Haunted Duke’s Daughter Chapter 60


Translated By: Niladri


「Lilia and Liliane, so it’s like that」

「Ugh …」

「If you ask around a little bit, I believe you will find that only a small group of people call me Lilia」

「Pfft …」

Ray bent down towards the floor with his knees and both hands. Sakura chirped in and wished good luck young man, but of course no one except Lilia could hear her. Lilia softened her expression and then stood straight.

「Then your Highness. Excuse me first.」

「Hmm? Ah … No, wait.」

Lilia, who had just turned back and started walking towards the door, stopped in her way. She never thought she would be called back. Ray who stood up also looked perplexedly at the prince.


「Yes. What is it?」

―There’s nothing left to talk about. What is it now?

―There there. Let’s calm down first, Lilia.

―I get it…

While sighing inwardly, Lilia plastered a smile on her face. The prince stared at Lilia for a while, and before long, a complicated expression floated across his face.

「I’ve heard from many that you’ve changed … it’s really true. You helping Rayford surprised me.」

「I’m thinking of changing, but I’m still not sure if I have changed.」

「No, there’s definitely a change. You’ve changed. In a good way.」

Saying so, the prince smiled gently. How long has it been since the prince made such an expression? Lilia was dumbstruck and stood in awe.

「I heard the rumors, but was it so terrible?」

It was Ray who asked that. The prince nodded and answered.

「The word terrible doesn’t even begin to describe it. It was bad enough to have one’s title suspended. Well, it seems that my father and the Duke of Ardis intervened and helped her.」

Lilia was listening to the story of the prince with an expressionless mask. She wasn’t aware that the Lilia at that time had gone so far. Eventually, she recalled the things Sakura said would happen the first time they met, such as her being stripped of her title and then her house falling to ruin.

That’s why Lilia was unable to refute the prince’s words till now. Anyone who knew of her unbridled past would not easily believe her.

「Is that so … from the moment I met her, she was nothing but considerate. Although her words were firm and strict, she helped me with my studies.」

「Honestly, I wouldn’t have changed my opinion without that story. All the stories I’ve heard so far were about the Lilia I knew. I thought she was just pretending to get my attention. 」 [T/N: eh?]

The prince smiled wryly in a way that could be considered impolite. Lilia opened her mouth, summarizing her thoughts after calming down.

「Ara, who can say, I might have known that Ray was an acquaintance of the prince.」

「Your reaction was too natural. I don’t think it was acting. Well … If it was really acting, I am sure I am not the kind of person who couldn’t see through it」

「Who knows, you might be that kind of person?」

「I must say you really are a difficult person…」

Ray who was listening, seeing the baffled prince, was enduring his laughter. The prince cleared his throat and continued.

「But Liliane. My apologies, but I’m not going to change my attitude towards you.」

As Lilia frowned, Sakura started speaking.

―I wonder if it’s because the people around you, especially the people who were hurt, such as your friends and the like who are not convinced yet.

―What do you mean?

―The people who had been around you are not convinced yet. Those who were dissatisfied wanted to complain, but they couldn’t say anything to the duke’s daughter Lilia. Although they couldn’t say anything, but the prince was strict with Lilia. The prince criticized Lilia for their sake. Perhaps this way they could be consoled. Although there may be many people who are still not convinced, I think this way, their dissatisfaction with Lilia would be greatly suppressed.

―I don’t really understand. If you have something to say, say it clearly.

―If it’s like this, then it will probably be easier for everyone.

Lilia herself wasn’t entirely convinced by the explanation, but she’s probably not wrong. She turned towards the prince smiling,

「Understood. The current me has come about as a result of my previous sins. It’s easier for me to blame His Highness alone than anyone else.」

「Oh … Did you guess why? It’s really weird. You’ve even performed better than I did.」

「That’s a coincidence. By the way, how did your Highness perform?」[T/N: perform as in perform in the exams]

「I’m in second place. You may have done it this time, but not next time.」

「Oh. I’m looking forward to it. I wonder if the tables will be turned.」

Ufufu Lilia laughed, and Hahaha and Prince laughed. Both of them are laughing with their mouths but not at their eyes. Ray was frightened and pulled his cheeks, but she couldn’t say anything and was quietly watching.

Suddenly the prince had a serious expression. As Lilia tilted her head, the prince pretended to be worried for a while, and then he nodded and looked at Lilia.

「Liliane. If you can convince the people around you, please cooperate with me at that time. Please support me to improve this country.」

Lilia opened her eyes wide and Ray squealed. She found Sakura in a bad mood for some reason, but didn’t know why. Lilia thought a little and she answered with a bitter smile.

「Your Highness. You will be misunderstood that way.」

「What? What happened?」

「It sounds like you are confessing your love」

This time the prince was dumbstruck and widened his eyes. Apparently he didn’t think about that possibility.

―Good. I didn’t mistake Lilia.

―I knew you were going to be annoyed. So I decided to say it out loud.

―Hmm……. I’m a little annoyed. sorry.

She didn’t ask for an apology, so Lilia just said she didn’t mean to.

「Wait, I didn’t mean to say that …!」

「I know, Your Highness. I understand what you meant. I can’t say for sure yet, but I’ll just think about it.」

「Well … I was expecting a better reply.」

「You shouldn’t expect, I still hate you.」

Hearing her utter these words with a smile, the prince widened his eyes as if he was taken aback, and then laughed with self-mockery.

「I am aware that I am also at fault. If you can convince the people around you, and you forgive me, then please cooperate with me.」

「Yes, I’ll think about it.」


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