How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 43.2

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Chapter 43.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (5.2)

Translated by: Niladri

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Jiang Sile was sleeping near the entrance. Lu Heng pulled out the item attached with the red thread around his neck. It was a jade pendant. It didn’t seem to have any special features, it was pretty ordinary. This jade pendant was only used as a medium to enter mustard seed space. It did not need any special materials. At most, it was resilient and difficult to break.


Lu Heng tried to find a trace of spiritual energy in the jade pendant. He wanted to confirm whether the jade pendant required simple blood dripping or soul identification. If it was the former, it would not be taking much effort to bypass the ownership matter; if it was the latter, it would be troublesome.


Regarding being soul bound, unless the owner wished for it, no one could take anything out. Even if the owner of the Jade pendant was killed, the mustard seed space would be destroyed.

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This spiritual power had merely contacted the Jade pendant, and it had not percolated deeply yet. Jiang Sile’s eyes slammed open, and his eyes shone with red glow as blood in the darkness. Without saying anything, Jiang Sile reached out and grasped at Lu Heng, with a cold light glinting off his fingers. His nails shot up several inches in an instant, like five daggers, flashing across Lu Heng’s stomach while trying to assault him.


Lu Heng reacted very quickly, and the wooden sword behind him fell into his palm in an instant. Lu Heng pushed the wooden sword across his chest and with a huge force pushed him directly out of the tent. In order not to hurt the sleeping people in the camp, Lu Heng led Jiang Sile out of the village.


Although Lu Heng was fast, the man behind him is faster. As soon as he went out of the village, Lu Heng felt the wind rushing from behind him. He took advantage of the opportunity and turned his head to the side to dodge. The claw grazed his cheek and cut off several strands of his hair.


Demon. Unlike those who were infected by magic, this was a pure demon from the demon plane. How could there be demonic energy in Jiang Sile? The passage between this plane and the demon plane had been sealed for millions of years. Although the recent leakage has caused magic to overflow, it was still more than enough to prevent the demons from smuggling in.


After several exchanges, Lu Heng found that the demon was a bit weak. If it had been a demon with normal strength, Lu Heng could hardly make a move with his hands. Because even though Lu was powerful, the gap between the lower plane and the higher plane was like a canyon, which was insurmountable.


Even so, Lu Heng was caught in a bitter struggle. The demon was not weak, Lu Heng had his hands and feet tied, afraid of accidentally destroying Jiang Sile’s body, which would lead to the mustard space being blown into bits.


After a few more moves, Lu Heng finally revealed a flaw to the demon. According to the claw’s motion, it would have definitely landed on Lu Heng’s back.


At the crucial moment, there was a glimmer of light on the horizon. It was dawn. The demon went stiff and Lu Heng managed to keep himself safe. The demon stopped chasing, turned and ran back to the camp.


When Lu Heng returned to the camp, the people were still sleeping. He went into Jiang Sile’s tent and took a look at it. He found that he had recovered the ordinary person’s appearance. Lu Heng was afraid to move the jade pendant again for fear of releasing the demon once again.




AdvertisementLu Heng sat in the back seat of the car, away from the Qin Yi in the middle, secretly looking at Jiang Sile who was dozing by the window with the corner of his eye. He seemed quite normal. He didn’t have demonic energy. He didn’t seem to be possessed by demons. Where did the demon come from? Lu Heng glanced at the location of the Jade pendant and had a guess in his heart.


After thinking about it, Lu Heng suddenly felt his palm was stuffed with something. He looked down and saw that it was a small packet of biscuits.


“Are you hungry? You’ve been looking around all the time.” Qin Yi said.


“No.” It is not long before lunch, how can you be hungry? Your stomach is not bottomless. Lu Heng felt a little helpless. Why did this man always seize the opportunity to stuff himself with food?


Advertisement“It’s all right. Eat it. Keep following me and you won’t be hungry.” It’s embarrassing that Qin Yi only acted like this with Lu Heng.


Lu Heng was compelled to unpack the packet and stuffed a piece into his mouth. Oh, delicious indeed!


Lu Heng, immersed in delicious food, relaxed all his tense muscles. At this moment, the driver ahead braked sharply. Lu Heng swooped forward, but if not for Qin Yi’s hand stopping him in time, he would have smashed his nose in the front seat.


“What happened?” Lu Heng head Qin Yi ask.


“I don’t know why there are so many zombies gathering in front of us.” The driver put down the walkie-talkie and said.


Qin Yi closed his eyes and spread his psychic force. Since learning Lu Heng’s method of yunqi, he had been more comfortable with the manipulation of his psychic force.


“It’s all ordinary zombies. Let the newcomers practice their skills.”


Lu Heng opened the door and was about to go down. He was stopped by Qin Yi. “What are you going to do?”


“Newcomer.” Lu Heng pointed to himself.


“It’s okay; you’re a little stronger than me. This kind of ordinary zombie moves slowly, and it’s too weak for you. You can just go down and get familiar with the team.”


Lu Heng climbed onto the roof of the car and found an excellent position.


Jiang Sile also got out of the car: “Elder brother Yi, I’m going to hone my skills.”


Qin Yi nodded. Jiang Sile really needed to practice. But previously, he was disgusted with zombies and didn’t want to get too close. Jiang Sile was a space ability user. As a logistician, Qin Yi did not ask too much for him.


This time he raised it himself, and Qin Yi had some motive when he approved it. Mu Fei, however, was not very confident. He hurried down from the co-driver’s seat and followed Jiang Sile to the front.


The battle was nothing to see. Ordinary zombies were stiff and slow in action. In Lu Heng’s eyes, they were as slow as snails. Lu Heng, after watching for a few seconds, he felt bored and simply cultivated cross-legged on the roof of the car. Qin Yi saw things and climbed onto the roof of the car and sat down with Lu Heng, closing his eyes to control yunqi.


Soon the zombies gathered in front were cleared up. At this time, Pan Rongxi came running anxiously: “Leader Qin, not good.”


“What’s the matter?” Qin Yi jumped off the roof.


“Jiang Sile ran after a second-level zombie and I tried to stop him. Mu Fei also ran to find him!”


This Jiang Sile, what kind of chaos is he making again! Qin Yi scolded in his heart.


It was still a long way from the small base in front of them, and they would only be able to get there before dark if they drove at full speed. This time the task was been dangerous. But with newcomers coming this time, sleeping outside was risky.


Qin Yi thought about it and called Yu Shan, “You take the team and hurry to R base. I’ll go to Jiang Sile and Mu Fei.”


Yu Shan was ordered to lead the procession away. Lu Heng volunteered to stay. He didn’t want Jiang Sile to die unexpectedly.


Qin Yi had no objection to Lu Heng’s request.


They rushed in the direction Pan Rongxi had said.


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I am using, and will continue to use non-pinyin terms whenever I can such as ge, lingqi, reiki, etc. Only things which have a very awkward translation, like yunqi will be pinyin-ified… J


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