Goddess Medical Doctor Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

In fact, this month, Yue Xin’er had received a secret letter from her Emperor brother, she also knew some of the beginning and the end, but also knew that Yue Feng is not a tyrant emperor, knowing to discuss with her before dealing with such things She felt that something was wrong at the time, so she told Yue Feng that he should first put Ling Xiaotian into prison. Although Ling Xiaotian was imprisoned on the surface it actuality he was strictly protected. She didn’t expect this incident to be related to Mu Tianlin, she didn’t protect Ling Feiyu’s and his people in time, if she had paid more attention to the political affairs at the time, this might not have happened today.

“Ling gongzi, don’t worry, my lady will definitely be able to solve your poison.” Qiu Xi said indifferently.

“Ah, it’s just that 49 broken soul scatter is a secret poison used by the imperial court, there is a rumor that no one can cure it. If your Miss can cure it then it is the best, if not, we, Master and servant, will not blame you.” Ling Feiyu said.

Yue Xin’er’s lips curved into a smile: “Ling gongzi is the son of a loyal minister, I naturally will not let go. I am able to cure your poison.”

“You can rest assured, my lady is the famous goddess medical doctor. Others may not be able to save you, but my lady will definitely be able to save you.” Qiu Xi’s eyes looked at Yue Xin’er with admiration and proudly said.

Yue Xin’er sees that Ling Feiyu’s Master and servant pair are surprised, she thought about it and decide to tell them her identity clearly, so that they can rest assured on Ling Xiaotian’s matter. “I am the Princess Gu Gou of the Jingyue Kingdom. I already know about your father’s predicament, you don’t have to worry. I will let people investigate as soon as possible, to proclaim official Ling’s innocence.”

When the Master and the servant heard that they were in front of Princess Gu Gou, they quickly kneeled down, “Thank you, princess.”

She frowned and raised her sleeves, her internal force was used to hold them up. “There is no need to do such a ceremony, also we have not protected you properly, otherwise you will not be poisoned. You should rest well, leave the matter to me, so have peace of mind and heal, Mu Tianlin’s tentacles will not be able to reach here, I will go back first, and come back tomorrow to help you detoxify the poison.”

Finished speaking, she instructed the two maids to take good care of them before riding back to the county hall on a horse.

When she had return back to the country, she went straight to the hall, now the county magistrates in Mo Nan County and An Nan County have been executed, the back hall is naturally empty. For Yue Xin’er’s convenience, together with the seven gate guards and Mu Tianchen and other people have been staying there.

“Master, you have returned!” Zi Yuan saw Yue Xin’er and hurriedly greeted her “Why did you go out alone? Everyone was worried.”

“Fine, don’t worry, am I not alright? You go summon the seven gatekeepers, I have important things to tell them.”

Zi Yuan saw the seriousness on Yue Xin’er’s face and quickly went to call them, after a while, the seven gatekeepers were called, and Mu Tianchen was also following behind. Yue Xin’er did not say anything, taking him as a transparent person, anyway since this was also done by Tian Xiang, it is best to let him know.

Seeing that everyone is seated, Yue Xin began to speak: “Earlier, I told you to investigate official Ling, how is the investigation?”

Several people looked at each other, and finally, Lan Huang said something, “Replying to Master, this matter has not been investigated yet, but there is a clear picture.”

Yue Xin’er is beautiful face became cold, “It seems that your ability has weakened recently? Such an important thing can’t be done well. Do you want to train again?”

The seven gatekeepers’ faces changed when they heard it, they know that not everyone can endure the training that Yue Xin’er gives, the seven of them were chosen out of 100 participants, and through multiple hardships, they became gatekeepers. Now Yue Xin’er said that they should train again, and they also know that training will be crueler than before.

“Master, these subordinates are incompetent, asking Master for punishment.” The seven gatekeepers quickly kneeled, Yue Xin’er appeared to be indifferent to everything on the surface, but treating her subordinates, sometimes one had to be tough and sometimes tolerant. This time they did not carry out her order well, and it is natural for Yue Xin’er to be unhappy.

“Get up,” Yue Xin’er said, she saw they were scared, and they didn’t want her to blame them, they were really busy recently “This matter has already ended.” So she told them everything from the beginning to end.

As Yue Xin’er was speaking, she noticed the expression of Mu Tianchen and found that he just frowned and seemed to cover it up very well. “Tianchen, do you have anything to say?”

“I…”, Mu Tianchen said with some embarrassment, “I am unclear, but if Tianlin really did these things, then I would not cover for him, Xin’er, what do you want to do? We’ll go with what you wish.”

“Very good, I wanted you to say this.” Yue Xin’er nodded with satisfaction, and there was a touch of twilight in her eyes. “So, then, send someone to watch Mu Tianlin, if he makes another move, kill without remorse.”

“But, Master, Mu Tianlin is a prince of Tian Xiang Kingdom, if he dies on the soil of Jing Yue Kingdom, then the Tian Xiang Kingdom…” Cheng Feng said with worry.

“Is the prince of Tian Xiang Kingdom ever coming to the Jing Yue Kingdom? Why did we never receive such news?” Yue Xin’er asked faintly.

“What you’re saying is, he came quietly, the Jing Yue Kingdom never received such news, even if he were to meet his death, the Jing Yue Kingdom would not know.” Mu Tianchen said.

“Meaning, if he goes back to the Tian Xiang Kingdom earlier, I will not make it hard for him, it is just that I understand him. He will not let this good opportunity pass, and will make waves in the peaceful Jing Yue Kingdom.” Yue Xin’er knew that Mu Tianchen is not willing to bear it after all Mu Tianlin is still his younger brother.

  • Make waves: Cause a disturbance

Mu Tianchen sees that Yue Xin’er’s mind has been set, and no longer advises her, even if Mu Tianlin is dead, it is considered an end to a lot of injustice, it depends on his own doing.

Next, Yue Xin’er gave some orders and sent some people to protect Ling Tianyu’s Master and servant pair.

The moonlight is hazy, and Yue Xin’er is sitting on the stone bench, smelling the faint scent of flowers carried in the wind, playing a song called 《The Fairy》. Mu Tianchen went into the courtyard after hearing the sound, he saw Yue Xin’er, like a fairy in the moon, stroking the Qin under the moonlight. There was no makeup, only natural beauty, people cannot help but be moved after seeing it.

The song ended, but there was still a lingering tune that would stay there for three days, such a heavenly melody was rare in the mortal world.

“Pa pa” Mu Tianchen clapped as he walked towards Yue Xin’er, ” Xin’er, you play it so beautifully, it is hard to find such a tune in the mundane world!”

“Why did you come?” Yue Xin’er gave him a glance as her delicate hand twirled the strings.

“I couldn’t fall asleep, Xin’er, do you want to sleep with me?” Mu Tianchen looked at her slyly.

She didn’t even lift her head and walked straight into the room with her guzheng in hand, “You take care of yourself, and be careful of assassins at night.”

Mu Tianchen followed behind her and went into her room “Don’t be like this, let’s talk.”

“Please, but if you want to plead for your brother, then you can go back to your room.”

“Rest assured, I will not plead for him. Since he does not care about brotherhood, I am not the Goddess of Mercy that saves the suffering, if you want to do it, do it. However, if he dies in the Jingyue Kingdom, you and I will not be able to excuse anyway, my father will be influenced by your aunt’s instigation and command troops to invade the Jingyue Kingdom.”

“Auntie married from the Jingyue Kingdom to the Tian Xiang Kingdom, will she really wage war on the Jingyue Kingdom?” Yue Xin’er asked with some doubts.

Mu Tianchen looked at her helplessly, how can this girl sometimes be intelligent and scary, yet sometimes innocent and smiling. “You think about it, your aunt only has one son, Tianlin, you kill her son, it would be strange if she does not go mad. Besides, do you think your aunt is such a good person? If she did not support him, how would Tianlin dare to let people send assassins after me? Would he dare to do it in the Jingyue Kingdom?”

“You mean, my aunt has already had a vicious heart?” she asked suspiciously.

“Yes, your aunt married into the Tian Xiang Kingdom and took charge of the harem, but because her ambition was too big, my father did not like her very much, so she tried to persecute the consorts of the harem. My mother consort was killed by her. I originally had several imperial brothers, but they have either been killed or expelled from the palace.”

There was a trace of anger in the eyes of Yue Xin’er, she didn’t expect her aunt to be such a person, before, it was only said that she was just overbearing, the princess had a big temper, she never thought that she was so vicious, it seems she must get rid of that mother and son pair.

“Your mother consort, how did she…”

“Do not mention this matter, you should not know the dirty tactics in the harem. I really envy you, although you are born in the court but, your destiny is much better than mine, at least there is no scheming between your brothers and sisters.” Yue Xin’er looked at him silently, now he is so fragile, and there is sadness within his eyes.

“Do you hate my aunt?”

Mu Tianchen smiled and said: “Hate. How could I not hate? It’s just that before my mother consort died, she told me not to hate others, it will be very painful to live like this. But how can I ever forget my mother consort’s death?”

Yue Xin looked at him distressedly and held him in her arms. “Chen gege, don’t be in despair, everything is in the past, in the future, I will accompany you.”

He looked at her silently, noticed the firmness in her eyes, he slowly reached out and wrapped around her waist, “Xin’er, what about you? I also want to know something about you, you are always so mysterious.”

“Me? I was brought to the mountain from an early age and lived with Master,  just because I am a goddess. Do you know what a goddess is?” Yue Xin’er put on a bitter smile, “I am just a little girl, and I was given the responsibility of safeguarding the world when I was born. Over the years, Master has kept watch over me, I can’t reveal emotions, can’t let others see my face, can’t go down the mountain to see my brother, sister, otherwise, a calamity will occur. Therefore, I always suppress my emotions, even after facing my emperor father and empress mother, I can’t show a happy expression. When my sister, Yue Ling was spoiled in my parents’ arms, I practiced the martial arts that Master taught me over and over again, when Yue Ling was playing with others, I could only stay in the pharmacy to identify the medicine and memorize the medical books. From a very young age, I began to adopt children who were orphans, and in order to take up the responsibility of my guardianship, I trained them to prepare for the unexpected. So that’s why Crescent Moon Palace exists.”

“Xin’er, it has been hard on you.” Mu Tianchen has a feeling of mutual sympathy for Yue Xin’er he left the palace and followed his Master, he passed his days the same as her, but he was more fortunate than her, at least his brothers accompanied him and he enjoyed his childhood.

She smiled faintly, walked to the window, and looked out, her eyes looked very ethereal, and the moonlight sprinkled on her body, with a mysterious and lonely feeling. The night wind blows, her clothes are fluttering, and there is a feeling of being carried by the wind as if she did not belong to the mortal world. Mu Tianchen was fascinated by her appearance, for the first time, he saw such an ethereal and beautiful Yue Xin’er. He used to listen to rumors that Goddess Medical Doctor is an indifferent and unaffected person, he has been with her for a few months, knowing that she is not as what the rumor had said. In the beginning, he just wanted to tease her and wanted her to show her true nature, gradually, he was attracted by her kindness, beauty, and knowledge. It’s just that what this little girl knows is not true love, he still doesn’t know how many twists and turns in his own life there will be, plus with the tigers and wolves around, watching her seven gatekeepers, aside from that Zi Yuan who is a woman, he knew that he like Xin’er. He just doesn’t know if this little girl really doesn’t understand or pretends not to understand love, it seems that his road to love is a long path.

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