How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 27

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Chapter 27—The peerlessly talented demon ba snake (10)

Fortune and misfortune go hand in hand, blessings and calamity arrive together

Translated by: Niladri

Edited by: celes

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Seeing this unexpected change, the nearby Bai came pouncing and transformed into his human form. He stretched out his hand to block the object, but the thing’s momentum was too much; it grazed past Bai’s fingertips and sunk into Lu Heng’s dantian.


“What was that?” Bai urgently cried out, “First protect your demon core with demonic energy!”


“It’s Min’s demon core.” Lu Heng inspected his dantian and saw that in the midst of a dusky sea of qi, Lu Heng’s dimly lit demon core hung with a glowing demon core revolving around it. After every revolution, Min’s demon core became smaller while the cracks on Lu Heng’s demon core gradually started to repair.


Lu Heng reported the situation to Bai.


Bai pondered for a moment and said, “When the Qianye Lotus blossoms, spiritual qi overflows. Once the demon core absorbs the spiritual qi, the demonic energy will overflow. After that,  according to Min’s final wish, it will integrate with your demon core. This situation is unheard of. Do you feel anything wrong? ”


“Not yet.” Lu Heng shook his head.


“In this case, we can only make the best of misfortune. Calm your mind and absorb the qi through meditation; I will be your dharma protector.” [T/N: One who protects someone while they break through in their cultivation (in this context)]


The arrow was already nocked on the string and had to be fired. Lu Heng could only absorb the qi and guide his demon core to absorb cultivation. With the passage of time, Min’s demon core shrunk down to merely the size of a jujube, and he could see the unexpected cultivation coming to an end.


Lu Heng breathed a sigh of relief. The instant he relaxed, he felt an itch coming from the top of his head.


Lu Heng instinctively wanted to stretch and scratch, but found no hand to use, which reflected that he was now in the form of a snake. This kind of thing was too embarrassing to bother Bai with; just cooling it with the clear spring water should stop it. Never thought that the little black snake reflected on the surface of the water had a long split on its head. It looked pretty scary.


Lu Heng was astonished: “How did my head split!”


Bai heard his shout and hurried to check. Looking closely, Bai’s delicately featured face was twisted into a queer appearance, and finally, he could not help laughing out: “You are going to molt; your snake clan has to molt once after completing each step of cultivation.”


Lu Heng greatly felt that he had lost face. He wished he could dig a pit and bury himself. However, I am a pure human being. How can I think of a snake molting?


Snake molting is a very painful thing, like breaking through the gate of death; some snakes even died in the process of molting. Lu Heng, a half-baked Ba Snake, had no experience in this matter, and the process was even more dangerous (for him). Fortunately, Bai was at his side as his dharma protector, and seeing Lu Heng struggling, he transferred his demonic energy to help him in addition to the half-open Qianye Lotus’s overflowing spiritual qi. He continuously helped Lu Heng supplement his essence, finally managing to arrive at the last step.


However, at this critical juncture, an abnormality rose.


Inside Lu Heng’s dantian, the remaining demon core which was the size of a rice grain was spitting out the last of its contents. What’s terrible was that it was a thick black miasma, mixed with bloody qi, pouring into Lu Heng’s demon core. Even Lu Heng, who had just stepped into the door of cultivation, knew that it was not a good thing.


Lu Heng reacted very quickly. He immediately mobilized his demonic energy to contend with the black mist. This was Lu Heng’s sea of qi. One could say that he should’ve had the upper hand. But the dark miasma was weird, and for a while, the two sides were caught in a deadlock.


“What’s wrong?” Bai saw that Lu Heng’s brows were scrunched and his face is very ugly.


“There’s something wrong with the demon core.” Lu Heng did not have the energy to explain the precarious situation.


“Don’t resist, I’ll help you.”


Seeing Lu Heng nod slightly, Bai then probed into Lu Heng’s dantian. With the help of the latter’s formidable expertise, Lu Heng finally expelled the black miasma from his own sea of qi.


After the black mist was expelled from Lu Heng’s dantian, it hovered in midair and instantly turned into a ferocious spider. The spider’s back was full of human heads. Lu Heng looked at it with disgust and recognized several faces as they were of all those servants who died that night in the Linyang County Lord’s courtyard.


What kind of magic is this? Lu Heng was befuddled.


The revolting spider began to attack Lu Heng with its mouth open. At that moment, clouds gathered in the sky, and a thunderbolt tore through the spider. The heavenly thunder quickly and efficiently eliminated that vile object, but it still did not stop and directly targeted Lu Heng.


Apparently, there was some kind of mutation, and the aura of this vile object also contaminated Lu Heng’s dantian. The heavenly thunder had unexpectedly mistaken him for an evil thing as well, and it was going to destroy him along with it.


The molting and contention against Min’s demon core had already expended all of Lu Heng’s energy, and he had nothing left to deal with this fierce thunder any longer.


This was heavenly tribulation, and others could not intervene. The more help received, the greater the power of the tribulation. Bai was pouncing around at one side. He thought that it was because he brought Lu Heng to watch the Qianye Lotus mature, it led to a series of accidents, and now it was endangering Lu Heng’s life.


Bai’s heart was full of guilt. When he gritted his teeth and fluttered his fingers, several golden strands of light appeared in the air, twisting several times before forming an intricate and exquisite chain that connected Bai and Lu Heng together.


Meanwhile, the heavenly thunder began piercing down, right in the center of Lu Heng’s heavenly spirit. Lu Heng closed his eyes and waited a long time for the incoming excruciating pain but found that nothing seemed to have happened.


This heavenly thunder was raging on, was it an all bark and no bite kind of thing? Lu Heng opened his eyes with a strange expression but saw the chain floating in the sky and Bai’s somewhat wretched appearance beside it.


“Bai! What’s wrong with you? What is this chain?


Bai did not answer Lu Heng’s question but reassured, “Don’t panic, I will protect you.”


“You are seeking death. If others interfere with the heavenly tribulation, it will only make the thunder more powerful, and we would both be doomed!” Lu Heng thought, ‘Anyway, it’s just death; my lifespan has probably come to an end. How could I drag down others with me? It’s just a pity that I can’t see Shi Kong again.’


Bai closed his eyes and meditated for a moment. He regained some of his strength and said, “Don’t worry about it. This is the innate skill of the Snow Rabbit clan. It’s just transference of damage. It won’t affect the tribulation.


“That won’t do either! Let go of me!” Lu Heng wanted to take the heavenly thunder away from this area, but he was bound by the chain and could not move.


“My cultivation is more profound than yours. It’s okay.” After saying this, Bai shut his eyes and ceased speaking with Lu Heng.


The rest of the thunderbolts continued to fall on Lu Heng.


Like the previous one, he had no feeling at all, while Bai on the side was getting more and more distressed. Until the final heavenly lightning, Bai finally spit out a mouthful of blood, and fainted on the ground. The chain connecting them finally disappeared, and Lu Heng, who had been locked in place by the chain, was finally able to move.


Lu Heng assumed his human form and rushed to Bai’s side to tend to his wounds. Fortunately, his life was not in jeopardy. He just endured dozens of thunderstorms in a short period of time, some of which hurt his vitality. Lu Heng took out a medicine pill left behind by Shi Kong and stuffed it into Bai’s mouth. He listened to his breathing gradually smoothing, which made him feel at ease.


Only then did Lu Heng perceive his abnormality. The hand he used to give the medicine seemed to have gotten bigger, and his line of sight seemed to have gotten higher.


Lu Heng couldn’t resist his curiosity. He looked at his reflection in the water. It showed a boy of seventeen or eighteen years old. The teenager’s face was still young, but it was already in full bloom and had excellent looks. This was Lu Heng’s own face but somewhat different. Lu Heng knew he was quite good looking, but he’s not this good either. Maybe it’s because he’s a demon now?


He was too lazy to dwell on it since Bai was lying beside him badly injured. Lu Heng intended to wait for the Qianye Lotus to mature to immediately pick the elixir and leave with Bai to avoid trouble.


However, Lu Heng forgot one key thing. Just that day, the heavenly thunder had destroyed all the barriers laid down by Bai.


The bud of the Qianye Lotus finally shed away the last layer, revealing the tender yellow flower hiding in it. The elixir had matured. Lu Heng was about to go up and pluck it off, but he saw a brilliant light bursting out from the heart of the flower and soaring up into the sky.


When a heavenly treasure is born, there must be signs. The cloaking barriers were destroyed. All the people who lived within a hundred miles noticed the birth of heavenly treasure. At that moment, a flying sword in the sky came in this direction.


Lu Heng cursed bitterly in his heart. It was like a house leaking all night long due to rain. He hurriedly moved his hands put the Qianye Lotus that he plucked into the jade box, ready to leave with Bai.


Not expecting to see a flurry swords rapidly arrive, Lu Heng was surrounded by two groups of people before he could leave. The first man wearing a blue robe shouted with a clear voice to Lu Heng, “Audacious vile demons! Leave the treasure behind and you will be allowed to live.”


Even though it was clearly killing people and seizing treasures, they still put on a righteous and dignified face. Lu Heng was too lazy to talk with such hypocrites and took out a long whip to attack them.


When Lu Heng woke up in the world, the whip stayed in his dantian area, surrounded by the demon core. This was supposed to be the so-called original life artifact, but this long whip, as if it had been damaged, had such a dismal appearance, that Lu Heng never bothered to use it.


Now in this situation, Lu Heng could not take such things into account too much and had to seriously fight. These people were not experts, but when Lu Heng shed his skin, he was badly injured and had some difficulty in coping with it. After struggling for a long time, Lu Heng managed to somehow get rid of the last man. But more rays of light from the horizon started arriving in that direction.


Lu Heng was burning with impatience as he had no spare energy to fight again. Would he really die here today? At this critical moment, the unresponsive jewelry-like artifact on his left ear spontaneously dried up Lu Heng’s final vestiges of demonic energy and then emitted a brilliant white light that enveloped Lu Heng and Bai in it.


A moment later, the cultivators who were able to catch up looked at the completely empty cold spring and several corpses beside the spring and retreated to report the matter back to their sects.


On the other hand, Lu Heng, who was transported to an unknown cave, tried to swallow a red medicine pill and then fell to the ground with all his strength depleted, ignoring everything else.


When Lu Heng opened his eyes, he did not know how long it had been. He was bewildered for a moment before he remembered his situation.


Lu Heng subconsciously looked for Bai who should have been by his side, but he saw that his side was empty as well. In a fit of surprise, Lu Heng suddenly turned over and sat up, and a robe slid down. Only then did he find that his wounds had been properly dealt with, and it seemed that Bai had woken up first.


Looking around, Lu Heng saw that there seemed to be a man sitting in the darkness of the cave entrance.


NILADRI: Still getting used to the new site. If anyone finds an error, as usual, leave a comment.


Edit: Monster dan and whatnot mistakes, no one pointed them out 🙁


NILADRI: Still getting used to the new site. If anyone finds an error, as usual, leave a comment.

Edit: Monster dan and whatnot mistakes, no one pointed them out 🙁

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