How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (14)

Translated by: Niladri


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Pan Rongxi’s ability improved very fast, since healing was hard only at the beginning. Once awakened, heaps of crystal nuclei were required to level up. It was not a combat system power anyway. It din’t require battle awareness or anything like that. And one could say that for healing ability users, the crystal nuclei were the objects they were least likely to lack. After all, what is a high level nucleus compared with one’s own life?1


With the situation like this, Qin Yi positioned Yu Shan at Pan Rongxi’s side. He called it protection, even though it was actually surveillance. After all, Pan Rongxi was a man with an impure mindset and could not be taken lightly.


Only, nobody expected that an accident would happen so quickly.

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On this day, Lu Heng was practicing the sword in the courtyard, while Qin Yi was exercising his mind.


Old Qian pushed the door in and said, “Boss, the Song family head wants to see you, claiming that there is an urgent matter.”


Qin Yi opened his eyes and said, “Let them in.”


Lu Heng also took his sword and sat beside Qin Yi.


The person who came was the Song family head, Song Youren. He had completely lost his usual calm and unfathomable appearance. As soon as he entered the courtyard, he rushed directly to Qin and his pace was flustered. “Leader Qin, please save the dog’s life! No matter what your conditions are, the Song family promises to fulfill them!”


It turned out that Song Kunyu considered his ability’s level to be of sufficient. He took a team of ability users and went out to hunt zombies. However, he chose a level nine zombie without much consideration, had his left arm bitten off by the zombie. Thanks to the efforts of his team members, his life was saved.


Fortunately, one of the ice type ability users in the team froze his wound and prevented further infection. It’s just that when Song Kunyu had returned to the base with his life, there were no high level healing ability users, only the fate of becoming a zombie awaited him.


Currently among the high level healing ability users in W base, there was only Pan Rongxi under Qin Yi.


Qin Yi did not say a word. He just bent his fingers and knocked on the stone table.


Song Youren knew at one glance that this boss Qin would not release the hawk until he saw the hare2, but his only son’s life was in danger, and he had to clench his teeth and cut out the meat. He took out a piece of paper from his pocket: “This is a list of things for exchange.”


Qin Yi took over the list, swept a look over it roughly, and then instructed old Qian, “Call Pan Rongxi over.”


Qin Yi and his party followed Song Youren to the Song family house. After all, the jian dao team and the Song family were only harmonious on the surface, but in private, the tides were turbulent. If some enemy were to attack the base, they needed the absolute deterrence of Qin Yi’s strength.


Song Kunyu lay on the sofa in the lobby on the first floor, his left hand missing, showing parts of the wounds, his whole arm covered with frost, and his skin was frozen and blue. The physiques of the ability users were much stronger than that of the ordinary people. Even at this point, Song Kunyu could not pass out and had to bite his teeth to endure inhuman torture.


Seeing Song Youren leading Qin Yi’s party into the door, his eyes suddenly brightened up: “Dad, did the ability user arrive? Let him come!”


Song Youren turned to Qin Yi and said, “Sorry, my dog son is rude.”


“Go on.” Qin Yi did not talk much nonsense and nodded to Pan Rongxi.


Pan Rongxi was a person who could assess the present situation. Although his healing abilities made him precious in everyone’s eyes, but without the the jian dao team sheltering him, he would be a piece of fat meat that everyone wanted a bite of. So he never dared to object to Qin Yi’s orders. Besides, when this task would be completed, he would also earn a lot of contribution points.


As soon as Pan Rongxi sat down, Song Kunyu grasped him tightly like grasping a straw to save his life: “If you can cure me, I will give you whatever you want!”


Pan Rongxi gave him a soothing smile: “Song Da shao jokes. I am simply doing the task that Leader Qin asked me to do, and leader Qin would definitely reward me upon completing the task.”


Afterwards, Pan Rongxi said to the ice ability user beside him, “Please remove the frost from his arm.”


As soon as the frost on the hand thawed, the Black Mist began to hover over the wound, and it slowly started to spread upward.


Song Kunyu panicked at one glance: “Quick! Quick! What are you stunned about?’


Pan Rongxi was not upset. He put his hand over the wound and started emanating a white light. Under the influence of the white light, the spreading momentum of the black fog was stopped immediately. But the power of these level nine zombies was much stronger than that of ordinary zombies. For a moment, the white light couldn’t keep up with the black fog.


Beads of sweat oozed from Pan Rongxi’s forehead, and he felt somewhat powerless. However, this was the Song family, and the treatment could absolutely not to go wrong. He gritted his teeth and fully squeezed out his abilities.


Pan Rongxi’s efforts were still effective. The white light on his hands appeared to be more and more dazzling, and the black fog, unable to resist, slowly faded into the wound. The black fog appeared to be just about to be expelled from Song Kunyu’s body. At this moment, the abnormality erupted.


Pan Rongxi suddenly uttered a painful sigh. Concerned about Song Youren who was sitting on a chair, he rampantly squeezed out his powers without much consideration.


Barely a moment later, Pan Rongxi penetrated Song Kunyu’s chest, pulled out his beating heart and started gnawing on it. Pan Rongxi’s appearance at this time was a mutated zombie with sharp claws and saliva dripping from mouth.


Song Youren retreated in surprise and fell to the ground. Pan Rongxi, no, now that was already a zombie. The zombie was attracted by the noise. Looking back, he saw Song Youren sprawled on the ground, and tried to bite him. Fortunately, Qin Yi and Lu Heng reacted very quickly. One person’s sword blocked the claws that attacked Song Youren, and one person’s moved his hands and conjured a fireball.


Following a period of chaos, Pan Rongxi’s mutated zombie body was eventually chopped by Lu Heng with his sword.


On the other side, Qin Yi was negotiating with Song Youren, who was enraged at the loss of his only son, and Lu Heng was not in the mood to pay attention to them. He began to examine the body of the devil on the ground. This mutation came too fast. It wasn’t normal.

But no matter what, the person on the ground was his acquaintance not long ago. It was still a bit of a psychological barrier for Lu Heng to crack open his skull for examination. Thinking about it, Lu Heng chose to use the divine sense to check. Although he wasn’t very good at it, a rough look inside was still possible.


One glance and Lu Heng was shocked. The devil Pan Rongxi mutated into had an empty brain, but there was foreign object in the abdomen, that is, inside the Dantian. Before he could start, he started to observe the movement of the people around him, and he saw that everyone’s attention was on Song Youren and Qin Yi, no one was paying attention to this side. Lu Heng took out the dagger, prepared his mind, and quickly removed the foreign object from Pan Rongxi’s dantian.


Sure enough, it was a nucleus, but the appearance of the nucleus was somewhat different from that of the nuclei taken out from the brain of the zombies.


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  1. Well, I still kinda feel bad for PR, despite his black lotus personality.
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    1. It seems so. But this nucleus is probably the one that Jiang Sile gave as a “gift of reconcilation”. Remember how he “miraculously” became kind and considerate?

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