However, Sergeant Meg wasn’t married. His child seemed to be an illegitimate child, and the two did not recognize each other for a long time. There weren’t many people who knew about the situation. Until that interview, Xiu Yi Te unexpectedly found out that the child of Sergeant Meg was Carlo.


Since then, he had always regarded Carlo as his responsibility. Being a soldier like his father had always been Carlo’s ideal, and he didn’t have the heart to break the only expectation of this fatherless child.


There must be room to maneuver in this matter, as long as Reiner is willing to help me. Xiu Yi Te thought about it like this, but he heard Lu Heng’s somewhat cold voice sound: “This is not the reason why you violated the Alliance Law. This is not within the scope of my or the commander’s authority. After reporting to the Law Department, they will handle this matter.”


Xiu Yi Te turned his head and looked at the cold and rigid expression on Lu Heng’s face. He suddenly felt that the people in front of him were somewhat strange, and his heart was like the coldness of falling into an ice cave, and it was like being burned by lava.


Xiu Yi Te breathed fiercely and wanted to spit out the unsolvable feelings in his heart, only to find that he couldn’t control his emotions: “Reiner! You’re too inhuman, look at what you are now. Are you really the Reiner Hart that I know! I regret that even I invited you to set up Thunder Gale!”


Seeing that Lu Heng’s face changed, Xiu Yi Te regretted that his mouth was unobstructed, but he listened to Lu Heng: “Commander, this is my duty as an Alliance soldier. I must report this to the military. ”


“Lieutenant Colonel Reiner! This matter is postponed for reconsideration, this is an order!” The tone of Xiu Yi Te was severe.


“Informing Sir; according to the emergency clause, when the direct superior’s order violates the law or may endanger the entire team, as an adjutant, this one has the right to jump ranks and inform higher authority.” Lu Heng looked directly into Xiu Yi Te’s eyes without backing down.


The atmosphere between the two was extremely tense as if Mars was about to erupt. At this moment, footsteps suddenly came from the end of the corridor. [T/N: Probably meant Olympus volcano]


“Damn, it seems that the people from the auction house hid in the same shelter as us.” Xiu Yi Te’s brow wrinkled as the room leaked rainwater continuously.


Lu Heng kicked to extinguish the fire made using a pile of firewood immediately. He made a gesture to indicate that Carlo, who had not resumed combat effectiveness, should retire to the rear compartment with the criminal.


Listening to the footsteps, the number of people was around ten. The electromagnetic storm still hadn’t stopped. One could use cold weapons only for close combat, which gave the other side an advantage. Lu Heng took a sneak peek at the boots and waited for the enemy to come.


After all, the two were comrades-in-arms who had cooperated with each other for decades. Although there was some discord, they still quickly and arbitrarily pushed that aside. Xiu Yi Te looked a bit uneasy, and he actually turned to Lu Heng without much thought and saw that his brows were wrinkled.


“Be careful!” Lu Heng saw a cold light behind Xiu Yi Te, and one of the enemies fiercely lunged forward with a dagger. It was aimed at the back of Xiu Yi Te. Even with a 3S level of physical fitness, being stabbed in the heart would undoubtedly be fatal.


Lu Heng could kick the chasing attacker who tried to sneak attack, but he thought about it and chose to extend his arm to block the strike aimed at Xiu Yi Te’s back.


With a bang, the light brain in the middle of Lu Heng’s wrist, a high-strength material, was directly penetrated through and through, and even had the remaining strength to pierce Lu Heng’s wrist. Looking back, Xiu Yi Te was shocked. He twisted the sneak attacker’s neck and quickly found the first-aid spray to heal Lu Heng.


{You played the ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself? I don’t think it’s feasible. It’s not enough to pierce a wrist. How nice would it have been if you used your upper body to block it and then poured your difficulties pitifully laying in Xiu Yi Te’s embrace……} The task assistant suddenly came to life and made his presence known.


{I didn’t expect you to be a fan of dog-blood, dramatic, amateur TV series. You’re too old-fashioned, and moreover, the whole world knows that Lieutenant Colonel Reiner isn’t a small and weak white rabbit.}


{For what reason did you suffer this knife injury then?}


{Of course, it’s to solve the problem of light brain in one’s hand. Think about it. With Reiner’s character, the first thing to do when the electromagnetic storm stops, is to contact the military to send off Carlo. If this was done, then the world would move towards the original plotline. There are only two light brains in Thunder Gale that can directly contact the military. This light brain is destroyed, and the other one is in the hands of Xiu Yi Te. As long as he doesn’t let go, no one can send Carlo.}


{Hai you are a deep-scheming person. As a program, I am still too naive.}


Lu Heng observed Xiu Yi Te, who was treating the wound for him, and his expression was a little annoyed.


Just as he looked up, Xiu Yi Te caught the expression that Lu Heng couldn’t conceal in time. He was stunned and said with a smile: “Little Nana, it seems that you’re not so calm. Just your indifference, breaks my heart…”


Lu Heng turned his head and did not want to respond to him.


Xiu Yi Te did not intend to let him go: “Just in that situation, with your fighting skills, you didn’t have to be injured at all. What is this called…?”


“You can shut up, Xiu Yi Te!” Lu Heng was annoyed and shy.


“Care is chaotic.” Xiu Yi Te’s right fist slammed into his palm, making a sudden realization.


Lu Heng grabbed the first-aid spray in his hand and walked over to handle the wound himself. One didn’t know when the electromagnetic storm outside had stopped, and soft starlight came in. Xiu Yi Te found his best friend’s eyelashes were amazingly long. Perhaps it was due to pain caused by the first-aid spray treatment of his wound, but his long eyelashes fluttered gently like a butterfly flapping its wings, and Xiu Yi Te’s heart suddenly itched.


Xiu Yi Te did not dare to continue staring at them. He looked down and concentrated on seeing whether Lu Heng had properly handled his wound. He looked at Lu Heng’s little arm that looked severely wounded and his strong, slender fingers that were grasping the first-aid spray. Lu Heng’s hands were extremely beautiful, the ten fingers were long and the shape was smooth, but they didn’t lack strength. Xiu Yi Te remembered, a long time ago, those perfect hands, flying on the piano, looked like an exquisite dance. Thinking about it, his eyes were glued to his hands and didn’t leave.


Xiu Yi Te saw that the hands had neatly finished dressing the wound, then moved to the top of his shirt. As the buttons left the buttonholes one by one, the beautiful lines of his collar bones were exposed to the air. Xiu Yi Te looked at him with a dull look and felt a little thirsty, swallowing his saliva unconsciously.


Hearing the sound of his own saliva, Xiu Yi Te suddenly woke up: “You, you, what are you doing?”


Lu Heng looked up and saw that Xiu Yi Te’s face was tangled, his ears rose-red, and he felt somewhat inexplicable: “The clothes are damaged and need to be replaced.”


“Oh, oh, it turned out to be changing clothes. What a pity, no, I mean, I should give you some.”


Lu Heng looked at the incoherent Xiu Yi Te and thought that he was probably brain-damaged by the pheromone. Too lazy to take care of the stupid Xiu Yi Te, he took off his shirt directly.


“Xiu Yi Te, how is the situation?” Lu Heng did not have time to put on clothes, as he heard Carlo’s voice outside. Xiu Yi Te’s next actions made Lu Heng feel more inexplicable. He rushed over and put his coat directly over Lu Heng’s body.


Seeing Lu Heng’s strange eyes, Xiu Yi Te coughed twice: “Hurry up and put on your clothes, don’t get sick.”


People with 3S constitution could get sick? Lu Heng determined that Xiu Yi Te’s brain was indeed damaged by pheromone. It seems that he would have to let the military doctor give him a look after going back.

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