How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 41.1

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Chapter 41.1

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (3.1)

Translated by: Niladri

This chapter is sponsored by Brenda M. and Kurai


Cream puff was a cat in Qin Yi’s family when he was young. It was an orange cat with amber eyes, fluffy hair, soft and cozy to touch. Even after so many years, he could remember the feeling of being watched by Puff as if he had the whole world to himself.

As the young man approached, Qin Yi felt his hands itch and wanted to brush his hands on the hair that looked quite tempting. Then check if the man would gaze at himself quietly with those amber eyes.

During the short period of companionship, Pan Rongxi had a profound understanding of Lu Heng’s temperament. If you didn’t speak to him on your own initiative, one was afraid that he’ll be silent till to the end of ages.

“Team leader Qi, senior apprentice brother, Sile, this is my lifesaver, Yunlan.” Pan Rongxi took the initiative to introduce Yunlan to Qin Yi.

He called Mu Fei a senior apprentice brother because they had the same mentor when they were in graduate school, and he always took good care of him.

“Yunlan, this is Qin Yi, Mu Fei and Jiang Sile. We are all in a squad. We were going out to carry out the task together this time. Pan Rongxi also explained to Lu Heng.

Jiang Sile, the reborn. Lu Heng’s staff rank was not enough and the information obtained was not detailed. He only knew that this was a derivative plane generated by the reborn, and the key focus should be on the reborn. As for what the reborn had done, his social relations and so on, Lu Heng turned a blind eye to. But I’m lucky enough to find someone who could lead the way and managed find the key people around me.

His thoughts churned a thousand times, but Lu Heng’s face did not reveal a trace. He nodded and said, “Which friend were you talking about?”

Pan Rongxi was stunned by his question and quickly reacted. This benefactor should be asking for his remuneration. Previously they had come to an agreement. Lu Heng would deliver him to his friends, and in return, they would divulge to Lu Heng all the information about the crystal nucleus.

Although he understood Lu Heng’s meaning, Pan Rongxi was hesitant: “They are all ability users, do you want to say it now?”

Lu Heng agreed in a matter-of-fact manner and replied, “I can leave after that.”

Seeing two people seemingly talking in riddles, Mu Fei looked at Pan Rongxi’s face a little embarrassedly and asked, “Rongxi, what’s wrong?”

Pan Rongxi disclosed his agreement with Lu Heng, and Mu Fei seemed to be trying to say something. But instead, listened to Qin Yi speaking from the side: “This crystal nucleus matter cannot be explained with a small number of words. It is getting dark, we will return to the camp first.”

Seeing the piercing amber eyes, Qin Yi, as if ghosts and demons were at work [T/N: coincidentally] supplemented with a sentence: “We can talk over dinner.”

Dinner. When Lu Heng heard these two words, his spirits recovered. He nodded slightly and followed Qin Yi’s route. The four people behind him discreetly exchanged glances. Pan Rongxi who knew him a little more conjectured: “I think he meant to agree.”

At last, the four returned to the camp before it was completely dark. The fragrance of meals wafted from the camp.

When Lu Heng sensed it, he knew it was the classic Kang Shiniang stewed beef noodles, which diminished his interest. It’s no surprise that the food in apocalypse was such, but thinking about his empty stomach, it was better than nothing.

In the middle of the camp, a stove was temporarily built with stones, and a large iron pot was placed on it. The steaming noodles were bubbling and frothing. The bright color was visually appeasing. However, this instant noodle was a scarce resource in the apocalypse. Everyone in the team could only take a small bite to relieve their hunger. The main avenue of filling their stomachs was using compressed biscuits.

Pan Rongxi was good at observing and noticing things, and could analyze things properly. Although he was not an ability user, his popularity in the team was good. Lu Heng was his life-saving benefactor, and Pan Rongxi vividly described how powerful Lu Heng was. No one objected to the sharing of a bowl of instant noodles with Lu Heng.

Holding a bowl of noodles, Lu Heng dully picked up a chopstick and stuffed it into his mouth.

Lu Heng was shocked the moment it entered his mouth. Where were the instant noodles here? It tasted just like dragon’s liver and phoenix’s marrow [T/N: Divine taste]

. Lu Heng seemed to hear the angels singing a hymn around him.

{Little assistant, this noodle is delicious. It’s not the same thing as the noodle I know. It smells good and tastes pretty spicy. It’s a pity that we can’t eat such delicious instant noodles after we finish our task. }

{I think it’s because this body grew up eating fasting pills, and has never eaten such modern food. } The little assistant cruelly punctured his enthusiasm with facts.

A single word awakens the dreamer. However, Lu Heng still remained encased within his bubble of happiness and finished the bowl of instant noodles with an almost pious expression. The bowl soon bottomed out. Lu Heng still had some intentions, but he couldn’t lick the bowl, so he reluctantly put it down.

Another bowl of noodles appeared under Lu Heng’s nose. Following the hand, Lu Heng saw Qin Yi’s smiling face: “Here you go.”

Qin Yi saw Lu Heng’s expression sputtered with a few points of doubt and a little vigilance, and hastily added a sentence: “I don’t like to eat this stuff.”

Lu Heng gently moved his nose, but still could not stand the temptation of the fragrance, took over the bowl and ate it. Looking around Qin Yi for the whole journey, he felt his hands itch again. Looking so cute while eating. I really want to rub it.

“I heard Little Pan say, you want to know about the crystal nucleus?” Qin Yi asked.

Currently, Lu Heng had just finished his last mouthful of soup and heard the important matter he was concerned about. He put down his bowls and chopsticks, sat tight and nodded.

After Qin Yi gave a detailed description of the classification and grading of crystal nuclei and the methods of their use, finding it strange, asked “It’s no secret. Why do you look like you’ve never heard of it?”

Because of the previous bowl of noodles, Lu Heng felt closer to Qin Yi than he was a few minutes ago: “I have been cultivating in the mountains with my master since childhood, and only came down a month ago.”

“It turned out to be a hidden martial arts master. I didn’t expect that there really existed a martial arts school. Can you show me your two hands? My childhood dream had always been to be a heroic swordsman, unfortunately I couldn’t enter.” Qin Yi’s face was full of interest.

“Not a master of martial arts, but a heavenly master. The rest cannot be said.” Lu Heng always kept in mind the sect’s rules.

Lu Heng’s frankness left Qin Yi stunned. He really appreciated such a character who talked straightforwardly about everything. Qin Yi was a forthright person and loved making friends with such people. He patted Lu Heng on the shoulder at the moment: “I think we are very close. How about being friends? I should be several years older than you, so if you don’t mind it, call me brother.”

“Why do you want me to call you brother?” Lu Heng asked.

“That means we have a good relationship. Call me brother, and I will cover you later.”

“We’ve just met, and you’re not stronger than me. You can’t cover me.” Lu Heng was honest.

Qin Yi was choked half to death by Lu Heng. He had been lost embarrassedly so laughed and retreated. In my heart, I still think that it’s like a cat, not good to be too close. But I also think that if I could be stared at seriously by those eyes for a few moments, I would be willing to be scratched by its claw.

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