How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 34

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Chapter 34


The peerlessly talented demon ba snake (17)



Translated by: Niladri


Edited by: celes


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{It’s done!} The voice of the little assistant resounded in Lu Heng’s mind.


{What does it say?} Lu Heng reluctantly pushed down all kinds of thoughts deep into his heart and entered his professional state.


{When you travelled back to the past, it was imperative to prevent two instances of the same person, or else the plane would have collapsed. This plane proactively took action, trapping the Demon King Ba Snake in a secret place until you returned.}


{What about Bai Li?} Lu Heng was quite worried. He already had a “pending” evaluation on his last assignment. What’s wrong with him this time? He was afraid of having to take a one-day tour of the eighteenth floor.


{Don’t worry, you have Little Assistant here! I contacted my colleagues in the Plane Maintenance Department; they will be responsible for inputting memories of Bai into Bai Li’s mind, but…} The assistant was somewhat hesitant. 1




{Assessment points will be deducted if the Plane Maintenance Department’s help is used.} After the little assistant said this, it went deep undercover and pretended to be dead.


As a proud newcomer, his points were reduced to a negative number before he had even been assessed. Lu Heng felt a little distraught. Nevertheless, it’s better than causing a plane to collapse. Lu Heng comforted himself like this.


Lu Heng decided to shelf the sacred artifact because although it gave someone the strength they desired, it was easy to get into trouble. Definitely won’t use it unless it is absolutely necessary. But now, what the situation was like outside, Lu Heng had to investigate first.


Lu Youyou has been extremely smug in the past hundred years since he was the only one among the new (generation of) demons who had ever seen the King. Because of this experience, in his clan, he was a local celebrity. When he was in a good mood, he didn’t mind sharing the scene of meeting the King with his companions.


Lu Youyou was in a good mood today because he thought something good would happen early this morning. So after finishing the clan’s (educational) classes, he was very generous when he was surrounded by his friends to discuss the story of the meeting with the King.


“Youyou, is the King really as powerful as the legends? I heard from one of the clan’s elders that he had seen the King a long time ago, but because the King’s momentum was too strong, he did not look up to see what the King looked like.”


“Of course, when I first met the King, I couldn’t breathe until he smiled at me…”


Ezoic“Deceiving us! Why would the King smile at such a little demon like you? It hasn’t been long since you could transform.” A harsh voice resounded; the speaker’s youthful spirit couldn’t bear to watch this Lu Youyou act like this.


Before Lu Youyou could open his mouth, his supporters jumped out first: “The King is not the kind of demon who only looks at strength; you did not see that in the past, the King was strong enough to crush ‘a certain Snow Rabbit’ to death with his mere fingers…”


“Careful with what you say,” one of the younger demons cautioned him.


Only then did the young demon remember: that Snow Rabbit was no longer the weak demon of that year.


The atmosphere abruptly stiffened. A black-and-gold paper sparrow broke the stagnant atmosphere. The paper sparrow circled and then fell in front of Lu Youyou.


The King’s paper sparrow! The neighboring demons were all excited, and some took out their photo beads to record.


“Lu Youyou, come to Zhaoyao Mountain. I have something to ask.” The paper sparrow’s voice was low and slightly husky, which made one wonder what the owner of the voice was like.


Regardless of how the little demon had boasted to his friends upon returning to his clan since last time, Lu Youyou’s mind was full of hesitation and surprise.


Lu Heng looked at the young man who had matured a little more than the last time: “You have made progress in your cultivation.”


After being praised by the King, Lu Youyou was very happy: “Answering Your Majesty, this little demon has not dared to relax for a hundred years and has been diligently cultivating every day.”


Unexpectedly one hundred years had passed. Although he was somewhat surprised, Lu Heng did not change his expression. “In the past hundred years, I had fallen into a secret place, but I just got out of it just a few days ago. Report to me every important matter in the demon race.”


The Lushu (Sichuan Deer) clan excelled at raising children, so they had deep ties with all the clans, and they were among the most well-informed of the demon race. And Lu Youyou, the great-grandson of the Lushu King, was a great target to gather information from.


At the King’s command, Lu Youyou did not dare to refuse, honestly recounting some of the major events that had taken place in the past hundred years. Lu Youyou had always been clever. He knew that previously the King had paid a lot of attention to the Snow Rabbit named Bai Li. There were also rumors among the people that she would be the future demon queen. So he focused on Bai Li’s matters.


Bai Li was no longer the original weak demon; she obtained ancient artifacts and a mysterious inheritance from a secret realm and had overcome tribulation into a great demon. The whereabouts of the King was unknown for a hundred years. According to Bai Li, he was harmed by a sect of the human race.



Bai Li wanted to gather the demon kings of all territories to force the monks to divulge the king’s whereabouts, but no one in the clans believed her. The King’s strong and overbearing power was widely known among the demons. No demon believed that the King could be harmed by the sects of human cultivators.2 As for the unknown whereabouts of the King, the kings of all clans thought it to be normal. After all, for tens of thousands of years, their King had always been unpredictable. Not to mention a hundred years, even if there was no news in a thousand years, it was nothing special.


Bai Li was angry with these demons and suffocated with rage. She left the demon race and claimed that she would rescue the king herself. Since then, she had never returned to the demon race.


“But…” Lu Youyou hesitated a little, and then he wondered whether he should tell King or not. After all, Bai Li was rumored to be the legendary demon queen.


“It’s all right.”


“Some time ago, I heard a friend who was traveling in the secular world say that he saw Bai Li with a man of the human race, and apparently, he was a monk.” When Lu Youyou finished, he furtively looked at the King and found that he looked normal which made him feel at ease. Sure enough, rumors in this clan seemed to be untrustworthy. The King did not seem to regard Bai Li as his future companion. ‘Such a Bai Li, even if she became a great demon, is not worthy of even a strand of the King’s hair,’ Lu Youyou thought in his heart.


After excusing Lu Youyou, Lu Heng sorted out the information he received. Presently, it’s been a hundred years since he was plotted against by Clear Spring Sect.3 Bai Li and the sage monk’s thread of love should have begun.4 It shouldn’t be long before the time of his heroic death arrives.


The basic development of this plane was similar to Lu Heng’s expectation. When he first went to fetch the sacred artifact, Lu Heng was trying to preserve his strength. Although something unexpected happened in the middle and his path took a huge detour, it was finally back on track.


Next, he just needed to wait for the incident of Bai Li’s involvement with Fanyin Temple. Lu Heng was not worried about whether Bai Li had the strength to destroy half of Fanyin Temple. As the child of destiny, although the demon race’s sacred artifact did not fall into her hands, destiny would compensate her with a better magical artifact.


Lu Heng decided to close the door until trouble came knocking. The mission was going smoothly. As long as his path doesn’t cross with another child of destiny, there shouldn’t be any accident.5 Lu Heng eagerly awaited the S score during evaluation after he finished his task.


For a long time, Lu Heng tried to organize the memories from two6 hundred years ago, but he couldn’t no matter how hard he tried to remember. There were only a few hazy fragments, such as Bai, such as Min, such as the Nine-Tailed Fox King Xi Xi. These fragments seem to lack an important thread to connect them.


The visit of the Nine-Tailed Fox King interrupted Lu Heng’s musings.


The Fox King clad in red still had a fierce and violent temperament. She saw Lu Heng and made a cursory salute. Her following words made Lu Heng shocked enough to experience a nauseating vertigo. “Everything alright with you and the queen, Your Majesty?”


Queen? Lu Heng’s heart was full of waves, but his face remained unmoved: “Why do you say that?”


“As soon as I left seclusion, I heard how the queen got mixed up with a snow rabbit demon named Bai Li.” After the Min incident occurred, Xi Xi’s heart was shaken and she went into seclusion for two hundred years.


When this great event had happened, the demon kings of each clan gathered together to exchange information and discuss countermeasures. Finally, there was a dispute over the person who would inform His Majesty of this matter. Bai Li’s position was really special. So the Nine-Tailed Fox King, who had been in seclusion for two hundred years, was pushed out. When Xi Xi went into seclusion, His Majesty had not adopted Bai Li yet, and she knew nothing about them. Even if there was any slip of speech, His Majesty would not blame a person who did not know the situation.


Lu Heng could tell that the queen that the Fox King spoke of was supposed to refer to a Buddhist monk of Fanyin Temple. He continued to listen to the Fox King’s calm voice.


Bai Li had caused a great disaster in the territory of the humans. She sacrificed ancient artifacts and destroyed half of Fanyin Temple.


“Although she has always been naïve, how can she do such a stupid thing?” Lu Heng asked.


“It’s not just naivety, it’s utter stupidity!” Xi Xi was frank and forthright. “On that day, there happened to be a small flock of the Feathered Bird clan gathering near Fanyin Temple. Now the whole demon race knows about the matter.”


Xi Xi was so angry that she didn’t even want to say anything. She threw out a photographic bead and let Lu Heng see it for himself.


It was Bai Li that made a scene at Fanyin Temple.


Bai Li, who had become a great demon, was no longer an innocent little girl. She held a white bone flute, and her white gauze-lined skirt fluttering against the wind made her look like a fairy.


Lu Heng’s attention was focused on the bone flute in her hand.


Incandescent Dragon Bone Flute. At the beginning of the heaven and earth’s creation, the Incandescent Dragon rebelled. The ancient god chopped it down with an axe, made flute with its bone, and sealed the dragon’s soul in the flute. This flute could play as the sound of a dragon chant, which had the power to shake the world.


Should it be said that the child of destiny had lost the demon race’s sacred artifact but got ancient artifacts that were even more mystical?


Bai Li opened her mouth and her voice was delicate, but under the supplementation of the demonic power, it rang through the whole Fanyin Temple: “This little girl is Snow Rabbit Bai Li, here to request an audience with Grand Master Yuan Zhen of Fanyin Temple.”


A few moments later, a group of people flew out of the formation protecting the mountain. The leader was not polite. He opened his mouth and shouted, “Which evil creature dares to speak loudly in front of Fanyin Temple!”


This was a chief disciple and seeing his attire, it should be the chief disciple of Fanyin Temple’s Disciplinary Hall. Fanyin Temple’s Disciplinary Hall had never been polite to the demon race; such an attitude was normal.


But Bai Li was still not aware of it and went red with anger: “Why are you so rude!”


The disciple of the Disciplinary Hall laughed and did not speak to Bai Li any more: “Activate the formation, take down this vile demon and send it to the demon locking tower!”


Bai Li’s strength had grown a lot, and within a few rounds, she knocked down the group of disciples. When the chief disciple saw the strength of the visitor, he retreated and sent a paper sparrow into the mountain. Not long after, the first seat of the Disciplinary Hall appeared in front of the mountain gate.


Bai Li repeated her intention again. Although the first seat had a fierce temperament, a little worse than the chief disciple’s, he was able to gauge the strength of the visitor. Especially the magic artifact in her hand, although he could not recognize it, he could feel its destructive power.


“The Abbot has something important to do, and everything in the temple is presided over by this old monk for the time being. What does benefactor want?”


When Baili saw the relaxed tone of the person, she put away her artifact and gave a salute: “I have a friend who said recently that he would be returning to the sect, and then lost contact with him. I was so worried that I came to check on him. Dare to ask Master, but is Master Shi Kong currently in Fanyin Temple?”



Although the first seat reluctantly suppressed his anger, after hearing the matter of Shi Kong, his tone became a few points heavier: “Shi Kong is indeed in the temple, but it involves the internal affairs of the sect; benefactor does not need to interfere more.”


The two people went back and forth, and after several exchanges, they finally failed to reach an agreement. Bai Li insisted on seeing Shi Kong and the first seat with his fiery temper could not suppress his anger. Both sides started to go at it again. But the strength of the first disciple of this Disciplinary Hall was incomparable to that of the ordinary disciples. Although Bai Li was a demon, it had not been long since she overcame tribulation, and soon, she was cornered and was about to be captured.


In desperate circumstances, Bai Li also grew ruthless, and she actually threw the Incandescent Dragon Bone Flute into the air and decimated it with her fingers. The ancient mystical artifact began to emit dazzling light like the sun and blotted out the sky, and then a huge dragon with a human’s face appeared in the air. The soul of the Incandescent Dragon had been enclosed in the bone flute for thousands of years. Its eyes were full of violence, and its whole body was full of destructive spirit.


Bai Li destroyed the artifact impulsively and did not expect the soul of the artifact that had already recognized her as its master to break away from her control and crazily destroy everything it saw. The formation generating the great mountain barrier of Fanyin Temple, which was inherited from ancient times, should have blocked the soul of the Incandescent Dragon. But who knew what happened that day, the formation for the great mountain barrier was running short on spiritual power. After several waves of attacks, it was destroyed completely by the spirit of the Incandescent Dragon.


Half of Fanyin Temple along with thousands of ordinary disciples were obliterated. The soul of the Incandescent Dragon, after making such a scene, suddenly plunged into the main peak of Fanyin Temple and disappeared.


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