How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 53.1

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Chapter 53.1

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (15.1)

Translated by: Niladri


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Qin Yi remained at the Song family to negotiate. Lu Heng saw that it had nothing to do with him, so he greeted Qin Yi and left. Seeing Lu Heng’s fierce attack just now, no one in the Song family dared to stop him.


Back in his room, Lu Heng took out the crystal nucleus obtained from the demonized Pan Rongxi. This was the nucleus of the healer zombie in the cave, but the edges and corners were somewhat rounded and its shape looked like a neidan pearl.


Was there some difference between spontaneous awakening and awakening through nucleus? Lu Heng didn’t know much about the awakening of abilities. He happened to hear movement next door. It was Qin Yi who had returned. Lu Heng grabbed the crystal nucleus and the storage bag and knocked on Qin Yi’s door.


The door was unlocked. Qin Yi let Lu Heng in directly.


As soon as he entered, Lu Heng saw Mu Fei and Jiang Sile. It seems that Mu Fei had heard about Pan Rongxi.


Qin Yi saw Lu Heng come in and gestured the latter to sit beside him.


“So, the situation at that time was like this. As for the cause of Pan Rongxi’s sudden infection, it is still under investigation.” Qin Yi said.


Mu Fei looked distraught. After all, he had taken care of the other person for several years. It was hard for him to accept such an abrupt accident.


Jiang Sile patted Mu Fei on the shoulder in a comforting manner, but Mu Fei grasped him tightly as if seeking some comfort.


“Ah Mu and I will go down first.” Jiang Sile said. He nodded to Lu Heng and led Mu Fei away.


“It’s so strange that he could mutate so quickly even if he was accidentally infected by the demonic energy of Song Kunyu’s wound in the course of treatment.” Qin Yi said after hearing Jiang Sile’s voice downstairs.


“I found this in Pan Rongxi’s dantian.” Lu Heng brought out the crystal nucleus. “What is the method of awakening through the crystal nucleus?”


Qin Yi took over the crystal nucleus and looked at it. “I’m not too clear on the specifics. I heard people saying that they swallowed the crystal nucleus directly. If they were lucky, they would awaken their abilities.”


Hearing this, Lu Heng understood somewhat. The self-awakened ability and the awakening through the nucleus were two distinct paths of cultivation. Self-awakened ability was to activate the spiritual roots in the body, by absorbing the spiritual energy in a nucleus, and slowly condensing the inner neidan. And through nucleus awakening, the nucleus was directly poured into dantian, and then the dantian uses this to absorb spiritual cultivation and increase level.


Lu Heng explained these points to Qin Yi, and he immediately understood: “The matter of Pan Rongxi is probably related to the crystal nucleus.”


Lu Heng nodded. “How is your current spiritual cultivation? Is there any way to find out what’s inside the nucleus?”


Qin Yi shook his head: “There’s no guarantee. In case of a failure, the only clue will be gone, and it’s not worth it.”


“Then we can only rely on these.” Lu Heng poured a large pile of nuclear debris from his storage bag onto the table.


The two men bitterly played jigsaw puzzle assembling in the room. The whole crystal nucleus was only the size of peach seed, small or even the size of jujube seed, and had transparent appearance. It was impossible to assemble these fragments into complete nuclei only following the faint lines on them.


Fortunately, both Lu Heng and the other person knew the basic method of manipulation of the divine sense, used it to trace the lines, and then pieced them together. Although it was difficult, they managed to make some progress slowly.


Hard work eventually pays off. Working overnight, they finally pieced together a few complete crystal nucleii.


Lu Heng carefully placed the crystal nuclei they had glued together. When he relaxed, a profound sense of fatigue swept over. Lu Heng did not care about anything else. He fell on a big bed beside him, and his consciousness fell into darkness.


When Lu Heng woke up, he felt that his temple was somewhat swollen, which was the side effect of excessive use of divine sense. He moved, tried to sit up, but felt a tight grip on his waist. Only then did the half-asleep Lu Heng discovered that he had a warm body behind him, and the other person’s constant breathing on the back of his neck, which brought a feeling of numbness.


Sensing the familiar atmosphere, even without looking back, Lu Heng knew who it was. Qin Yi’s breathing was still steady and he appeared to be in deep sleep. Qin Yi’s control of divine sense was far better than his own, so majority of the work of piecing together the fragments was done by him, and it has not fully recovered yet.


Lu Heng lay beside the floor to ceiling window, and the curtain was pulled up, leaving only a layer of white gauze covering it 1. Due to the moon in the sky, Lu Heng saw that it was already dusk and he had slept through the afternoon. The setting sun dyed the white gauze into a golden red color, and painted the whole room into a warm color.


After coming into this apocalypse, incident after incident had taken place, and Lu Heng did not have a good rest for a long time. Now the atmosphere was too warm, coupled with the sense of belonging and warmth brought by the person behind him. Listening to the regular breathing sound in his ear, Lu Heng unknowingly fell asleep.


Opening his eyes again, there was no light outside. Lu Heng turned over and found that Qin Yi was half-awake, sitting on the bed, dazedly looking at his face illuminated by the dim bedside lamps.


Lu Heng sat up and asked, “What time is it now?”


Qin Yi blinked and seemed to have recovered. He reached out and brushed Lu Heng’s messy, curly hair. “It’s almost dawn. Want to sleep again? ”


Lu Heng shook his head and crossed his legs to jumpstart his awareness, but he heard Qin Yi sigh helplessly.


Lu Heng looked at him doubtfully.


“The first time I slept with my sweetheart, I only slept, and now I would definitely be laughed at by my brothers in the team.” Qin Yi said.


“What can you do to avoid being laughed at?”


Qin Yi was only joking casually, but he did not expect his honest shixiong to throw out such a question. He would definitely be a fool if he didn’t make use of this opportunity.


“Of course, I can do something.”


Qin Yi gently grasped the back of Lu Heng’s neck and brought him closer.


The distance between their lips kept shortening and so did the distance between their hearts.


After the kiss, Qin Yi looked at the red lips of the other person and couldn’t help but touch them lightly with his finger. “Shixiong, what do you think of our experiment’s results?”


Lu Heng immediately understood what he meant: “The path of the sword isn’t the only thing that I want to pursue.”


Someone was gently pressed on the bed; the disorderly bed became even more disorderly. It was unknown who was who, but their breathing kept getting louder and louder.


A dull sound of metal colliding sounded, as the belt was unfastened.


“Shidi.” Someone’s hand was held down. “We can’t go any further before we formally become dao companions.”


Qin Yi’s head was buried in Lu Heng’s neck, heavily panting. Lu Heng put his left hand on his back and found that his back muscles were tense, as if they were desperately suppressing themselves.


A moment later, Qin Yi sat up and apologized, “Sorry, I was too impulsive.”


Lu Heng shook his head, and saw that Qin Yi had some worries on his face. He soothed him by saying, “Yang Yuan is very important for practitioners. If you have not worshipped the dao of Heaven, you will lose your Yang Yuan and waste it.”


Qin Yi’s expression twisted for a moment, and finally he could not help but throw Lu Heng, who had just sat up, back into the bed and buried his head in his neck and said, laughing, “Shixiong, why are you so cute?”


Outside, the sky began to brighten, and the ambiguous atmosphere in the room dissipated. After they got up and washed, Lu Heng and his companion picked up the fruits of their labour of previous night.


The lines on the inner wall of each nucleus were exactly the same. This was not a random pattern. Lu Heng pinched up a patchwork nucleus and observed it carefully against the light source. He kept feeling a sense of familiarity with this pattern.


“Wait up.” Qin Yi took the crystal nucleus and said, “When I copy it with my divine sense and draw it on paper, you can see it again. It’s not that hard.”


Sure enough, when the pattern was drawn on white paper, it looked much clearer.


Lingyuan locating major array, Auxiliary stalactite array.


Lu Heng finally remembered where he had seen this familiar pattern. Even if there were some differences, Lu Heng was certain that this was the same thing as the lines engraved on the stone walls to draw the array.


“The engraving on the inner wall of the nucleus is an array formation.” Lu Heng said.


“What.” Qin Yi said, “How can this thing formed in the brain of a corpse have formations engraved? What is the formation?”


“This formation should be the key to the reason for appearance of the spiritual crystal nucleus in the demons’ bodies. It’s just that I have never studied such a method before.” Lu Heng thought about it and rummaged through his storage bag.




Qin Yi caught what Lu Heng had thrown. When he looked carefully, he found that it was a Jade slip with the four words “Summary of Array formations” written on it.


Qin Yi grinned bitterly: “I’m not very good at using my brain.”


“Integration with method has nothing to do with IQ. It relies on divine sense and comprehension.” Lu Heng added, “Sometimes people with simple minds have better comprehension.”


With a feeling of being subtly looked down at by his sweetheart for his IQ, Qin Yi put the jade slip on his forehead. After one glance, his mind was immersed in it.


Lu Heng saw Qin Yi’s face and knew that this method was indeed suitable for him. Those formidable strategists of the heavenly masters sect were all born with strong divine sense, so Lu Heng could firmly believe that Qin Yi would certainly have a good harvest.


It was several hours before Qin Yi pulled his mind out of the vast world of formations and tactics. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a table full of biscuit bags and Lu Heng in front of him.


“Do you want to eat or not?” Lu Heng handed over a package of biscuits.


Qin Yi touched his head and said, “I’ll get you something to eat.”


“No, I’m full. Let’s get down to business first.”


Qin Yi had gone to the door, but hearing Lu Heng speak, he turned back: “I haven’t gone out for two days. If I don’t go out now, I fear my brothers will think I died suddenly in the room.”


However, Qin Yi, who came downstairs, did not expect to be greeted with the strange look of “the herbivore boss was really a beast, eating for two days- a full 48 hours”. Only then did Qin Yi remember that his relationship with Lu Heng had never been concealed. It was normal for these people to think so.


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