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Legend has it that in the vast sea, there is a place called Chen Xin Island. The people on that island are mysteriously abnormal. Outsiders that want to go to the island are always stopped by the thick white fog. In the end, no one can get to the island. It is said that the people living on this island are immortals, the man is handsome, while the woman is beautiful. The passing ships often hear the qin and singing, and the music is heavenly and lingers around for three days. Once, the Wulin lord had not yet ascended to his position of lord. He was chased by his enemies. After he was seriously injured, and fell into the sea he was rescued by the immortals, he learned martial arts, ascending to the position of Wulin lord. It is also rumored that the immortals on the island like to travel around and see the people who are in need help, lending a hand.

The people who live on the island are naturally Yue Xin’er and Mu Tianchen. Since Mu Tianchen’s health was good, he got the approval of the parents and Master of Yue Xin’er, they got married. Then they took a group of people to live on the Chen Xin island. Shortly after Yue Xin’er’s departure, the Emperor of Tian Xiang Kingdom announced that he would abdicate to the third prince. Since then, he has not been asked about the world, he was received by Mu Tianchen to share his family’s happiness. After Mu Tianri ascended the throne, he was known as the Sheng Yue Emperor, since then, the Tian Xiang Kingdom has entered a new, prosperous age. The Ling family framed by Mu Tianlin were cleared of all charges by Yue Feng. Entering the period of the Dasu era, the Jingyue Dynasty entered its heyday. The people of Wu were killed off because they greatly offended Yue Xin’er, and since then they have completely disappeared from history.

The year Yue Xin’er got married, Yue Ling was pregnant with her first child, Yue Xin’er diagnosed that the fetal position was incorrect when she was at her seventh month, so she stayed until the child was born. Nine months later, because of a fall, Yue Ling had a premature birth. Because of the position of the child, it was a difficult birth. Yue Xin’er made a risky move by operating on her, a boy was born, given name Bei Yi.

Two years later, Yue Xin’er gave birth to a pair of dragons and phoenix babies. After the children could walk, they often took them out to play around the island. Since then, the name of the medicine goddess resounded around the world.


BLOSSOM: Finally done, I’m so sorry I took so long, I just had to release this today.

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  1. Thanks for the translating this novel! The ending is really cute, and I’m happy about how everything turned out in the end (though it finished too quickly) ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

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