Goddess Medical Doctor Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Early the next morning, after an hour of organizing medicine, Yue Xin’er finally produced the antidote for 49 broken soul scatter. Although it was not difficult to produce the antidote, it is unclear of the combination of poisons that made it, therefore it takes a long time to analyze it in detail.

When preparing to go the courtyard to detoxify Ling Feiyu’s and his servant’s poison, she met Mu Tianchen at the gate. Mu Tianchen insisted on going, even if Yue Xin’er did not want him to tag along she had to agree. Along the way, Mu Tianchen was a chatterbox and kept talking, he was teasing her but Yue Xin’er ignored it, treating his words as a buzzing fly.

When they were about to pass a tea house, someone suddenly stepped in front of them, preventing them from going forwards, Yue Xin’er looked up to see Mu Tianlin with a guard in front of him, her eyebrows slightly wrinkles.

“Miss Yue, we finally meet again.” Mu Tianlin gracefully, he looked like an easy going gongzi with a fan.

She squinted at Mu Tianchen, couldn’t Mu Tianlin recognize Mu Tianchen? Then there was a cold reply: “Isn’t Mu Gongzi going to returned to Tianxiang?”

However, seeing Mu Tianlin close Yue Xin’er, in a carefree manner he said: “If Miss does not agree to my proposal, I will not go back.”

At this time, Mu Tianchen pushed Mu Tianlin away, and sarcastically said: “When did second brother start to tease women?”

Mu Tianlin only glanced at the man who had been at the side of Yue Xin’er and ignored him, Mu Tianchen was the man he hated the most. In a bad tone, he asked: “Eldest imperial brother, how are you here? You are not…”

The surrounding guards heard Mu Tianlin calling the big brother, knowing that the man in front of them was the Grand imperial prince, they quickly said: “Greeting the Grand imperial prince.” Mu Tianchen waved his hand.

“Am I not what?” Mu Tianchen raised an eyebrow and deliberately said those words.

Seeing him like this, Mu Tianlin suddenly understood that he had entered his trap, one must know that if you plot murder against your elder brother, and you are known by Tian Xiang’s people or your own imperial father, it will have a great influence on you owning throne. He hurriedly said: “Imperial brother, are you not in the Jingyue Kingdom for princess Gu Gou’s birthday celebration? Why are you here?”

Mu Tianchen then asked: “Shouldn’t second brother be in the Tian Xiang Kingdom? Why are you in Jingyue kingdom?”

“I came here to tour, but who knew I would bump into imperial brother, it’s a coincidence, isn’t it?” Mu Tianlin looked towards his guards and they nodded, then they looked towards Yue Xin’er who had not been included in the conversation. “Does imperial brother know this lady?”

Mu Tianchen sneered in his heart, it seems that this second brother who has always regarded a woman as nothing has really fallen for Xin’er, he can see his brother’s sentiment, but this time he will not make any concessions. Seeing that he has been staring at Yue Xin’er, he grabbed her waist and looked like an intimate couple: “Yeah, Miss Yue is the biggest harvest of my trip to Jingyue Kingdom, in the future, you can address her as sister in law!” Sure enough, seeing Mu Tianlin face change, the flaw in his eyes is obvious.

This time, Yue Xin’er did not push him away and allow her to hold onto her waist, under the cover of her sleeves, she pinches his waist, Mu Tianchen wrinkles his eyebrows from the pain. Because the two are close together and they are secretly moving. Coupled with the fact that Mu Tianlin is screaming inwardly at what Mu Tianchen said just now, he did not noticed the small movement of the two people.

“In this case, when will imperial brother return to the Tian Xiang Kingdom?”

However, Mu Tianchen was unpredictable and said: “When I go back, I will go back. Second brother, I am afraid that it is not right for you to go to the Jingyue Kingdom.

“No need for elder imperial brother to worry, I know what to do.” The proud Mu Tianlin ate a soft nail, but still refused to accept the verb, he reluctantly looked at Yue Xin’er, and walked away with his guards.

“The play is over, let’s go.” Yue Xin’er took the lead and walked in front, Mu Tianchen touched his nose and followed behind her.

After walking for half an incense stick, they arrived at the courtyard, Yue Xin’er arrived at the quarters of Ling Feiyu and his servant, she turned back around to Mu Tianchen: “You can explore the yard, I will go to detoxify them.”

He nodded and walked up in the yard, thinking about Mu Tianlin, although he announced the ownership of Yue Xin’er to Mu Tianlin today, but based on the understanding of his younger brother, he knows that Mu Tianlin will not give up. Not to mention the beauty of Yue Xin’er, as long as a man sees her their heart will be moved, she is the woman he likes and Mu Tianlin will try his best to get her and fight him. Today’s action, he does not know whether it was the right or wrong thing to do, it may not be troublesome for Yue Xin’er, he is somewhat annoyed.

After an hour, Yue Xin’er finally came out of the room, with a layer of dense sweat on her forehead, with a pale face, it seemed that the poison was cured, the energy spent was not small. Mu Tianchen, who was standing in the yard saw her coming out and hurriedly greeted her but when he saw her tired look and quickly came to assist her.

“Xin’er, are you okay?” Mu Tianchen asked worriedly.

Yue Xin’er shook her head, but did not try to escape from his grip, she weakly said: “Help me to the eastern wing, I need to rest.”

Mu Tianchen was busy helping her into the main house, Qiu Xin also followed, and after Mu Tianchen was driven out, Yue Xin’er was lying on the bed, she told Qiu Xin that she would not be seeing anyone within these three days, and let her send someone to take care of Ling Feiyu’s master and servant pair along with Mu Tianchen, while she went to sleep.

After sleeping for three days, Yue Xin’er finally woke up, at that time, she used up almost all of her internal energy to solve the poison, she did not expect that after she left yesterday, she did not send someone to protect them, and they were poisoned with the Worry Free poison. The Worry Free poison is a kind of medicine that can make people feel illusions. It does not cause harm to the human body, but just like opium it can temporarily stop the pain, but when it is mixed with the 49 broken soul scatter it becomes even more poisonous as the person will most likely go on the yellow springs road. Fortunately, when Qiu Xi and Yue Xin’er gave them the detoxification medicine, she temporarily suppressed the poison of the yellow springs.

When she woke up, she found that the environment around her did not seem to be familiar, she couldn’t help but be shocked, looking around, it seems that she is no longer in the Jingyue Kingdom. Beside her bed, there was a maidservant who saw Yue Xin’er wake up, and hands her a cup of water. Yue Xin’er took two sips from the cup and asked a casual question: “Where is this place? How did I come here?”

“Replying to Miss, this is Yu Lin Palace of the Tian Xiang Kingdom, it was our second prince who brought you here.” The two palace ladies saw that the Yue Xin’er did not make a big commotion after waking up, and they felt admiration towards her. Due to the fact that this is the first woman brought back by the second prince, it seems that this woman would become their future empress, thus their words were very respectful.

  • 雨霖宮: Yu Lin Palace; Yu means rain, and Lin means continuous, it is also the same lin as in Mu Tianlin’s name.

It turned out that Mu Tianlin brought her to the Tian Xiang Kingdom when she was asleep and did not have the ability to protect herself, it seems that his courage is getting bigger and bigger. After thinking about it, the people in the Crescent Moon Palace actually allowed her to be taken away under their watchful eyes, it is neglecting of duty, it seems that when she returns, she should help them reorganize well.

After telling the two palace ladies to help her dress up, when she changed into the clothing of the Tian Xiang Kingdom she still looked beautiful, with her unique style, the two palace ladies who watched could not help but be stunned. It is no wonder that the second prince would like the girl so much, they were women and even them could not help but like her. It stands to reason that a beautiful woman will be the jealousy of others, but her sacred temperament and calmness are fascinating, the more they look the more awkward she feels.

“Miss, are you hungry?” Cui Ping, one of the palace ladies asked.

She nodded, she didn’t eat for three days, it was due to her deep internal strength that she didn’t feel hungry. But eating is necessary, and you are not stupid enough to go fight with one’s own stomach, adapt to the situation and you will be safe. When you are full, you will be able to fight with Mu Tianlin.

When she was about to move, Mu Tianlin came in from the door and sat next to Yue Xin’er as soon as she entered the hall. Yue Xin’er didn’t pay attention to him as he was eating and drinking gracefully. Mu Tianlin saw that he was ignored, he estimated that bringing her without her consent had made her unhappy. He ordered another palace lady, Cui Huan, to add a set of tableware and bury his head in silence, looking up at Yue Xin’er from time to time. As a result, he saw that she still ate food without looking at him, and he could not help but put the bowl on the table with frustration. Yue Xin’er squinted at him and didn’t eat it, she put the bowl down and snorted: “What? Is the second prince angry at this little girl?”

“Miss Yue, I admit that it is wrong for me to take you to the Tian Xiang Kingdom, but that is because I love you! Since you have already come, please stay with me and be my consort!”

  • Consort: 王妃: Wang Fei; Legal wife of a prince who is not the emperor

“What a joke, I have already told you, I do not convey it.” Yue Xin’er said with indignation, her heart was extremely disgusted with Mu Tianlin.

“Do not convey? Then why did you promise to marry Mu Tianchen? How is he better than me? Growing up, imperial father favored him and gave him anything he desired. Later, he went away to study martial arts, I finally didn’t need to see him. Why did he still have to come back? Why is he even robbing me of the woman I love? Why?” Mu Tianlin saidin a more crazed manner, grabbing Yue Xin’er’s, nearly shaking her to death.

After being shaken, she pushed him away. This man, it seems that his martial arts is not low, she must not let him know about her martial arts, otherwise she does not know whether he will drug her. “Enough, I didn’t even see that you loved me. We only knew a few days. You go, I don’t want to see you.” Finished speaking, she no longer cares for him and walks back to the bed to lie down. Mu Tianlin saw that she was too angry, he knew that she was still angry with him, realizing that he was a little too eager, he did not want to force her at this time. After all, there were plenty of time in the future, he thought that he would be extra nice to her in the future, he then ordered the two palace ladies to take good care of Yue Xin’er, before leaving.

After hearing Mu Tianlin’s departure, Yue Xin’er decided to stay in the Tian Xiang Kingdom for the time being, this Mu Tianlin, she definitely could not let him become the emperor, and Mu Tianchen did not seem to want to be the emperor, then during this time in the Tian Xiang Kingdom, she will see if anyone can do it. Although it seems that she should not worry too much about the internal affairs of other countries, but whether it is for the Jingyue Kingdom to be free from the aggression of other countries or her identity as a “goddess”, she definitely cannot allow a dangerous person appear. Thinking about it, she fell asleep.

Meanwhile, at the Jingyue Kingdom, when Qiu Xin discovered that Yue Xin’er had disappeared, she immediately informed Mu Tianchen. Mu Tianchen quickly rushed to the county to inform the people of the Crescent Moon Palace, and for a moment the clouds were bleak. Lan Huang immediately gave Mu Tianchen a punch, because Mu Tianchen was absent-minded he did not escape, so they had a match.

“MuTianchen, you are a jerk, why didn’t you follow the palace to protect her safety? How could you allow her to be taken away?” After Lan Huang hit Mu Tianchen, he was dragged by other people, causing the fire in his heart to be even greater.

Mu Tianchen wiped the blood from his mouth and looked at Lan Huang obliquely: “I allowed Yue Xin’er to be taken away under my eyes. But what about you? Didn’t you send someone to guard the other house before? Why did your people allow them to take Yue Xin’er away?”

“Mu Gongzi, you are right, this is a difficult thing for us, we deserve to be blamed. In my opinion, we should send people to find the princess!” Chi Wu quickly came to calm the field, “Lan Huang, the way I see, you should return to the capital first, to tell the emperor about the disappearance of the palace lord. The rest of the people, mobilize all the people who can be mobilized to find the palace lord. Don’t be too anxious, I believe that the palace lord will be fine, let’s say that her ability is clear to all of us, we don’t want it to be chaotic.”

When everyone listened to Chi Wu, they calmed down and arranged their hands together to find the traces of Yue Xin’er. Mu Tianlin did not know how much trouble was caused by his own selfishness, which would become his reminder.

BLOSSOM: This chapter should be called Kidnapped

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