Haunted Duke’s Daughter Chapter 53

Translated by: Niladri



Lilia went straight to her room. Arisa was very surprised that her mistress came back early for two days in row, but she let it slide when she saw Lilia enter her bedroom. Lilia locked the door, and after getting confirmation from Sakura that there were no secret guards hiding in the room-

「……woo! 」

Lilia frantically suppressed her voice and let loose a silent cry of delight

― Sakura!

― Yeah! Great work, Lilia! Congratulations!

― Thank you. I wonder why, I’m really happy… This is my first time experiencing such happiness.

― Ahaha. You’re exaggerating bit. But since Lilia is happy, I am happy too.

Although it may not really be as exaggerated, Sakura understood from her expression that Lilia was genuinely happy from the from the bottom of the heart. But that didn’t matter. If the Lilia was able to convey her happiness even a little, it was good.

― Thank you, Sakura. This is all thanks to you. Thank you really.

― Ahaha. You are exaggerating. This was all thanks to Lilia’s hard work!

― It’s impossible for me to accomplish alone. I couldn’t do it till now.

Lilia sat on the chair and put the transcript on the desk. When she looked at it, the angle of her mouth rose. She didn’t think she would be this happy.

― Lilia. You look really happy.

― Yes. I’m really happy.

― Hmm…Then, Lilia deserves a reward.

Lilia tilted her head. Sakura claimed that she should reward herself, but should it really be like that? Moreover, her outstanding performance could be attributed to the knowledge that Sakura had shared with Lilia. If anyone should receive a reward, it should be Sakura.

― Well it would be a reward from me then. Lilia. I have a favour to ask of you.

― What is it? If you want to eat something, I can have it prepared at once.

― Waa, my resolution is shaking! But no, it’s something else! But I want to eat strawberry Daifuku later!

― Being honest is good. We can go shopping later. So what is it?

― Ok. Lilia. Please take a nap.

Ha? Lilia involuntarily let out a cry of surprise. But Sakura’s demeanor seemed serious. She actually wanted her to do so. She wondered why, but if Sakura wanted her to do that, she’ll just follow her.

―You will wake up soon so no need to change clothes.


As Sakura asked, she lay down on the bed and proceeded to close her eyes.

「That, Lilia-sama… I was asked to report the results… If it’s alright with you, could you please tell me… 」

Towards the voice of Arisa by the door, Lilia turned her gaze. With her eyes closed, she spoke.

「First place」

「Eh… Ehh?! Is that true!」

「It’s true. I’m tired so I shall sleep a little. I would prefer a bit of peace and quiet.」

「Ye- Yes! Good night!」

Upon hearing Arisa’s excitedly retreating footsteps, Lilia slowly exhaled, wondering if it was really that surprising.

Was she more tired than she thought? Lilia quickly let go of her consciousness.

On the transcript that lay on the table in the desk. First place and the score was only one point short of full marks.

The point was deducted on a magic-related question, which Sakura couldn’t teach.

When Lilia came to, she found herself in a dark room. She wasn’t exactly sure whether it was a room or not. Darkness extended to the ends of the world as far as the eye could see. Lilia stood firmly on the ground, but even the earth was black and the short grass that grew in it was black as well. It is was a world dyed entirely with black, just with varying shades.

There was only one thing out of place in the black world. It was right in front of Lilia . A large tree stood there with pale pink flowers in full bloom. Lilia had never seen the real thing, but it must be a cherry tree.

Lilia looked at the cherry blossoms. Had she ever seen something this beautiful? When she stood there admiring it,

「Beautiful isn’t it?」

Lilia jerked and turned back impulsively.

There stood a girl. She was more or less of same age as Lilia? It’s just that her black colour-based sailor suit sharply contrasted with Lilia’s clothes. Her Long black hair was tied up over her neck. Her eyes were black as well, and Lilia stood there staring at them.

「Uh, if you stare at them like that, I’ll be embarrassed」

Ehehe, the girl laughed embarrassedly. Realizing something from the other person’s voice and laughter, Lilia’s eyes impulsively widened.

「Perhaps. Sakura?」

「Oh oh! Thank goodness! This is the first time we have directly met. Nice to meet you Lilia. I am Sakura.」

An innocent smile like a flower blossoming. Lilia naturally loosened her cheeks, but soon tilted her head.

「What is this place?」

「Ah… It’s a bit hard to explain… Simply put, it’s Lilia’s spiritual world residing within your heart. In addition, I can only rent a small corner of this place in your mind.」

「I see. You must pay the rent then. 」

「Yes! But I’m afraid it would be too high…」

When she started to sound disappointed, Lilia gave a smile. Realizing that she was joking, Sakura sighed with relief.

「I am indebted to you. I don’t care, you can use it as much as you want.」

「Really? Then double the width, no triple…」

「Don’t get carried away.」

Sakura was surprised when Lilia poked her forehead. Suddenly she gazed at Lilia’s face with her eyes wide open. Not expecting such a reaction, Lilia tilted her head.

「What’s the matter?」

「Well… Nothing. Haha..」

Sakura gave off a fake laugh. But it sounded full of mirth. Lilia looked at the scene for a while, but soon turned her gaze.

「This tree is really beautiful. A cherry tree?」

「Yeah. The same name as me, the flower I like best. Do you like it?」

「Very much. Was this what you wanted to show me? 」

When she spoke while gazing at the cherry blossoms, she felt the person behind her give a nod.

「Yeah. I really wanted to show it to you. Also, umm… I wanted introduce myself」

「Right. It is the first time I am seeing you person. However, it doesn’t feel like this is our first meeting.」

「I have always been by your side」

Looking back, this was actually the first time Lilia saw Sakura. It was normal because every time until now she could only hear the other person’s voice. Rather, she never expected to see Sakura face to face.

Suddenly, she felt a weight on her back. When she looked back sighing, she saw that Sakura was hugging her.

「You’re heavy」

「Mm-hmm! I’m not heavy! If possible, please let me stay this way. Do you know how long I have yearned for human contact… No, right?」

Listening to this, Lilia rolled her eyes. But when Lilia tried to reject her, it suddenly dawned on her.

Sakura’s voice had always accompanied her. Even if it was quiet for a while, whenever she called her, the voice always responded. That meant it had always been here.

Except for this cherry blossom tree, she has been all alone in this monochrome back world. All by herself.

「It can’t be helped then ―」

After coming to this realization, Lilia didn’t want to turn her down. Sakura who has always helped her, must have been lonely at this place. She should pamper her while she is here.

「Thank you, Lilia」

Lilia faintly smiled at Sakura’s joyful voice. If she had a sister, perhaps it would be this kind of feeling?

Although, a noisy sister like this would be troublesome.

「Um? Lilia, do you think I am being rude?」

「Now then, I wonder if I do.」

「Um… Well, I guess it’s okay? I am having lot of fun with Lilia now!」

Sakura was hesitantly asking for permission. Lilia allowed it, thinking she was behaving like a dog or a cat rather than a sister.

While looking at Sakura, with a smile the other person couldn’t see.


Rough translation of Author’s note:

Sakura finally makes her appearance. Does her appearance match her image?

I have always anticipated writing this scene and that’s why this is a merged chapter.

When I made the rough outline, I had some scenes that I was really excited about.

One of them was this chapter.

The original idea I had in mind was “a younger sister having fun with her elder sister”. In turn “Sakura having fun with Lilia”.

…What do you mean by sisters? Why is the other person a ghost? It’s a mystery indeed.

By the way, this is one of the things I want to reveal at the very end. If I write it now, the story will end lol.

I would be happy if you could report any typos in the comment section.

Well then!


Niladri: Indeed this chapter was long, but it was satisfying to TL. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Muchas gracias por el capítulo, se que con los colores demoras mas tiempo pero de verdad te agradezco el tiempo que le dedicas a esta novela.

  2. I like the dark background, it’s so easy on the eyes for viewing haha.

    Thank you so much for the chapter! This was very sweet. I wonder if Sakura originally thought she would be like a ghost even if Lilia could see her here? It must have been a very happy surprise when Lilia poked her forehead. I’m so curious about Sakura, but I don’t want the story to end just yet, ahhaha.

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