How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (1)

Translated by: Niladri


The minister is drinking tea again today.


Drinking a cup of tea, reading a case report, stamping on it, the life of local government civil servants is indeed beautiful.


Mission Executor, No. 666. File number, 0003.


Seeing this person who needed to be given special attention, the minister carefully lowered his teacup.


‘Derivative plane, no thread of love. This is the client I chose for him. There should be no mistake this time.’ The minister nodded in his heart.


Task completion is 100% and operation stability is 100%. Special scenario: plane upgrade.


The minister rubbed his eyes and found that the words were the same. He rubbed his eyes again and sat upright. How can it be a plane upgrade?


This upgrade is not a trivial matter. Although the original plane of the derived plane was upgraded, it was only after being discussed and approved by many important departments at a regular meeting. The upgrade procedure is extremely complicated. In addition to satisfying the upgrade conditions, it has to be verified by many calculations that there will be no chain reaction before the upgrade restrictions are unlocked by the control department.


This derivative plane is not the same as the primary plane after it has been split into parallel planes. The primary plane can be upgraded, but this does not mean that the derived plane can also be upgraded. The upgrade of divergent planes may cause the collapse of the plane chain.


The minister was stunned from this surprise. Since the deployment of No. 666, he has had several more white hairs. Last time he went to the Minister of Meng Po discreetly to inquire about the secret of maintaining oneself and was met with jeers and sneers.


‘No matter what abnormal situation happens due to No. 666, don’t deal with it by yourself, report it to me directly.’


The minister recalled Judge No. 1’s last remarks. He took a few deep breaths and downloaded the database on the computer. Sure enough, the plane chain has been very stable, and there was no sign of any breakdown or disconnection.


The minister began examining the report and flipped the pages. After finishing the concluding report, he gave it a ‘pending evaluation’.

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Lu Heng, who had received the pending evaluation, was in a complicated mood. Originally, this task could be cleared with another S. In the next commission, the assistant could have had greater authority to search for data in the database, but he got a pending evaluation instead.


“Little assistant, this time there is no romantic relation between destiny’s children, and so, no thread of love can be broken. What has happened then?”


“I don’t know anything. Who am I, where am I and what am I doing?” The assistant transformed himself into a salted fish and spread itself on his desk.


“What’s wrong with you?”


“My dream has been shattered.”


“Then, tell me your dream.”The time spent waiting for the client to arrive was quite boring and Lu Heng began to chat with his little assistant.


“My dream is to bring out a 3S executive. However, I set a small goal for myself to upgrade my memory after this task was completed.” The assistant was still a salted fish. “However, this pending evaluation ruined everything.”


Lu Heng had a slight sense of guilt in his heart. It’s just that this sense of guilt that had emerged was interrupted by the client who pushed the door in.


When this man appeared, Lu Heng felt an impulse to stand up and salute him. He had warm and gentle light golden hair like the morning sun, neatly braided and draped behind him, wearing a white-hem golden sacred robe with a light golden cloak and a golden hollow staff.


The oppressive momentum of this gorgeous costume disappeared when the man smiled. Only the tenderness and holiness of the eyes remained.


“May the light be with you. I am Joseph Belgorio VI.”


Joseph Belgorio VI. From a magical plane- a plane filled with numerous races such as, humans, dragons, elves, dwarfs, orcs and so on. Each race had its own God of faith, and the majority of the humans worshipped the God of light.


The Pope of Light, of course, became the most powerful force in this plane. The most powerful man on the mainland was arguably his majesty, the pope. On the mainland, the Bega Empire lied to the west and the Republic of Nesri to the east. Between the two superpowers, there were dozens of small principalities attached to the Empire or the republic.


Except for the small principalities, there was the Vatican, which could not be ignored by anyone despite covering the smallest area. The Vatican was small but important. Whether it was the coronation of the emperor or the swearing in of the Prime Minister of the Republic, the necessary procedure was to visit the Vatican and receive the Holy Light from the Pope.


Apart from these human countries, there were Elves who used to live in the Elven Forest on the Continental Border. But that was a long time ago. Now the white elves have stepped out of the elven forests and gradually integrated into the human society.


There also were dwarfs living in the Stonehenge Mountains, who also traded with human beings. Since they needed frequent contact, it was not unusual to see dwarves in the major human cities.


There were the Goblins who lived with the dwarfs in the Stonehenge Mountains. It’s just that the goblins had always lived underground, and their relationship with the dwarves was like fire and water.


The only race which didn’t communicate with humans at all were the Giant dragon race who lived on Dragon Island. Dragon Island was suspended over the mainland, and there was no way for human beings to go up. The dragons were proud and lazy, and they never bothered to communicate with the humans at all.


The last time a dragon was heard of was two hundred years ago. If it hadn’t been for the floating island, no one would have remembered them. The ancient legends of the Dragon race could only be heard in the songs of the bards.


At the northernmost end of the mainland lived the enemy of the human race and it was the territory of the orcs. Because of the humiliating history of being treated as slaves by the humans, the orcs had always regarded the humans as their mortal enemies. Humans were not allowed to enter the territory of orcs.


At the border between the Territory of the Orcs and the Territory of humans, there was a makeshift barrier constructed with dead branches. The barrier constructed by dead branches naturally had no defensive effect. This was just a barrier casually constructed by the Orcs in order to deter the humans who dared to break into the Territory of the Orcs. Every tall branch had a human head impaled in it. They were all human beings who had entered the orc territory by mistake or deliberately.


Orcs, goblins and the dark elves who were said to have remained deep in the elven forest, had been classified as evil by the humans.


Joseph Belgorio VI was the first and only Pope in history to be publicly executed. He was charged with conspiring with the races of the evil camp, betraying the humans and attempting to disrupt the Vatican.


After the Pope was executed, the faith in Light quickly declined. In the mainland, there were soldiers who practiced battle spirit 1, magicians who had mastered the mystical elements, and priests who believed in the power of light and divinity. After the fall of the Pope of Light, the priests who believed in the power of light gradually disappeared from this continent.


People thought there would be no difference, since there was battle spirit and magic to practice anyway. Nevertheless, the nightmare was approaching.


The Undead legion tore through the boundary between life and death and invaded this continent from the dark portal. Without the natural power of light to restrain the undead, the creatures on the mainland could not stop their insurmountable momentum and faced defeat again and again.


Almost the entire continent had become an endless abyss of death, and the surviving creatures retreated to the original pope’s territory, relying on the remnants of the power of light to protect the sparks of life. Hundreds of years later, there was an opportunity, and the creatures sounded the trumpet of the counter-attack.


After the extermination of the undead legion and the re-establishment of order, that dark period was called the Scourge Era. The revelation of Joseph Belgorio VI’s collaboration with the evil camp became the opening point of the era of natural disasters. The arrival of the Undead Legion has historically been described as being something planned by Pope Joseph Belgorio, an ambitious man.


Naturally, Joseph did not do it. On the contrary, the opportune moment for the mainland creatures to blow the trumpet of counter-attack was the chess piece Joseph had originally laid down. The arrival of the Undead Legion has long been handed down by oracles in the Vatican. But Joseph was publicly sentenced before his arrangement could have been completed.


“My wish is to find a way to finish my arrangement, and before the arrival of the Undead Legion, to not let the Pope of Light fall, and have the power of light protect the living beings on the continent until the moment when my arrangement is completed.”


Lu Heng nodded: “Your commission has been taken over by me. Task executor No. 666 of the Underworld’s Soul Purification Department, is here to serve you.


After the client left, Lu Heng routinely asked his assistant to find useful information in the database.


“In such a large world, there are traces of the son of fate.” The assistant looked it up and said.


“Who is it?”


“His Majesty, the emperor of the Bega Empire is an ambitious man. The public execution of the Pope has traces of his involvement in it. “The assistant was amazed when he read the materials.


“Why, then, did he kill the Pope?” The little assistant was a little puzzled. The Pope of Light was noble and unpretentious, and he never interfered in the internal affairs of the human territories. He shouldn’t be in the way of the Emperor.


“For an extremely ambitious person like him, it is absolutely intolerable for theocracy to be higher than Imperial power.” This mentality, of course, was incomprehensible to the AI little assistant. Lu Heng could answer one or two questions for it. “Well, what exactly is the arrangement that His Majesty wants to lay down?”


“I regret to inform you that your authority is insufficient. Insufficient.” 2


“Little assistant, why do I feel that after my promotion, my authority has become smaller?” In the first two commissions, the plot of the World Line was presented in detail. Lu Heng felt it to be very strange.


“That’s novice welfare.” The assistant replied.


Lu Heng feels that it was not a novice welfare, but a trap to deceive new people into working as cows and horses, giving them a delusion that commissions were easy. But there are still some ways to do it. He could only advance forward and take it one step at a time.


He wondered what role his man will play in this plane. Lu Heng has some expectations. As for whether that person would appear or not, Lu Heng had no doubts.


He had said that as long as he waited for him, he would certainly appear.


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So, we are off to a new arc- western fantasy. As usual, if you have an opinion about the chapter or wish to suggest improvements/corrections, feel free to leave a comment. But before that, I want to say something else. I appreciate every one of your comments- both criticism and praise, but please don’t complain about the author copy-pasting warcraft plot. He may have taken inspiration from there may be, but it is not a copy-paste. Of all the comments I have read so far, I haven’t seen any reader saying stuff like this, so I have faith that you wouldn’t recklessly draw such conclusions such things even without my saying.

And this may be a tiny spoiler, but this arc bears absolutely zero resemblance to the usual romantic plot of pope falling in love with light god/darkness god like other Quick Transmigration novels so no need to worry about “too similar to QWFoTD”.

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