How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: The Beta Lieutenant Colonel Who Died For His Country (13)

Translated by: Niladri

Edited by: celes


The two men returned to Starfleet and got the news of Carlo’s recovery from the Medical Department. This time, without Lu Heng doing anything, Xiu Yi Te took the initiative to invite Carlo to his office to talk. Lu Hang had planned to stir up this long-stalled matter, he and Xiu Yi Te had already agreed upon Carlo’s discharge. Xiu Yi Te was a man who always stayed firm to his words, and Lu Heng believed he would handle it well.


It’s just that Xiu Yi Te said that he and Lu Heng would wait for Carlo to come together. When asked why, Xiu Yi Te uncomfortably touched his nose:.. “I always felt that my attitude towards Carlo was strange. I originally thought his disposition was like this and later discovered he was an Omega. I just feel a little uneasy and I mean, it’s a vague feeling. Anyways, I think it’s best not to be alone with him.”


Lu Heng was somewhat hesitant about the proposal to have Carlo cut his gland and continue following the army. Previously, when he was young, Xiu Yi Te once said that in the future, he would want to find a companion with a common goal, it wouldn’t matter if it was an Omega. Carlo should stay in the army. After he leaves, the relationship between the sons of fate should be smoother, that’s what Lu Heng thought. Although there were repeated guarantees from the small assistant, Xiu Yi Te’s recent attitude has always made Lu Heng somewhat worried.


Pondering over and over again, in order to prevent any accidents, Lu Heng still agreed to talk to Carlo with Xiu Yi Te.


Carlo just received a review from the Medical Department through the newsletter from the company. He had no memory of this injury. Carlo only remembered that he had an impulse to go through the wormhole to find Xiu Yi Te. When he woke up, he was already back at Thunder Gale. According to the medical soldier who took care of him, it was the commander who brought him over.


Walking on the bridge leading to Xiu Yi Te’s office, Carlo was a little uneasy. When he learned that Xiu Yi Te had lost contact, he was in a hurry and then used the No. 1 agent to find Xiu Te. At that time, Carlo thought that he had a very high degree of compatibility with Xiu Yi Te’s spiritual strength and would definitely help Xiu Yi Te. But the later developments were beyond Carlo’s imagination. The side effect of No. 1 agent was so great that he had barely passed through the wormhole when he lost consciousness due to spiritual force disorder.


It doesn’t matter, my starting point is good, Xiu Yi Te will not blame me, Carlo cheered himself up. Somehow, he suddenly remembered the moment when he met Xiu Yi Te for the first time.


It was his most depressing day. He had put so much effort and even changed his physique with banned drugs, but he was rejected by Thunder Gale. When he was prepared to leave Thunder Gale, the interviewing examiner informed him to go to Xiu Yi Te’s office.


Carlo at the time pushed the door open extremely uncomfortably, and it was the warmest view he had ever seen. Carlo still remembered the dazzling man bright as the sunshine, giving him a hearty smile, then asking: “Are you the child of Sergeant Meg?”


He nodded dumbly and then saw Xiu Yi Te come over with some excitement and pat him on the shoulder as he said, “I’ll protect you in the future.”


Xiu Yi Te was indeed a man of his words. He disregarded the strong opposition of his adjutant and let him enter Thunder Gale. Later, he personally taught him various fighting techniques such as wrestling moves and mech control. He led him by his hands and quickly integrated him into Thunder Gale.


Thinking of this, Carlo’s mood calmed down.


“Xiu Yi Te is special to me. He’s been taking care of me so well. I have nothing to fear.” Carlo consoled himself, then pushed the door open.


In the office, in addition to Xiu Yi Te, there was also a slender young man. The young man’s brows were slightly wrinkled, and his slightly sharp eyes were hidden behind optical glasses. The look on his face still had the harshness that Carlo feared. Carlo had always been afraid of Lu Heng. He always felt that the adjutant liked to target him, perhaps because of Xiu Yi Te’s leniency.


“Sit.” Xiu Yi Te nodded to Carlo.


Carlo sat down on the sofa opposite to Xiu Yi Te and showed a timid smile.


Xiu Yi Te was not as gentle as usual. The look on his face had a rare seriousness: “Carlo, do you want to stay in Thunder Gale?”


Carlo’s body subconsciously leaned forward. He grasped his knees tightly with his hands and said: “Thunder Gale has always been my ideal.”


Xiu Yi Te then nodded, somewhat satisfied, and said “An Omega is not allowed to join the army. But for Omega who have ability and a strong desire to join the army, an exception clause is…”


“As long as I can stay in the wind and thunder, I can achieve my ideals and fight the Zerg. I’m willing to do anything!” Caro said with some excitement.


“Do you know General Dylan Shaw?”


The legendary General Dylan Shaw and his experiences were known in the entire league. Carlo was not stupid, he immediately understood what Xiu Yi Te meant: “You… you mean I need to cut off my gland?”


Seeing Xiu Yi Te’s nod, Carlo suddenly felt as if he had sunk ​​10,000 meters beneath the sea, and his whole body had a feeling of suffocation. He didn’t know why he felt so sad, and reason told him that this was indeed the best way, but he was sentimentally unresigned, especially when the person who proposed that he cut off his gland was none other than Xiu Yi Te.


“No.” Carlo blurted out, but felt that it was not quite appropriate. “For an Omega, how cruel is it to cut off the gland…”


“Cutting off the gland will only make your body stronger. Don’t worry, this operation is very safe,” Xiu Yi Te appeased. “According to official statistics, those Omegas that have undergone surgery for glandular cancer, after completion of surgery, their physiques improved by at least one level.”


“No, you can’t be so cruel.” Carlo’s eyes began to turn red. He was flustered and said nothing: “Xiu Yi Te, you said that you will protect me, you’ve always been so special towards me, so why?”


“Carlo, I remember I told you in the beginning, because Sergeant Meg was a senior whom I respected very much and who saved my life. So I was willing to substitute for him and take care of you…” Xiu Yi Te paused. “But this does not mean that for the sake of your own willfulness, I will put the entire Thunder Gale in a precarious situation. Do you understand?”


Xiu Yi Te said a lot of words, but Carlo didn’t seem to listen to them. He just shook his head and said, “Why? Why are you doing this to me?”


“If you don’t want to cut off the gland,” Lu Heng couldn’t bear this farce, “you can choose to retire.”


When he saw Lu Heng’s mouth opening, Carlo’s emotions suddenly became agitated: “I won’t cut my gland, and I won’t leave Thunder Gale. Why do you want to target me like this? Although I’m an Omega, I also have the right to follow my dreams! You envy me, I know it. You’re jealous of how well Xiu Yi Te treats me.”


Lu Heng felt a faint pain in his temple, Carlo was truly a difficult adversary. Every time he encountered Carlo, his self-control would always fall apart. This kind of person who was always immersed in his own world and couldn’t understand other people’s words, wasn’t he in the wrong studio? Lu Heng really felt that Carlo was more suitable for appearing in brainless, romantic idol dramas.


“Second-Class Private Carlo Meg!” Xiu Yi Te suddenly burst into a loud voice. “Please pay attention to your wording. Now, apologize to your senior officer.”


Carlo grievously bit his lip and was reluctant to speak.


Lu Heng took a deep breath and waved his hand: “We should talk proper business. Carlo, Omega are not allowed to participate in the army. This is prescribed by law. Although you have changed your physique with medicine, this medicine is not 100% reliable; your transformation in the middle of the last mission has proven this…”


“We must be responsible for the entire team.” Xiu Yi Te followed Lu Heng’s words. “Your physical condition is a hidden danger, which may cause Thunder Gale to meet a cruel death at any time.”


Carlo thought of something, and calmed down: “Commander, Adjutant, I am now a Beta. Joining the army does not violate the law; you have no right to ask me to retire.”


Using banned drugs to change his physique made Carlo a real Beta now; there was no way to detect that he changed his physique. Xiu Yi Te and Lu Heng, who had seen him in estrus, could not produce any real evidence. As long as Carlo was a Beta, he could stay without breaking the law or military regulations.


Both Xiu Yi Te and Lu Heng couldn’t allow such a big variable to stay in Thunder Gale, especially at this sensitive time. For the first time, Xiu Yi Te regretted that he had hired Carlo initially, disregarding Lu Heng’s opposition.


“Second-Class Private Carlo Meg. You have violated Article 72 of the Imperial Regulations. You may not use the No. 1 agent for personal reasons. You will be temporarily detained in the confinement room and will be dealt with after reporting to the Law Enforcement Team.” Lu Heng was calm; he had a second set of plans.


Later, Lu Heng called two guards to come in.


“I was worried about your safety, I took the No. 1 agent to find you!” Carlo paled and explained to Xiu Yi Te, “Xiu Yi Te, I, continuously for you…”


Carlo still wanted to say something, and Xiu Yi Te waved his hand and let the guards take him.


“Carlo was not willing to take the initiative to retire, this was the proper way.” Lu Heng looked at Xiu Yi Te’s ugly look and appeased his shoulders.


“It’s better than having his Omega identity discovered.” Xiu Yi Te leaned against the sofa.


Indeed, the use of medication only violated military laws. An Omega’s concealment of identity was the most serious offence, and one could be sentenced to fifty years in prison.


Carlo’s problem was temporarily solved, and the Queen’s evolution had not yet entered the final stage. In order to let Thunder Gale prepare well, the military headquarters made their stance clear and did not create any more confusion. This could be said to be the most leisurely period since the establishment of Thunder Gale.


Lu Heng still lived a boring three-point life, from the cabin to the cafeteria to the training room. Until one day, when he felt it was too peaceful, he found that Xiu Yi Te seemed to have disappeared again. However, before he disappeared, he remembered to leave a message for Lu Heng. The content was very simple: Must handle personal matters, don’t worry.

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