How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 55

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Chapter 55

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (17)

Translated by: Niladri


The moment the heart of the devil disappeared, a dark mist slowly took form in the air. The black phantom looked human, but it was very different from normal human beings. It had his hands over its knees, its fingernails were like ten sharp knives, and its back was not straight like human beings, but arched like a bowstring. Its head gave rise to a pair of horns, its eyes were scarlet coloured, and its long fangs broke through the lips to reach the lower jaws.


It was the spirit of that high level devil. As soon as the devil appeared, he looked up and screamed. The meaning implied by the roar was poured into the divine sense of the people in that place.


“You ants! I will make you pay the price for destroying my body!”


The devil spirit’s dantian began to emit white light, and a destructive momentum was gradually being created.


This high level devil wanted to self-destruct. Such a force would not only decimate the entire W base into ashes, but also the whole region would probably be caught in it. At this critical moment, another phantom emerged from the formation.


This virtual image was clad in a blue-striped robe with a white background. The white jade crown neatly tied up his black hair. The sword-like eyebrows were imposing, and his whole momentum was sharp and unparalleled.


“Old Ancestral Master.” Lu Heng spoke softly. The figure that appeared later was exactly the same as the painting of the founder left behind in the Heavenly Masters sect.


At that moment, when the phantom of the Old Ancestral Master appeared, the non human phantom twisted its form and transformed into a handsome man in a black robe. Except for the scarlet eyes and the crooked horns on his head, the rest of the person seemed to be no different from ordinary people.


“Cang Ming, you trapped my soul in this formation for thousands of years. Now you will even stop my self destruction?” The man’s pronunciation was strange, but somehow he spoke a language that a human could understand.


The phantom of Cang Ming joined two of his fingers together, and at once drew a sword to attack the man: “Meng Yu, you are going to destroy the place where I was born. Thousands of years ago, when you committed a grave mistake, I thought that trapping you in the formation would rub off the bitterness in your heart. How can I afford to spare you now? I don’t want your condition to further worsen.”


“I was trying to sever your Karma and pave the way for you to ascend! The Karmic weight of this continent is too heavy for you. You will not be able to survive that tribulation when the time comes!” Meng Yu pinched his sword with one hand and looked resentful.


“A devil like you is not human after all, and you don’t understand the human heart.”


“I don’t understand human hearts? If I don’t understand people’s minds, I wouldn’t have been trapped by you for thousands of years. In the end, it is you who doesn’t know the human heart!” Meng Yu seemed to have been greatly stimulated and laughed aloud. The laughter was full of loneliness.


AdvertisementAs the laughter subsided, he gazed deeply at Cang Ming with a sorrowful expression. His eyes began to fill with madness, and Dantian started to resume giving off light, with more momentum than before. Lu Heng knew from a glance that the self-destructing act was a cover, presumably just to bait the Old Ancestral Master to appear. Now this Meng Yu began revealing his true intentions.


Cang Ming saw the situation, flew to Meng Yu, covered his Dantian area with one hand, and suppressed the power of self-destruction with spiritual pressure. Seeing the light fading away slowly, Meng Yu’s gaze returned to look at Cang Ming. He grabbed Cang Ming’s hand and slowly removed it from his Dantian area. Then he gave a sad smile: “Even if it was just a bait, I can’t bear to hurt you at all.”


As soon as his voice fell, he saw that Meng Yu pressing the force of self-destruction back to his Dantian. Even the high level spirits couldn’t bear the power of this backlash and he turned into a little black grain.


Cang Ying reflexively reached for it, but the black grain passed through his palms and disappeared into the heaven and earth. Cang Ming was distracted and stood still for a long time in the middle of the sky. At last, he took back his palm and hid it in his wide sleeves.


“You two are my disciples.” Cang Ming’s eyes fell on Lu Heng and Qin Yi.


Lu Heng and his shidi gave him the disciple salute: “Old Ancestral Master, what is all this about?”


Cang Ming nodded slightly: “At that time, Meng Yu destroyed the passage between this plane and the true cultivation plane. This caused an imbalance of demonic energy and spiritual energy. I did my best to put up arrays for sealing the passages of this world and demon plane, but this was ultimately only a way to cure symptoms and not cure the root cause.


“Later, in this area, I laid down the formation centered around the lingyuan. If this law had run smoothly for a thousand years, it would have eventually made self-sustaining spiritual energy. Then there would have been no worries.”


The commotion on this side slowly caused all the people in the base to gather. With the unimaginable gravitas of Cang Ming, even though a large number of people were gathered below, they remained silent.


“After all this, I consulted the stars and calculated the future, but I deduced two completely different trends. In the first one, this plane smoothly generates spiritual energy and reopens the passageways to the true cultivation plane. The other is that this world will be invaded by magic, and eventually gets assimilated by the demonic plane.”


“Then the jade medal?” Lu Heng asked again.


“This mustard seed space is the path to retreat that I left behind. In order to prevent things from worsening, I laid a nine-phased formation in this mustard space. In case the latter result became the fate of this plane, it can also reverse time for the universe through the nine-phase formation. But this technique is not perfect…”


Cang Ming paused for a moment, his eyes flashing, as if reminded of something in the past.


“At the beginning, Meng Yu made a big mistake, and was attacked by the force of Karma, causing his body to collapse, leaving only his soul. I lured him into the formation with my own aura as bait, and tried to convert the demonic energy in his spirit into spiritual energy to nourish this mustard seed space. The vitality generated by mustard seed space could also clean off the demonic energy from his soul, and like this, it would constantly improve the nine phase formation. After that, I left the jade card in the sect as a path to retreat. ”


Cang Ming looked at Jiang Sile, who had fallen to the ground, and asked, “But how did this jade medal fall on such a person whose heart is so heavy? His heart demons awakened Meng Yu and gave him the power to turn the tables. Because of that, Meng Yu broke through the formation I used to put him to sleep.”


Lu Heng answered, “There are records of this incident. Few centuries ago, some disciples who had been worshipped outside stole the instruments from the sect and betrayed the sect. Since then, the sect closed the mountain and refused to let outsiders in, and only the elders in the sect could go outside to look for orphans with spiritual roots.”


Cang Ming nodded and turned his attention to Qin Yi: “You have a great talent for formations, and have a good understanding of it.”


After that, a golden light popped out of his fingertips and fell into Qin Yi’s forehead. Cang Ming waved his hand again. The jade card tied in Jiang Sile’s neck flew into Lu Heng’s hand.


A drop of blood oozed out from the jade medal and then fell to the ground.


“I have unbounded this mustard space from the spirit of the man on the ground. You are the disciple of our sect, and you can manipulate it freely when you need. The nine phases are only one step short of the last one. After all, all the disasters in this plane started with me. By integrating with this formation, I shall accompany him to sleep in this world.”


As soon as Cang Ming’s voice fell, his phantom turned into a speck of light and fell into the big formation following the other person [MY].


Nine phase formation was complete. Everything was settled.


Some members of the Jian dao team who had already gone through the first few steps of cultivation were calm, and the rest of the people present were simply refreshed by this scene. What devil ah what cultivators ah, these things that have always been only heard in legends were surprisingly real!


For the time being, there was no time to worry about how shocked the onlookers were. Qin Yi left his people to clean up the mess. He and Lu Heng went back to their residence.


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