Goddess Medical Doctor Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

On the street, a woman dressed in white was walking at a steady pace, her eyes scanned her surroundings. No one could see her appearance as a veil was covering her face, but the noble and calm aura emitted from her body could not be ignored. There were several people behind the woman, every man was handsome and every woman was a breathtaking beauty, the people were stunned. It seems that the leading woman dressed in white must be stunning as well.

The woman dressed in white was Yue Xin’er, the sight along the way was no different from each other, she knew in her heart that it was impossible to get a detailed report, so she decided to leave the city to take a look.

Sure enough, outside the city was a place full of hunger and death, filled with the breath of dying patients everywhere. After all, Yue Xin’er is a princess who grew up in luxury, she squints her eyes after seeing this situation, as a faint layer of mist forms.

The seven gatekeepers saw the same tragic scene, they couldn’t help but feel sadness, regretting in their heart for not coming to treat the patients earlier, they waited for Yue Xin’er to give them their tasks, with an expectant look in their eyes.

“Godly doctors gate, heed my orders and immediately lead all the people into the community to treat the sick people. God’s Will gate, distribute plague prevention medicine. God’s Trading gate distribute food and clothing. Others helped the people affected to rebuild their homes and manage floods. If there is not enough staff in the department, Lan Huang will deploy manpower to help out.”

After listening to the orders, the crowd replied with a “subordinates heed the orders” and started to get to work. Yue Xin’er was not idle as the “Goddess medical doctor”, who had the best medical skills, she was busy taking the patient’s pulse. The people admired this princess, who was selfless and was not afraid of getting dirty. Mu Tian Chen was not far from her, as he could watch her busy appearance, his mouth revealing a smile that could not be seen clearly.

When God’s Trading gate gave out porridge, there was something that made Yue Xin’er extremely angry.

As of now, the county right by Yue Xin’er was called An Nan County, An Nan County’s prefecture was called He Qinan, greedy by nature, taking advantage of circumstances. Before An Nan County was flooded, he was falsely reporting the disaster to avoid being investigated, he said that he had only received minor disasters, so the emperor only allocated 1,000 dan of grain to An Nan County. It is known that the county prefecture secretly hid all the grain and sold it to local profiteers at a high price, maliciously pushing up prices, causing many people to starve to death because they could not afford food, and they also had to flee to the neighboring county town. Who would know that the county prefecture of this county is also a person who does not care about the life and death of the people, ordering guards to prevent refugees from entering the city and leaving all the refugees out of the gate, causing Yue Xin’er to see the scenes of hunger and death outside the city gates.

After hearing this news, Yue Xin’er was furious and ordered the Ying Tian men to arrest the prefectures of the two counties and all the people involved in the case. Then all the goods seized from He Qinan’s manor were taken for disaster relief, those profiteers were also arrested and given due punishment. The people heard that two large corrupt officials had been arrested and had felt a sense of great happiness.

  • Ying Tian men: Something like the ministry of justice

Disaster relief was carried out in an orderly manner, Mu Tian Chen did not hurry back to Tian Xiang Kingdom, instead, he stayed to help Yue Xin’er with the disaster, he even sent out his secretive power to help transport goods to Jingyue Kingdom. However, this move made Mu Tianlin, who was far away in the Tian Xiang Kingdom, feel that he was under an unprecedented threat because he now knew that his elder brother still had so many forces, which was a great threat to his own ascendant to the throne.

As the saying goes, when dark winds rise in the night, it is the ideal time to kill and set fires. Mu Tianlin spent a lot of gold to hire the number one killer of Tian Xiang Kingdom to assassinate Mu Tian Chen under the cover of night. However, he didn’t expect Mu Tianchen to be drinking with the leader of the assassins, Qing Niao who was also the number one killer in the world, the situation was not conceivable, Ye Xiao had fallen within Qing Niao’s grasps. Although no one got injured, it made Yue Xin’er more annoyed toward the cousin deepening her determination to eliminate Mu Tianlin.

  • when dark winds rise in the night, it is the ideal time to kill and set fires: Taking advantage under favorable circumstances

But Mu Tianlin still did not know that he has been brought upon himself a fatal disaster waiting to come, still secretly proud to hire the Tian Xiang Kingdom’s number one killer, believing that Mu Tian Chen is dead for sure.

It was not until two days later that he knew that Ye Xiao had failed the mission and that his corpse had not even been left intact, he decided to personally go to the Jingyue Kingdom to take care of Mu Tian Chen.

In the past few days, Yue Xin’er was busy constructing dams and helping the dying and wounded, after several days of overwork, she became ill. When Mu Tianchen found out, he made sure she was kept in bed every day, taking care of her endlessly. Within a few days, the entire man was brought into circles, the originally well-dressed, handsome man turned into a bewildered man. He even wanted to send someone to invite the world-famous goddess medical doctor, it was Zi Yuan told him that Yue Xin’er is the goddess medical doctor he was searching for, he then wanted to find the other godly doctor, but he was told that the other godly doctor is the Empress of the Jingyue Kingdom. This moment, angered him half to death, now that Yue Xin’er has gotten sick and no one can save her? Fortunately, all doctors of the Godly Doctor’s gate were elites, Yue Xin’er’s pulse was taken daily, she was given medicine, and no incidences occured.

It was not until three days later that Yue Xin’er woke up when she opened her eyes, she saw Mu Tian Chen lying on the edge of the bed, his face haggard, seemingly to have aged many years. Yue Xin’er frowned and leaned out to touch his face giving a signed, Mu Tianchen’s eyes opened as he woke up to see Yue Xin’er was already awake, so happy, he couldn’t hold back and pinched her cheeks. “Xin’er, this is great! You finally woke up.”

She was a bit shy, and was about to pull back, but found that her hand was being held firmly, she was furious, saying: “Why are you holding my hand? Let go of me.” Because she had not yet fully recovered from the illness, her body is still weak, although it is irritating, in the ears of Mu Tian Chen, it seems like a spoiled child talking, she couldn’t help but feel awkward, holding her hand tighter and not letting go of her, they came face to face “No, I won’t let go. I don’t want to let go of your hand anymore.”

“You…you do not know shame.” She blushed, because she had been deeply touched, and had never been in contact with many men, plus, those men who she saw were not respected or admired, no one has dared to be so unrestrained before her and she does not know how to deal with such a situation, she can only say that he does not know shame.

Mu Tian Chen looked at her shy face, which was even more agitated and he could not help but want to hold her in his arms before she knew it, she was already been in his arms. Yue Xin’er pushed his chest a few times, but due to her lack of strength, not only did she not succeed in pushing him away, but it also made her gasp for breath.

“How can you hold me, you rogue?” Yue Xin’er asked angrily.

“Well, if you’re ill, I won’t tease you. Do you want to eat something? I can have servants prepare for you.” Mu Tianchen had a hard time making good decisions and decided not to tease her anymore, he knew that Yue Xin’er had not fallen in love with him yet, although he was hoping to stay with her earlier, he should not rush too quickly, otherwise, it would only be counterproductive and he would have to see all of the hard work he has put in go to waste.

Yue Xin’er looked at him and said: “No need.”

“Oh, you should make up for it, you are too weak, you were unconscious for three days, you would get sick again if you don’t eat. I’ll go and ask someone to stew some chicken soup, you have to get some rest.”

“Okay.” Yue Xin’er said, pretending not to care, “You can also go for a refreshing sleep, you see that you have become disoriented. You look terrible.”

“I know, little girl, really…” Mu Tian Chen looked at her helplessly. Obviously, she was concerned about him, but she had to put on a careless indifference, she had such a strange personality.

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