Haunted Duke’s Daughter Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

Translated by: Niladri



Sakura laughed gleefully, and Lilia exhaled a light sigh. Towards Tina who was drinking the black tea with a dejected expression, Lilia showed a smiling expression.


「Do you hate his highness 」


Immediately, Tina stood frozen in place. Putting the tea filled cup on the table, Tina gave out a faint groan.


Umm… ‘Hate’, I am not sure it’s like that. On the other hand, ‘Like’, I wonder…. But I am a bit worried when I see Lilia taking such a cold attitude (towards him). 」


― Still one step away. As expected from that idiot prince.


― We should consider how far his eyes can see, that idiot prince.


― I can’t do that, because I am not that idiot prince.


― That’s right. We shouldn’t expect anything from that idiot prince. 1


The two people continued cursing like this. If the other person gave it some thought, they might understand how Tina really felt. However, because Lilia’s actions were partly responsible for the present situation, it could not be said that the entirety of the blame lay upon the prince.


You don’t have to worry too much about me, Tina. Be honest with your feelings. Besides, his highness is worried about you. If his highness doesn’t feel comfortable with you meeting me, we can meet in secret like this


Yes… it’s a good idea. Thank you, Lilia. Lilia is really kind.


Tina smiled as she spoke. Lilia became a little embarrassed and turned away.


― And what’s your real intention?


― I just want her to stay close to me and keep that idiot away.


― In the end not even calling him “prince”, this child!


Lilia laughed in her heart, but put the cup on the table expressionlessly. Tina also finished drinking and put the cup down in the same way.


Thanks for the meal. It was delicious, Alisa-san.


「Thank you very much. 」


Alisa bowed politely. By the way, Alisa had waited standing upright for a long time while they were studying. As soon as Lilia asked for a cup of tea, she started brewing it. Even though it would have been better to be a little more carefree in that situation, but when Sakura thought of pointing it out, she remembered how Lilia used to be before and decided to let it go.


Then I’ll leave. Thank you, Lilia. 」


Don’t worry about it. Let’s meet again tomorrow.


Yes! I’ll bring dorayaki tomorrow! 」


She this so with a smile and went out of the room. After seeing her off,


I wonder if anyone would have thought that Lilia-sama would go to the south side so often…


For some reason, the words Alisa muttered made me feel guilty.


Every day after that, I received a lecture from Sakura in the morning, and in the afternoon I taught Ray, and Tina at night. I haven’t studied for the exam at all, so I’m a little worried if I’m going to be okay. Even if I told Sakura, she just called it a waste of time.


During the weekend, I had to restrain myself from childishly eating out at restaurants. Sakura made a bit of clamor urging me to go without worries, but I silently stayed put. I really should study by myself for a bit. I am beginning to feel a sense of crisis.


― Mou… Well then, let’s go learn magic from Alisa. If we do that, then your anxiety should be alleviated to a certain extent.


The other person thought she would argue, but Lilia obediently followed the instructions, and the sole topic of her study over the weekend was being taught magic by Alisa.


And on that fateful day.


― Sakura. I did study anything other than magic, but are you sure that’s okay?


― It’s okay! Trust me! Have I ever lied to you?


― Eh?


― Eh?


Such a conversation was currently being exchanged in the classroom. While everyone was studying for the exam, Lilia was holding a different kind of conversation with Sakura.


I paused the conversation with Sakura and checked the surroundings. The sound of papers turning over and the raspy sounds of writing echoed. Sometimes there was an exception when someone came into the classroom and sat down, but then the student too began to study immediately.


― Everyone is desperate.


― No one can afford to get bad grades.


The individual’s results were not disclosed. However, one’s score and the rank in the school year were understood naturally. It would be shown to parents. Parents do not stay quiet if the result of the child of an aristocrat, especially that of a senior aristocrat becomes poor. In addition, this result will resonate in the future naturally because it can be accessed freely by the major powers of the country.


This country requires a certain threshold level of ability to take over work and territory from one’s parents. Of course, if their ability is not recognized, and it is judged that the person is not qualified, they would be robbed of it by another person. Even with preferential treatment, they will not be unconditionally recognized.


For those reasons, everyone studied desperately.


― Previously did Lilia study for the exam?


― I didn’t do it in the classroom. Besides, if one listens to the class, they will be able to manage it to some extent.


― Uh, yes. I see.


For some reason, Sakura’s voice was trembling at the end. Lilia wondered about it, but decided not to ask since it might be something touchy.


「Oh, Liliane-sama. 」


A voice sounded from above. Looking up, one could see Chris standing. The followers didn’t seem to be involved today. They should be studying as well.


Liliane-sama. Are you sure you here to study as well? Ah, since it’s Liliane-sama, everything will be okay. 」


Then she started laughing foolishly. Lilia smiled, even though she felt a little irritated.


Yes. No problems in particular.」 (formal tone)


Chris, who always sported a dignified expression, widened her eyes with a bit of surprise and immediately returned a nod of satisfaction. I sat down in my seat and dropped my eyes on the materials that were spread out on the desk.


― Perhaps it was just… was she worried about Lilia?


― I guess so.


― So hard to understand!


Sakura screamed, and even Lilia felt such words were troublesome.


After a while, the teacher and the prince entered the classroom. She put a bunch of paper on the table and slowly looked around the classroom.


NILADRI: I hope everyone is safe and sound in these troubled times.

Work got a bit hectic on March so apologies for the delay. Then, on April I saw the old translator uploaded a few chapters, so I thought they restarted it. But turned out, it was just their previous stockpile.

I think I will continue to translate this until they restart for real and catch up to me (no sense having 2 translators work on same project when so many novels remain abandoned/unpicked).

I hope and pray that everyone and their loved ones remain safe.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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