How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 56.2

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Chapter 56.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (18.2)

Translated by: Niladri


The night was dark, and in less than a day, it would be the point of death for Yunlan. Lu Heng half raised his body and looked at the sleeping face of the man beside him. The quilt slipped from his bare chest, and Lu Heng did not stretch out his hand to pull it over. He held a tranquil charm between his fingers, and despite hesitating for a moment, he still pasted it on Qin Yi’s forehead.


The note turned into bright light and went into Qin Yi’s head. His breathing deepened immediately. Lu Heng wore back his original narrow sleeved dress, which he hadn’t worn for a long time. It took a lot of effort.


He carried his di chen sword on his back and left as he had originally come. Only, he had a jade card in his hand.


Lu Heng, whose cultivation was much higher now, arrived at the foot of the sect when the horizon was still painted with the colour of dawn. This was thanks to the special maps that Qin Yi painstakingly drew for Lu Heng after his last return.


Lu Heng subconsciously squeezed the map in his hand and was about to move up. But he suddenly felt a pain in his heart, and a rush of uncontrolled memories flooded his mind.


That was the memory that Lu Heng was most reluctant to recall- the memory of Shi Kong falling into becoming a devil. The white-clothed monk, with a clear breeze expression and a bright moon-like face suddenly steeled his heart and forced his way out of the illusion. But only in time to witness the scene of the death of his beloved, and finally he fell into becoming a devil on the spot.


Lu Heng clenched his fist tightly and fiercely bit his lower lip. He turned around and walked back. No matter how it was, as two people with one heart, he shouldn’t make decisions for the other person so rashly. He should always let the other party know the facts and give the other party the chance to choose.


But before he could exit the forest, he came face to face with a tall figure.


Seeing the familiar person, Lu Heng did not say anything. Then he saw the figure of the man arrive in front of him in a flash.


It was Qin Yi, but it was not.


This man was not quite right.


“Why do you want to leave me, damn it!” At present, the person with red eyes and distinct looks overlapped with Shi Kong. “Do you want to die alone again?”


Lu Heng wanted to explain with a few words, but Qin Yi did not care and bit him in the lips. The rusty scent spread rapidly in Lu Heng’s mouth. Lu Heng intended to let Qin Yi vent and waited for him to calm down slowly.


Seeing this person not making any movements, he even pushed Lu Heng to the ground, and his right hand grabbed the neck of Landing Heng with an indelible force, and kissed him more crazily.


Lu Heng saw that Qin Yi had almost fallen into a state of insanity, and refused to hear anything at all. If he went on like this, he was afraid that he would fall into a devil again. He gritted his teeth and chopped on the back of his neck, knocking the other person unconscious.


Lu Heng pushed aside the person who was pressing down on him and turned over. Then he slung Qin Yi on his shoulder and journeyed towards the sect. He touched his deeply wounded lips and thought that thankfully, Yunlan’s strength was good; otherwise he could only drag the man up the hill.


When Qin Yi woke up, he found himself on the cliff in the sect. He somewhat panicked and turned over and sat up, but saw Lu Heng sitting far away from him.


“Why didn’t you say goodbye? How am I here?” Qin Yi’s mind was full of doubts.


He woke up in the middle of the night and found that his bedding was already cold. The di chen sword and jade card had disappeared, and inexplicably an enormous sense of panic overwhelmed him. Later, he fell into endless darkness.


Lu Heng laughed at him: “It was my mistake not to say goodbye. But I’m aware of my mistake, so you can stop thinking about it.”


Seeing Lu Heng hardly showing such a soft smile, the anger in Qin Yi’s heart vanished instantly. He moved forward and rubbed Lu Heng’s hair. “I don’t blame you for anything except leaving me.”


Lu Heng grabbed Qin Yi’s hand and stood up. “Do you remember how the Life Lamps in the Heavenly Masters sect went out?”


In the past, Qin Yi had heard Lu Heng saying: “The place with plenty of spiritual energy was suddenly exposed, which led to the siege by a zombie tide…”


“It takes time for the mustard seed space to merge with the big world. In the meantime, due to an instantaneous surge of spiritual energy, an endless tide of zombies will be attracted.” Lu Heng nodded.


When Qin Yi heard this, he understood the reason why Lu Heng did not say goodbye: “You want to stand guard in that moment alone!”


Lu Heng said without concealing anything, “I thought so. I wanted to face this life threatening danger by myself. But at the foot of the hill, I started regretting it. Between Dao companions, we should not hide things or decide for you arbitrarily.”


After that, Lu Heng reached out to Qin Yi and said, “There may be no return. What is your choice?”


The exact same scene. Not long ago, it was here, the same person, who held out his hand to him. 1


“Does it need to be said? With you, even if there is a sea of fire in front of me, I will walk beside you without any regrets.” Qin Yi heartily laughed and held the person in front of him firmly.


It was also a familiar enclosed small space, but Lu Heng’s mood was very different. Even at the last moment, the man still held his hand tightly. In trance, Lu Heng even heard a sentence like “Wait for me.”


“Little assistant, turn on the screen and write the concluding report. Let’s hurry to the next one.”


The little assistant looked at Lu Heng, whose eyes were full of vigor and vitality. Somehow it felt stuffed with a mouthful of dog food.


Lu Heng’s formation transformed all the demonic energy raging over the mainland into spiritual energy through the earth’s veins. Awakening abilities, more precisely, it led to activation of the spiritual roots of more and more people. The members of the Jian Dao team, led by Yu Shan, reestablished heavenly masters sect with the information Lu Heng had left behind. The word “heaven and earth” was worshipped and the Life lamps were lit, and the Heavenly Masters sect was inherited again.


Even after the seal failed, the demonic energy coming from the demon plane changed into an endless source of spiritual energy under the effect of the nine-phase formation. This low-level plane will soon be upgraded to a repair plane. Heavenly masters sect still held the indisputable first place, even amidst the myriad cultivation sects in full bloom.


The location of the sect’s cliff became a holy place for cultivators. It was not only because of the nine phase formation that provided spiritual energy for the whole plane, but also because of the two people who became jade statues for thousands of years because of the constant overuse of spiritual energy.

Two jade statues stood side by side, one holding a knife in his right hand and the other holding the sword across his chest with his left hand. Until the last moment of their lives, the two men remained in the combat stance. The two remaining hands were clasped tightly together.


These two holy statues had the same status as that of the Old Ancestral Master. They were said to have formed arrays to guard these nine phase formation and had fought against thousands of demons with their bodies. It was not until the formation was completed that their minds relaxed and they passed away from exhaustion.


Lu Heng thought for a moment, and clicked on the picture of Yunlan’s brother, Mu Fei.


The outcomes of those two men were rather shocking.


After years of quietly caring for Jiang Sile, Mu Fei heard that there were some psychotropic drugs in a place that could cure depression, so he wanted to find the cure for Jiang Sile. Unexpectedly, no one in the jian dao team wanted to go with him.


As soon as it was mentioned, everyone was angry: “If it hadn’t been for that Jiang Sile, Boss Qin would not have died. We let him live and have to see his crazy face every day, and now you also want us to go find medicine for him? Have you also gone crazy? ”


Others jabbed sarcastically, “Your brother was indirectly murdered by Jiang Sile. You now want to go searching for medicine for him. That’s truly… a radiant holy father.”


Mu Fei just whispered, “It’s not Little Le’s fault.”


Later, Mu Fei went to find the medicine alone, but never came back.


The picture was divided into two halves. On one hand, there was a dead body eaten by wild animals in the wilderness and became a still image, while on the other side, it was a still image of the scene of Jiang Sile living in the street, picking up garbage to survive.


Although Lu Heng was a little sorrowful in his heart, he also knew that this was the bitter result of their own actions, and no one could blame them.


“Go straight to the next commission.” Lu Heng said to his assistant.


“Shouldn’t you take a break for a few days?”


“For me, being in the task world itself is a break.”


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