How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 46.1

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Chapter 46.1The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (8.1)

Translated by: Niladri


Recap: our ML (QY’s) team has cleared the mission, and have returned to their base. LH has taught QY cultivation, and has now joined the team. JS was demoted to a 3rd class logistician, but managed to keep his value by attributing his rebirth knowledge to precognition ability. PR was a sinister black lotus person who managed to trick MF into abandoning his lover, JS. JS now wants vengeance and wishes to hug QY’s thighs. QY was revealed to be W base’s de facto leader.

Qin Yi: ML
Jiang Sile: rebirthed side character, first lover of Mu Fei in last life, betrayed by Pan Rongxi in last life
Abilities: Unknown
Extra: Present owner of lingyuan
Mu Fei: Loved Jiang Sile in last life,was deceived by Pan Rongxi
Abilities: Wood
Pan Rongxi: Conniving side character, second lover of Mu Fei in last life
Abilities: Healing in last life, none currently
Yunlan: Our current MC, Lu Heng.
Abilities: Spiritual Cultivation
Extra: Holder of di-chen sword.


The predecessor of W survivor base was a colossal army base located in W military region. The W Military Region was the largest military region in China at that time. It had the greatest army base under its jurisdiction. It was extensive in scale and could accommodate tens of thousands of people. After the advent of the apocalypse, the troops stationed there had also been infected. It’s just that the soldiers were disciplined, and the infected people put a bullet into themselves at the last minute. Therefore, even in the most chaotic period of time, the army base was still in good order and all kinds of facilities were well preserved.

Ultimately, only a few hundred remained of the ten thousand troops stationed here. And more than half of these few hundred people came from jian dao special forces. Before Qin Yi retired, he had served in the jian dao squadron. He was the head of the army, the spiritual leader of the whole jian dao squadron. Even after his retirement, no one could fill his shoe for a while.

After the apocalypse arrived, Qin Yi was worried about the comrades-in-arms who followed him with their lives on the line, took in a group of retired comrades, and tried every means to return to the W base. Later, the W Survivor Base was gradually developed with jian dao squadron as the foundation.

As the founder of the base, the jian dao squadron occupied the best part of the base. In the erstwhile W Army base, there was a block of bungalows for the senior family members to live in. This area had a three-storey building with a small courtyard.

In Qin Yi’s small building, the few people he had a close relationship with him in his group, were staying. Qin Yi had a strong sense of territory and lived alone on the third floor.

Now in the small building, Lu Heng was a new resident.  Jiang Sile, who was responsible for logistics, wanted to lead Lu Heng to the second floor, when he heard Qin Yi say, “Wait a minute, isn’t the second floor filled up?”

“Pan Rongxi’s roommate recently transferred to the dao san squad as team leader, and the bed just freed up.” Jiang Sile answered.

Pan Rongxi? In fact, by letting Lu Heng be Pan Rongxi’s roommate, he could also pay more attention to the latter, this was killing two birds with one stone. But Qin felt inexplicably discomfited at the thought of Pan Rongxi’s fair skin, delicate and weak manner, and his soft voice.

“No, he will live next to me.” Qin Yi said, “It’s a waste to leave the room empty.”

All the people present looked at each other the moment boss Qin said that it was a waste to leave the room empty. Two of them were anxious enough to hold their heads and start crying. For quite some time, there had not been enough room. They had to squeeze two men of 1.8 meters into a single bed for several months. They never saw Mr. Qin give up a room on the third floor.

Qin Yi did not care what these people thought. He happily led Lu Heng to the third floor. How can you keep your cat by someone else’s side?

Qin Yi pushed open the door adjacent to his room: “This will be your room from now on.”

After thinking about it, Lu Heng familiarized himself with the modern facilities in the adjacent room. In the apocalypse, there was no television network or anything like that. The most modern would probably be the electric lights and bathrooms.

Qin Yi led Lu Heng into the bathroom and showed him how to use the shower and toilet. Seeing Lu Heng staring at the faucet with some novelty, he explained with great care: “This water flows in from the reservoir in the base through the pipeline. Every day, the reservoir has water-based ability users supplementing the clean water, so don’t worry about running out.”

“You’ll take a shower later and change into clean clothes to rest.” Qin Yi said, but looked at Lu Heng embroidered with delicate moired clothing. Lu Heng’s manner of dressing, on the way back, made him baptized by countless people’s gazes. Qin Yi had a faint feeling of having his pet cat being peeped at by others.

Qin Yi had always been the kind of person who took action.

Lu Heng was bewildered while holding a pile of clothes. Just now the man hurried out of the room and soon came in again and stuffed him with a pile of clothes.

“This is?”

“I don’t see much difference in height between us. I haven’t worn these clothes much. You can put them on without hesitation.”

“Oh.” Thinking of when he had left the sect’s gates, he had indeed been too hasty. He only had the clothes he wore. Lu Heng promised earnestly. Although there were cleaning techniques, but wearing the same suit of clothes for ten days to half a month, Lu Heng still could not accept it psychologically.

But looking at Qin Yi’s flickering look, Lu Heng laughed in his heart. New clothes or whatever, this person should certainly have, but he deliberately did not take it out.

After taking a bath, Lu Heng sat cross-legged on the bed and stared at the colorful nuclei in front of him, which he exchanged for his contribution points. Logistics personnel responsible for the exchange probably did not see anyone who could utilize crystal nuclei of every attribute. After confirming the same answer three times, they gave Lu Heng a strange look.

Lu Heng didn’t want these nuclei for self-cultivation. When he first saw them in Pan Rongxi’s hands, he felt something wrong.

The zombies were birthed by demonic energy. How could the crystal nucleus, which contained pure spiritual energy, be produced in the brain of this demon brimming with demonic energy?

Lu Heng grabbed a crystal nucleus and examined it carefully. He found that it was indeed infused with a very pure spiritual energy. Although not much, but in regards to the locations of remnant spiritual energy in this plane, the lingyuan was supposed to be the only source of spiritual energy.

Could it be that the demonic energy could be converted to spiritual energy? Lu Heng brought the transparent crystal nucleus in front of his eyes and inspected carefully. Due to the lighting, he seemed to catch a faint pattern on the inner wall. Lu Heng tried to split the divine sense into a thread, trying to trace the trajectory of this pattern. Although, this splitting of sense required a very high degree of control, this body’s level of control over its senses, if scored, would be a very high one.

All he heard was a bang. Lu Heng’s crystal nucleus exploded into dust particles.

Lu Heng fell silent. What should be done? The tracings on the inner wall of the crystal nucleus were very interesting.

“What happened!”

Lu Heng looked back and saw that Qin Yi pushed the door and rushed in. His hair was wet, and there were still foam suds on him. His upper body was stark naked, showing a pair of sturdy pectoral muscles and eight sturdy abdominal muscles. The beautiful mermaid line failed to be hidden by the camouflage trousers.

It seemed that he was in the shower when he heard the noise and rushed over in a hurry.

It’s not surprising, then, that the front door was not closed. 1

Qin Yi looked at Lu Heng’s scorching gaze with which the latter kept staring at him. He scratched his head with embarrassment. “I was just taking a bath and had no time to put on my coat. But we are both men, there’s nothing to avoid.”

“Blue.” Lu Heng said.

“Eh?” Qin Yi did not understand for a moment, but he followed Lu Heng’s gaze.

This moment was probably the most humiliating moment in the nearly 30 years of life of boss Qin. In fact, not closing the front door was not a big deal. Everyone was a man. Smile freely, say thank you for reminding me and zip up, and the matter was resolved. Afterwards, Qin Yi recalled that he had rushed away to wash the foam from his head as some bubbles might have accidentally percolated into his brain.

Boss Qin’s reaction was like this:

He had covered his crotch with one hand, then turned and rushed out of the room, fleeing from Lu Heng out of shame and indignation.

Could it be said that in the past life, his desires and mannerisms were too restrained, and this time, with reversed personality, the expression was doubly abundant? Lu Heng wondered in his heart.

NILADRI: With my real life once again becoming hectic, and will only continue to become more thanks to final year college exams and upcoming job stuff, I would only be able to translate at a pace like this. Maybe I will do a few more sponsored releases at May-June, if someone supports me then. But schedule remains 1-2 chapters (double length i.e. 5k+ words) per month.
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