How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 44.1

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Chapter 44.1

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (6.1)

Translated by: Niladri

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The two person team of Qin Yi drove in the direction Pan Rongxi had said, but they did not see half a trace of Jiang Sile or Mu Fei. Seeing that it was getting dark, there was no way to find them.


Worried about his two childhood friends, Qin Yi seemed anxious. He clenched his fist of his right hand and smashed it hard on the steering wheel: “Damn it!”


“You try to search the neighborhood with your divine sense.” Lu Heng said.


“Divine sense?” Qin Yi did not understand.


“That’s what you call psychic power.”


“No, I just tried. They don’t seem to be around here.” Qin Yi had searched for them with his psychic power before leaving. It could be assumed that with Jiang Sile’s spatial storage power’s superb transporting features, two people had run quite far.


“Your method of using psychic power is too crude.” Lu Heng picked up a piece of Jade from his small parcel and threw it to Qin Yi. “Stick it on his forehead and probe it with your psychic power.”


Qin Yi stopped the car and did as Lu Heng instructed. Within the Jade Slip, there was a method of manipulating the divine sense. Although there was a great deal of information, it was not too difficult to be comprehended by Qin Yi, a psychic ability user.


“There is qi in the body of the ability users. And wherever they go, if they do not intentionally conceal, there will be traces of qi left behind.” Lu Heng saw Qin Yi accept the instructions on the Jade Bamboo Slip and instructed, “You try sensing the traces left by Mu Fei’s qi.”


Qin Yi closed his eyes and, according to the Jade Bamboo Slip, split the spiritual force into fine silk threads, wove them into a big net and spread it out slowly. The spiritual power divided into filaments was more sensitive to the perception of qi. The remnant qi that hadn’t dispersed, the powers of ability users, the demonic energy of the zombies, all appeared vividly.


“Found it.” Among the innumerable strands of remant qi, Qin Yi found the strand of light green, belonging to the qi from Mu Fei’s wood abilities. It’s just that the direction the qi indicated, was somewhat different from what Pan Rongxi said.


Qin Yi started his car and turned around to follow the qi. They had only driven a few meters, when the car slammed sharply and then abruptly stopped.


“It’s better you follow Mu Fei’s qi. This controlling method is too distracting. I’m afraid I’ll drive the car into a ditch while I’m tracking it.” Qin Yi squarely stepped on the brake with his right foot, and said this.


“I’m a Kendo practitioner and I’m not good at manipulating divine sense.” Lu Heng was silent for a while, and finally said the thing he was reluctant to say, since saying it would mean losing face. 1


Kendo was one of the best ways to understand the supreme and pure meaning of sword. The more one focused, the more powerful the sword would be. Therefore, people who practiced Kendo usually relied on the sword. They did not know how to use divine sense, as their divine sense was entirely wrapped around the sword.


“Then you drive.” Qin Yi saw Lu Heng a little awkward, and hurried to say the next solution.


Lu Heng was even more unhappy. He kept silent and just stared at Qin Yi.


Qin Yi saw Lu Heng’s accusation in his eyes, which reflected that he had not even eaten instant noodles before, how could he drive: “I will teach you how. You are quite agile, this automatic car will be a piece of cake.”


Now there was no time for Qin Yi to explain what the throttle was and what the brake was, and then slowly make him understand. Driving was the quickest way to do this. [T/N: Never drive without license]


Qin Yi directly put Lu Heng in the driver’s seat, grabbed his wrist and poured in his spiritual strength. Emotion sharing, this was the technique that he just learned in that Jade Slip’s instructions. Through spiritual power, he could share his own memories and feelings with the other party. Qin Yi shared his memories and feelings about driving, with Lu Heng.


Soaring ten thousand feet above. At this moment, one could only use these words to describe Lu Heng’s state of mind. He suddenly grasped Qin Yi’s hand.


Everyone’s divine senses were different, because the divine sense was the external manifestation of the soul. On the contrary, as long as one had the same spirit, their divine sense must be same. Although Lu Heng had guided Qin Yi into the door of cultivation with divine sense before, but back then Qin Yi’s qi was only running passively, without any distinct impression of spirit.


It was different this time. As soon as Qin Yi’s divine sense penetrated, Lu Heng recognized the familiar spirit.


“Shi…” 2


{Warning, warning! OOC Critical Level Warning! Little Lu, calm, it will be hard to meet after being kicked out! } The little assistant jumped out at a critical moment.


Qin Yi looked at him with some doubts.


“Shi… Shidi 3, don’t put divine sense into other cultivators at will. Lu Heng loosened his hand. “It may cause spontaneous counterattack of the other party’s consciousness.”


“… To have to call you senior apprentice brother on this day.” Qin Yi was choked severely. Whether it was in the college or later enrolled in the army, he had always been called elder brother by others. He didn’t realize that he would have a day when he would be addressed as Shidi.

Lu Heng quickly mastered the driving skills and they set off again. But Lu Heng kept feeling a little difficulty in concentrating; his eyes kept subconsciously drifting to the side. Fortunately, in order to concentrate on tracking the traces of qi, Qin Yi closed his eyes, or else the little assistant would jump out to warn OOC.


“Got it!” Qin Yi opened his eyes. “They are in front of Q County.”


Q County was a small town that has not yet been cleaned up. It was located in a remote area and traffic was inconvenient. This place was completely surrounded by mountains. Whether entry or exit, one could only pass through a narrow Panshan Highway 4. After the outbreak of the apocalypse virus, the whole county was equivalent to being a locked box with only one crack. Very few people escaped. Even those lucky enough to awaken their powers died in the sea of zombies and eventually became one of them.


The ability users transforming into a zombie were stronger and evolved faster. The special situation of Q County made it one of several famous dangerous areas. It was rumored that the leader of the Q County zombie horde was a level nine psychic zombie.


Psychic zombies were not fast, their strength wasn’t noteworthy, and had no hard skin that bullets couldn’t penetrate. But it was the last zombie anyone wanted to encounter. Mental shock and mind control made it far more dangerous than any other class of zombie of the same level.


Qin Yi immediately inferred that Jiang Sile must have come to the grain depot of Q County. Q County was easy to defend and difficult to attack. In the strategic design of this area, it was a fortress-like existence when it needed to be defended in wartime. Therefore, the there was a large grain depot in Q County. With the apocalypse, Q County had quickly been reduced to a gathering place of zombies, this grain depot remained untouched.


The reasons were explained to Lu Heng, and both of them arrived at the starting point of Panshan Highway entering Q County. But on the Panshan Highway, there was a dense crowd of zombies.


Lu Heng stepped on the brake with one foot. Fortunately, the distance was long enough to avoid attracting the attention of the zombies.


“Restrain your breath.”


Although not accustomed to thinking in the way of cultivators, Qin Yi also responded very quickly to Lu Heng’s words and practiced the technique of breath restraining.


They got out of the car and found a hiding place.


“The situation is not very good. It seems that more than half of the zombies in Q County are concentrated here.” Qin Yi probed a little.


“I think there’s a strong qi around here.” Lu Heng’s intuition warned him.


Although Qin Yi did not detect anything, he did not know why but he believed in Lu Heng’s intuition. Sure enough, under further careful nvestigation, Qin Yi found something unusual.


“That level nine zombie seems to be around here.” Qin Yi said, “This level nine zombie has always stayed in the nest and never went anywhere. How could it suddenly run outside of Q County?”


However, Qin Yi could not give much thought to it. He felt that Mu Fei’s qi was somewhat strange: “No, Mu Fei is in danger.”


NILADRI : Sorry this half did not have much content. I’ll try to do next chapter tomorrow as soon as I can.

Do tell me if the things like zombies or ability users or divine sense are too confusing, in which case I will make explanations for Arc 2 and Arc 3.


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