Haunted Duke’s Daughter Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

Translated by: Niladri



I gave a small sigh, gathered my wits, and glared at Ray again. Ray was standing ramrod straight. I didn’t mean to get so angry, so I feel a little sorry.


「So? What did Ray come here for? 」


「I am on a shopping trip. There are a lot of interesting things, so I was looking around here and there. Also, while doing that I wanted to buy some sweets ne.」1

If you are not reading this on isohungrytls.com this chsoter is stolen.

「One would never guess you are like this, huh?」


「Yes. I 2 really love to eat.」


This frankness was really refreshing. Even though being easily fooled is not good, his blatant frankness was still undeniably refreshing, huh? Ray, who can say this without reservation seems a little enviable.


「That’s right. Why don’t we go together? There is a highly recommended shop here.」


I’m a little intrigued when I hear that it’s recommended. When I had visited Aira’s recommended shops before, I was quite satisfied. I’m also interested in Ray’s recommendations, but I wonder if it’s okay to go with him?


―Lilia. Are you still hungry? Didn’t you eat a lot?


― Well… To be honest, I can’t say that I had too much though.


― Weight gain is a possibility.


―…… darn!


Come to think of it. Recently, even if it’s not exactly prominent, but I seem to be getting fatter. I’m sure it wasn’t just in my mind. That’s why Sakura’s words felt true. Of course, there were noble girls who didn’t care, but Lilia was someone who cared about her appearance. When I heard that I might get fat, my appetite drastically fell.


Listening to Ray, Lilia sighed regretfully and shook her head.


「I’m sorry ne. It’s about time I went back. I’m worried I might be late.」


「Is that so…it’s a shame. Well then, let’s go some other time.」


He didn’t seem to give up going with Lilia. Lilia herself didn’t hate it, she nodded.


「Yes. All right. If I have a chance.」3


「Yes! It’s a promise! 」


Lilia returned a smile to Ray who was laughing in such a carefree manner.


The two of them walked outside to the road, and then, Lilia turned towards the road to the school.


「I’m going home, but will Ray still look around for a while?」


「Yes. Thank you very much for today.」


Ray had his head lowered even though he did nothing wrong yet, and wore a bitter smile. Ray then laughed faintly and tried to go in the opposite direction from Lilia.


「Oh, that’s right. Lilia―san.」


「What? 」


「A while ago, his highness the prince was here. Which way will you be going? 」


Should I be interested? Lilia wondered in her heart, as she walked along the road to the school. Estimating the prince’s pace from that time, he should probably be right around here. Ray thought it would be alright and trusted Lilia enough to share this information.


「Then, thank you very much! 」


Hearing that, Ray ran.


It was in the direction opposite to the school.


― Huh? I was sure we would meet the prince couple.


― I 4 thought so, too. Looks like it won’t be like that.


― I wonder why it’s so. Maybe it’s Ray that the prince is looking for!


― I don’t see any connection between them at all.


―The king’s secret child.


―How can you say such things so confidently?


Sakura laughed on seeing her exasperated look. Lilia also had a few doubts about Ray’s actions, but she wouldn’t find any answer for now. It would be useless to think about it. Lilia took her eyes off the street where Ray went running and began to walk to the school.


When Lilia returned to school, she gave Alisa a strawberry daifuku as a token of gratitude for her discretion, and then spent her time studying. She was studying while eating sweets she had bought herself, but Sakura didn’t mock her, and instead continued to lecture in a good mood from beginning to end.

Image result for strawberry daifuku
Ichigo daifuku/Strawberry mochi

Lilia spent the next few days of her holiday studying. You went to play on the day meant for self studies, so you have to study on holidays instead. These were Sakura’s words, but Lilia agreed, so she studied in her bedroom for a long stretch till mealtime.


And at dinner time,


「Lilia sama. You have visitors.」


Hearing  Alisa’s voice, Lilia put her pen down. She was somewhat expectant.

Even though she acted like a lamb during a certain evening party, 5, she never expected that   she would be able to experience such happiness again.


Dismissing Alisa, Lilia went to open the door herself. And,


「Good evening! Let’s go for dinner, Lilia! 」


「Good evening…」


In addition to Tina, there were Aira and Katie looking awkward. And even next to them,


「What? Can you please not stare at me? 」


Chris was there, too. I’m confused about this situation since it was an unthinkable combination. Sakura’s explanation that followed convinced me. 6


「I see. Tina aside, Aira and Katie won’t be able to come this far in. No doubt someone would have obstructed them. Chris-san must have heard you three, must have had no choice but to join you. Thank you very much, Chris-san.」


When she said thank you to Chris with a smile on her face, Chris became flustered and openly began to tremble.


「I just happened to meet you! These three people said they wanted to see you 7, so I’ve only brought them here. That’s all there is to it.」


「Before coming here, she encouraged me to meet you somewhere else. It’s because it stands out if too many lower class aristocrats keep coming here.」


「Don’t say unnecessary things, Tina-san! 」


When Chris shouted with a bright-red face, Tina and the others bowed their heads, apologizing while laughing gleefully. Exasperated, she returned her gaze towards Lilia.


「Liliane-sama. I believe we should take a tougher stance toward lower class people.」


When Chris said that, Lilia smiled.


「Thank you for your concern.」


「What…! I’m worried… 」


「But these three are my friends. We should treat our friends on equal footing, right? 」

Niladri: I am assuming Chris is a girl from the context since there is literally no gender-linked term for her. There is mention of her having tea parties with  Lilia next chapter and they shouldn’t allow a random guy into her room. Please don’t kill me if it turns out to be a dude. I have consulted several other translators before deciding on this. The decision wasn’t unanimous.


P.S. This is still a teaser.  If you guys think I am doing okay, I’ll pick this up. But it will still be 1 release per month or every 3 weeks, since I am a full time company employee and only TL during weekends generally.

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  1. I’ve liked this series alot since I first came across it, so if you pick it up that’d be awesome! And thanks for the chapter!

  2. I remember Ray but Chris went over my head completely lol
    Even if you explain it to me, I’d probably still forget this low-presence person 😂

    Thanks for the chapter! 😘

  3. Previous translation had it as Kris, probably to make it more feminine.

    Kris was the ring leader who bulled Sera (Lilia’s follower that bullied Tina). See chapter 40 / 41. Can’t remember if she pops up before that since I just google this site:ncode.syosetu.com 取り憑かれた公爵令嬢 クリ and one of the results was chapter 41 and then I just checked the translated version of it.

  4. “「I am on a shopping trip. There are a lot of interesting things, so I was looking around here and there. Also, while doing that I wanted to buy some sweets ne.」1
    If you are not reading this
    「One would never guess you are like this, huh?」”

    A wild “If you are not reading this” spotted

    1. Oh lol. I was gonna say if you are not reading this at isohungrytls.com this chapter is stolen, but i got distracted and forgot. Thanks for pointing out.

      1. I don’t know. It was in pending queue for some reason. I approved it but it’s not visible. It might come after a few hours maybe. Either way thanks for making me remember that she was the lady who bullied sera. I completely forgot her.

  5. Ahhhh! Please stop teasing us with your teasers!
    When I saw a new chapter was up I was in glee that it had been picked up! And to dash that hope with a “maybe”, how cruel!

    In all seriousness, thanks for TLing this even if you don’t pick it up in the end, I still love this series and am happy that you’re giving it a chance.

    1. Ah, don’t worry it’s the final teaser, one way or the other. But don’t worry. Based on the responses in previous chapter, I am certainly gonna pick this up unless there is an overwhelming amount of negative comments preventing me from doing so…

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