How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 42.2

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Chapter 42.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (4.2)

Translated by: Niladri

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On the screen, there was a bright red five-minute countdown.


Qin Yi was anxious enough to strangle Jiang Sile when he clicked on the password input interface for the second time. Acting arbitrarily due to sheer stubbornness once again, what’s the matter with Jiang Sile? He wasn’t such a man. But now the situation was urgent, and there was no time to discuss with him. The ink had already been spilt, and he was afraid that all people will be buried under the mountain.


“I clearly saw this password before…”


In the midst of chaos, Lu Heng heard Jiang Sile whisper such a sentence. Others did not pay attention, but Lu Heng reacted. What information and so on, these were all Jiang Sile’s excuses. He must have been here in his previous life, and saw people enter the correct password and take away the materials.


But he didn’t know what’s wrong with it. Perhaps, as Pan Rongxi said, the lock couldn’t be opened by simply entering a password.


“Leader Qin, do you want to withdraw?” Someone asked.


“I’m afraid the sound of the explosion will attract all the zombies around a hundred miles, we will just be obstructed.” Although Qin Yi had a bad temper, he remained calm and composed at this critical moment without half an ounce of panic. “Mu Fei, can the alarm of the password lock be disabled?”


Mu Fei thought for a moment: “If you use 10,000 volts of high voltage current, you can destroy the circuit in an instant, and you should be able to stop the alarm.”


Unfortunately, Qin Yi’s team did not have the thunder and lightning type of ability, and they could only take it one step at a time, and sort out the first step in this dangerous situation. At this time, Qin Yi was pulled by Lu Heng and asked, “What is the ten thousand volt high voltage current?”


If it was anyone else on the team, Qin Yi would have kicked them, and along the way, scolded them for adding things to the mess. But he always had a little more patience with this incarnation of cream puff cat. Considering that Lu Heng had not been in contact with the modern society, Qin Yi also made an analogy: “It is like thunder in the sky, with one in ten thousand of the power is OK.”


Lu Heng suddenly showed an enlightened expression, fumbled in his small package, took out a yellow note and pasted it on the screen. Several people around him who noticed his movements were stunned. Was this man an exorcist? Even an exorcist shouldn’t stick the paper to the machine. It’s not haunted.


Qin Yi also didn’t know whether to laugh or cry by his action. The anger aroused by Jiang Sile in his heart dissipated immediately.


Qin Yi was trying to tease him somehow, but he saw that the note burn spontaneously without wind. At the moment when the paper was turned to ashes, a small dark cloud appeared over their heads. They had barely heard the thunder in the dark clouds, when a lightning split out of it, and struck just in the middle of the password lock.


The password lock splintered and emitted a burst of black smoke, and then the screen went dark, which seemed to be completely scrapped.


“What is that?” Qin Yi was dumbstruck for a whole minute and finally asked with difficulty.


“Elementary thunder talisman.” Lu Heng said.


Since the world’s spiritual power was cut off, although the methods of drawing Five thunder talisman, Berserk thunder talisman and the like were known, but there was not enough spiritual power to supply to these powerful talismans. But something like the elementary thunder talisman, Lu Heng’s sect masters drew some of them with the spiritual power of the lingyuan, but now employment of such things vanished since one plane separated from the other plane. 1


Lu Heng reached into his bag, which looked like a small package, and sighed with some anxiety.


“How could there be such a thing?” Qin Yi felt that his world outlook was broken again. The last time it was broken when the zombie virus broke out.


“I am a heavenly master.” Lu Heng answered his question.


Qin Yi knew that he couldn’t ask anything now, and so shrug his shoulders nonchalantly: “What a pity, there are a lot of ammunition and marching rations in it now.”


Marching ration. On hearing these two words, Lu Heng’s spirit recovered. There might be canned lunch meat and other things in this marching ration. It tastes better than instant noodles anyway.


“Why can’t you take it out?”


Qin Yi saw the stars shining in the other person’s eyes. After a moment’s thought, he realized which words had touched him. Qin Yi could not help laughing, and his voice held a little mirth: “Now this storage room is a sealed big iron box. This special alloy needs at least ten thousand degrees of high temperature to melt. It’s a pity that I don’t have sufficient level of ability. I’ll come back and get them sometime in the future.


“Ten thousand degrees of high temperature?”


“Well, if the flame is golden and white, it should be tens of thousands of degrees.” Explained Qin Yi.


Just after that, Qin Yi saw that Lu Heng’s small curls seemed to have collapsed and looked listless. Finally, he could not help rubbing Lu Heng’s hair vigorously and they felt as soft as he had imagined.


After teasing the human-shaped cream puff cat, the satisfied Qin Yi was preparing to depart with the whole team, but was pulled by Lu Heng.


“Can you come with me?” Lu Heng whispered a sentence.


Anyway, there was nothing important now. Qin Yi made a gesture to let the team rest and relax at that place. Then followed Lu Heng into another fork channel.


Lu Heng did not stop until he could not hear a sound from the crowd. He took a deep breath and made up his mind, “Would you like to enter my Heavenly Master sect?”


When Master sent Yunlan to the teleportation battle, he told him that he must find the lingyuan and repair the seal. He also said a few words to him.


“If you meet the right person, pass on the sect martial arts.”


“Who is the right person?”


“You don’t know anything about the world, you trust people easily. But your mind is clear, so don’t trust your eyes and ears, ask your own heart.”


These were the last word that his Master left him. At present, Qin Yi was the person determined by Lu Heng after he followed his heart.


“You want to accept me as your disciple?” Qin Yi’s face was shocked. How could this be? How could he possibly take this cream puff cat as master?


“No. I’m not qualified to take a disciple yet. I will take you in Master’s stead.” Lu Heng said with a glance.


Looking at his earnest manner, Qin Yi was going to agree to it, but he remembered another thing: “Wouldn’t you be my senior apprentice brother then? No way, that’s too bad for me.”


Lu Heng saw that he was resolute, and thought again: “Although I started first, the rules in the sect state that one ranks according to strength. If you can surpass me, you would be my senior apprentice brother.”


“OK!” Qin Yi promised, “Then do I need to do any worship ceremony?”


“I’ll take you to make up for it later. Now I’ll teach you how to get started.” Only then did Lu Heng say the ultimate goal. In fact, the qi in Qin Yi’s body was much stronger than what he had shown. He just couldn’t comprehend law of yun qi and can’t exert all his strength.


If he had mastered the preliminary law of yun qi, his fire ability would have risen several levels immediately, and melting that special alloy would have been a piece of cake.


“Close your eyes and feel the path your qi circulates in.” Lu Heng put his hand on Qin Yi’s Dantian.


Just feeling that warm palm touching him, Qin Yi felt a bit discomfited. It wasn’t long before he saw a mysterious world. Although he closed his eyes, he felt that he saw the fiery red qi circulating in his body, and finally accumulating in the vicinity of his lower abdomen, forming a whirlpool.


Qin Yi’s perception was extremely high, and could quickly sense the sea of qi inside, and could control the circulation of qi early on. Lu Heng let him use fire ability again.


One could see a golden white flame quivering in Qin Yi’s palm.


All right, Lu Heng raised his eyebrows and pulled Qin Yi to open the alloy gate. Qin Yi’s mood behind him was somewhat complicated. He always felt that this income of his was due to the marching rations.


Looking at the alloy gate in front of them, he slowly reshaped in the thin gold-white flame to cover it. Lu Heng couldn’t help walking past. Before Qin Yi could stop him, Lu Heng pulled out the wooden sword from his back and cut a big hole in the deformed alloy gate. The flame was hot enough to melt the special alloy, but it did not leave any scorching marks on the wooden sword.


Seeing Lu Heng so impatient, Qin Yi helplessly called a water system ability user to help quickly cool down the entrance. As soon as the steam dissipated, Lu Heng looked at Qin Yi and his expectation was written all over his eyes.


“Come in.” As soon as the voice fell, Qin Yi saw Lu Heng leap in. He shook his head and followed Lu Heng.


Sure enough, the information was on the mark, the storage room was neatly packed with ammunitions, Qin Yi took it all in, and made some calculations in his heart. He looked back and saw that Lu Heng salivated on seeing the marching rations.


Qin Yi finally burst out laughing and said, “I’ll give you a credit this time. You have the right to choose one of the spoils when you get back.”


Lu Heng nodded, very satisfied. The people who came in after him were also very happy and danced with joy, since it could be said to be the biggest harvest of the mercenary team since its establishment.


After sorting and counting the materials in the storage room, several space ability users came to collect them. Qin Yi never put all materials on the same person. Even if Jiang Sile had enough space, and they had grown up together. This was not being distrustful of Jiang Sile, but to be responsible for the whole team. After all, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket.


Lu Heng paid special attention to Jiang Sile. When Jiang Sile stored things, it was true that strong fluctuations erupted from the unknown thing in his chest.


Mustard space. This space of Jiang Sile was totally different from the other space powers. It was a miniature world created by a great power. However, the miniature world seemed to have lost its spiritual power. It already showed signs of collapse. Now it could only be used as an ordinary storage space.


And Lingyuan was one of the materials needed to replenish spiritual power and repair the collapsed miniature world. This Jiang Sile, the suspicion on him was really big. But he was an ordinary man, how could he sneak into the Mountain barrier formation at Hidden sect gate?

Lu Heng wanted to rob Jiang Sile’s mysterious magic weapon directly and ruthlessly to see if the Lingyuan was hidden in it. Jiang Sile was not the child of destiny anyway, and he was not afraid that removing him would lead to the disorder of the plane. But this mustard seed space had recognized the owner, and in case that Jiang Sile destroyed this mustard seed space, it would be a mutual defeat, and the lingyuan can never be found back.


This matter still needed to be handled slowly.


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