How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 — The peerlessly talented demon ba snake (6)

A proper gentleman to match a virtuous and wise lady

Translated by: Niladri

Edited by: celes


From outside the door came a melodious, heart-stirring voice like that of a golden oriole, and people couldn’t help but expect a peerless beauty. Followed by a gust of fragrant wind, a young lady with an egg-shaped face, willowy eyebrows, almond-shaped eyes, and cherry lips entered through the door, and when she smiled, it was mellow like jade. Such a countenance rendered the whole room silent, and the servants who were waiting on the side, even if they weren’t seeing the Linyang County Lord for the first time, couldn’t help but be spellbound.


Lu Heng, who had transmigrated, should have been alarmed when he saw such a celestial beauty. After all, he had never seen such a beautiful person in modern society. However, Lu Heng’s emotional response was rather dull, as he felt that an even more bedazzling appearance was always by his side. He quietly glanced at Shi Kong. Unsurprisingly, Shi Kong still wore a calm and aloof look, as if the beauty in front of him was the same as the clouds during the day, no different from grass by the roadside.


Seeing the expression of Shi Kong, the Linyang County Lord bit her lip with some indignation and softened her voice: “Master Shi Kong, I trust you have been well since we last met three years ago.”


Joining his hands together, he nodded slightly: “Benefactor, this monk was ordered by the Zongmen to come here and settle the demon fox problem. Please inform the ins and outs (of the situation) to this humble monk.”


The newly arrived family servant stared so hard that his eyeballs almost popped out. He first heard the words of Linyang County Lord that were kind and respectful. The other side responded indifferently, yet the County Lord was not angry. Instead, she began to talk about what happened that night.


Things happened before the seventh, when the Linyang County Lord woke up and shockingly found the corpse of her personal servant girl on a couch in the outer room. Her clothes were messy, and the skin across the entire body was shrivelled like an eighty-year-old woman, along with a satiated expression on her face. When the Linyang County Lord who saw such a terrible scene screamed and fainted, the family servants and personal servant girls came rushing in and while trying to tidy up the corpse, found a note on it saying, “All grievances will be returned.”


After that, every night, a tragic death occurred. Prince Gong was crestfallen, and he quickly reported the incident to Fanyin Temple. After learning the news of the demon fox’s escape, Prince Gong’s family recognized their danger and directly closed the door and turned away the guests. The entire mansion was enveloped in a gloomy atmosphere.


Until today, this prince’s mansion has been looking forward to the savior. Lu Heng and Shi Kong visited Prince Gong in order to find traces of the demon fox.


The lives of the two in the mansion were no different from that in the mountains, and they continued to practice cultivation.


Apart from the Linyang County Lord.


Even Lu Heng, who has always been somewhat slow, has felt the indifference of Shi Kong towards the Linyang County Lord. For example, on this day, Shi Kong was meditating under a tree. Lu Heng was bored to death and started to fiddle with the pool koi in the gazebo to the side.


“Master Shi Kong.”


Upon sensing the fragrant wind, Lu Heng knew that the Linyang County Lord was coming. She seemed to be wearing a satin floral skirt with golden silken butterflies, and with each step, it felt as if she left a trail of blooming lotuses behind. As she approached, she had a smile on her face, carrying a three-layer food box in her hands.


Unfortunately, Shi Kong remained indifferent, ignoring the beauty in front of him as he continued to close his eyes and meditate.


“Master Shi Kong, this is my own vegetarian dish, try it.” Linyang County Lord appeared unfazed and maintained a gentle tone.


“Thank you, benefactor. This poor monk has already begun fasting; eating is unnecessary.” Shi Kong was not moved at all.



The Linyang County Lord stomped her foot angrily and threw the food box in her hand into the arms of the personal servant girl behind her. The unprepared servant girl was knocked down and almost fell to the ground. The anger of the Linyang County Lord rose even higher, and she scolded, “If you drop my food box, be careful of your skin!”


Lu Heng enjoyed the farce in front of him with gusto, and indeed, the falling flowers want but the flowing water is merciless [T/N: unrequited love]. Lu Heng was somewhat amused by the misfortune, but he saw Shi Kong suddenly glance at him. The somewhat guilty Lu Heng was distraught and taking a step back, he found himself having fallen into the pond. He hadn’t adapted to his role as a cultivator yet, thus causing him to be unable to respond for a while. He thought he could swim anyways; the biggest problem was changing clothes.


The handsome monk in front of the Linyang County Lord, on the verge of saying something, had disappeared. She then saw Shi Kong in the gazebo, holding the abominable child in his arms.


The Linyang County Lord hated children, especially the one in front of her. She has never seen Shi Kong so close to others; he has always been like a high god sitting on their throne, looking down on all living things. Now that Shi Kong said something to the child with a hint of helplessness in his voice, his whole person looked lively, no longer having the appearance of sitting atop the clouds.


“Why are you always like this?” Shi Kong put Lu Heng down and used a cleansing technique on his wet clothes.


Lu Heng smiled and made a gesture of apologizing.


“With a temperament like this, you need to continue to meditate in the mountains. Tomorrow we will say farewell to Prince Gong—” Before Shi Kong could finish, he was interrupted.


“Master, the demon fox has not been caught yet. If you leave, who will protect the royal mansion? You must know that the fox is completely berserk now.” The Linyang County Lord just walked into the pavilion and heard Shi Kong. Her anxious tone was no longer gentle.


“Benefactor does not need to worry; this poor monk will lay down a Buddhist spell here. Once the demon fox appears, this spell will protect the mansion until this poor monk returns.” After that, Shi Kong did not wait for the Linyang County Lord to speak before leading Lu Heng away from the pavilion.


That night. The moonlight was like water, and Prince Gong’s mansion fell asleep after a noisy day. On the roof of a wing in the West Courtyard, there was a white monk sitting cross-legged. He sat there, holding black sandalwood beads, his eyes were cold, and the moonlight around him seemed to be a little dim.


And around the monk’s shoulders, circled a small blue-headed black-bodied snake. Under closer inspection, the snake had golden patterns on its body and looked divine. This person and this snake were naturally Shi Kong and Lu Heng. This peculiar manner of contact between them could be justified.


For Lu Heng, whose period of transformation hadn’t been that long, his original form was more convenient to cultivate in. As for why he was coiled around Shi Kong’s shoulders, it was necessary to start from an accident on a certain day.


It was the fifteenth day and a full moon, and the energy from the moonlight was several times higher than that of the ordinary days. Lu Heng, who had no experience, absorbed too much moonlight essence, and his demonic power went out of control, almost killing him. When he woke up, he found his teeth deeply embedded in Shi Kong’s fingers.


Lu Heng thought that he had bitten Shi Kong while berserk, and his guilty conscience almost made him lower his head into the ground. Interpreting his state of mind, Shi Kong explained that he took the initiative to put his finger in Lu Heng’s mouth, because his blood had the effect of purifying demons.


Since then, in order to prevent another accident, whenever Lu Heng cultivated, Shi Kong put him on his shoulders. When there was any change, he chanted sutras to him to dispel his demons.


Shi Kong suddenly opened his eyes: “There is something abnormal in the house.”


Lu Heng straightened up and spit out the snake letter in the air to explore, and then looked puzzled at Shi Kong: “What is abnormal?”


[T/N: [Direct MTL]The snake’s tongue splits, usually spit out to capture the outside information, such as food, the surrounding environment, the snake’s poor eyesight, mainly rely on the tongue to get information, so people call the snake’s tongue “snake letter”. [/Direct MTL]]


“The breath of death.” Shi Kong put Lu Heng down and dropped the beads in his hands, carefully encircling Lu Heng (with beads): “You stay here to cultivate, there is no danger, these beads will protect you from harm.”


“I also want to see it.” Lu Heng said.


“I have heard that some demons who have been cultivating evil can increase their cultivation by devouring their peers. This demon fox has a thousand years of cultivation,” Shi Kong said. “Your cultivation is insufficient, better avoid it.”


Following the breath of death, Shi Kong came to the small courtyard of the Linyang County Lord. He saw people lying on the ground in the courtyard, and apparently, all of them had their breath cut off.


The more one went inside, the more the evil atmosphere was predominant, until outside the main room of Linyang County Lord. For a mortal woman, since the boudoir was an important place, Shi Kong wanted to inform Prince Gong. However, it was discovered that the entire small courtyard had become a maze and it was impossible to find the core of the array.


At this moment, there was a scream from the chamber, which was the voice of the Linyang County Lord. Without thinking much, Shi Kong pushed the door in. The personal maidservant standing guard, like the people in the courtyard, had already disappeared. Shi Kong entered inside and saw the Linyang County Lord collapsed on the bed, her life and death uncertain.


Shi Kong expediently went forward in order to assess the situation of the Linyang County Lord. But he gazed at one of the main entrances of Linyang County Lord and saw it spit out red smoke. Shi Kong retreated with his body and waved his sleeves, causing the smoke to be scattered by more than half, but it was inevitable that some of it was absorbed.


The smoke was quite powerful, and Shi Kong, at once felt a burst of dizziness. He took the opportunity to sit in a lotus position and tried to move the strange smoke out of his body. This smoke was peculiar. Shi Kong’s spiritual power has not been hindered. It just feels that the blood and qi in his body were surging, and the things around him seemed to be covered by a mist. Everything seemed to be illusory, and his mood was somewhat uncontrollably euphoric, as if he was experiencing something amazing.


The Linyang County Lord, seeing the situation of the Shi Kong, turned over and sat up. She gracefully made some body movements and went forward. “Master Shi Kong, your servant, with body and mind will pleasure you for a long time.” [T/N: She used “qie”, also used for “this concubine”]


The Linyang County Lord’s eyebrows were affixed with flower buds, and she was draped in a cloud-like translucent outer shirt. Her white skin was accentuated under the candlelight. Such a ravishing beauty, coupled with the influence of the strange smoke, one must admit that no person in the world wouldn’t be shaken. [T/N: Do tell if double negatives bother you]


Only those people did not include Shi Kong. He used his hands to make a flower-like shape, put them on his lap, and watched its movements. He did not talk to the Linyang County Lord.


The Linyang County Lord saw such a situation and that Shi Kong still wore a cold face, and though there appeared to be some resentment in her heart, nevertheless, she was obsessed with this ‘heavenly moon on the sky’-like appearance of Shi Kong. If Shi Kong was not like this, he wouldn’t have occupied her heart for three years.


Linyang County took a step forward and took off her coat with gritted teeth, revealing her thin innerwear. When she wanted to take it off again, she found that she could not move. The Linyang County Lord had some understanding of cultivation and immediately realized that Shi Kong was in the process of fixing his body’s consciousness.


She was enraged and said: “You monk, unable to differentiate good from bad, give me what I want now!”


As soon as she spoke, the Linyang County Lord found that she was unable to make a sound.



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