How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: The Beta Lieutenant Colonel Who Died For His Country (16)

Translated by: Niladri

Edited by: celes


Just when the people on Star Network were wondering where Lu Heng went, the live video suddenly switched to the “black box”. The black box was a provision for military personnel performing extremely dangerous missions to leave a message. The messages recorded in the black box would be sent to their families first hand. Because this task was of great importance, the people strongly demanded the implementation of full supervision, and everything related to this mission was directly broadcast on Star Network, even the pictures in the black box were no exception.


“Good day, Father, Mother, Brother.” Lu Heng was sitting in front of the camera, he looked a little uneasy, “I’m sorry, I probably won’t be able to accompany you to the Star Festival this year.”


People on Star Network had never seen Lu Heng like this. Lu Heng, who appeared in various reports, always looked indifferent and had a firm step. Whether sitting or standing, his back was always straight. At this time, everyone realized that this textbook-style soldier was also a flesh-and-blood person. He also had friends, relatives, and a family. There were even many people who remembered Lu Heng’s family history, which could be said to be the top of the Alliance. Such a person could have lived a stable and worry-free life under the protection of his family.


Lu Hengseemed to have thought of something, smiling lightly: “Last Star Festival, Mother scolded me on the communicator, complaining about how it was the ninth time I failed to keep my appointment. Clearly, next year, it will be the same, making it a perfect ten.”


He was silent for a while, probably thinking about how to calm his mother’s anger. Suddenly, his eyes lit up: “I remember last time, you said that when you were dreaming a few days ago, you saw me playing the piano when I was a child. You also said that you wished you could listen to “Moonlight” again on my upcoming birthday.”


Lu Heng in the camera stood up, and he took out a space button. A moment later, an amazing piano appeared in the middle of the room. Lu Heng lowered his eyes and walked slowly around the piano. His fingers were stroking the body, as if he was looking at his lover.


“The ‘Tears of the Starry Sky’, such a masterpiece, is wasted in my hands,” Lu Heng whispered, still sitting in front of the piano. His slender and powerful fingers gently caressed each key, the pair of perfect hands, no less inferior than the tears of the stars.


Lu Heng closed his eyes and reminisced for a moment then began to play his mother’s favorite song, “Moonlight”. The sound of the piano was a bit jerky at first, and it was getting smoother and slower. It’s just that this was a gentle and sweet song, but it was played in an ice-cold manner befitting the military. The young man who was playing the piano sat tall and straight, and his body was covered by a black military uniform. There was no fold in his clothes. The whole person looked like a steel knife, incompatible with the song that should reflect the feelings of lovers under the moonlight.


The sound of the piano was suddenly interrupted, and the young man looked up: “Now, it seems that I am not suitable to play this song and do not want to blaspheme the master’s work.”


After a moment, a mournful note jumped out of his fingertips. In the first segment, the notes swarmed like a gust of wind, bringing everyone back to turbulent times. The mother star was close to destruction, and the fearless human beings were struggling for their future. Sadness, chaos, despair, destruction, the complete dark history was encompassed.


This was “Escape from the Blue Star”, the most brilliant pearl in the history of art. Later, the sound of the piano gradually eased, the survivors who left their parent star missed the mother star, the grief for the loved ones and friends who stayed on the parent star forever, and the confusion about the future. However, the confusion did not last long and soon became a note full of hope, the pitch gradually increased, the sound gradually became stronger, and with firm force brought the musical piece into the magnificent finale, just like the historical track of the development of the Human Alliance.


Everyone on Star Network was attracted by this impassioned music and the radiant youth. They saw a high-flying flag, an insurmountable mountain, a triumphant horn. Undeniably, the entire Star Network unanimously believed: humanity will win!


When the last note was pressed, Lu Heng squatted for a while, as if calming down from his high-strung state of mind. After a while, he raised his head and smiled apologetically: “I haven’t played the piano in so long, I can’t play “Moonlight”, and I promised to play a song for my friend. “Escape from the Blue Star” was what he loved most. I hope Mother won’t be offended.”


The automatic lens recorded the last period of Lieutenant Colonel Reiner’s life. He saluted the camera with a standard military salute then stepped into the mech. A lonely silver-white mech flew out of the huge, incomparable Thunder Gale starship’s massive mouth and towards the huge wormhole. However, in front of these two massive objects, the mech didn’t seem small at all, and it slowly disappeared into the wormhole. After dozens of minutes, dazzling light stung everyone’s eyes, and the wormhole collapsed.


Following later developments that took place, Lu Heng and the little assistant stood in a small space together. The timeline in the small space was not the same as the various planes. They could see the long-term developments in the plane within a short time. This would help the various performers to summarize and reflect, and it would also help the department to rate them. 1


After Lu Heng’s sacrifice, no one doubted whether his assassination of the Queen was successful. The defense line of the Zergs being withdrawn clearly explained the issue. The Human Alliance had won the battle and recovered a large number of occupied stars. In the history of human confrontation with the Zerg, this was the largest area that the Human Alliance had ever occupied. Before the birth of the new queen, the Zerg adopted a defensive policy and no longer frequently harassed the Human Alliance’s star domain. The people of the border stars could finally live the lives they dreamed of.


Lu Heng was bestowed the title of marshal and became a very famous person. His statue was erected in front of the first military academy’s mech building, and it was decorated with flowers offered by students throughout the year. In “General History of Mankind”, his record was this: Marshal Reiner Hart’s achievements in the Human Alliance were not inferior to Marshal Eddie Valentine, who led the human race into the interstellar world. He broke the sword named “Zerg” that had been hanging over the head of humanity, bringing a new life of peace and tranquility to citizens in thousands of border stars…


“What evaluation will this level of assessment be?” Lu Heng, as a newcomer, didn’t know what level of completion is at this level.


“At least an A, you are the best among the newcomers I have seen!” The little assistant somersaulted in midair and looked very excited.


Lu Heng felt relieved in his heart. He thought about it and maneuvered the screen in front of him to focus on the relevant people.


Both Wayne and Andrew were sent to the military court on charges of crimes against humanity. They were finally sentenced to be held in black prison for the rest of their lives. This was the cruelest punishment of the Human Alliance, which Lu Heng pretty much expected. Although the client did not ask for it, after entering the plane for a period of time, he didn’t know why, Lu Heng felt that he had the responsibility to solve the biggest hidden danger to Thunder Gale. Maybe it’s because a certain someone was not suited to be contaminated by these intrigues.


However, the next picture made Lu Heng and the little assistant stunned.


After waking up to learn everything, Xiu Yi Te locked himself in the black box where Lu Heng had last stayed for three whole days. After coming out, the first thing he did was inform the Law Enforcement Team to take away Andrew and Carlo.


Xiu Yi Te’s handling of Andrew was very reasonable and was expected by Lu Heng. However, Xiu Yi Te actually let the Law Enforcement Team take Carlo away, and all the things that Carlo used to change his physique and constitution to integrate into Thunder Gale were reported. This made Lu Heng dumbfounded. This was totally unreasonable from Xiu Yi Te who meticulously took care of Carlo before. After all, Carlo did not commit a small crime. He did such a wrong thing under the noses of all the citizens. If he did not cover up for him, he would be court-martialed to a severe sentence.


Subsequent developments made the emotional line of this plane, like a rampaging wild horse, move about chaotically. Carlo was severely sentenced in military court, and the punishment was the most serious one for Omega. There were only two roads waiting for him: either hard labour in a remote ore star service for a lifetime or not needing to worry about food or clothing in a free matching center… Carlo chose the free matching center.


The Free Matching Center was for Omega who had committed a felony but were not willing to go to the mine to serve hard labour. Those Alphas who wanted to have Omega to birth their next generation could just pick an Omega of their choice from the matching center. Carlo’s bloodline was pure and his level of spiritual power was also high, which was naturally very “welcome”. Regarding his picture [in the assessment summary], he was confined in a narrow room, and Carlo, whose abdomen was bulging, sat on the bed, glassy-eyed, and he looked at the small window at the top of his head. No one knew what he was thinking.


In the eyes of Lu Heng and the little assistant, the picture had progressed to ten years in the future.


Capital Star, Military Department.


A man in a white research coat pushed open the door of the marshal’s office unceremoniously, and the guards at the door did not block him. Not because he was the chief of the Institute, but because he was the elder brother of the marshal. The marshal was extremely harsh on all people and things. Only the tolerance for his family had no bottom line.


“You know why I’m here.” Alex did not hesitate to speak.


“My answer remains the same. I won’t give you Reiner’s nameplate.” The red-haired man behind the desk put down the pen in his hand, looked up and pinched his eyebrows. His red hair was neatly combed behind his head, and his military uniform was rigorously buckled to the uppermost button. His eyes looked dark and gloomy, and the shadows beneath them were heavy. In addition, the space between his eyebrows had numerous lines.


Alex got this answer and wasn’t angry. After Reiner’s sacrifice, his bones could not be salvaged, leaving only his military nameplate. For martyr soldiers, their identity nameplate was the last proof of their stay in the world, and it was the only comfort for their families. For ten years, Alex has been trying to retrieve Reiner’s nameplate, and he was always rejected. He was angry in the beginning but slowly got used to it.


Because over time, Alex and his family gradually came out of the pain of losing Reiner, but the man in front of him did not. Over the past decade, Alex has watched Xiu Yi Te transition from an indulgent, high-spirited prodigal son to a deeply unpredictable, serious, and rigid person, transitioning into… the second Reiner.


After Reiner’s death, Xiu Yi Te had been depressed for a while, then he swallowed Wayne’s Fifth Legion. He no longer stayed away from the center of power but instead plunged into the murky waters of the military and gathered a large number of forces in a few years. He finally took the position of Marshal with absolute strength, becoming the youngest marshal in history. After the Marshal took the top position of the military, the first thing he did was to send several military leaders who voted against support for Thunder Gale to be court-martialed.


Alex got up and left, stopped at the door and whispered: “I think, Reiner wouldn’t want to see you becoming alienated like this.”


There was no response behind him, and Alex sighed softly, closing the door and leaving the room’s melancholy.


Lu Heng and the little assistant faced each other, unsure of what to do. Things seem serious.


“Didn’t you say that the emotional line between the sons of fate was unshakable…?” Lu Heng simply wanted to cry but had no tears. Let alone an A, this time getting a D wouldn’t be considered bad. Moreover, he had a feeling of playing with people’s feelings and then slapping his buttocks2. He felt like a slag person.


“I don’t know; what is this situation? I have seen people who have repeatedly tried to disrupt the relationship between the sons of fate, in order to complete the task more easily yet could not affect their emotional line.” The task assistant collapsed and pulled its own hair. “I, I have to go to the minister to report that this is a big deal. The Destiny Department may blame us for trouble, I might be sent to be destroyed! Ah! What to do, what to do!”


Lu Heng looked at the little assistant who was in greater panic than himself. He could only force himself to calm down and appease the little assistant. They would confront their fate and face the organization’s decision.



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