How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 40.2

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Chapter 40.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (2.2)

Translated by: Niladri

This Chapter is sponsored by Anra7777 and Brenda M.


Somewhere in an abandoned village at the foot of a mountain.


Since the apocalypse had arrived, no one in this isolated village survived, and all of them had become zombies. In recent days, the village’s zombies had been cleared, and a small troop had been stationed here.


It was getting late on that day. On a small clearing in the village, several rows of people stood neatly. The leader was tall, his eyebrows were dark and thick, the contours of his sharp face looked as if chopped by an axe, and he was robust and healthy. He was wearing camouflage trousers and a close-fitting military green T-shirt could not completely hide the explosive muscle lines. This man was not very handsome, nevertheless from head to toe he was brimming with off the charts masculine hormones.


Qin Yi roughly swept a brief glance and found that there were three fewer people in the team. Mu Fei, Jiang Sile and Pan Rongxi.


These three people happened to be a squad, Qin Yi frowned. He was a dual-ability user with psychic and fire powers, and when he was stationed here, he had discreetly investigated the place. Except for that mountain forest, he did not perceive too powerful zombies or mutated animals elsewhere. Following that line of reason, with Mu Fei’s ability and Jiang Sile’s assistance, there should be no problem.


“Yushan, I remember Mu Fei and you went in the same direction. Have you seen them?” Qin Yi asked the squad leader.


“Boss, our squad did work with them for some time. Later, Mu Fei had to go into the mountain for some unknown reason. I said that the boss gave orders not to enter the mountain privately, but he would not listen. With no other means at my disposal, I parted with them.”


After listening to this, Qin Yi was furious. This Mu Fei was up to no good. He had stressed several times that the situation in the mountains and forests was unclear, cannot act rashly, and yet he plunged in.


However, despite the colossal fury in his heart, he had to clean up the mess himself. This Mu Fei and Jiang Sile had been pulling cats and teasing dogs behind Qin Yi’s back since he was a few years old. The friendship between the three was extraordinary.


Although Qin Yi was kicked into the army by his family when he was sixteen years old, it had been ten years before he met Mu Fei and Jiang Sile again. But the friendship between young people had not changed too much despite the changes in the past ten years. Qin Yi was still the eldest brother who takes more care of them.


Qin Yi said quietly, “Dismissed. You rest first. I’ll go and find Mu Fei. Don’t let your guard down and keep the nightly watch as scheduled.


Seeing Qin Yi turn around and leave the village, Yushan cried out in a hurry, “Boss, it will soon be nightfall!”


After nightfall, the strength of zombies and beasts almost doubled compared with that in the day. Running out at this time was a bit risky.


Qin Yi did not look back, but waved his hand: “Relax, the things in the surroundings, even with their strength doubled, cannot harm me.”


Before he had left the village, Qin Yi saw the two familiar people rushing in. The man ahead was in a hurry, and his handsome and refined face was full of anxiety. The man two steps behind was somewhat impatient, but he was handsome, and even this slightly arrogant look was not repugnant.


They were Mu Fei and Jiang Sile.


At the sight of Qin Yi, Mu Fei asked eagerly, “Qin Yi, did Rongxi come back?”


Seeing Qin Yi shake his head, his face was more anxious: “Rongxi and we were separated, I was not very confident to go out this evening. I have to trouble you to go out with us.”


“Hey, Mu Fei, you have to find him by yourself. You should be ashamed to ask Qin Yi to find your little lover.” Jiang Sile rolled his eye without trying to conceal it.


“Little Le, don’t be angry. You know I just treat him as my brother.” Mu Fei patted Jiang Sile on the shoulder comfortingly.


Jiang Sile’s speech was coarse, but Mu Fei was not annoyed at all, because he knew that Jiang Sile was only arrogant, but his heart was good.


“If I hadn’t taken our love for twenty years into consideration, I would have been too lazy to talk to you.” Jiang Sile did not show respect for his feelings and slapped Mu Fei’s hand off him and dragged Qin Yi out of the village.


Qin Yi’s heart was a little perplexed. Jiang Sile’s family spoiled from his childhood and he developed a somewhat delicate personality. He has always been careless and impatient, not as gentle and mindful as Mu Fei, plus after ten years of separation, Jiang Sile had always been intimate towards Mu Fei. Only in recent days, Jiang Sile was reluctant to speak to Mu Fei. He also talked with his nose up. On the contrary, Jiang Sile began to stick to him (QY).


Qin Yi was too lazy to ask too many questions about such trivial and awkward matters. Men, if there’s any conflict, fight it out. After all, they all were good brothers.


They were all ability users, and their physical fitness was far better than those of ordinary people.


The sky had not yet completely darkened, and the mountain forest was close at hand. Up to this point, Qin Yi found that the mountain forest seemed somewhat different. The faint sensation of danger that surrounded it has disappeared.


“We were separated from Rongxi in this hill, and he should still be there.” Looking at Mu Fei’s expression, he seemed to be wishing to find the person right away.


“Mu Fei, I warned you not to go into this forest. You normally wouldn’t do something like this.” Perceiving that danger in the mountains and forests dispersed, Qin Yi was not anxious to go in and find him. No matter what the outcome was, it had already been concluded.


Mu Fei hesitated, but also knew Qin Yi’s character, so he confessed, “I got a message that there was a rare spiritual mutated beast in the mountain forest…”


“You’re really doing your best. That waste could not awaken powers with the common crystal nucleii. You’re still in a hurry to get him the spiritual crystal nucleus.” Jiang Sile sneered.


“Little Le, I know you’ve never liked Rongxi. I have also been thinking that when he awakens his powers, he will not need my care, nor will he obstruct your eyes before you.”


Qin Yi thought the atmosphere between the two men was so strange that Mu Fei seemed to be coaxing his wife. He throttled this idea the moment it first appeared. What was he thinking? Jiang Sile was a man.


“Rongxi!” Mu Fei suddenly cried out in surprise.


Pan Rongxi and a young stranger came out of the mountain forest. The young man had a baby face that made his age somewhat indecipherable, and could only infer from his figure that he should be an adult. His eyes were slightly rounded, the ends of the eyes were slightly raised, his amber color pupils were somewhat different from the ordinary people, and his hair was slightly lighter. His hair was slightly curly and fluffy, and he had a little tail tied randomly at the back.


The young man dressed strangely. He was wearing a narrow sleeved dresses and sturdy pouch. He carried a four-finger wide wooden sword on his back. The whole person seemed to have transmigrated from ancient times.


Mu Fei and Jiang Sile’s attention was entirely attracted by the strange dress of the young man.


When Qin Yi saw the young man, he was filled with only two words: “Cream puff!”


Word length: 2267

Chapters in Queue: 4


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