How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 53.2

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Chapter 53.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (15.2)

Translated by: Niladri


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Clearly smelling the fragrance of meat, Qin Yi, who had eaten nothing, gobbled up an entire bowl of noodles, looking like a ravenous beast in the eyes of others. Seeing this, some of them fled upstairs in awkwardness. In the end, he heard some people ask doubtfully, “Should we cook a bowl of porridge?”


After having consumed a sufficient amount of food and drink, the two finally had the strength to work. In fact, studying the formation was mainly being done by Qin Yi. Lu Heng was cultivating beside him. The moment he discovered Qin Yi overusing his divine sense, he would snap him out of it.


They spent several days staying indoors. Finally, Qin Yi deciphered the patterns of the formation, which was the first step.


At that time, looking at the engravings on the crystal nucleus, Qin Yi already had a guess in his heart: “This is a formation of energy conversion.”


“The demonic energy being converted into spiritual power?” the conjecture in Lu Heng’s heart was proven to be true.


“I haven’t confirmed anything yet, but it should be something like that.” Qin Yi said.


This discovery, like a thread, connected together everything that happened upto this period. But before Lu Heng could untangle up the mess, there was a knock on the door.


“Brother Yi! Open the door quickly! Things are really bad!”


It was Jiang Sile. As soon as he came in, his face was full of anxiety, and he did not seem to have ulterior motives. He spoke directly, “Yige, I just had a dream. Two days later, the city will be besieged by zombies!”


Qin Yi and Lu Heng were shocked. Although Jiang Sile seemed somewhat different, he wouldn’t lie about it. There was no benefit in lying about it. It must be true.


Qin Yi hurried downstairs and called the people into the room: “Yu Shan, old Qian, go and find out the high-level speed ability users who are staying at the base to go out and scout the situation.”


A few hours later, the speed ability users’ reports were found to be in line with Jiang Sile’s statement. From all directions, a large number of zombies were pouring into the W base, and were expected to reach the area of W base in two days.


The way out in all directions had been cut off by the zombie tide. In addition, there were still a large number of logisticians and ordinary people in this base who were powerless. They could neither rush forward nor retreat backwards.


“Old Qian, Little He, Little Lin, you three go separately to inform the leaders of the three forces. Yu Shan, you go to inform the teams, and try to gather all the ability users in the base.”


Seven days later.


Qin Yi stood on the high tower in the outer wall of the base and watched the endless tide of zombies. Lu Heng stood by with his sword in his hand.


During these seven days, the Jian Dao team suffered heavy losses. Even though practicing cultivation prevented the ability users from being infected, there were still many people who received serious injuries and died. There was too much disparity in strength. The whole base was being defended by Jian Dao squad with some idle teams of ability user. 1


The three big shots who controlled W base left the base ten days ago and were said to have gone in order to attend an important meeting at A base. Qin Yi would be a fool to think it was a coincidence. Someone must be plotting behind this.


In fact, Lu Heng and Qin Yi suspected a person, but during this period, although they were busy studying the formation carved on the inner wall of the crystal nucleus, they did not relax their supervision on Jiang Sile. Jiang Sile had not left the base or even the small building for a long time.


But it was neither the time nor the place to delve into this matter. The most important matter at hand was how to solve the crisis of the zombie siege.


“Jiang Sile told me that he foresaw the reason for the siege of the city.” Qin Yi said, “The Zombie king.”


The Zombie King, an existence beyond the level nine zombies. All along, though, ability users had only known the level nine zombies to be the highest level zombies. But in theory, over such a long period of time, with the rate at which the zombies were evolving, there should be more than nine levels of zombies.


Now, the presumed Zombie king finally appeared, with a zombie army to boot, and the first prey under its fangs was W Base.


“Do you believe him?” Lu Heng asked.


“If we don’t believe him, what else can we do? This is the last way out. `Kill the Zombie king and this zombie army will naturally disperse.`” Qin Yi said, “Even if what he said was false, it’s no problem for me to retreat with an intact body.” 2


“I’ll go with you.”


It was not too late to hand over all the matters concerning the base to Yu Shan, and the two men set out to go to the hiding place of the zombie King mentioned by Jiang Sile.


With Qin Yi’s spiritual strength to explore the way, they tried to avoid the place where the zombies were gathered, but whenever they could not avoid it, they carved a bloody path.


“It’s right ahead. There is a very powerful energy response.” Qin Yi said.


In fact, barely had Qin Yi spoken, when even Lu Heng felt the demonic energy in the sky: “It is not converging at all, instead appearing to be beckoning us.”


When they looked at each other, they both understood the meaning in each other’s eyes. At this point, there was only one battle.


They thought they would have to expend a lot of effort to reach the zombie king, but unexpectedly, it went smoothly. It seemed that all the zombies along the way made way for them on their own initiative. Till they reached the zombie king, it was an empty battlefield, as if it knew that the low level zombies were only cannon fodder and could not pose any threat.


They were worried that the zombie king was already beginning to develop intelligence.


In the open space, the zombie standing was completely disfigured. It was huge, appearing to be about 3 to 4 meters tall. Its muscles were in tangles, and its limbs had no places that did not have rot. Lu Heng recognized at first glance, as it had been recorded in one of the classics in the sect, basics of demons.


The surface of its body had already begun to assimilate with the demonic energy.


As soon as the zombie king saw the two men, it growled in a low voice and charged. Although the zombie king was huge, its speed was not slow, and in a blink of an eye, it arrived in front of him. Lu Heng drew his sword to meet him, and the di chen sword blocked the huge claws.


Lu Heng was pushed back and slid back a long distance. What’s more terrible was that the di chen sword did not even leave a mark on the skin of the zombie king. This had never happened before.


A golden arrow of flame, seizing this opportunity, shot towards the eyes of the Zombie King. Qin Yi was now somewhat proficient in cultivating Samadhi fire and had mastered the elementary technique of flame manipulation. The Flame Arrow was a very practical move that could directly attack the weakness of the zombie.


The Zombie king was extremely protective towards his weaknesses. As soon as he saw the flame arrows coming, he raised his right hand and blocked the incoming projectile. The flame arrow was crushed by the zombie king, but it did not dissipate, and instead burned along with its palm.


When the zombie king saw this, a black qi gushed out from his mouth. After several clashes, the flame could not resist the black qi, and then it was extinguished.


“This devil has mastered the use of demonic energy, unlike ordinary zombies. I’m afraid that these attacks will not work!” Lu Heng drew a cut in the palm of his hand and fed the di chen sword his blood.


Lu Heng sensed several strong auras moving away from the city, and presumed that the zombie King had

called back the high level zombies responsible for the siege. The situation immediately became critical. He and Qin Yi were reluctant to waste time with the Zombie King. If they were faced with a few more high level zombies, they would be forced to retreat with tails between their legs.


A quick decision had to be made.


Over there, Qin Yi also sensed the arrival of high level zombies. He was a natural fighter, accustomed to the days of licking blood off knife-tip, and  guns and bullets. The more critical the situation was, the faster his brain turns. A method of killing the Zombie King was rapidly taking shape in Qin Yi’s mind.


“Buy me a little time and stall the Zombie King.” Regarding Lu Heng’s fighting power, Qin Yi was fully confident.


Lu Heng, in his heart knew that he should have found a method, and so he bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed (his blood) on the di chen sword. When the di chen sword was infused with the tempestuous power of lightning, its power was doubled.


The baby-faced young man’s long legs, like a compressed, robust spring, kicked hard on the ground, the whole person bolted like a cannonball,, pointing his sword towards the eyes of the zombie king.


After all, the Zombie King was huge, and Lu Heng moved as fast as lightning. It couldn’t hide, so it had to raise its big hand to block it.


But how could the power of this man and sword combination be compared with that of the flame arrow? The di chen sword instantly started to go through the giant palm, pierced through it, and ruthlessly penetrated into the huge red eyes.


Under the severe pain, the zombie retaliated with a great force, and Lu Heng was flung away with his sword. It was so powerful that Lu Heng had no time to change his momentum in the air, so he heavily smashed against a big tree behind him. The tree the man crashed into was shaken by the force, and a rain of leaves fell.


Lu Heng felt a rusty taste in his mouth, unsure if it was from biting his tongue, or from internal injuries. Lu Heng only felt a burst of darkness in front of his eyes. He propped himself up with the di chen sword. He had barely stood up, when he felt a sweetness rise from his throat and blood gushed out of his mouth. Lu Heng finally couldn’t support himself. He knelt on the ground on one leg and gasped violently.


The Zombie king had now recovered from the severe pain, and without high IQ, he subconsciously went to find the person who hurt himself the most. Seeing Lu Heng kneeling on the ground, shaking, it felt an urge to go over and slap the person who hurt him dead.


A translucent flame was ignited on the ground, which did not directly burn the zombie king’s unbreakable skin, but instead drew mysterious marks on the ground at a very fast speed.


Not far away, Qin Yi pressed on his own bleeding wound and stepped towards Lu Heng. Without the spiritual materials, he had to draw The Demon Subduing Formation with his own blood, and then ignite it with Samadhi fire. Fortunately, Lu Heng attracted the whole attention of the zombie king, so he had time to draw this formation.


The Demon Subduing Formation was completed. The Zombie king was trapped in the formation and could no longer approach Lu Heng. This was far from the power of this formation. The translucent flame followed along the blood trails to complete the final step. The flames could be seen rising from the ground to straight up to the sky. The power of Samadhi fire was amplified by who knew how many times, and the zombie king was tightly enveloped in them.


Qin Yi lifted Lu Heng with one hand, and the two men stood with their last bits of strength and carefully watched the zombie king who had burned into mass of fire in the formation.


As the flames faded away, the zombie king burnt into a dark, unidentified mass, as dead as possible. Only then did Lu Heng relax and sit on the ground, without even having the power to move.


“Are you all right?” Qin Yi asked.


Lu Heng shook his head and barely exerted a little strength to bandage Qin Yi. The wound on his hand was so deep that he kept bleeding out; making one unable to guess how much blood the man had lost.


Lu Heng dressed the wound and looked up to say something to Qin Yi. But suddenly his complexion changed and he used his hands to dodge.


Rolling aside, Lu Heng turned around and saw Qin Yi’s face been scratched by a rat-sized mutated beast’s claw. The wound was long and ran from his eyebrow to his jaw. Even under severe pain, Qin Yi still held the mutated beast in his grasp and burnt it to ashes.


This strange beast appeared from the abdomen of the zombie king, which avoided the perception of the two people and the Samadhi fire, and survived to the present, stumping the duo at the last moment.


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