How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 54.1

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Chapter 54.1

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (16.1)

Translated by: Niladri


Lu Heng turned over and jumped up, and grabbed Qin Yi’s arm. “Quickly expel the demonic energy.”


Qin Yi sat cross-legged and closed his eyes to focus. The rate at which the dark mist had been spreading down from his face towards his neck slowed down. But it only slowed down for an instant and then resumed spreading downwards.


Lu Heng was startled. He immediately sat up facing him and put his hand on Qin Yi’s dantian. “I’ll help you.”


However, all of Lu Heng’s efforts were futile. The dark fog could only be slowed; its descent could not be stopped. Lu Heng had suffered a great loss of vital energy just now, and now he was trying to squeeze dry his own spiritual energy. He felt sweetness in his mouth again, and the corners of his mouth started oozing blood.


Lu Heng felt his hand being caught, and then being moved away from Qin Yi’s dantian with a gentle, yet firm force.


Lu Heng opened his eyes and saw Qin Yi’s gentle expression: “Shixiong, it’s useless. I can feel that this demonic energy is different from ordinary zombies; it should also be a devil-like thing. I can’t resist it since my cultivation is lacking.”


Half of Qin Yi’s face was stained with blood, and a Black Mist wrapped around his savage injury. His whole person looked terrible. But the smile on the corners of his mouth was extremely soft, his eyes were focused and affectionate, and he just wanted to remember his final moments being with his beloved.


However, Lu Heng did not affirm his claim. He pulled Qin Yi up.


“Kneel down!”


Qin Yi saw Lu Heng’s fierce and resolute expression and moved dazedly, following his command.


“Repeat after me.” Lu Heng instructed, “May the Dao of Heaven witness Yunlan and Qin Yi becoming dual cultivators today. From here on, they will walk side by side on the path of cultivation.”


Qin Yi foolishly repeated after him.


Lu Heng again pulled Qin Yi under a big tree beside him: “Lay a Concealment Formation under the tree.”


Qin Yi did so.


Then Lu Heng, holding Qin Yi’s waist, jumped up to the thickest branch of the tree together.


It was not until Lu Heng began to untie Qin Yi’s trousers that he snapped out of his reverie: “Shi-Shixiong?”


“Since we lack time, we should use the fastest way to break through.”


At this time, whoever did not understand, was not a man. Qin Yi put his arm around Lu Heng’s waist and picked him up to sit on his lap.


Several crystal nuclei on the ground that were being used to arrange a formation emitted a faint light, but this light was soon buried under the rain of falling leaves. [T/N: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °) ]


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W base.


Two people were standing on the high tower. One was handsome and refined; the other one was fair and pretty.


“Why haven’t Yige and Little Mu returned yet?” Mu Fei kept looking out frequently with anxiety. He had wanted to follow Qin Yi and Lu Heng to kill the zombie king, but was refused. Lu Heng straightforwardly said that he was not strong enough to keep up with their speed.


In desperation, Mu Fei remained on the tower from the day they had left, hoping to find out as soon as possible when they return. Since yesterday, the zombie tide had gradually receded. Mu Fei knew that Qin Yi must have succeeded.


“Perhaps something went wrong.” Jiang Sile changed his normal mood and spoke in a cold voice.


“Little Le! What are you talking about?’


“Oh, when they set out, there was one thing I forgot to tell them.” Jiang Sile shrugged his shoulders. “The zombie king is a rare dual demon. If one is not careful, they would be caught off guard.”


“Jiang Sile! You’re crazy!” Mu Fei was both frightened and angry.


Jiang Sile covered his face and his shoulders trembled. Mu Fei thought he was regretting his actions and was going to say something, but he looked up. The pretty face wore an elated expression, and even the smile on the corners of his mouth did not fade.


‘Fear, anger and pain are delicious. All those who owe me, all the pain I have suffered, I will collect them one by one.’


Mu Fei also saw that Jiang Sile was not right, but it was totally different from the last time that he had transformed into a devil. Jiang Sile’s appearance was not any different. He was still red-lipped and white-toothed. He looked like someone from a rich family, loved and pampered.


“You, you are not Jiang Sile.” Mu Fei stepped back and took a defensive stance.


“Of course I’m Jiang Sile, brother Ah Mu. You saying that makes me sad.” Jiang Sile raised his eyebrows contemptuously. “When I feel sad, I feel like doing something to vent.”


Jiang Sile took a step forward. His face moved closer to Mu Fei and gently licked his lip. “You tell me, is it suitable to slaughter the lambs in this base to vent my feelings?”


Jiang Sile crushed the vines appearing from the ground with one foot, and black chains from the sky tied Mu Fei tightly.


“Brother Ah Mu, enjoy it here, the evil fruit you have created with your own hands.” Jiang Sile laughed and walked down the tower.


When he came down the tower, Jiang Sile stood still because he saw two people who shouldn’t be there.


The man standing in front, half of his face was wrapped in bandages, and his exposed right eye was like a sharp blade, fiercely piercing with its gaze. The latter held his sword in his hands, and when one looked closely, one could see that his muscles were tense, and the whole person was ready to pounce.


These two people, of course, were Qin Yi and Lu Heng.


This time, Qin Yi had not only succeeded in dispelling the demonic energy in his body, but also broke the barrier that had been obstructing him in the enclosed area of the formation. Spiritual energy and demonic energy originally complemented each other, just as there must be shadows under the light and ashes after the flames.


On the inner wall of the zombie’s nucleus, the engraved seals described the process of converting demonic energy into spiritual energy. As for how this method appeared on the inner wall of the crystal nucleus, Qin Yi asked Lu Heng.


Although Lu Heng was not sure, he also spoke out his own guesses. The world was conscious, and now the demonic energy from the other world had infected the whole world, trying to assimilate this plane with the demonic plane, the world’s consciousness will naturally not wait to die. This transformation was probably the act of self-preservation of the world’s consciousness.


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