How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – The peerlessly talented demon ba snake (19)


Translated by: Niladri


Edited by: celes


This chapter is dedicated to my dear supporter, Shari.




Soon, Lu Heng got the answer. Barely after the dragon’s cries were heard, the soul of the Incandescent Dragon emerged at the reverse side of the Mainland Origin. A pair of dragon eyes glowing with blood-red light, full of craziness and destructive intent, locked onto Lu Heng’s duo from afar. Lu Heng was on guard and readied his demonic energy to meet this unlucky encounter.


The soul of the Incandescent Dragon, after glancing at them, actually turned around and started attacking the Mainland Origin. At the moment of contact, it emitted a dazzling light. The soul of the Incandescent Dragon was unexpectedly crazy enough to go kamikaze1 and attacked the Mainland Origin at the cost of being blown into oblivion.


The changes were so rapid that Lu Heng barely had time to hold up a barrier to protect himself and Shi Kong beside him. When the light dissipated, Lu Heng saw a tall and strong figure in front of him. Lu Heng was not stupid, and all doubts seem to have been answered at this very moment. The sequence of missing memories unraveled like a thread, and this Master Shi Kong’s extremely deep entanglement, who would rather close his divine sense than forget him, caused his heart to start beating crazily in his chest.


Lu Heng could not help but encircle himself around the man in front of him and whispered in his ear, “I’m sorry, I forgot everything between us.”


The man in front of him still did not respond, just standing there in silence. Lu Heng did not care. Even if Shi Kong had closed his divine sense, he could always find a solution in the vast depths the Demon King’s inheritance.


There was a loud noise from above. Lu Heng reacted to their current situation and did not delay much. He took Shi Kong’s hand and retreated through another crack which had been torn open by the shaking.


When the people of Fanyin Temple arrived, they saw the incarnation in the Karma Plate and the Mainland Origin in the depths of the earth, and for the moment, pressed down the feelings in their hearts. On the other hand, Lu Heng moved away from Fanyin Temple with Shi Kong and tried to gauge the situation outside, but he received a truly huge shock.


The illusion mighty enough to support heaven and earth was truly the origin of the mainland that Lu Heng just saw in the depths of the earth. The leaves and branches support the heavens; the tree roots bind the earth. Above the tree trunk appeared multiple lines of cracks. A strong sense of melancholy swept across the whole continent, and every conscious creature heard the sound of the Mainland Origin their hearts crying out in grief. These were the dying words of the Mainland Origin: My subjects, I have been gravely injured. Without enough power to support this heaven and earth, the mainland will collapse.


Heaven and earth will collapse, and the mainland will be in chaos.


Several super-sects of the immortal world jointly issued a summons inviting all the immortal cultivation sects to come to Fanyin Temple to discuss the fate of thousands of living creatures.


Although half of the temple was destroyed, the main peak was still intact, and there, all the prominent humans of the immortal world were gathered. In front of the temple, there were several rows of chairs, the highest of which were for Yuan Zhen of Fanyin Temple, Chang He of the Lingyun Sect, Di Ling of Yaochi Palace and Yanyun of Royal Sword Pavilion.


Since the host was Fanyin Temple, Master Yuan Zhen took the initiative. Yuan Zhen put his hands together and gave a ceremonial salute: “Dear benefactors, the future of the mainland is uncertain. I hope you will not hesitate to give us your advice and discuss the way out for thousands of creatures on the mainland.”


“Well, this mess was caused by the demon race, and it should the demon clans that shoulder the responsibility.” Master Di Ling of Yaochi Palace had always hated the demon clan. The moment his mouth opened, it started spewing mockery.


“The Master’s words are arrogant. Things have already gotten to this point. Even the Demon King can’t shoulder the lives of thousands of creatures. Moreover, this matter involves thousands of living beings in the mainland, so we should do our best to cultivate to immortals.” Daoist Spiritual Master Chang He refuted him.


Seeing that Spiritual Master Chang He speak for the demon race, Master Di Ling raised his eyebrows and shouted fiercely, “You old fogey, I know you have always been sympathetic towards the demon race. I have received news that there are many demon race disciples in your sect. For those not of our race, I certainly will not be tolerant of their wrongdoings.” 2


Spiritual Master Chang He still wore a mild expression: “Master is too cautious. The present situation of peaceful coexistence between humans and demons came about at the cost of our ancestors paying with their blood. Don’t forget the war 100,000 years ago…


The more they talked, the more they diverged. Master Yuan Zhen coughed and interrupted Change He and the Di Ling’s endless arguing: “Benefactor Yanyun, what’s your opinion?”


That Yanyun Jianzun2, since the moment he sat on his seat of honour, had closed his eyes and kept silent. Hearing Yuan Zhen mentioning his name, he just lifted his eyelids and uttered a single sentence: “Perfecting self improves life.”3


This Yanyun Jianzun was someone who had been cultivating to reach the state of perfection. Looking at his attitude, he intended to ascend up to the higher realm when the mainland collapsed. It was no wonder that Yanyun Jianzun’s attitude was so reclusive, since it was rumored that when he was young, he had a rough life before he embarked on the path of cultivation. Therefore, he never had a very good impression of this world.


“Master Yuan Zhen, this poor monk can think of a way. One does not know if it is appropriate to say.”


Yuan Zhen followed the source of the voice and saw that it belonged to Qing Kongzi, the leader of Clear Spring Sect. This Qing Kongzi was seriously injured for some reason a hundred years ago, and now he was on the verge of death. It seemed that the end of his life was approaching.


“There is no harm in saying what one thinks.”


“This poor monk once obtained a lot of secrets from a demon4 about the demon race. According to her, the demon race has a burial ground, and this forbidden land contains the bones of fallen demons from thousands of years.” Qing Kongzi continued, “This poor monk is wondering if we can use these demon bones to substitute for the origin of the mainland.”


The moment people heard it, their eyes brightened.


At that moment, some people said, “This method is feasible. One has heard that fallen demon bones contain the power of law. It is most appropriate to use them to substitute for the Mainland Oigin.”


“I’m afraid this demon race won’t agree.”


“Hmph, refusal is unacceptable. This matter was originally caused by the demon race. Now, as long as the demon race surrenders the demon bones to substitute for the Mainland Origin, they will be let off the hook cheaply!” Master Di Ling gave a sneer.


While the human cultivators were still arguing about this disaster, Lu Heng had returned to the demon territory with Shi Kong. Out of the blind worship for the King, the demon clans were still calm. Although the demon kings of some clans were worried about the Mainland Origin, they kneeled and waited for the King’s summons.


Lu Heng pushed away this matter from his mind for the time being, and now he only focused on finding a method to help Shi Kong recover his divine sense. After analyzing the inheritance in his memory over and over, Lu Heng finally found a way without worries.


For dual cultivation companions, Nei Dan5 could be transferred to the person whose divine sense had been shut off. With the partner’s Nei Dan breath as a guide, the divine sense could be awakened from sleep. This method was simple if one said it was simple, and difficult if one said it was difficult6. Dual cultivation companions must bow before heaven and earth and should be recognized by the Dao of Heaven.


Dual cultivation companion. Lu Heng glanced at the man in the cave who had been sitting cross-legged ever since.


Lu Heng went over and sat down in front of Shi Kong. “Although I still can’t remember the past between us, my heart tells me that I am happy with you.”


From the moment he felt Lu Heng sit down, Shi Kong’s eyes opened, and his dark, emotionless eyes stared at Lu Heng. After listening to Lu Heng’s words, his expression remained unmoved.


Lu Heng didn’t care either. He held up Shi Kong’s hand and put it on his heart: “Shi Kong, would you like to be my dual cultivation companion?”


Still silent. Lu Heng felt that the palm in his hand seemed to have moved slightly. He drew up his lips and showed a smile: “I knew you would not refuse me.”


{No. 666, although I know it’s a dreadful time to come out, I think I should remind you, since it is my duty, your time of death is near.}The appearance of the assistant broke the sweet atmosphere.


{I want to give up this task.}


{You, you, calm down, if you give up the task, this plane is going to collapse! You will directly receive a ‘Failure’ evaluation, and the punishment will be a hundred-day tour in eighteenth layer ah!} The assistant was scared by Lu Heng and began to scream.


{I want to accompany him to the last minute… }


{No, no, no, no, you should know, if this plane collapses, the souls inhabiting this plane will be scattered to oblivion and will never be able to enter reincarnation. For the sake of your sweetheart also, you have to finish the task.} The little assistant went through its database wildly and finally found a way to persuade Lu Heng.


{… I. Thank you for reminding me.}


In the end, Lu Heng remembered his identity and duty, not only for the sake of Shi Kong but also for the thousands of creatures in this plane. Lu Heng was not such a desperate man who for his love would sacrifice every living being on the plane.


The assured assistant sank deep into his consciousness, since its duty was simply to assist in providing information and alerting the performer at critical moments. Now that Lu Heng made a pledge, according to his understanding of Lu Heng, there will not be any more mistakes in the following matters.


Since he could not give up his task, Lu Heng could only adjust his next plan. With a sweet but heavy heart, he began to prepare for his marriage. Those who practice immortality did not have as many rituals as that between ordinary mortals when they married. Both sides had to worship the law of heaven and earth resulting in recognition from the Dao of Heaven.


Lu Heng did not want to be so hasty, but he was doomed to leave, and this marriage ceremony did not warrant a grand celebration. Considering many factors, Lu Heng sealed Zhaoyao Mountain and forbade anyone from coming in and disturbing him.


Everything that was needed could be found in the private treasury of the Demon King.


Lu Heng brought out two sets of bright red clothes, which were slightly taller than him. However, they were magic artifacts that could automatically fit the figure of the person wearing them, and there was no need to worry about it. Lu Heng thought for a while and found a set of puppets to come out with a few points of7 mysterious smile on his face.


The next morning.


Never before had the Demon King’s Zhaoyao Mountain been so noisy. Long red silk was spread from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. Along the way, red lanterns were hung on every tree, which were also covered with red. A long line of people accompanying the bride to her new home came along the foot of the mountain. Looking closely, the playing musician and the sedan bearers were all stiff and expressionless. They were all wooden puppets.


This somewhat strange send-off team formed an enormous line to the mountainside, and a red-robed man riding a horse could be seen. When he saw the sedan chair’s arrival, he felt relieved and smiled. The colourful mountain was not half as bright as he was at that moment.


Lu Heng went over and dismounted. Reaching up to the sedan chair, he kicked forward with one foot. The sedan door was flung open in response. Lu Heng was somewhat embarrassed and bewildered. He was supposed to have kicked the sedan door three times, but he didn’t control his strength, and the door had been flung open in one kick. In what way was this good?


Lu Heng rubbed his nose and then extended his hand to the man in the sedan chair. “Well, we don’t pay much attention to clichés. My queen, get on with me.”


One horse vanishing behind dust. Two red shadows disappeared into the heavy shadows of trees.


After worshipping heaven and earth, drinking and exchanging nuptial wine, and gaining recognition from heaven and earth, they both became worldly husbands and dual cultivation companions.


The pair of dragon candles8 trickled long candle tears. Lu Heng sat on Shi Kong’s legs, the two men’s dantians touching, as was their foreheads. Lu Heng looked at the beautiful but expressionless face in front of him, and an image flashed through his mind. The same face, but one full of embarrassment.


Lu Heng steadied his mind, transferred his demon core to Shi Kong mouth to mouth, and then maintained this position, as his divine sense slowly explored Shi Kong’s dantian.


The long candle had already burned down to half, and Shi Kong’s mind grew clearer and clearer. His eyes opened sharply, but he had a pair of golden vertical pupils. Then he felt himself sinking into the darkness again.


This was the innate skill of the Ba Snake clan; Lu Heng planted a suggestion in Shi Kong. As for their love, it was only a dream of Nanke9, a heart devil’s tribulation in the way of Shi Kong’s cultivation. This art was by no means unbreakable, but that day would be the day that Shi Kong cut off all Karma and achieved Buddhahood.


“When you think of it, look at it like a plucked flower with a smile and let it go,” Lu Heng whispered softly, then dropped a kiss on Shi Kong’s lips and turned away.




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