How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 43.1

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Chapter 43.1

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (5.1)

Translated by: Niladri

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Lu Heng sat on a branch of a tree and through the gaps between the branches above, watched the bright moon illuminating the sky, just like clear water in a river. In the evening celebration banquet, Lu Heng had tasted every kind of canned food in the marching rations that he wanted. Apart from the lunch meat, there were canned meat such as braised pork and pork balls. Although the taste was certainly not as good as the former, but now with the sense of taste of this body, he barely refrained from swallowing his tongue.


So, Lu Heng ate to his fill. While he was walking along the road to digest the food, he saw an old tree, which seemed to be hundreds of years old. Lu Heng just happened to be a little tired. So he leapt into the tree branch and found a place to rest. Just as he felt a little drowsy, there were voices of people conversing under the tree.


“Ah Mu, what’s wrong with you and Little Le? I didn’t want to care about your personal affairs, but I can’t let it go now that it has affected the whole team.” It was Qin Yi and Mu Fei.


Lu Heng was reluctant. Eavesdropping on others was not good, but it was possible to collect more information about Jiang Sile. When he was entangled, Mu Fei opened his mouth.


“Little Le has always disliked me looking after Rongxi. I explained the reason to him, and he had also reluctantly accepted it. Just don’t know why, two months ago, his hostility towards Rongxi suddenly aggravated again.”


“What is this matter about Pan Rongxi? When you brought him into the team, you said he was your junior apprentice brother. I think you have been quite attentive towards him.” Qin Yi frowned. In order to stimulate Pan Rongxi’s power Mu Fei really did his best, and whenever he had a suitable crystal nucleus, his first action would be to gave it to him.


“Rongxi is really pitiful. His father was an alcoholic. When he was a child, his mother could not bear the tumultuous household and ran away. He was left to face the drunkard father. He would be beaten up if the other person had nothing to do. With things like this, he managed to graduate school on his own efforts to win the completion prize.” Mu Fei continued, “He and I had been under the tutelage of the same mentor, and after knowing these, I cannot help but be more attentive to him.”


Qin Yi knew that Mu Fei had a disposition of a softy, and he had loved to take care of people from an early age. But previously, when Mu Fei took care of the bullies in the yard, Jiang Sile had not been so disgusted.


“But even if you are a bit more attentive to Pan Rongxi, Little Le’s reaction is a little too much. He is not your wife, how can he meddle in the circumstances regarding your friendship?” Qin Yi said.




Mu Fei was silent for a moment, as just when he was resolved to speak out his mind, he was interrupted by Qin Yi.


“Well, I’m talking nonsense. Don’t take it to heart. You are all men, what wife or not wife! You go back first and call Little Le.”


Mufei swallowed the words on his lips and turned away, leaving.


Lu Heng did not intend to make a noise now. He shrank into the dense foliage of the leaves and restrained his breathing. This Qin Yi was probably a straight man, and failed to interpret the meaning of Mu Fei’s words.


Lu Heng, who was as bent as mosquito-repellent incense, could understand. Mu Fei and Jiang Sile were a couple. Combined with the sketchy data of the rebirths that have been observed before, it was probably Pan Rongxi who intervened. From Mu Fei’s words, it could be inferred that Jiang Sile’s rebirth time should be two months ago.



Comparing with the time of the lingyuan’s theft, Jiang Sile’s suspicion had been accentuated by a few points. It seemed that he needed to find an opportunity to test out the situation.


When Lu Heng’s thoughts were churning, voices of conversing came from below.


“Elder brother Yi, what do you want me to do?”


“For today’s task, according to the rules of the team, 1,000 points of contribution deducted, and downgraded to the third grade.” Qin Yi said.


“Didn’t obtaining the supplies go smoothly? I admit my mistake, but elder brother Yi is punishing too heavily…” Jiang Sile’s voice was tinged with anger. 1


A thousand point deduction was not a big deal, but it was a serious matter to be downgraded to third grade. After being reduced to third grade, it meant that for a long time, Jiang Sile could not be eligible for any more than Level 5 advanced grade nucleus. He was not a fighter. It was impossible for him to kill the zombies himself. And advanced grade nuclei, was too important for the current him.


Qin Yi then swept a glance and Jiang Sile was silenced.


“Obtaining supplies in the end is different from the mistake you made. Have you ever wondered how serious the consequences of your impulsive behavior today would have been if Yunlan hadn’t joined the team halfway? Even if they could evacuate safely before the explosion, the zombies brought forth by the sound of the explosion would have caused unnecessary casualties to the team. No one should pay for your willfulness with his life.” After all, being childhood friends Qin Yi  reigned in his temper and explained a few more sentences.


Seeing Qin Yi’s firm attitude and stern expression, Jiang Sile had to accept his punishment.


“What’s the conflict between you and Pan Rongxi?” After concluding the official business, Qin Yi asked as a childhood friend.


“He…” Speaking of Pan Rongxi, Jiang Sile was full of anger, but he had no reason to say it. After all, Pan Rongxi’s present attitude was very friendly. Even if he was picking a fight with no cause or reason, Jiang Sile would certainly never bother to make a move on him.


“I just can’t stand him.” After a while, Jiang Sile uttered a sentence.


“Little Le, you are not a child. For your own willfulness, you are adversely affecting Mu Fei’s feelings for more than ten years, and even today jeopardized the safety of the entire team. Qin Yi sighed helplessly, “You should be more mature. Although Mu Fei always takes care of you, it’s normal for you to rely on him as your brother. But he is also an independent individual; he has his own friends, and it is impossible to only be around you alone.


“It’s not, I with Mu Fei…” Before the words were finished, Jiang Sile reacted and could not let Qin Yi know his relationship with Mu Fei.


Seeing Jiang Sile silent for a long time and failing to explain his reasons, Qin Yi asked him to go back and think about it. He also warned him that if he refused to pay heed to his commands again and that if he made such a mistake again that endangers the whole team, he would be made stay at the base and do logistical work.


After Jiang Sile left, Qin Yi sat down by the tree, feeling a little tired. What’s the matter with this family’s people? 2 In the past, when bringing Special Forces in the army, there were some contradictions between comrades-in-arms. They exchanged their fists and were good brothers after fighting.


Suddenly, Qin Yi felt a foreign object on his head. He jumped up and reached out with his hand. A red strip-shaped object bounced off the palm of his hand and landed on the ground. That’s ham sausage?


Qin Yi looked up reflectively. It was the young man with a baby face and amber eyes, clad in the scattered moonlight, whose figure was slightly clearer than the sky above his head in his vision.


Lu Heng looked at the ham sausage on the ground, somewhat annoyed. Why did I stuff a ham sausage in my bosom when I was full after dinner? The eavesdropper was caught murmuring.


The scene was awkward.


“What are you doing in the tree?” Qin Yi didn’t ask anything else, but just smiled at Lu Heng.


“Sleeping.” Lu Heng thought of a perfect reason in an instant.


“…” Qin Yi probably did not expect that some people’s hobbies would be so special, but it didn’t seem too strange coming from Lu Heng.


“Let’s go back to camp and sleep. This hard branch is rough to sleep in and wake up from.” Qin Yi thought about it and added more weights 3, “I have a new feather cushion in my possession, which is soft and warm. Today you have made great achievements, this counts as my personal reward for you.”



Late at night. At the edge of the camp, the night watchmen chatted with each other and relieved their fatigue. But somehow today, exhaustion swept over them. They were unable to resist the love between their upper and lower eyelids, and finally fell into a deep slumber.


Lu Heng stepped out of the room pinching a pellet in his hand. He ground the medicine into powder and sprinkled it on the ground. The yellow powder instantly merged with the soil and became indistinguishable.


Lu Heng entered Jiang Sile’s tent. Several people in the tent inhaled the hypnosis pellet that Lu Heng had crushed and fell into a semi-conscious sleeping state. Even if there were gongs and drums being beaten near their ears, they would not wake up.


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