Goddess Medical Doctor Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Three days later, when the ship was arriving to shore, a group of black clothed people suddenly descended from the sky, they did not say a word and pulled out their swords to attack. Mu Tianchen hid Yue Xin’er in the cabin and with his men, they crossed swords with the enemy.

“Hmm, I wonder how he’s doing.” Because she did not know the extent of Mu Tianchen’s martial arts, and she was worried as he locked her in the cabin. However, thinking about it, with his high status, he should have learned martial arts well, his subordinates will also desperately protect him, therefore she was not anxious, instead, she felt a trace of leisure, she can sit down and slowly savor a cup of tea.

Mu Tianchen, on the other hand, was worried about Yue Xin’er’s safety, on one hand, he was bored with these assassinations, he quickly gave the order to kill. After the last assassin dropped dead, he rushed back to see Yue Xin’er’s situation. He opened the door to find her leisurely drinking a cup of tea, at that moment he felt she was sometimes angry and sometimes laughable. When she is angry she would want to claw at him, but now since she is so laid back; she is laughable because she is different from other women, in such a situation she still remains calm.

“Hey, why is there a leisurely atmosphere, I’m outside with my life on the line, but yet, here you are, having a leisurely time.” Although he is not blaming her, he was worried to see that she does not worry for herself.

She poured a cup of tea and handed it to him, she closely inspected him, “Are you alright? I have heard that good people don’t live long lives, and the bad live for thousand years. In my opinion, you belong to the latter. Besides, there are so many people around you and I’m only one person.” After being with him for a few days, her temper became more and more lively. Of course, perhaps her nature was always like this, it was these few days that inspired her true nature to show.

He helplessly shook his head, now this girl is getting sharp-tongued, he estimated that in a few days he would not be able to say anything about her.

“Who are those people? How can they do this in broad daylight?” Yue Xin’er fought him with words these days, this Mu Tianchen does not seem to be so annoying, and her cool temperament had also changed a lot. Mu Tianchen looked at her in the eyes, hid his feelings in his heart, he once wanted to get close to her, to see her appearance when scared, looking at her again made him feel guilt. Nowadays, she is as curious as an ordinary girl, he would remind himself that it is only limited to himself, for others, she would only say hello.

Mu Tianchen had no choice but to tell her the truth, he told her his identity, and why the group of assassins was targeting him.

It turns out Mu Tianchen was the Grand Prince of Tianxiang Kingdom, he was the cousin without a blood relation that sent her the two pearls. He was sent to Fengyu Island to learn martial arts since childhood and returned to Tianxiang Kingdom five years ago. He had no ambitions for the throne, but was always regarded as a contender for the throne by the second prince Mu Tianlin, he was a thorn in the second prince’s eyes, a thorn in his flesh, one he wanted to suppress. Later, Mu Tianchen acted like a idler, spending his days ignoring the world, even so, the second prince did not let him go, from time to time, a group of assassins would be dispatched to chase after him. This time he avoided the second prince by attending the birthday ceremony of the little princess of the Jingyue Kingdom, he thought the second prince would not dare make a move on the land of another Kingdom, who knew it had already reached such a stage. It seems that Mu Tianlin could not easily let go o Mu Tianchen.

Mu Tianlin? Yue Xin’er searches for this name in her head, isn’t he aunt’s oldest son? Although Tianxiang Kingdom’s Empress was her own aunt, although she had never met that person before she had heard that father’s half-sister was spikey, now it’s even worse, she was already a poisonous woman, the son that she raised would not be any better. She never thought he would be so bold, to want to kill someone on Yue Xin’er’s territory, is it to frame Jingyue Kingdom after Mu Tianchen has been killed off? She could not help but frown at this thought, in the blink of an eye, her face returned back to its original expression, if Mu Tianlin deliberately provoked the battle, then she will eradicate him at all costs, she will never let anyone jeopardize Jingyue Kingdom, even if he is her own cousin. Now that she thinks about it, Mu Tianlin’s ambition is so great and he is a sinister person, if he becomes the emperor, he may become a tyrant and attack other countries. Although he may not attack Jingyue Kingdom first, it is difficult to guarantee that he will not attack other small countries and then use them to attack Jingyue Kingdom. With this in mind, Mu Tianlin absolutely cannot be allowed to live. At this point, Yue Xin’er already had the intentions to kill Mu Tianlin.

“Xin’er, what happened? What are you thinking?”

“Ah?” Yue Xin’er has recovered and looked like nothing happened. “Nothing, I wonder if you will not run into assassination attempts during the time you return to your country?”

“Xin’er, I’m so touched, you must have fallen in love with me.” Mu Tianchen said jokingly.

Yue Xin’er stared at him, “Do you not have any face, who fell in love with you?”

Mu Tianchen puts on a smile and brings his face forward, “You began caring about me, doesn’t that prove that you fell in love with me?”

“Hump, I have not, I’m concerned about the life and death of kittens and puppies, let alone the life of a person.” Xin’er blushed but still pretended not to care.

“Hey, I say Xiner, you’re too…” Mutian looked at her helplessly. “How can you compare me to a kitten or a puppy?”

There was still some concern for him, then she remembered that since he had studied martial arts on Fengyu Island for many years, his martial arts would not be weak. After returning to Tianxiang Kingdom for five years, he could still live like this, it seems he has some tricks up his sleeves, she does not need to worry too much. Coupled with the disaster situation in Southern Wei, it is imperative that she rushes over to meet with her people. “We will be at Southern Wei soon, I want to rush to find my friend.”

After he heard that Yue Xin’er would soon leave, Mu Tianchen’s heart felt a tug: “Let me go with you!” Suddenly he felt that he was too reckless, he calmed down and slowly said: “A lone girl like you is not safe, save people to the end, send Buddha to the West, let me accompany you!”

  • Save people to the end, send Buddha to the West: To not leave something half-way through, it’s like saving a rabbit from a trap, but not taking care of it till it gets better (Sorry, not good at examples)

She knows that Mu Tianchen has always been cheeky, even if she does not let him follow her, he will try to follow anyway, instead of letting him do small tricks at the back, you might as well put him in front! “Do whatever you want, just don’t give me any unnecessary troubles and it’s fine.”

On the other hand, the gatekeepers of the Crescent Moon Palace have all arrived in Southern Wei, and they have also seen Lan Huang of the seven main gates.

  • 藍凰 Lan Huang: Blue Phoenix

Lan Huang Lan Huangfeng is the head of the seven gates under Yue Xin’er, he is cautious, calm, gentle, and has the strongest ability to work. Since childhood, he has grown up with Yue Xin’er, although he is five years older than her, he has always admired her, even though he loves Yue Xin’er, he felt that he doesn’t deserve her, so he has been painfully suppressing his love for her. This time, he rushed to Southern Wei day and night, hoping to see her sooner, but he could only see other people that Yue Xin’er was not among, he could not help but get an unexplainable feeling.

“Where is master? Why isn’t master with you guys?” Lan Huang asked, pulling on the sleeve of Cheng Feng.

Their face changed and said: “Master accidentally fell into the water in the storm half a month ago until now there is no news.”

As soon as he heard that Yue Xin’er was struck by this disaster, Lan Huang’s calm self was completely gone, and he was roaring with red eyes: “Impossible…You must be lying to me!” In an emergency, he couldn’t help but think about other things and ran towards the pier.

At this time, Yue Xin’er just arrived at the dock in Southern Wei, just after coming down from the boat, she saw that Lan Huang had plunged into the water, she pulled him up and brought him before her, “Lan Huang, why are you doing?”

He thought he would never see the person he loved again, but when he was disheartened, his sweetheart suddenly appeared in front of himself, he was so overjoyed that Lan Huang did the boldest thing in his life, with both hands clasping Xin’er in his arms, his mouth kept shouting: “Xin’er, Xin’er, you are still alive…”

At one time, Mu Tianchen, who was standing next to Yue Xin’er, was stunned, the six gatekeepers who had followed from behind were also stunned, even Yue Xin did not respond. The first person to snap out of the daze was Mu Tianchen, his eyes were angry, he pulled Lan Huang’s arms to prevent him from embracing Yue Xin’er.

The poor Xin’er had snapped out of the daze, only to be held in another person’s arms, she was like a top, spinning round and round, she was feeling dizzy. The two men had a strong “spark” on their eyes, and when the rivals met, they became jealous and a fight occurred.

“Cough,” Yue Xin’er gave a cough, as a result, the two men still looked at each other and she coughed again, “Have you had enough? Mu Tianchen, can you let go of me?”

This is just a dream awakening people do all kinds of disguised movements, although their heart wants to see a good show, their small life is still more important. Although no one had seen Yue Xin’er’s anger, one can guess the horror of that scene.

She thought that Mu Tianchen would immediately let go of her, but who knew that he would try to hold her tighter. Lan Huang saw him like this, and suddenly his eyes rose to anger, and he sent a punch toward his face. Mu Tianchen was worried that he would hurt Yue Xin’er, on the one hand, he also wanted to try Lan Huang’s martial arts, he pushes her away from him and the exchange started.

On one side is the disciple of the world’s superiors, and the other is the head of the seven main gates from the Jianghu, their martial arts are unfathomable. After fighting for half a day, neither had yet won the victory, and the two have also expressed their sympathy for each other. In the end, Mu Tianchen had a better technique and made a trick to defeat him. Lan Huang didn’t feel dissatisfied because he lost, there were some heroes could not last his first palm.

Mu Tianchen looked forward with joy to the place where Yue Xin’er was just standing, and suddenly his face changed, Lan Huang saw him turn his head and looked at it, and suddenly a faint glow appeared on his face.

It turned out that at the time of their fight, Yue Xin’er had disappeared, three of the six Lords had also gone, they thought she was angry. Yue Xin’er never had mood swings, now she had gotten angry, everyone did not know what she would do, they looked at each other with uneasiness, it seems that the next few days would be frightening.

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