Goddess Medical Doctor Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

After nearly half a month of fighting, the disaster was brought under control. Due to the precautions being taken by the doctor’s gate, a large-scale plague did not occur. Yue Xin’er’s illness was nothing big, she had also completely recovered.

On this day, Yue Xin’er quietly slipped away to the well-known lake in southern Fujian with two of her servants, she rented a boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the lake, when she was watching the lotus in the lake, she heard a loud noise that came from the lake. Under the influence of curiosity, the boat floated toward the source of the disturbance, she found that it was a group of masked people fighting with two men. The clothes of the two men were all tattered from the fight, yet they were still struggling. Yue Xin’er, with compassion and mercy, opened the lotus which she had just picked, as if the goddess scattered flowers, she spread the lotus seeds that covers her face to the masked people. Because she just wanted to scare them away, she did not use all of her strength and only used twenty percent of it, but she still severely injured the group of masked men. The masked men saw that the two men suddenly had more reinforcements, though they did not see the reinforcements face, and they did not dare to fend for themselves so they withdrew.

Seeing that the masked men were all gone, Yue Xin’er went ashore to bring the two men onto the boat, and the boat sails to the heart of the lake. The two men, who were already heavily injured and were tired from a long battle, fainted after seeing someone had saved them.

“Qui Xin, Qiu Xi, put these two men on the bed, and bring in two basins of water to wipe their faces, then ask the oarsmen to come in and help them change clothes!” The two maids acknowledged their orders and set off, Yue Xin’er sat down on the bedside to check on their wounds and take their pulse. Both did not suffer any serious internal injury, but it was a relatively tricky poison, added on with excessive blood loss, the injury was quite serious.

After seeing that her two maids returned with the oarsmen, Yue Xin’er nodded and went to the flower hall to think alone. What kind of person could be so vicious, the two men were poisoned with the 49 broken soul scatter, in twenty days, the poison would have activated, and they would die, but to send assassins after them, was this really necessary? The time for this poison is shortened, it is estimated that the poison will take three days to activate. There are two kinds of meanings in the 49 broken soul scatter, one is that the poison is made of forty-nine different types of poisonous grass and poisonous insects, and its toxicity is very difficult to understand. The second is that one of the poisons had no symptoms when it is in the body, the symptoms only appear when the poison had been activated. After the 49th day, the organs would have completely rotted, when they die, the host will be in extreme pain as if they had maintained an extremely peaceful smile, such as a death in sleep. This poison is very venomous, and because there is no medicine to resolve, it is generally used as a secret medicine for the court, now that it is found in the bodies of these two people, it really makes then suspicious. Although Yue Xin’er has compassion, it does not mean that she does not have a brain, the identity of these two people is probably not simple, she must first ask them clearly and then decide whether or not to help them detoxify.

“Miss, this slave has given the two men medicine, do you need to go in and check?” Qui Xin asked as she walked out.

“No need, you go fetch two carriages and send them to the courtyard, remember to take care of them.” She then took out a green porcelain bottle from her sleeves and handed it to Qui Xin, “The pills inside are to suppress the 49 broken soul scatter in them. You will help them one by one. If they wake up, you will come to me again.”

“Yes, Miss.” Qui Xin received the bottle. At this time, the boat has landed on the shore, and Yue Xin’er left by herself.

After sightseeing the entire day, she felt hungry, when she saw a restaurant, she decided to go to dinner and console herself.

Who knew that when she had just walked up the stairs, she saw an eleven or twelve-year-old boy running down the stairs, she did not get out of the way in time, and almost fell down the floor, causing the screams of the people downstairs. Just as the tragedy was about to unfold, a young man stood behind her and took her into his arms, which prevented tragedy. The veil on Yue Xin’er’s face has slipped to the ground, causing a large commotion. The man also watched and spent a long time without blinking, those infatuated eyes made Yue Xin’er blush.

After a long period of time, Yue Xin’er lowered her head, the man still continued to stare, and had no intention of letting go, Yue Xin’er cannot help but feel embarrassed and irritated: “Haven’t you seen enough, quickly put me down.”

The man hurriedly released Yue Xin’er, and said with a red face: “Sorry, I offended Miss.” Then he picked up the veil and returned to her.

Yue Xin’er took the veil and put it back over her face, a pair of beautiful eyes glance around, and then continue to go upstairs. Although she only took a look, she found that the man is followed by two guards, it looks like this person is not simple. “Since gongzi helped this little girl, let this little girl invite gongzi to eat a meal to express thanks.”

  • Gongzi: Way to call a young noble gentleman

The man had a happy expression on his face, he followed Yue Xin’er to the second floor, all the people downstairs are buzzing that this man is really lucky, he has such a beautiful woman to dine with, that is really a blessing from his ancestors, everyone was envious.

“I am Mu Tianlin, dare to ask Miss for your surname?” As he took a seat, the man cannot wait to inquire about Yue Xin’er’s name.

“This girl’s surnamed, Yue. Mu gongzi looks like a person who is not from the Jing Yue Kingdom, is gongzi from another country?” Yue Xin’er implored. Listening to his name he should be the cousin who she has never met.

“Yes, I am from Tianxiang kingdom, I came because I heard that the Jingyue Kingdom has a beautiful scenery, so I took a tour of the mountains with two of my servants. Miss Yue, where is your family? If you are a stunning woman who is single, what can you do if you meet a bad person, how about I send you back home? ” Mu Tianlin did not say anything yet, revealing his love for Yue Xin’er.

Taking a tour of the mountains? The way I see it, you came to kill Mu Tianchen, right? There was recently a flood in the Jingyue Kingdom, no one would come to tour the mountains. “No need, I will call my servant back to pick me up. Did Mu Gongzi not know about the floods in this area? It would be bad if you were to get infected with the plague. I advised gongzi to return to Tian Xiang Kingdom as soon as possible.” Regarding this share of kinship with herself, Yue Xin’er is still unwilling to kill him completely, therefore, she wants to hint for him to return to Tian Xiang Kingdom, but this time Mu Tianlin’s whole mind is focused on her, to understand her implication, it was also when Yue Xin’er saw through his identity, he was annoyed that he did not tell truthfully and did not want her to ignore him.

“Miss Yue please do not get angry, I am not intentionally lying to you.” Then he said, “To tell the truth, I am the second prince of Tian Xiang Kingdom, as for coming at this time, it was because I heard that the Jingyue Kingdom was flooded and it was a special effort to help Jingyue Kingdom.”

“Oh? So to say, the second prince is really an enthusiastic person, this little girl really admires you.” Yue Xin’er’s tone is faint and does not reveal her disdain the slightest bit.

Mu Tianlin suddenly held up Yue Xin’er’s hand and looked at her with a smile: “Lady Yue, will you marry me!”

Yue Xin’er was terrified by his sudden confession, she did not think they were just the first time they met, he wanted to marry her, it wouldn’t be silly anymore. “Wait,” She pulled her hand out of his grip, and said in an angry manner, “Mu Gongzi, I think you made a mistake? We only met for the first time.”

“Miss Yue, you listen to me, I fell in love with you, at first sight, I am sincere to you, you must believe me.” Mu Tianlin eagerly said.

“Mu gongzi, you are a prince, and this little girl is just peasant, I don’t deserve to be with you.” This time Yue Xin’er was not polite to him, who proposed to her the first time he met her. Love? Why did he think she would like this word? Who did she like? As soon as she thought of this, Mu Tianchen came to her mind, she could not help but be ashamed and angry. Could it be she had started to like Mu Tianchen, that playboy?

Mu Tianlin didn’t notice Yue Xin’er’s thoughts, but when she was shy and thought she still didn’t believe in herself, she said: “Miss Yue, don’t you believe me? I don’t care about your identity. As long as you marry me, I will wholeheartedly treat you. I can swear that I will only marry you in this life, later if I become the Emperor, you would the Empress.”

“Enough, Mu Gongzi, we just meet each other, I thought you were a gentleman. I didn’t think you were a lecher. We will meet each other again.” After that, she did not wait for Mu Tianlin to respond, she stood up and walked downstairs.

“Miss Yue, Miss Yue …” Mu Tianlin’s cries came from behind. When she first came downstairs, she saw Qiu Xi and others waiting outside the restaurant, holding the reins of two horses in her hands. The two ignored those behind them and jumped to the horse and rushed toward the other yard. Even the two guards that Mu Tianlin originally chased out did not respond and they had lost sight of their shadows.

“Qiu Xi, did the two people wake up?”

“Replying to Miss, they have woken up. I heard that Miss was here, so this servant brought the horses over.”

“Perfect timing. Take me to see them.” While talking, they soon got to the courtyard, and Qiu Xin had already been waiting at the gate.

Yue Xin’er followed Qiu Xin through the courtyard, Qiu Xin took her to the room where the two men reside. When she rescued them, she didn’t pay attention to their looks, now that she had looked closely she found out that the man wearing a black robe had extraordinary features, the clothes are warm and jade-like, and it seems to be the master of the man in blue. The two men saw Yue Xin’er coming in, and their eyes could not help stir, even if she wore a veil, it still couldn’t hide her natural beauty.

“Is it Miss who saved us?” The man in black robes asked.

“Yes,” Yue Xin’er did not stop and directly brought up the subject. “Dare I ask the two gongzi’s surname?”

“My name is Ling Feiyu, this is my servant Fei Mo, thank you, Miss, for your life-saving grace.” Ling Feiyu clenched his fists to express his gratitude.

Yue Xin’er didn’t panic, from the stool, she took a cup of tea and took a sip. “Your life is not exactly saved, your body has been poisoned with 49 broken soul scatter, even if I saved you now, after three days, you will still die.”

When Fei Mo heard, he opened his eyes and struggled to kneel before Yue Xin’er. “Miss, I beg you to save my family’s young master.”

“Oh? How does Fei Mo gongzi know that I can save your family’s young master?” Yue Xin’er still calmly drinks tea and does not take a look at Fei Mo.

“Since Miss knows of the 49 broken soul scatter than you must know how to cure it. If Miss can save my family’s young master than this villain is willing to go through the fire for Miss.” She could not help but admire Fei Mo’s firm expression, to have such a servant, what else can one ask for!

  • Villain: Usually how someone lower in rank would address themselves towards someone above them in rank or status.

“Fei Mo, get up, if Miss is willing to save us then she will naturally save, if it is not willing, then we can only say it was meant to be this way.” Ling Feiyu also got out of bed and pulled Fei Mo up.

“You don’t have to be like this, as long as you let me know the cause for you getting poisoned and being chased, I will save you.”

Ling Feiyu listened to her and knowing that she did not trust their identity and told her the things one by one.

It turned out that Ling Feiyu was the son of the prime minister of the Jingyue Kingdom. Since Mu Tianlin’s ambition has grown, some of the Emperors have become the pieces on a chess board, and they have begun to focus on the Jingyue Kingdom. Trying their best to engulf the Jingyue Kingdom in chaos, beginning to draw the ministers of Jingyue Kingdom to their side. Some time ago, Mu Tianlin sent a secret letter to the Prime Minister’s manor, saying that it was Ling Xiaotian to cooperate with him. As a result, Ling Xiaotian was loyal to Jingyue, even the heavens and the earth could be witnesses, and he refused. In the beginning, Mu Tianlin also thought about trying both soft and hard methods. First, he had given Ling Feiyu, the 49 broken soul scattered poison, wanting to use this to force Ling Xiaotian. As a result, Ling Xiaotian was still unmoved, therefore, Mu Tianlin couldn’t draw Ling Xiaotian to his side, and he began to remove this person, he told the Emperor Yue Feng of the Jingyue Kingdom to report of a rebellion. As a result, Yue Feng imprisoned Ling Xiaotian, but there was no punishment. Mu Tianlin did not succeed in seeing the traitor disposed of, so he sent an assassin to chase and kill Ling Feiyu, which was not implicated, this was the scene where Yue Xin’er saved him, following.

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  1. What an ambitious villain even plotting to make a mess on neighbouring kingdom to reached his own goal and probably knows her real identity hence the marriage proposal on first meeting… After learning all of these she will be more resolute on getting rid of him. Thanks for all your hard work.

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