Haunted Duke’s Daughter Chapter 58

Translated by: Niladri


「What are you all doing, I wonder?」

Lilia’s voice echoed in the hallway. It was a very calm and mellow voice. Someone nearby let out a scream, but that didn’t matter. Lilia was quietly looking at the five people in front of her.

「Wh- Who are you …」

The boy with a big build spoke with a trembling voice. Apparently he didn’t know about Lilia. She was a little surprised at that, but again, it didn’t matter.

「I-Idiot. It’s Liliane-sama. Liliane Aldis-sama.」

The woman moved beside him and whispered in his ear. Lilia could hear it because the hallway was completely silent.

「Which Liliane … A-Ah, that …?」

Even if he didn’t know Lilia’s face, he seemed to be well aware of her notoriety. Normally Lilia preferred to clear up her infamy, but she decided to freely wield it this one time.

「Lilia-san …?」

Rei’s weak voice sounded. It was a very faint voice, so it seemed that only Lilia could hear it. Without glancing at him, Lilia continued to stare at the boy with the big build.

「This, it has nothing to do with the Duke’s family! What are you doing here!」

Lilia’s squinted her eyes were squinted and the five1 people around her turned pale. If he knew of Lilia’s infamy in a little more detail, he wouldn’t be able to say these words.

「I just wanted to pass through here …」

The corners of Lilia’s mouth rose upwards. It was a very joyful smile, but of course it didn’t bring them any relief.

「I wonder who you think you are talking to?」

Lilia slowly walked up to her big student. He should be younger than Lilia, being in her same grade as Ray, but he was a boy, and his physique was bigger than Lilia. Nevertheless he was still trembling, utterly frightened.

「No, that … I2 was …」

「It seemed like you all were bullying this kid …」

「That … we were just playing with him …」

「Playing? I see, playing eh…」

Lilia nodded as if she was convinced. Lilia smiled gently as she saw the five people in front of her nodding several times in agreement.

「Then let me play as well」

The five people stopped moving. The facial expressions of the five people were dyed in despair. As she smiled and slowly approached, they were afraid of what she would do.

「What’s going on here?」

A voice arrived from behind the five people. Lilia clicked her tongue inwardly to that voice.

The prince walked forward towards them. Beside the prince, there was a student who looked a little younger and another student in the same classroom as Lilia.

―I failed …

If anyone saw this without knowing anything, Lilia would definitely seem like the bad guy. Even Lilia herself would think so. She tried to gather her thoughts, she should at least protect Ray, but Sakura sneaked in and said with a laughing voice.

―It’s okay, Lilia.

―It ’s okay ……. What do you mean?

In front of Lilia, whose mind was filled with confusion, the prince looked at the seven people one by one. The five people with bright, hopeful expressions, Lilia, and finally Ray. He gave Lilia a stern look, as if trying to say that he understood everything.


「What is it?」

She wondered what he would say. But the prince’s words were not what she expected.

「Bring the boy next to you here. I am sure you won’t feel conformable being with them」

Lilia opened her eyes wide and was completely dumbstruck. She immediately recovered when Sakura called to her, but she exposed a very stupid expression. Lilia quickly erased her expression and she reached out to Ray.

「You can stand up, right?」

「Ah, yes……」

Ray stood up, taking Lilia’s hand. And as they passed by the five people, they stopped for a bit. Lilia smiled at the five people who were extremely wary.

「I’ll take this kid. This kid is mine from now on. I won’t tell you not to touch it, but think twice before doing so in the future.」

All five nodded heavily to Lilia’s words. Then, Lilia just passed by.

The prince who greeted Lilia had a look of dismay. But he said nothing, and turned his eyes to the five again.

「Well, do you have anything to say?」

The two female students tried to mutter some excuse to the prince,

「I forgot to say, but I’ve heard about what happened already. I won’t stop you from lying, but be prepared for the consequences.」

In the end, no one said anything and everyone remained still where they were.

After that, no one said a word for a while. Eventually, the prince sighed lightly and gave instructions to his classmates who came with him. After he had finished speaking.

「Yes, Understood.」

That person politely acknowledged and headed towards the students. The prince didn’t wait to see the result and turned to Lilia and her friend.

「Let’s go」

Saying that, the prince led the way. For Lilia, it seemed like a way out of this situation. She wanted to leave quickly, but it would be difficult to ignore the prince, so she reluctantly followed him.

He guided them to an empty classroom on the first floor. The prince first entered the quiet classroom, followed by Lilia and Ray. After confirming that they had entered, the prince closed the door of the room. He locked tightly and walked to the back of the room. Lilia was a little further away, and she followed.


The prince spoke a word and stood still. And he turned around and glared at Lilia.

―I wonder what he will say this time?


「Liliane. Thank you for this matter. Thank you.」

Saying that, he bowed his head. Not only Lilia but also Sakura seemed to be surprised at this, and both of them were renderedspeechless.

And the prince glared at Ray this time. Ray also returned the prince’s glare. His gaze was stronger than usual. And when Lilia was frozen in place, the prince opened his mouth.

「What are you doing, Rayford?」

「No, I was just bullied.」


Author’s note:

Ray’s identity will be revealed tomorrow.

It seems that you all can guess it, though.

I would be grateful if you could report any typographical errors or give us your impressions.

See you soon.


Niladri: I’ll try to release another chapter this week. Sorry for the late releases. Work has been hectic till March. And thanks Kuri for holding the fort and amazing translations of 54-57.

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