How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 54.2

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Chapter 54.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (16.2)

Translated by: Niladri



Jiang Sile just paused and then said, “Came back? I thought that the low level devil would keep you there. After all, people in this plane are so fragile.”


“You are not Jiang Sile.” Qin Yi said.


“Who says I’m not him? I’m Jiang Sile’s hatred, anger, jealousy and despair. How am I not Jiang Sile?” Jiang Sile shrugged his shoulders.


This devil had already integrated with Jiang Sile now. At this moment it was lazy to disguise itself. In any case, it had already eaten its fill of malicious thoughts, and its strength was restored for the most part. In addition to this Jiang Sile, we also have to thank the Song Youren, who really provided it with a big meal of ambition and hatred.


Qin Yi and Lu Heng looked at each other.


Qin Yi discreetly nodded and Lu Heng knew that he indicated to act according to plan. Jiang Sile lost his patience. He stretched his fingers and his nails soared to several inches in length. His right leg was withdrawn, his back slightly arched, and even if he was clad in human skin, the devil’s actions still could not escape the hint of something inhuman.


When he kicked off with his right leg, he turned into afterimages and charged forward. The devil’s nails were its primary weapon, harder than any metal.


Lu Heng held his sword in his right hand and pinched it with his left. After his power had risen, Lu Heng did not need to use his own blood to activate the di chen sword, and instead he simply had to pour spiritual energy into it. Surrounding the inky black di chen sword, a Golden Shadow appeared over the sword blade.


Just as Jiang Sile approached near Lu Heng, the shadow of the dust sword levitated up mid-air. Instantly, it split into two parts and then again into four parts. Dense golden sword shadows1 launched themselves toward the devil.


Jiang Sile’s body retreated sharply, but he was still scratched by a sword shadow. From the wound, flowed out not blood, but dark mist.


“Heh,” Jiang Sile wiped the wound casually, and the wound gradually healed. “You’ve made progress.”


His voice had just fallen, and in response he was greeted by a flock of ravens. The golden and white flame Raven illusions circled in the air and attacked Jiang Sile. Jiang Sile could not hide from it either. He opened his mouth and spewed out a black mist. The Black Mist turned into a group of bats in the air and greeted the group of flame ravens.


Hong – 2


The two met in the air and both of them dissipated, leaving only a rolling white smoke. From within the white smoke, a little golden blade shot out. Jiang Sile could not escape and had his left arm chopped off by di chen sword.


Lu Heng nicely hit the target, and his figure retreated sharply, avoiding the lethal claws that followed him. Jiang Sile grabbed the empty space with his right hand, but he was not upset. He pressed down on the wound of his left arm. There was a thick black fog coming out of the wound. After the fog had dispersed, his left arm appeared intact again.


“Is this a surprise?” Jiang Sile’s mouth was twisted with a smile. “As long as there is demonic energy in the world, you can’t kill me.”


Lu Heng did not take heed of his words, and di chen sword drew a track in the air with the force of lightning, and then attacked it in a blink of an eye. In addition, Qin Yi assisted by using fire manipulation techniques on the side, and the two sides fought on equal grounds.


But this devil had an infinite supply of demonic energy, while Qin Yi and Lu Heng were only human beings. In a drawn out battle, they would certainly be defeated.


Lu Heng was not a reckless person. How could he confront the high level demon that had been attached to Jiang Sile and left to its own devices, unprepared? When Jiang Sile was busy fighting with Lu Heng, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his brain and his figure stiffened. It was the attack of Qin Yi’s divine sense.


Making use of the opportunity, Lu Heng’s wrist moved, and the di chen sword pierced through the chest of the devil.


Jiang Sile showed a mocking expression on his face: “It’s no use, I keep telling you.”


Jiang Sile held the blade of the di chen sword with his right hand, regardless of his own palm being burned black by thunder. Lu Heng couldn’t resist this huge force. He watched as the di chen sword was pulled out from the other side’s chest bit by bit.


At this time, Lu Heng finally said his first sentence: “You are so noisy.”


As soon as the voice fell, Qin Yi appeared behind Lu Heng, holding a crystal nucleus the size of a peach seed between his slender fingers and jabbed it into Jiang Sile’s chest. That crystal nucleus unexpectedly disappeared in mid-air.


Jiang Sile’s jade medal, originally being a medium for entering the mustard seed space, was naturally not an ordinary thing. This jade medal could give birth to spiritual energy. Only knowing all this did Lu Heng strike by infusing an infinitely destructive sword intent. Under such a strong threat, the jade medal spontaneously opened the mustard seed space and hid in it.


Qin Yi took advantage of this before the crack in the space had completely disappeared, and inserted the crystal nucleus obtained from the brain of the zombie king. Naturally, it was not an ordinary crystal nucleus, but was engraved with the reversing array as Qin Yi knew.


The crack in the space that had not yet disappeared suddenly began to expand, and the soaring spiritual energy exploded out from within. This mysterious mustard space appeared in the sky above the base.


The other side of the small world in mid-air appeared upside down, so everyone under its cover could clearly see what the small world looked like. Above the grey chaos, a small landmass was suspended. On the small landmass, there was no life, and deep ravines ran across the dry land like ugly scars. 3


Qin Yi recognized at a glance that the central part of the land was a large array. As they had guessed, it was a nine-phased matrix. In their line of sight, the emerald green stone occupying almost a square foot area, what else could it be other than the lingyuan stolen from the heavenly masters sect?


The spiritual energy overflowing from the lingyuan was being continuously transformed into demonic energy by this method, and was being supplied to a black heart floating above the lingyuan. The black ink-like heart was still thumping and beating. Upon a closer look, one could see the flesh and blood growing slowly around it.


The heart of the devil. This had stayed dormant in Jiang Sile for many years, and after having infected various things with its demonic energy, it finally revealed its true nature. This devil had managed to create a complete heart, and in time, it would definitely create a complete body. Once this high level devil is reborn on this plane, the whole world’s creatures will fall into its belly.


Fortunately, Lu Heng and Qin Yi prevented all this from happening.


The zombie king’s nucleus that was floating in the small space could be seen to be emitting more and more dazzling light, and instantly became like a small sun. When the brightness reached its peak, the nucleus exploded into powder.


The powders did not fall to the ground, but remained suspended in mid-air, flashing with a little fluorescence, and slowly forming a matrix. As soon as the formation took shape, it gradually started to descend and finally became one with the massive formation on the ground.


The whole momentum changed, the rolling black fog slowly receded, replaced by the lush green spiritual energy, the dim light on the lingyuan slowly brightened.


Reversing array.


Reversal of roles would occur, and the lingyuan would switch from being the supplier to receiver. That big blast continuously extracted demonic qi from the heart of the devil, converted it into spiritual energy, and supplemented it to the lingyuan.


Thus the lingyuan, which was about to be exhausted, was replenished. Since the lingyuan had lost too much energy, it instantly began to absorb the demonic energy from the heart of the devil. The heart of the devil that had been beating vigorously, slowly began to wither, and eventually became powder, and dissipated in the air.


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