How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 41.2

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Chapter 41.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (3.2)

Translated by: Niladri

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During the night vigil, Qin Yi specially arranged Pan Rongxi and himself in a group. He had something to ask Pan Rongxi.

“Why did you and Mu Fei wander off?”

Pan Rongxi had always been a bit cautious. It’s just that when he was stared at by Qin Yi’s eagle-like sharp eyes, he felt cold sweat in his heart and didn’t dare try anything. Moreover, what Yi didn’t know was that Rongxi was feeling worn, but Yi could see that Rongxi could collapse into a heap at any moment, and wondered what is giddiness really like, for he’d rarely been out of his element. Rongxi was compelled to tell the truth: “At that time, senior apprentice brother said he wanted to enter the mountain forest. I, I tried to dissuade him, I said that Team leader Qin ordered not to enter the mountain forest, and the mutated spiritual beasts have not been seen by anyone so far, how can it casually appear in this place. But senior apprentice brother turned a deaf ear to my pleadings, insisting that his sources were accurate…”

“Get to the main point.” Qin Yi’s black eyebrows were tightly knit together.

“Yes, I’m sorry. It was senior apprentice brother who suddenly claimed that he saw a mutated beast in the forest and chased it pulling Jiang Sile along. But I waited in place for a long time and they did not return. Then I met a mutated beast and was rescued by Yunlan. Pan Rongxi was scared, and the long speech he had prepared was cut short by his urgent words.

He peeked at Qin Yi’s face discreetly, and saw that he did not seem to be angry. He added, “I thought senior apprentice brother looked strange at that time. He was not normally such a reckless person.”

“I see. Describe your experience of meeting Yunlan in detail.

Pan Rongxi obediently described in detail what had happened with Yunlan. He also emphasized Yunlan’s strength, especially the strength of the wooden sword in his hand.

Finally, Pan Rongxi added, “Yunlan appeared there as if he was lost. His sense of direction seemed to be a little bad. I accompanied him in coming out because, every time he had taken the lead, we went in the wrong way…”

Pan Rongxi said these words with some selfish motives. He hoped that Yunlan would stay. This man was so powerful, and he was the person who brought him out of the mountains and forests, after all there existed a sense of camaraderie between the two men. Such sentiment, however, may come in handy sometime.

Qin Yi did not ask any more questions. Pan Rongxi was very cautious. He was clear. It was just that Pan Rongxi’s cautious thoughts coincided with what he was thinking at the moment.

The next morning. As soon as the sky brightened, Lu Heng took his sword and prepared to leave. In his opinion, if the matter here was resolved, he should leave to do his own thing. No sooner had he reached the village than he was stopped.

“Yunlan, where are you going so early in the morning?”

Lu Heng turned around and saw that Qin Yi came over. He had a thin layer of sweat hanging on his forehead, which seemed to be morning exercises.

“Leaving. Looking for something.” Lu Heng thought about it and felt that the answer did not violate the instructions of his masters.

“What are you looking for? Maybe I can help you.” Qin Yi asked.

“Cannot say.”

Knowing his character, Qin Yi smiled and said, “Do you know where to look for it?”

Lu Heng showed a blank look and shook his head.

“Then you might as well join our team. We often look for resources everywhere, and I have a bit of a network. Maybe I can find some information about what you’re looking for.

Lu Heng was still hesitant. In the corner of Qin Yi’s eyes, the rubbish piled up at the village entrance fell into his peripheral vision, which contained a red plastic bag with three big words “Kang Shi Niang”. Suddenly, he felt thankful to his luck for sharpening his wits and added “Join our team, and often you will have instant noodles as meals.”

Lu Heng logically decided to stay behind. The crucial part of this mission, the reborn was at hand. Just now he made a move to leave just to keep in line with Yunlan’s personality. The reason for this was absolutely not the instant noodles.

Lu Heng officially joined the team and became a member. As they walked back, Qin Yi imparted some information about the team, thinking that Lu Heng had been living in isolation from the world in the mountains and forests, and gave him a brief overview of the current situation of human society.

Presently, three years had passed in the apocalypse brought about by the virus outbreak, and after the initial chaos, human society had established a basic order. Survivor bases had been formed on the basis of several large military regions on the Chinese side. When the apocalypse came, Qin Yi retired from the Special Forces, but he did not return to the army. Instead, he roped in some veteran comrades and brothers and formed a mercenary team. This mercenary team was the one Lu Heng joined.

The mercenary team was here to find a pre-apocalypse air defense facility, which was said to have a large stock of strategic materials. Only, because of the chaos in the early apocalypse period, a large amount of data was lost, and the specific location information of the air defense shelter entrance was missing, which led to the Qin Yi’s team failing to progress for a long time.

After roughly exploring the bordering lands surrounding them without any results, Qin Yi planned to go alone today to remove the threat from the mountains and forests, and then let the team go into the mountains to search for it. They didn’t expect Lu Heng to descend from heaven and kill the mutated beast.

“It’s not just me. We’re all so lucky. I had just been thinking that today I would go to solve that mutated beast matter, and you have solved this problem for me.” Qin Yi put his hand on Lu Heng’s shoulder, looking good a pair of brothers, “Such fate, I think we should swear in as brothers with different surname.”

“I killed the beast to save Pan Rongxi. If he died, no one would have taken me out of that mountain forest.” Lu Heng said earnestly.

Originally hearing the first half of the sentence there were some inexplicable thoughts. But after listening to the second half, Qin Yi laughed: “I really like your character, really won’t consider recognizing me as a brother, ah!”

When he arrived at the gate of the camp, he saw Jiang Sile rushing up with joy and on seeing Qin Yi’s hand resting on Lu Heng’s shoulder his face stiffened. Don’t look at Qin Yi’s straightforward personality. Though he seemed to love making friends, in fact, he did not like to have too much physical contact with people. Unless necessary, he would never touch others on his own initiative.

Jiang Sile and Mu Fei, who grew up with him, knew this. When Qin Yi was in his teens, the school flower 1 liked him so much that she threw herself into arms near the school pond. He reacted with a quick flash of action and effortlessly dodged. A beautiful woman like a flower plunged into the pond and became a drenched chicken. It was a good story for a while. Qin Yi also lost his reputation as an uncouth male who did not know how to reciprocate tender affection. No girl dared to approach him anymore.

“Little Le, what good things have happened?” Qin Yi asked.

“This… It’s related to duty.” Jiang Sile gave a look towards Lu Heng, indicating it was not suitable for outsiders to know.

“To put it bluntly, Yunlan has officially become a member of our team.”

Knowing Qin Yi’s character, Jiang Sile didn’t talk much nonsense. He said, “I know where the entrance of the air-raid shelter is.” “

“Speak, I’ll hear it.” Qin Yi’s eyebrows were in high spirits. It was good news this morning.

“In the early days of the apocalypse, I had just awakened space powers, which were not very skilled, so I took all belongings in my house. Later, the space became larger, and I didn’t care about those things. Last night, it suddenly occurred to me that there was an encrypted working laptop that my father had left at home in a hurry. Looking through it, there was indeed information about this air defense facility. Jiang Sile said it with great delight.

Jiang Sile’s father was an engineer in the engineering corps and participated in the construction of most air defense facilities. It’s not surprising that he has relevant information in his working laptop.

Lu Heng looked at Jiang Sile strangely. Spatial power? No, the Qi of Jiang Sile was different from that of Qin Yi, whose Qi originated from the root of Dantian and circulated in the meridians. There was no Qi in Jiang Sile’s body. The source of his Qi was something outside his chest.

Lu Heng saw a piece of red rope looming around Jiang Sile’s neck. The end of the rope was hidden within his collar. He could not see what it was. Seeing Lu Heng looking at himself, Jiang Sile moved aside with some vigilance and unconsciously blocked his chest with his hand.

“It’s not too late, Little Le. You go and call everyone together. Let’s discuss it.” Qin Yi said. With the information provided by Jiang Sile, the mercenary team quickly finalized the next action plan, and without further delay, prepared to go to the entrance of air defense facilities.


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  1. Isn’t that rebirth guy strangely reserved around his best friends? Why is he sneaking around secretly? Also, if in the original plane the sect achieved grand succes, he should know Lu Heng’s host. And rebirth guy doesn’t seem to have changed fate a lot yet, so why is the sect already destroyed?? I’m confused lol.

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